The new pillow is an interesting craft

The new pillow is the quickest way to change the look of a room. Add colorful or unique pillows, and you give the audience a little more focus, creating a small pop-up in the room. Although you can easily buy decorative pillows so they can be a fun craft project, too. Here are the basic steps to make a pillow, and some ideas how to dress up.
Making a pillow
Making a basic pillow is very simple. First, cut out the rectangles of two identical squares or fabrics. Put them out and make the fabric “before”, which is about two pieces inside. Then, around the edge of the stitching machine or by hand, leave a small mouth in one corner.
Once both sides are stitched, put the internal organs out, so that the front of the fabric, now the appearance of the pillow, and the seams you only seam are hidden inside. Use a small open cotton padded pillow for things. Then sew and open.
Oh! A basic pillow can be used in about an hour as long as you use a sewing machine.
Sweater Pillow
To make a pillow with a great chunky knit look, use an old sweater fabric. Make sure the sweater is clean and then cut out your pillow pieces from the sweater’s torso. In order to keep the stuffing out, use a tight sweater, or sew a piece of nylon backing to form a lining that will hold the filling in place.
Photo Pillow
This is an amazing way to take a photo of the family. Buy a security cloth for your printer, go online, and use it to print any photo on your computer. Be sure to take the correct size of the photo, leaving the seam around the border of the fabric. Once it’s printed, sew the photo into a second sturdy fabric and follow the instructions above to create your pillow.
Side pillows
You can brush an ordinary DIY pillow by adding a beautiful ribbon or string border. After sewing your pillow completely closed, continue to manually stitch the border around the pillow. When you reach the opening again, squat at the end of the line and close the suture opening.
Stamping Pillows
Once your pillow is finished, add some detail by using a DIY seal. Take a template object and squat on the paint. Use a brush to evenly distribute the paint on the surface, or let it maintain a sheet-like retro look. Pillow fabric is designed and dried. The shapes of shells, flowers, stars, and leaves are great for creating pillows.

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Featured kitchen design: collecting around the world

We have collected all of our best featured kitchens in one place, from rustic to stylish and modern. Take a look at some of our favorite kitchen designs.
The influence of Morocco

Showcase the open shelves of cabinetry in this Lake Michigan kitchen. Designer Martin · Horner chose a blue mercury glass pendant, a color theme and an exotic style for the family. Place a harmonious chair.

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Chilean Synthetic Test Building

In the Santiago area of ​​Chile, the government invested in the design and construction of a synthesizing test building with a floor area of ​​approximately 3,200 square meters. The design concept of this experimental building was awarded an international architectural design competition in 2009. Its design philosophy demonstrates the company’s concept of innovation, exploration of new technologies and sustainability.

Through the perforation of the steel plate and the outer wall and the integrated structure of the building, it also shows that the company is clear and powerful. Corporate image. The entire building block presents a “Y” symbol, which floats on a lake and embarks on the main entrance of the building as a link to the external environment.
The entire building is covered with perforated steel sheets, which helps the light to shine while avoiding the direct sunlight. Ventilation, daylighting, heat loss, and proper use of solar power and vertical gardens are considered in the building.

Looking into the entire building, the interior lighting is transmitted from the huge floating objects, fully demonstrating the building’s Breathability and transparency. During the day, natural light is mapped onto the building, and at night, colorful lights and spaces reflect the water.
The design of the entire building fully reflects the uniformity of the steel material, the plasticity and the transparency of the interior space. The steel skin, concrete, river water, starlight and reflections with spray effect form a sharp contrast, which together create a bright and vibrant picture.

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Triangle series furniture: expanded square area

This furniture consists of many geometric shapes as well as a collection of triangles. According to the introduction, the first collection is called the triangle series furniture to indicate the importance of these geometric lines. & rdquo; An almost reminder to try to fit the correct shape into a wooden opening, as the entire collection. It’s all about choosing the right shape for a childhood game.

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Queen Alia Airport in Amman, Jordan officially completed

The Aria Queens Airport in Amman, Jordan, was completed in 2013. The airport uses energy-efficient and efficient passive energy operation and is based on a highly scalable and fragmented solution, which is easy to handle if there are future improvements in the building. . The new building confirms the city’s central position and is expected to expand the airport area at a rate of 6% per year, and passenger traffic will increase from the current 3.5 million to 12 million in 2030.

Considering the extreme weather conditions in the Amman region, most of the buildings are made of concrete. Concrete has a strong heat storage capacity and can play a passive environmental control role. The canopy of the checkerboard pattern consists of a series of curved concrete domes. The dome extends outward to shield the facade, and each dome is a construction module. The dome stretches outward from the support column and resembles the leaves of a desert palm tree. Daylight enters the square below it from the composite beam at the junction of the columns. In order to echo the image of the veins, each bare soffit uses a geometric pattern based on traditional Islamic forms. The complex geometry and construction strategy of the roof shell was developed by the architect in collaboration with the geometry experts within Foster + Partners.
The perimeter of the terminal is surrounded by glass, allowing people to see the plane on the apron and help people identify the direction. The horizontal louvers block the direct light from the façade and block glare. In the more exposed areas near the columns, the louver slats are arranged more closely. Locally produced gravel is added to the concrete structure to reduce maintenance requirements and reduce the material’s energy storage, while coordinating with the natural color of the local desert.

Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world where humans continue to live. The design of the airport is in line with the local architecture. Responding to have a sense of place. This is particularly evident on the raised roof of the airport. From the air, these uplifts are like black fabrics that Bedouin tents swell with the wind. The building also refers to the tradition of Jordanian hospitality. In order to cater to the habits of family members gathering at the airport, the front hall has been expanded to provide a landscape plaza with seating and shades. People can say goodbye to their families before they leave, or they can pick up the wind for their families. .

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Barcelona’s gorgeous and vibrant place to live

This stylishly decorated apartment combines the interior with the Barcelona style. Cheerful, gorgeous interiors and a large variety of amazing interiors and organic ingredients. Attached in all natural and normal ways of production. The bathroom is built in the former style, and the dark blue colours emphasize a very good time, making the bathroom amazing and refreshing. Main retro style bathroom. The bathroom itself is amazingly designed. With traditional white.

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The Akay City Center supports the culture of Mexico

Mexico is preparing to build a multi-purpose cultural complex in the city centre, called “Archivo”, which will be used as an exhibition hall, collection, cultural center, community activity center and commercial building. Awaken the unexplored area of ​​the city centre and rejuvenate it.

The building is designed as a rough exoskeleton that opens to the surrounding environment. It is like a tree. The open structure consists of vertical columns and horizontal slabs. The horizontal slabs have different heights and terraces with views of the park and the city. The building has six floors, which are oriented according to the irregular layout of the city. They can be explored layer by layer along a spacious spiral staircase that folds up the perimeter of the building and travels through different functional spaces on each floor. . Each functional space is partially indoors and the other is located in an unusual semi-open terrace. Thanks to the mild climate of Mexico City, the semi-open terrace is available every year. Connected by a long open staircase, these terraces create a continuous open area for exhibitions, social events or conferences. These activities are clearly visible from the streets and parks, bringing anger to the different floors of the building. This sheer structure, shade and privacy, is made from glass that is far from the edge of the slab, while there are more public functions in the active surrounding area. As a result, the architect built a truly transparent and vibrant building and incorporated this energy into the surrounding urban environment.
&########################################################################################################### . This open exhibition environment allows visitors to enjoy exhibits from a distance as they approach the building or pass by nearby roads. “Urban Platform” is the ultimate destination of the exhibition at the top floor. This is an open exhibition space about the history and future of Mexico City, where you can also enjoy the city.

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Frick Art Collection plans to expand New York New Hall

The Frick Collection announced that they have decided to expand the Carrère and Hastings history pavilion in New York, a six-story, 42,000-square-foot building. The area includes galleries, exhibition halls, classrooms, auditoriums, and a rooftop garden terrace overlooking Central Park. The personal apartment of Frick on the second floor of the new building will also be open to the public.

The original building of this new building is Henry · Clay · Henry Clay Frick. His wife Adelaide, and their daughter Helen Cly Frick’s residence, had previously been intended as a museum, made up of Indiana limestone as the architectural theme material, the building Acquired in 1914 by Thomas & Middot; Thomas Hastings, located between 70th Street and 71st Street, Fifth Avenue, New York, and Lenox Library.

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Brooklyn Lakeside Ice Rink officially completed

The United States attaches great importance to the construction of basic design in the country. The infrastructure in New York City is continuously being built and updated every year. Not long ago, the ice rink at the Brooklyn Lake in New York was officially completed and is scheduled to open in December this year. Recreational activities such as ice skating throughout the year include ice water in winter and roller skating in summer and other activities related to ice skating

As a new local attraction, the skating rink will further promote tourism development in the region. From the appearance, it is not so much a construction project, it is better to say that it has fully integrated into the surrounding landscape and become a stone wall barrier. The L-shaped layout includes the corridors on the northeast sides, as a one-story building on the roof. There is a bridge at the height that connects the building to the surroundings. The outermost part of the skating rink is designed with a 108-foot-wide, 230-foot-long hockey field, and the ceiling is decorated with a pattern of midnight blue with some figure skating steps.

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Canary lamp composed of Tweed lamp system

Jack Phipps created a luxury gold luminaire created by the Tweed Light System. The concept of Jack Phipps is to keep the canary traces in the traditional home. The history of the canary family can be traced back to the civilizations of Egypt and ancient Rome, in the medieval England, which is a symbol of courtesy of canaries in the living room. Therefore, the icon of the advanced state of the UK becomes a light of an object. A symbolic figure, enhanced by gold plating, produces lighting that is valuable.

chandelier” width=”550″ height=”505″ src=”/Upload/Other/jiancai2014030811.jpg” />

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