Four types of coating additives

What is the paint additive? Paint additives are paint additives which are special additives used to improve product quality and performance in the paint production process. Then the following small series will lead everyone to understand.
  What are the paint additives?

   Modern paint additives can be divided into four types:

  1) Additives that act on the paint production process, such as defoamers, wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers, etc.

  2) Additives that act on the coating storage process, such as anti-skinning agents, anti-settling agents, and the like.

  3) Additives that act on the film formation process of the coating, such as drier, curing agent, leveling agent, anti-sagging agent, etc.

  4) Additives that act on the film properties, such as plasticizers, flatting agents, mildew inhibitors, flame retardants, antistatic agents, ultraviolet light absorbers, and the like.

  Classification of coating auxiliaries


   as the name implies, driers The effect is a substance that allows the coating film formed after the coating to be quickly dried and agglomerated. The most significant effect is that the time it takes to dry the agglomerates of the oil film formed by the coating is rapidly reduced from a few days to a few hours. This is important for customers who have a requirement for construction time. At the same time, rapid drying of the conjunctiva can also prevent contamination of the coating film. A commonly used drier is a naphthenic acid soap.


   This is what we call plasticizers. Its role is to increase the toughness of the film. The most widely used toughening agent is DEHP. The Chinese name is phthalic acid.


   Coatings are often liquid, and have a low consistency and a high fluidity. When a thickener is used, the consistency of the coating will increase significantly and the fluidity will be significantly reduced, which will make it easier to use the coating to prevent the coating from flowing around and reducing losses. There are many types of thickeners, and there are white carbon black thickeners, hydrogenated castor oil thickeners, and metal soap materials which can be used in coatings.

   Paint additives are widely used in many industries, including a large number of architectural coatings, automotive coatings, marine coatings, protective coatings, and coil coatings. China’s paint manufacturers are continually increasing investment and adjusting production processes, which has greatly stimulated the demand for domestic and foreign coating additives market.
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In the era of stock market, home business choices: upstream or downstream?

Two directions: upstream & downstream
   The stock market forces the home furnishing company to make choices: upstream or downstream? Going upstream, holding the real estate giants to do the B-end hardcover housing business, downstream, continue to shape the C-end brand for consumers, the road is gradually narrowing and the competition is increasingly fierce.
   Doing a focus on the type of brand, positioning engineering supporting service providers, is a good path to the upstream. The door for the supply of wooden door products for home decoration, the Opec, which focuses on the sliding door system solution, and the Dabao paint, which supplies the water-based adhesive for the wood-making enterprises, have taken the first step and the market share has been considerable. In addition, powerful players can also choose to be a system solution provider, Shangpin Home, Europa, and Sofia are all providing full house solutions.

   Being a focused product type brand and positioning a professional retail service provider is an important route to the downstream. For example, the Bulls are innovating around a socket and switch. Through the small store distribution model, the scale can also be several billion. If you are not satisfied with the listed giants who compete around the single product, you can try to be a system solution provider and locate an integrated retail service provider. Recently, Gujia Home has frequently mobilized capital leverage to improve the software category in the form of acquisition to expand market share.

   Subdivided into kings, or the whole audience, the ambition and strength of the helm. I have long been aiming at the stock market and have been positioning myself for a long time. In the new market, we are deepening our positioning, deepening the demand for old house decoration services, and launching “adequate decoration”. “As long as we maintain our core advantages, There will be no food to eat.” In the view of Wang Xiaobing, the vice president of decoration now, no matter how positioned, he must exert his core advantages.

Three Ways Out: Products, Channels, Talents

   “Products, channels and talents will be the three ways for home companies to break through the era of big integration.” The views have been recognized by many people, some are nodding, some are thinking.

   Accurate product positioning is a higher demand for products in the stock market. The home industry that has been in the state of “selling and selling” for a long time needs a rapid transformation. In product innovation, it is necessary to build a basic structural product platform with the same basic technology, basic technology and basic standards, to achieve agile, large-scale customization, and to make its own differentiated value. In addition, intelligent home must be the future of the industry, and it is necessary to seize the intelligent port of the product.

   Channel change is imminent, looking for consumers to talk to it has become a topic that home businesses must think about. In addition to relying on the integration power of mainstream strong channels such as Real Home and Red Star Macalline to seize market share, it is necessary to adapt to the trend of new retail to try diversified business forms, and to create diversified consumption scenarios by new modes such as community. The community is becoming the next battleground for high expectations of home furnishing enterprises. Beijing Oupai has been involved in the second-hand community layout community service station since 2017 and has been intimately interacting with the owners; TATA wooden doors have added “neighbor plan” to the owners of old communities. The service, and in September 2018, transformed the traditional storefronts of 100 cities into bookstores to attract more passengers. In addition, the relationship with the dealers should be upgraded, reduce the dealer burden, adjust the dealer structure, close to the dealers, and integrate the dealers to establish the enabling system to build the advantages of the retail terminal.

   Talent is the core issue that home furnishing companies need to break through in the big integration. The low threshold of the home industry and the long-term dependence on market dividends, we all know. Recruit high-quality professional talents, establish a multi-level talent training mechanism, increase organizational tension with high goals, high pressure and high motivation, and build high-energy organizations is a compulsory course for the entire industry.

   The stock market is a challenge and an opportunity. Zhang Ren, chairman of the China International Home Furnishing Industry Development Forum, said that although the stock market is a limited number for the entire industry, For enterprises, the market is big enough. No matter which track is broken out, it is the kingly way to make good products and services. “To put the action into practice, there are blue seas everywhere.”
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Latex paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, which one is your home suitable for?

In addition to the decoration, we must worry about whether the various procedures are standardized, and more worrying about the choice. After finishing the putty on the wall, which one of the three common wall materials, such as paint, wallpaper, and diatom mud, should be chosen? Today, take everyone to analyze and analyze these three kinds of wall materials~
First, what are the three kinds of wall materials?

Latex paint: A large class of synthetic resin emulsion paint represented by acrylate copolymer emulsion, which has the advantages of easy brushing, rapid drying, water resistance of paint film, good scrub resistance and environmental protection. It is the most common choice now.

Wallpaper: Raw paper is produced from bleached chemical wood pulp, coated, printed, embossed or surface-coated, and finally cut and packaged. With a certain strength, toughness, aesthetics and good water resistance. A few years ago, it was quite popular, and there are many people who choose now.

Diatom mud: The interior wall material with diatomaceous earth as the main raw material is a new type of environmentally friendly coating with deodorizing, fireproof and environmental protection functions. Because diatom mud can create a personalized texture, there are many families that choose it.

Latex paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, my wall is the best for this!

Two, three wall materials advantages and disadvantages

1, construction

Three kinds of wall materials need to be putty before construction, this The point is the same.

Latex paint process: base treatment → putty putty twice → primer → intermediate coating twice → latex paint surface coating → cleaning. Construction is quick and easy.

Wallpaper construction: the difficulty of paving is large, considering the verticality, the connection should be natural, there should be no air bubbles, pay special attention to the treatment of the corners, the consumption is larger than the latex paint, generally 10%.

Diatom mud construction: The required level of construction technology is high, in order to create a personalized texture and texture.

Latex paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, my wall is the best for this!

2, price

Compared with the price of the mid-range level of the three wall materials.

Latex paint: the cheapest, 20 yuan / m2 per square meter (including labor);

Wallpaper: higher cost, better quality wallpaper at 60 yuan / m2 ;

Latex paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, my wall is best for this!

Diatom mud: The most expensive of its own and labor, generally more than 200 yuan / m2.

3, decorative

latex paint: mainly by color harmony. Nowadays, the color of the latex paints of several big brands on the market can be customized, and there are about a few thousand colors to choose from.

Wallpaper: Quickly create decoration style, and more selective, specific stripe wallpaper stretching space, adjust the spatial level;

diatom mud: rough texture, can be built Natural, personalized texture effect.

4, performance

latex paint: water resistant and easy to scrub, but easy to crack.

Wallpaper: It can effectively prevent the cracking problem that latex paint is difficult to avoid. It is said that there is sound insulation effect, but it is not flameproof.

Diatom mud: The best sound insulation, fire retardant, 1000 °C high temperature, but it is a water-soluble finish material, can not be used in balconies, kitchens and toilets to receive water immersion.

5, environmental protection

latex paint: relatively environmentally friendly, VOC and free formaldehyde can be volatilized faster, proper ventilation. It has high-end photocatalyst latex paint products with catalytic degradation function, antibacterial and mildew proof, and purifying air.

Wallpaper: It is said that the formaldehyde of the wallpaper is the highest, the pollution mainly comes from ink, glue, and special wallpaper materials.

Diatom Mud: There is no pollution in itself, it can eliminate formaldehyde, release negative oxygen ions, regulate humidity sterilization, improve sleep quality, and create “breathable” walls.

6, Durable

Latex paint: It can be guaranteed for more than 10 years, easy to repair, but there is a problem of color difference, which can be refreshed regularly.

Wallpaper: Easy to scrub, but the climate is humid coastal city and the rainy weather in the southern city wallpaper is easy to bend and hollow, it is difficult to repair the damage, serious damage needs to be replaced, color difference, service life 3 -5 years.

Diatom mud: The longest life, but not resistant to dirt, difficult to scrub, poor diatom mud is also easy to get wet. However, the diatom mud can be shoveled off and mixed with water, and the performance is unchanged.
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There is no window in the bathroom, giving you a move away from stuffy, dark, stinky, wet

Due to the limitation of the apartment type, many bathrooms have no windows for ventilation and lighting. How should the bathroom be renovated? Let’s take a few tricks for everyone today, let your bathroom stay away from stuffy, dark, stinky, wet!
1, bathroom light

When choosing wall tiles, try to choose a bright color system to increase the brightness of the room. In addition, try to ensure even light and bright light in the bathroom. It is best to add an auxiliary light source in the shower area and in front of the mirror.

The bathroom is enlarged to cover the light source. Or installing a light source behind the mirror will make the space look brighter. The door of the bathroom is preferably made of light-transmitting materials, such as a large area of ​​frosted glass, which can increase the transparency of the outdoor light source.

2, bathroom deodorant

Sewer is the largest source of odor. The water pipe of the sink should also be made into a U-shaped tube to form a water seal to prevent the odor from returning from the sewer. It is absolutely impossible to directly connect a drain pipe to the down pipe, and the odor will drive straight into the home. The accumulation of floor drain debris and poor drainage can also lead to spatial odor, so it is often necessary to dredge.

3, bathroom waterproof

Waterproof is not done or partially leaking, after a long time, it will mold and produce odor. In the stage of installing the water pipe, it is necessary to check whether there is water leakage during the pressure test and eliminate the water leakage point in time. Also check the interface where the faucet is connected to the water pipe.

The waterproof layer is also the most important thing. It must be painted and closed. When tiling and floor draining, you must be careful not to damage the waterproof layer. Waterproof not only blocks the clear water, but also blocks the intrusion of moisture on the wall.

4, bathroom ventilation

Usually, the bathroom has ventilation ducts, and ordinary households will also install exhaust fans. However, the air in the home is to maintain the air pressure balance. After the exhaust fan exhausts the exhaust gas, a negative pressure is formed in the room (the air pressure in the room is relatively low), and fresh air needs to be added. Otherwise, there is a high-powered exhaust fan, and the air will only go out, and there will be a situation in which the rows are lined up.

Of course, if there is a condition to do a fresh air system, the problem of ventilation and ventilation can be fundamentally solved.

5, dehumidification in the bathroom

The local humidity is not heavy in the south, and the humid space is not only conducive to breeding bacteria, but also the bathroom. The smell is bigger. The bathroom is recommended to install Yuba, which not only can warm in winter, but also ensure indoor drying.
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Curtain color matching

The color matching of the curtains

1, wood color + white: simple, if you like the delicate and meticulous style, then the safe white and wood color is undoubtedly the best choice, gentle Such as Mu Chunfeng, calm and leisurely lake surface, at the same time naturally free, free and easy, the space is more harmonious, and the style and style reflect each other, reflecting the user’s taste and quality, creating their own personality show in a limited space, Life will be more unexpected fun.

2, black + white + gray: classic, if you like the simple and elegant European style, you can choose Gothic, Mediterranean furniture, and this quaint style is necessary Use black or gray as the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the popular gray in 2010, and alleviating the visual conflict between black and white. This space is full of cool modern and futuristic, rational, order and professional.

3, blue + white: warmth, blue gives a feeling of calm and noble, long-standing jazz, people who are obsessed think “blues.” Not all of the sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, really activates life, makes the kitchen life dynamic, and the blue tone helps create a quiet atmosphere, the kitchen decorated with blue is better. According to color psychology, watching more blue will make people feel emotionally stable and think more rationally.

4, blue + orange: modern, with blue and orange color as the main color, showing the intersection of modern and traditional, ancient and modern, and colliding A visual experience with a realistic and retro flavor. These two colors can give space a new life.

5, natural yellow + green: natural, goose yellow is a fresh, fresh color, representing the joy of new life. Fruit green is the color that makes people feel calm inside, and can neutralize the lightness of yellow. This color matching method is very suitable for young couples.
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Sharing furniture looks beautiful, but it’s difficult

Desalination of ownership, use is more valuable than possession – this is the core idea of ​​the sharing economy, which is why Uber, Didi, Mobai and other shared economic hotspots, shared furniture.

Shared furniture is mainly for short-term tenants and landlords, trying to solve the need of young people unable to buy a house and eager for exquisite life. It has the advantages of short-term rent, low price, convenient and quick, and at the same time attracts young people through the Internet. “shared”. The reporter roughly estimated the price on the shaking home platform. The user used the rent for 4 years or so, and the rental price was just the price of a finished furniture. If you cherish it, the furniture can last longer. For users who have been renting furniture for three consecutive years, most home rental platforms will give the furniture to the user free of charge and no longer charge rent.

However, unlike shared bicycles and shared charging treasures, shared furniture faces more difficulties. The rental of furniture usually starts at least 3 months, the rent is paid monthly, and the profit time is lengthened. The depreciation rate of furniture is also difficult to predict, not to mention the cost of logistics and renovation. Therefore, it will not be known how long it will take to share the furniture platform. It is still unknown.

For the target group of shared furniture, it is difficult to adjust, especially after the pursuit of personality 90, there may be 1000 requirements for 1000 people, whether the furniture style and style provided by the shared furniture platform are rich enough to attract More users?

There are also some suggestions from the industry, such as the use of unique furniture to attract young people who like new things, short-term rent, and the landlord to complete the installment payment in the form of a lease. In other words, there are still many breakthroughs in sharing furniture.
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What is the role of aluminum alloy lifts?

When the aluminum alloy elevator is working, all the components are interacting with each other. Any one of the components is indispensable. In the case of an explosion-proof valve, this is a small component, but it is extremely important to improve the hydraulic pressure. Safety of elevator operation performance,
First, the console surface can be slowly lowered when an accident occurs

1The explosion-proof valve of the aluminum alloy elevator is equipped with a lifting valve in the lifting machine to prevent the elevator table from being lifted. There was a rapid drop out of control accident, and the console surface slowly declined. Especially on the hydraulic lift, if there is a problem with the hydraulic pressure, the person working on it will be in great danger. The valve body, the compression spring, the slide valve and the retaining ring are formed. The cavity of the valve body is provided with a compression spring, and the compression spring can also be connected by a sliding valve sliding in the cavity, and the sliding valve is limited by the retaining ring embedded in the valve body. The top of the slide valve is provided with a through hole, and the bottom of the slide valve is a plug, and the cavity communicates with the inlet and the outlet of the valve body, thereby reducing the danger to the worker.
2 When the tubing ruptures, causing the hydraulic elevator to descend too fast, the explosion-proof valve is quickly closed, and the throttle state is made, so that the hydraulic lift table is slowly lowered to ensure the safety of the person and equipment, thereby playing a safety role. The application of this new technology has greatly improved the safety performance of aluminum alloy lifts.

Second, keep the load up or down, avoid frequent starting of the motor

Explosion-proof valve can adjust the time delay amount appropriately, avoid frequent click start and shorten the service life of hydraulic lift
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Is it necessary to buy a baby toilet?

What is the baby toilet?
After the baby is one year old, the baby can slowly urinate and defecate. The mothers can cultivate their own good habits at this time. How do you cultivate this good habit? Baby toilets can help you. Baby toilets do not require the help of parents, the baby can be used independently of the toilet, can train the baby to separate the stool. At present, there are many kinds of baby toilets on the market. They are cute in appearance and bright in color, which can attract the baby to take the initiative and easy to clean. After being used up, it is easy to clean and is popular among parents and babies. So, the advantages of baby toilets are so good that everyone likes them? The advantages of the toilet are gone.

1. Affordable and practical. Mothers spend a few tens of dollars to develop a good habit of baby’s independent and convenient stools, and the toilet is generally multi-purpose. In addition to acting as a toilet, it can also be used as a baby’s toy or bench to play. It is the best of both worlds. It.

2, comfortable and safe, carelessly soiled and easy to clean. The baby toilet is very comfortable for the baby to sit on. It is also safe and no longer worried about falling down. Therefore, the baby will fall in love in a short time, and it is easy to clean if it is not carefully soiled.

3, no need to hold the baby to the toilet. Usually, if the baby is pooping, the mothers either hold the baby up and put it on the toilet, or let the baby sit on the adult toilet. The adults hold the stool, so the adults are tired and the baby is not comfortable. With the toilet, the adults are liberated, and it is no longer necessary to support the baby so hard.

4, no need to spend extra time cleaning the baby’s stool. If the baby gives you a place to go, the mothers can have a headache and spend a lot of time cleaning up. With the toilet, did the mothers feel relaxed and happy again? …

Is it necessary to buy a baby toilet?

The baby toilet is designed according to the baby’s physical characteristics. The toilet can train your baby to develop a good habit of squatting in the toilet from a young age. It can be properly trained after the baby is eight months old, but some babies do not like to sit on the top and sit up and play will not pull. Some babies may not be willing to accept when they are just beginning to train their baby to use the toilet. Bao Ma will have the psychological idea that baby toilets are not easy to use. In fact, it is not easy to use, but it takes time and a process for the baby to accept things.

There are many habits for the baby to develop the toilet. By training the baby to use the toilet, not only can the baby’s walking ability be exercised, but also the baby can develop the habit of sitting, as early as possible. Learn to solve your own problems in the stool and improve your baby’s self-care ability. Therefore, for the baby, the toilet is still necessary to buy, but it is also based on the specific circumstances of the baby and the family.

Warm reminder, when choosing a baby toilet, you can try to choose some cute looks. The baby has more attention and curiosity about interesting things, choose a cute seat. The toilet is more attractive to the baby and makes the baby passionate about using the toilet.
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The tiles you bought may be tiles.

Tile tiles? Many consumers are stupid and unclear, thinking that they are the same product, just different. In fact, the two materials are different. If you need to use the tiles, the result is to buy the tiles, which leads to the master not having to start, resulting in waste. So we have to understand the difference between tile tiles before buying.
  1,What is the tile

  The tile is made of high temperature resistant metal and semi-metal oxide, mixed by clay, quartz sand, etc. Processed in a number of processes, it is made of acid-resistant porcelain or stone building materials, collectively called tiles. For example, polished bricks and antique tiles are all ceramic tiles.

   Second, what is porcelain

   porcelain is a kind of interior wall tile, a more layered thin layer patch, The surface of the whole body brick body is polished and the surface is more bright, which is a kind of whole body brick. But compared to the whole body brick, the surface is more polished.
  3,What are the differences between tile tiles

  1.Scope of use

   tiles are in tiles One type has a porcelain surface and is a thin layer patch. It is more suitable for sticking to the wall. Tile refers to the floor tile with porcelain surface, which is more suitable for sticking to the ground.

  2, internal texture

   tiles have high internal requirements and cannot have one-and-a-half-point bubbles. Because the ceramic tiles with bubbles encounter temperature changes, it is easy to suffer from freezing and fragmentation. The tiles are made of porcelain clay, and there is no high requirement for the presence of air bubbles inside, which has little effect.

  3, thickness

   The most obvious difference between porcelain and tile surface is that the thickness is not the same, the tile is obviously thicker, the tile It is a thin type.

  4.Slip resistance

  Because the surface requirements of tiles and tiles are different, the smoother the tiles are, the better the tiles are. Need to have a certain degree of slip resistance, or walk on it, the safety performance is poor.


  The life of the tile is short, and the service life is generally about eight years. At present, the water absorption rate of the ceramic tiles on the market is about 10%, and cracks or breaks may occur after being used for a long time. The service life of the tile is more than 20 years, as long as there is no hard object collision, there is generally no breakage.


   In addition to the above, we can also distinguish tile tiles by weight when purchasing. In general, the feel of the tiles will be lighter, and the tiles will be more than twice as thick as the tiles.
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Software customization is optimistic, is the future of the bag?

   Some forecasts show that by 2020, China’s software consumption will grow by about half to $6.5 trillion. The main drivers behind this growth trend include the increase in the number of middle class and wealthy families; the emergence of a new generation of consumer groups with more free and more experienced economies; the role of e-commerce is growing stronger. Today, China has become the world’s largest consumer of soft furniture. We are faced with an era of opportunities and challenges. The future software will belong to Yaros, a company that dares to innovate and dare to change!

  The rise of reverse mergers, China has become a melting pot of global home furnishing products
   The wave of “reverse takeovers” has arisen. After years of accumulation, some Chinese home furnishing brands have begun to introduce foreign mature home brands into China through acquisitions or mergers and acquisitions, making full use of the mature craftsmanship, history and cultural heritage of the original brands, and realizing the brand through mature channels and dealer teams. A new leap.
   For example, Gujia Group has successively acquired international brands such as NATUZZI, RolfBenz and Australia NickScali. Mousse and the famous Italian sofa brand Calia (CALIA) also reached a strategic cooperation not long ago. The Shanghai Furniture Exhibition Kalia debuted, and the import and domestic series debuted at the same time, which attracted much attention.
   Qumei Home and Norwegian high-end furniture manufacturer EkornesASA officially announced the successful acquisition on August 31, Qumei achieved full control of the latter, and will be four brands of Stress (Stressless) Svane, IMG and EkornesContract are included in the brand matrix, and Stres is called “the most comfortable chair in the world”, and Qumei has also completed the transformation of international home brand operators.
  At the Shanghai Home Expo, LEXINGTON homes were exhibited for the first time in China, and brought the ArtisticHome, CypressPoint and BarclayButera product lines to showcase the originality and exquisite American lifestyle. . Song Huang, general manager of China, said that in 2017, Luolai Life’s wholly-owned acquisition of Lexington was not only a strong alliance of brands, but also enabled the latter to open the pace of living in the Chinese market.
   In fact, about five or six years ago, the furniture exhibition will clearly divide the imported brands and domestic brands in the exhibition hall. In the past two years, this division is no longer so obvious. As more and more home furnishing companies become international brand operators, China will become the world’s most concentrated home furnishing brand. The Chinese market will also become a melting pot of the world’s outstanding home furnishing brands, providing Chinese consumers with a higher quality home life.
  The big pattern is brewing to predict the future is too early
   Furniture Fair is not only a place to showcase products, but also an opportunity for us to observe the industry at close range. From products to brands, from action to thinking, for Chinese home furnishing companies, product improvement is the first step, behind the evolution of brands and strategies.
   From the perspective of the whole industry, China’s home furnishing industry is in an internal accelerated adjustment period, and there is still much room for improvement. At the same time, capital boosting is accelerating the establishment of competition barriers. And to deprive other brands of the future living space, this imbalance will last for a long time. Perhaps in such a complex and dynamic environment, the changes in the future pattern of China’s home furnishing industry are gradually brewing. Now predict that the future is still too early, let us wait quietly.
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