Sydney’s proposal to launch the world’s first integrated resort

Steinman Partners and Echo Entertainment revealed highlights of a new program including two more than 500 new rooms, six-star luxury hotels and five-star superior hotels – International Hotels in Sydney The total number of rooms is 1,150. In addition, there are more than 50 world-class restaurants and bars, including new experiences from over 20 brands, as well as extensive conference and meeting space and a full range of resort facilities.

The star is an existing 3-tower building on a large podium. This mainly adds two additional towers and an additional structure above the podium. The expansion of the Stillman partner design keeps the following points in mind: rushing to build with Darling Harbour and surrounding parks; designing a pool with many unique resorts and water features to ensure it relates to the Marina Bay and waterfront location; and comprehensive The resort’s energy/people drive and creation activities are used to make great use of the opinions.

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How much does it cost to join a curtain?

How much does it cost to join a curtain shop? It has always been the focus of investors. In recent years, real estate developers have continuously developed curtains to become a major part of the soft-packing market, attracting many investors’ eyes and hope to achieve wealth through this investment method. But starting a decent curtain franchise should also consider the cost. How much does it cost to join the curtain shop?
Investing in the store first looks at the location, and the investment in curtains in the first-tier cities will definitely have high investment costs in the third-tier cities. Even in the same city, the cost of choosing downtown and suburbs is much higher. Store rent is always the primary concern of investors. The proportion is the largest. The annual price of the three-storey three-storey storefront is 200,000, 12-15 million, and 100,000. Of course, the bigger the store, the better the location. Then the price will be higher.

The store decoration is to reflect the store grade, not to say that the more expensive the materials, the better. It is used properly and well matched to maximize the store’s beautiful appearance. Many investors have no idea about curtain store design. I don’t know how to decorate the curtains to suit the market. Even if you want to decorate the team to do it, there are deficiencies. After all, they have not touched the curtains and don’t understand the curtain market and the psychology of the consumer customers, so the design is still flawed.

Finally, in terms of loading, the facade is external. Just starting to sell cheap fabrics, but the hanging samples must be graded. This will show the brand strength and grade. Some investors always want to get a few tens of thousands of samples to hold up the storefront, but Imagine that a set of villa curtains usually starts tens of thousands. Even a single villa is larger than the total amount of the store, so how to receive a higher amount of single amount.

How much does it cost to join a curtain shop? Simply give everyone an analysis. Investing in curtain shop should make a scale choice according to its own economic strength, and it is best to be suitable. Do not ask for too much blindness to bring pressure to yourself, affecting subsequent development.
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What are the types of electrical switches?

Different electrical controls in the decoration require different types of electrical switches, which requires us to have a clear understanding of the types of electrical switches. At the same time, in order to be able to switch to the quality of the electrical switch market, the quality of the electrical switch also requires us to understand the relevant purchasing skills. So what are the types of electrical switches? What are the electrical switch buying techniques?

What are the types of electrical switches

1 An electrical switch refers to a low-voltage electrical appliance that is infrequently manually turned on, as well as a switch that breaks the circuit, or as a power supply in the machine circuit. The type is distributed electrical appliances: mainly used for control in low-voltage power distribution systems. It is required to operate accurately and reliably and reliably when the system fails, and has corresponding dynamic stability and thermal stability under the specified conditions, so that the electrical appliance will not be damaged. Commonly used power distribution appliances include knife switches and transfer switches, fuses, and circuit breakers.

2, control appliances: mainly used in electric drive systems. It requires long life, small size, light weight and fast, accurate and reliable operation. Commonly used control devices include contactors, relays, starters, main electrical appliances, electromagnets, and the like.

Electrical switch purchase tips

1. The quality of switches and sockets is related to the safety of household electricity. Some products that have been certified by the electric power committee and other testing institutions can be trusted. Consumers can ask the salesperson about this and it would be better if they could provide a copy. At the same time, you can also ask the internal materials of the switch and socket. The conductive parts of good quality products should be made of phosphor bronze and the contacts should be made of composite silver.

2, structure, some imported or joint venture products have eliminated the traditional screw line, and use the plate type terminal block, so It can increase the contact area of ​​the wire, improve the conductivity, avoid the screw to damage the core wire, and the single core and multi-core wire can be used.

3, logo, pay attention to the logo on the base of the switch socket, including 3C certification, rated current and voltage. Packaging, product packaging should have a clear manufacturer address phone, with instructions for use and certificate of conformity.

4. Look at the contact point, which is the contact point of the conductive part during the switching process. The size of the contact depends on the size (the bigger the better), the second depends on the material. There are currently three main types of contacts, silver-nickel alloy, silver-cadmium alloy and sterling silver. Silver-nickel alloy is an ideal contact material at present, and its conductivity and hardness are relatively good, and it is not easy to oxidize and rust.

What are the types of electrical switches and shopping tips? Everyone should have a general understanding, I hope everyone can understand according to different The appliance selects different types of electrical switches, and at the same time, it can use the purchase technique to purchase good quality products, so that the electrical switch can be safely and safely used. Otherwise, it is very dangerous to use in the process of purchasing inferior switch products. .


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The smart toilet lid can also deodorize, how is it done?

   The powerful features and low cost of the smart toilet cover have made many families admire and have tried to use it. For households with a small home area and a bathroom and toilet built in the same space, the deodorizing function of the smart toilet lid is particularly beneficial, and it is no longer necessary to endure the unpleasant smell. Below we will understand the deodorization principle of the smart toilet cover.

 1, one of the deodorizing principles of smart toilet lids, air negative pressure technology deodorization

  The technical principle is that according to the air negative pressure technology, the toilet flushing channel is used as the inhalation passage, through the hollow passage of the drain valve, using the air pressure, the odor generated after the defecation is completely completed. It is sucked into the drainage pipe and subjected to triple filtration through natural deodorizing medium such as water and activated carbon to rapidly purify various harmful gases and then discharge. It can be said that the problem of odor treatment is fundamentally solved. The whole process of the intelligent toilet cover is deodorized by natural medium, and no secondary air pollution is generated. The deodorization rate is as high as 99% or more. At the same time, the motor consumes less power when deodorizing, and no electricity cost is incurred.

  2, deodorizing principle of intelligent toilet seat, second toilet deodorizer

   smart toilet seat toilet The deodorizer includes two parts: a seat cushion and a toilet cover. The two are connected to the hollow fixed shaft and rotate around the shaft. One end of the fixed shaft is closed at one end, and the motor, the fan and the filter are sequentially built in from the closed end. The spice box has an air inlet communicating with the toilet inside the fixed shaft. The micro motor of the intelligent toilet lid drives the fan to draw air, and the odor extracted from the toilet enters the filter to be purified, and then the fresh air is discharged through the spice box. However, the toilet deodorizer consumes more electricity and cannot completely remove the odor. The actual effect is almost the same as that of the air freshener.

  About the deodorizing principle of the smart toilet cover, we introduce it here, you can choose the corresponding smart toilet cover according to the situation.


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Chinese brand discourse rights are on the rise, and the sanitary industry will expand its international influence

“New Chinese goods” is emerging

The recent “New China Commodity Future – 2019 China Consumer Brand Development Report” released by the Ali Research Institute shows that on the Alibaba platform, the cumulative search volume of keywords related to new domestic products in 2018 exceeded 12.6 billion. After 00, it is growing at a growth rate of 190%. After 90s and 00, the sensitivity to international brands is decreasing. “New Chinese goods” has become a new trend of consumption after 90s.

As a general phenomenon, “new domestic goods” The storm is also sweeping the home industry. In the past year, more companies began to integrate Chinese elements on the basis of modern design, and the new Chinese style was born. In the sanitary industry, the new Chinese design, which is popular in recent years, can be regarded as the return of Chinese elements in sanitary design. The smart sanitary field has entered more and more Chinese capital and Chinese technology, providing bathroom space solutions with strong technical strength. It has achieved the competition with the strength of international sanitary ware brands, further breaking the situation that foreign brands have been in the market for a long time.

As consumers become more enthusiastic about “new Chinese goods,” a group of outstanding national brands are adopting deep-link lifestyles. The ingenuity culture promotes the full release of the new domestic power of the home.

Compared with foreign brands that have long dominated the brand, “New Chinese Goods” wins the favor of new middle-class and new youth with the concept of human settlements To break the situation that international brands monopolize the high-end market. The new Chinese goods are no longer at the manufacturing end, and the cultural self-confidence, consumption proposition, original tension and brand potential behind it are the core of contemporary new domestic products.

Chinese brand voice is on the rise

On May 6, WPP and Kaidu jointly released the “BrandZ TM 2019 Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands” list, ranking top 10 in Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Baidu and Jingdong. These well-known brands not only have outstanding performance in brand finance and brand contribution, but also have high recognition and influence on a global scale.

BrandZ 2019 Most Valuable Chinese Top 100 Strong

It is obvious to all that Chinese brands in all fields are in full swing and play on the big stage of China and the global economy. With the increasingly important role, the weak position of Chinese brands in the past has long been a history, and the share and influence of Chinese manufacturing in the global market has been greatly enhanced.

Taking smartphones as an example, before 2010, the Chinese market was divided by Nokia, LG, Samsung, and Apple. In 2015, local mobile phone brands such as Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, and vivo rose strongly, and they gained a place in the global smartphone market, and gradually became a brand with a strong voice.

From the perspective of the development of the sanitary industry, with Chinese sanitary wares such as Hengjie, Jiumu, Huida, Wrigley and Dongpeng With the rise of the brand, the brand structure of the Chinese sanitary ware market has undergone tremendous changes. Most of the domestic mainstream consumer market and consumer groups have been covered by domestic sanitary ware brands, and it is no longer a situation in which foreign brands are “one big”.

In addition, Chinese sanitary ware products have a posture of mutual angle with foreign brand products in both quality and word of mouth. Hengjie’s intelligent double Q, Dongpeng’s “bubble shield” smart toilet, Jiu Mu’s I5 smart toilet, Wrigley’s V7 disc also have a qualitative breakthrough in design, performance, service, etc., more in line with consumers’ “new” The expectations of Chinese goods are thus more widely welcomed.

Chinese brand international influence increases

In the luxury goods, automobiles, smart phones, electronic appliances and other industries, there is a widely popular saying, “The Chinese market has the world”, the sanitary industry is also the case, the Chinese market for the bathroom industry The strategic position has become a global consensus. At the same time, as the market’s understanding of Chinese consumers has gradually deepened, the portraits and needs of Chinese sanitary consumers are gradually becoming clearer.

In some 2018 financial reports just released by some brands, we can see that the growth of revenue in the Chinese market still accounts for a large proportion of the growth of some international sanitary ware enterprises, and the revenue of the Chinese sanitary ware market The quality of the company directly affects the positive and negative growth of the company’s overall revenue. In order to promote the growth of total sales, the sanitary giants are working hard to develop products that adapt to the Chinese consumer market, such as Hansgrohe’s specially developed Chinese kitchen faucet and Villeroy & Boch Developed the Asian version of the sanitary health products, etc.

The Japanese economic news article stated, “A market that grows by two digits per year, China’s smart bathroom companies are forming a situation of mutual strength with Japanese companies such as TOTO and LIXIL. “The international influence of Chinese brands has spread from the domestic market to the world.

On the other hand, with the “One Belt, One Road” full speed Advance, the internationalization of Chinese brands has also ushered in new development opportunities. In the sanitary industry, Jiu Mu, Huida, Dongpeng, Deli, etc. are actively deploying countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to carry out brand output, product sales and Service support. It is foreseeable that with the global platform of “One Belt, One Road”, Chinese brands are more likely to voice, and the influence and voice of Chinese brands in the world will be further enhanced. (Article source: kitchen headlines)


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The rapidly increasing architectural style of the global population has also changed

Some experts predict that by 2025 the global population will reach an alarming 8 billion. Driven by medical advances, our mobile population has increased the immunization and disease eradication programs and gradually slowed down international mortality. With a wide range of family planning programs, government organizations and non-profits around the world, our global population continues to rise.

The design industry is now under pressure to find a solution to this expanding population, which will be the focus of the architecture summit in New York this October. In preparation for this discussion, the WAN asked experts in different areas, and how their ideas can support the estimated 8 billion people by 2025.

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The Dominican Monastery was transformed into a conference and cultural center

A ground-breaking adaptive reuse program in Ptuj, Slovenia, in front of the site of the Dominican Monastery. The 800-year-old building has been converted into a congress and cultural center, and multi-level history has been preserved within its borders. Construction in the public domain has now reopened and recovery will continue.

Over the years, this former abbey church has seen a variety of uses from hospital care and social housing to museum exhibitions. This latest move seems to protect the recovery process over the past few hundred years and return to the scene with its proximity to its original function (the monastery was once used as a cultural and scientific center).

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Some mobile phone manufacturers have entered the smart home. Who is Huawei and Xiaomi fighting?

Smart home into Huawei and Xiaomi new battlefield, can Huawei catch up?

Although Apple’s loyalty is high and the number of active devices is 1.4 billion, the high-priced iPhone has not aroused the enthusiasm of users to change the phone, resulting in a decline in iPhone revenue in the first quarter of FY 2019, down 15% year-on-year. % to $52 billion, while the entire quarter fell 5% to $84.3 billion.
Xiaomi also experienced a small decline in the Chinese market, down 6% year-on-year. Smartphone dividends faded, Apple and Xiaomi showed a downward trend in the capital market, Apple’s market value fell 29%, and Xiaomi fell 53% compared to the high, the decline trend of mobile phones is irreversible, although consumers are not demanding new mobile phones, but each purchase The scale of smart devices is expanding, and the demand for IoT devices such as smart speakers, cameras and smart door locks is growing rapidly. Consumers are gradually shifting from mobile phones to various smart devices, which will drive the smart home market to grow rapidly. IDC data shows that China in 2018 Shipments in the smart home market are expected to reach 150 million units, a year-on-year increase of 35.9%.

Other smart hardware has become a new growth point for mobile phone manufacturers. Almost all smart phone manufacturers have entered the smart home field, hoping to snatch the entrance of users’ home scenes. Apple joined the Thread Group standard open organization last year to make more Device vendors join the HomeKit ecosystem, hoping to control the entire home smart device for smart home life.

Smart home as a new battleground for mobile phone manufacturers, in the domestic battle between Xiaomi and Huawei from mobile phones to smart homes, and other mobile phone manufacturers to advance, the competition will become hot. However, Xiaomi took the lead in achieving success in this field, using the cultivation of a large ecological chain enterprise to promote the rapid growth of smart home revenue. The revenue from the IoT smart life business increased from 5 billion yuan in 2015 to 23.5 billion in 2017, 2018. The revenue in the first three quarters of the year has exceeded that of 2017.

In addition, Xiaomi launched the mobile phone +AIoT dual strategy this year, and will invest 10 billion to support the development of AIoT. Based on the previously cultivated eco-chain enterprises, Xiaomi will share this IoT platform to the industry chain, hoping to seize intelligence. Home entrance, IoT and AI will also support the future of Xiaomi. In the context of the decline of smartphones, the AioT strategy is to establish the key point of investor confidence in Xiaomi.

Although Xiaomi has the advantages of first-mover and scale in the direction of smart home, Huawei also started its horsepower last year. It uses HiLink to connect the ecological platform to the market. This ecosystem has access to more than 100 categories. Covering more than 500 products, covering 6 areas of home lighting, entertainment and security, it has achieved 400 million APP links.

Huawei builds an open smart home ecosystem with connectivity as the core, and attracts many advantageous resources including Haier and other industrial chains. It also proposes to create 100 billion yuan of water in this ecology. . At the same time, it establishes the Ark Lab for the eco-smart smart home, and it is connected with the Jingdong Xiaojingyu Intelligent Platform. No matter which platform the products are purchased by consumers, they can be compatible with each other. As this ecological scale grows, it is regarded as the Xiaomi ecological chain. The biggest opponent.

Global smart homes have triggered mobile phone makers and Internet giants to snatch home entrances. Yang Jianyong, a senior expert in the Internet of Things, pointed out: “Amazon relies on the Echo/Alexa model to lead the global market and become the global vane. The three major domestic BATs have invaded this field, and Baidu’s smart ecology fostered by the dialogue-based AI operating system DuerOS has begun to take shape. The number of activated devices is 200 million units, and Ali’s Tmall Elf is the largest intelligent speaker in China.”

In China, Huawei and Xiaomi represent mobile phone manufacturers, as well as Baidu and Ali. The Internet giants, their every move in the smart home has received much attention from the industry. Although there are certain differences in the development model, Huawei is connected, and Xiaomi relies on the ecological chain enterprise. Baidu uses the advantages of AI technology to promote artificial intelligence in smart life scenes. On the landing, Ali focuses on single-smart smart speakers, but the overall formation of strong competition, in the field of smart homes with huge market size, will be more intense and cruel in 2019.

The last

With the increase of smart home promotion by various manufacturers, the ecological scale is expanding and perfecting, and the smart home industry is pushed to millions of families. The whole industry is booming. situation. Benefiting from the rapid growth of the market, many unicorn companies have emerged. For example, Sun Zhengyi and other institutions have invested 865 million US dollars in Katerra with a valuation of 3 billion US dollars. Vivint Smart Home, another smart home furnishing company in North America, is valued at $6 billion. In addition, Google’s smart home division is expected to exceed $20 billion in revenue over the next three years.
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“Lazy Economy” provides opportunities for smart homes

Young people pursue a comfortable life. Many people can move their hands at home without moving their legs. Saving time to do what you like to do is the goal of “lazy people”, and this coincides with the original intention of smart home, that is, the idea of ​​making life more convenient through technology, and it has become a smart home enterprise to attract young consumers. The point of economic growth.
In recent years, more and more home furnishing companies have joined forces with smart homes, the Internet, home appliances and other brands to form complementary advantages on the road of “intelligence”, making cooperation a trend and making smart homes actively To seize the young market. On the other hand, the smart home products derived from the “lazy economy” are aimed at the young group market, so smart home products such as sweeping robots, smart door locks and voice control systems are favored by young people.

“Lazy economy” has become a new economic growth point for smart homes

In the environment of consumption upgrade and consumption transformation, smart home products have developed rapidly, from smart home appliances, etc. A single product, the intelligent solution to the overall space, penetrates into people’s lives from the network, home improvement and other channels. With the post-80s and post-90s consumers gradually become the main force in buying and renovating, smart homes also see the young people’s high acceptance of smart products, the willingness to try new things, and the strong consumer demand and opportunities. Beginning to enter the young market.

Using the “lazy economy” to attract young consumers

Young people pursue a comfortable life. Many people can move their hands at home without moving their legs. Saving time to do what you like to do is the goal of “lazy people”, and this coincides with the original intention of smart home, that is, the idea of ​​making life more convenient through technology, and it has become a smart home enterprise to attract young consumers. The point of economic growth.

The lazy economy’s derivative smart home products are the market for young people. Therefore, smart home products such as sweeping robots, smart door locks and voice control systems are favored by young people.

Young people are too troublesome to cook, and smart kitchen utensils come into being, which not only makes cooking more convenient, but also lowers the threshold for “cooking” and makes young people more interested in cooking. Young people prefer minimalist design styles. For example, smart home systems can hide all routers, purifiers, air conditioners, etc., and only control them through voice portals, so that home life can be truly simple and convenient. />
Finding and targeting the young consumer market

The current young consumer groups are diversified and personalized in their home style. From the perspective of young people’s consumption habits and consumption patterns, they More consideration is about the comfort and personal preference of life, so this group has stronger spending power and willingness to smart home products, which makes the focus on intelligence gradually become the trend and direction of the home market.

Head Many home stores and decoration companies have begun to introduce smart home products and smart decoration packages, which have been loved by consumers after the 80s and 90s. There are more brands that realize that online sales can not fully meet the needs of young people. Taste, gradually open an offline experience store to attract young consumers with better service and experience.

The technology control among young people is not rare. They pursue new things and like to buy things they like. Consumers have a strong sense of consumption, and many smart home enterprises have also seen this business opportunity, seize the opportunity to push new, carry out iterative upgrades, constantly change and adjust their own development models, increase the channels of smart home products, and open up more markets.
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The bathroom area is small, giving you a perfect storage

-Cabinet storage-

The bathroom storage space is not enough, you can borrow from the bare wall behind the toilet.

▲After installing a wall cabinet in the back of the toilet for storage, the daily needs of the bathroom items are placed in the room, which improves the Space utilization.

-Baffle storage-

Maybe a large locker is not suitable for your home However, it is very convenient to place a small partition. It can withstand anything of any weight, such as large green plants, small bottles such as medicine bottles.

▲Solid wood partitions, practical and beautiful, Decorating the hanging paintings is more space-conscious. Don’t look at the small place, but the storage capacity is perfect! It is recommended that small-sized bathrooms be considered first.

-ladder storage-

If you think the above is cumbersome, then you can choose to put a small ladder Above the toilet, placed against the wall, does not take up too much space, it is very convenient to store towels.

-Mirror cabinet storage-

In addition to the daily use function, the mirror above the toilet has a function of expanding the capacity. The mirror can reflect, refract, and increase the brightness of the room, making the space double in visual effects.

Looking at the above cases, are you already excited and excited, want to go back and pick up your own bathroom, and quickly move to fill the 1m2 on the toilet Let’s have space.


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