What is the influence of the iron removal effect of the iron remover?

The iron remover is divided into a flat magnetic separator and a flat iron remover. It is a device that can generate strong magnetic field attraction. It can remove the ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material to ensure the safe operation of the crusher, grinder and other mechanical equipment in the conveying system, and can effectively prevent large and long The accident of the iron piece cracking the conveyor belt can also significantly improve the raw material grade. According to the method of unloading iron, it can be divided into various working modes such as manual unloading of iron, automatic unloading of iron and program control of unloading iron. Due to different use occasions and magnetic circuit structure, various series of products are formed.
1. Determine the iron removal effect of the iron remover in the actual production process. There are two major factors, one is the magnetic field strength of the iron remover itself, and the other is the correct installation method at the site.

2. The iron removal effect of the suspended permanent magnet separator is closely related to the height of the suspension and the thickness and thickness of the material. The lower the suspension of the iron remover, the better the iron removal effect, the higher the effect, the higher the thinning rate of the material. The higher the magnetic field strength of the iron remover, the better the iron removal effect. If you are inclined to install, you must find the angle and properly hang the iron remover. The lower the hanging height, the better, without affecting the normal running condition of the belt.
Users should choose the type of iron remover according to the characteristics of the site. Proper installation and suspension will have a great impact on the effect of the iron remover. In the actual application process, it should be used and maintained correctly to achieve the best iron removal effect. When using the permanent magnet self-unloading iron remover, the user should install it correctly according to the product manual.
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About the special paint for flue desulfurization

Special paint for flue desulfurization is made up of anti-corrosion resin and anti-rust pigment, powder, filler, etc. The agent is a two-component coating which is widely used and has excellent properties and high-performance anticorrosive coatings.

Special paint for flue desulfurization is a paint with good water and acid resistance and good rust resistance. The special paint for flue desulfurization is a special paint resistant to high temperature and acid and alkali. In fact, high temperature corrosion of water wall tube The mechanism of wear and tear is very complicated. The flame temperature in the flue is relatively high. The special paint for flue desulfurization can withstand the test of high temperature for a long time. In order to prevent the flue from being corroded and rusted, the special paint for flue desulfurization is the first choice for protection. .
Construction reference: No matter how good the paint is, it must be operated strictly according to the construction requirements, otherwise the effect will be unsatisfactory. The special paint like flue desulfurization should be on the surface of the object when using it. The rust stains and oil stains are cleaned up, respectively, using sandblasting and detergent cleaning methods, and then the two components of the paint and curing agent are prepared according to the specified blending ratio, the stirring is continued slowly during the process, and the mixture is evenly stirred for 10 minutes. Use it later to ensure sufficient ripening time. According to the size of the operation surface, the amount of use is estimated. The dosage is the dose to be configured. The prepared paint is completely used within 6 hours, because it can avoid waste after gelation; Applying and brushing method, if the viscosity is exceeded in the use, you can use a special thinner to reduce the viscosity to the normal value.
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Frequently encountered problems in the use of hoists

The hoist is a large-scale mechanical device that transports by changing the potential energy, such as a mine hoist and a dam hoist. Broadly speaking, elevators, cranes, hoists, stable cars, cranes, hoists, etc. can be called hoists. The hoist generally refers to large mechanical equipment with large power and strong lifting capacity.

Should drive at an empty load. Therefore, all materials in the hopper should be drained before each stop, and then parked. Can’t reverse. If the reverse is reversed, the chain derailment may occur, and it is troublesome to eliminate the derailment failure. Feed evenly. It is forbidden to suddenly increase the feed amount. The feeding amount cannot exceed the conveying capacity of the hoist. Otherwise, it is easy to cause a ‘smuggling’ accident when the material at the bottom is piled up seriously. Replenish oil in a timely manner. Chains and hoppers should be replaced in time if they are severely worn or damaged.
The installation of the hoisting head wheel and the bottom wheel drive shaft is not easy to cause the hopper belt to run off. The main form is that the drive shafts of the head wheel and the bottom wheel are in the same vertical plane and are not parallel; both drive shafts are installed at The horizontal position is not in the same vertical plane; the two drive shafts are parallel, in the same vertical plane and not horizontal. After the above situation occurs, the hopper belt is deflected, which may cause the impact of the hopper and the barrel and the tear of the hopper belt. In addition, the head of the hoisting machine is subjected to a large dynamic pressure of up to about 100 tons, and it is inevitable that the bearing wear occurs in the bearing position due to long-term operation.

The traditional method is repaired by repair welding or brush plating, but both have certain drawbacks: the thermal stress generated by the high temperature of the repair welding cannot be completely eliminated, which may cause damage to the material and cause the parts to bend or Breaking; brush plating is limited by the thickness of the coating, easy to peel off, and the above two methods are to repair the metal with metal, can not change the ‘hard to hard’ coordination relationship, under the combined action of each force, still cause re-wear .

In response to the above problems, European and American companies mainly use the repair method of polymer composite materials, and the most mature application is the American Fusitlan technology system. The polymer material has excellent adhesion, excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, and can be free from disassembly and machining. There is no effect of repair welding thermal stress, and the thickness of the repair is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product does not have the concession, which can absorb the impact vibration of the hoist, avoid the possibility of re-wearing, and greatly extend the service life of the equipment components. Save a lot of downtime for the company and create huge economic value.
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Home consumer spending downgrade?

Compared with the rapid development of the home industry in recent years, this year’s situation is somewhat unsatisfactory. According to the earnings report of the first three quarters of 2018 disclosed by more than 40 home-listed companies, the growth rate of the home furnishing industry slowed down significantly compared with the same period in 2017. In particular, custom homes have officially ended the high-growth era of 30%~70%, and entered the new normal of 10%~20% growth.
   In fact, custom homes are still the best performing segment in the home-listed companies. Relatively speaking, many companies in building materials and bathrooms have a single-digit revenue growth rate; Nearly 10 companies have even experienced negative growth in net profit and negative growth in three revenues. Among them, there are many well-known brands such as Qumei, Foshan Lighting, Yazhen, and Dream Lily.

  The industry’s debate about whether consumption is downgrading has never stopped. In this regard, Lin Tao, president of the Guangdong Wardrobe Industry Association and Kefan Customs Chairman, said in an interview that the domestic consumer market cannot be upgraded or downgraded. In the case of first- and second-tier cities, there are a large number of markets facing the market. Homogeneous products, most consumers tend to buy high-quality products under the premise of constant price;

   and consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities, understand traditional home decoration After the drawbacks, it began to accept industrialized customized products, and gradually established the correct concept of home decoration consumption. He said: “Overall, the upgrade or downgrade of consumption is not determined by the price, but by the requirements of product quality, and now consumers are returning to rational consumer demand.” In response to this, Nielsen’s recent 2018 Chinese consumer market study shows that 39% of consumers are still willing to continue to upgrade their consumption, indicating that they are willing to buy better quality but relatively price The more expensive products, while 15% of consumers expressed their willingness to purchase products that meet the basic efficacy and are relatively cheap, but only 1% of consumers are willing to sacrifice low-quality products at the expense of product quality.
  360 big data released “2018 home improvement industry big data research report” also shows that nearly 85% of the population will focus on the general effects of decoration renderings, furniture, materials, etc. Platform and brand attention accounted for less than 9%, which means that compared with price and brand, consumers pay more attention to product quality. Zeng Yong, secretary-general of the Guangdong Customized Home Furnishing Association, believes that “consumption should be upgraded under the macro consumption trend, especially for consumers in first- and second-tier cities who still pursue luxury goods, but ‘luxury’ is not reflected in price, but In terms of quality.”
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Metal coatings are widely used in the future

According to a new Fact.MR report, the metal coatings market is expected to witness strong growth in the next few years, with demand likely to exceed 6 million tons by the end of 2018. During the forecast period of 2018-2027, global demand is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 6.5%.
The growth of the metal coatings market is largely influenced by the growth of the construction and automotive industries and urbanization.

The substantial growth in new construction projects in the Asia Pacific region may affect the sales of metal coatings in the coming years. China and India are the countries that drive most of the demand for the metal coatings market. Industrial coatings customers are also increasingly demanding metal coatings with fewer layers and lower curing temperatures. With the introduction of new regulations, there is also a demand for environmentally friendly metal coatings with low VOC or zero VOC in the Asia Pacific region. China also plans to tax VOC emissions from solvent-based coatings and coatings.

China’s coatings companies are also committed to developing smart metal coatings for a variety of industries. At the same time, other R&D activities are taking place, which may bring some interesting opportunities for global metal coating companies. Fluoropolymers have excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and are used in a wide range of industries. According to the results of the study, by the end of 2018, the growth of fluoropolymers in the metal coatings market may still maintain a positive growth of more than 100,000 tons. Fluoropolymer coatings have a wide range of applications in architectural coatings, exhibiting low surface energy, high water resistance, chemicals, oils and UV radiation, especially in external applications.

Manufacturers in the metal coatings market are also focusing on designing new products to address the problems associated with PFOS and perfluorooctanoic acid found in many fluoropolymer chemicals. Demand for fluoropolymers is increasing in these industries due to the need and manufacture of lightweight materials in the aerospace, automotive and semiconductor industries. At the same time, manufacturers are also beginning to develop green fluoropolymers to cope with the growing environmental impact of various chemicals used in metal coatings. With the widespread use of electronic products and non-stick coatings on cookware, the demand for high performance fluoropolymers is also increasing. The construction industry may primarily use metal coatings on steel and aluminum substrates on a large scale. With the development of light steel and composite steel, the innovation of steel technology has led to the rise of steel structure. While the continuing threat of corrosion of steel structures is driving the demand for metal coatings, giving them corrosion resistance.

The use of metallic coatings and coatings has also increased dramatically in the construction industry to provide a striking and vibrant surface finish. The increase in the use of standard metals (including brass, aluminum, copper and iron) in construction and interior design projects has led to an increase in demand for non-toxic and durable metal coatings.

Liquid fluoropolymer coatings have been used for a long time in buildings in North America. However, with the growing trend of green building structures, particularly in North America, the use and demand for metal coatings in powder form has increased compared to liquid metal coatings made using solvents and emitting VOCs. At the same time, a new generation of electric metal coatings is also being developed to provide liquid coating capabilities.

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Cabinets also take a simple and environmentally friendly style

As environmental protection has become the demand of the whole people, the national policy orientation has also tilted to this side, and cabinet companies have gradually turned to green environmental protection. Today’s consumers are no longer simply satisfied with material consumption, and the spiritual level is more cherished. Cabinet companies need to start from this aspect of product innovation.
Stainless steel cabinet style is unique

“The cabinets are now mostly made of artificial boards. These products are durable and affordable, but a lot of glue is used in the production process. It is not very environmentally friendly. “Industry sources said that to reduce the amount of chemical reagents, we must start from the raw materials, and now 304 stainless steel products can basically meet this point, so stainless steel cabinets have gradually become synonymous with green environmental protection, and Stainless steel cabinets have also become popular as a unique brand.

Modern people prefer simpler freedom

Health and environmental protection is a trend that determines the quality of life, but a large part of the population is not just satisfied with it today. . The fast-paced and high-stress life of modern society has made people in the rushing people feel more dependent on their homes. The survey shows that most urban people choose to spend more time at home instead of outside after work, so the indoor environment is comfortable. Degree and taste have naturally become a factor that people pay particular attention to. In fact, in a complicated urban environment, modern people prefer to accept a simple and free home atmosphere, because these can reduce the comfort of space and eliminate their anxiety.

The cabinet design incorporates emotional factors

The cabinets are the homes that meet every day, and more so. “I prefer the cabinets with simple style and simple fashion. When I look at it, I feel a clean and comfortable feeling. I face it every day and there is no compulsion to clean up. I think the simple design of the log color is good, at least I watched it. With so many different styles of products, it is more in line with my requirements! “A white-collar consumer from the home store, Miss Zhang said so.

In the industry, it can be seen from this that the cabinet design in the future should be integrated with more elements of the spiritual level, so that the cabinet is no longer just a simple home product, but also a spiritual level of emotion. Pinned.
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Ten points of wood floor recognition

Ten key points for wood floor recognition
1. Wood floor information and atlas. Those words that are rough in printing, succinct in content, and arguably wearable and arrogant are misleading propaganda, which is caused by non-standard wood flooring manufacturers.

  2, wooden floor surface pattern. Wood floors with poor texture, unsatisfactory color, unnatural, and poor solid wood are not resistant to UV rays and are easily faded. These wooden floors are undoubtedly low quality products.

  3, the core material of the wooden floor. The wood flooring with rough core and dark color has higher formaldehyde content than the national superior product standard. Most of the comprehensive indicators of wood flooring are unqualified and belong to inferior products.

  4, the degree of sanding of the wooden floor. Use woodworking sandpaper to apply force to polish the surface of the floor a few times. The low-quality counterfeit products have white marks and are lower than the national standard.

  5, the mosaic effect of the wooden floor. A test of a wooden floor, the three pieces of staggered paving, high and low and triangular seams and edges are not visible, such wood flooring is a poor product.

  6, the bottom of the wooden floor. Those woods with inconsistent colors, rough texture, no branding and production time, large deformation and moisture resistance are inferior products.

  7. Imported wooden floors to see customs declarations and commodity inspection orders and certificates of origin. The original imported wooden floor has the origin, specifications, name and date on the list, and the Chinese translation is available on the box. More importantly, look at whether the number on the import list is tens of thousands of square meters or more. Less than tens of thousands of square meters may have imported a little original wooden floor, but a large number of sold wooden floors belong to the sheep head selling dog meat, which is self-produced or posted. Brand processed products.

  8, wooden floor warranty card and sales receipt. All regular manufacturers have standard receipts, and the actual manufacturer address and telephone number on the package and product information. There are no real addresses and phone numbers on the poor wood floor boxes and product information, or no address or phone at all.

  9, whether the wooden floor is sold in a specialty store, whether there is a power of attorney, whether the wooden floor has an international quality certificate and a certificate of the Chinese environmental labeling product and an authority certificate issued by the state functional department; There is no inspection report on the wooden floor (some commission inspection reports are not true, depending on the supervision inspection or daily inspection inspection report), whether it is the original. Since there is no, it may be low quality wood flooring.

  10, wood flooring manufacturers or marketing agencies have no standard retail price, whether it is a random price product, if this is the case, it is impossible to brand wood flooring.
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Such cabinets are comfortable to use.

Why do cabinets have to be customized? Because you can tailor the most comfortable cabinets according to your family’s living habits and height. What is the size of a comfortable cabinet? Let’s take a look at it.
   The height of the kitchen cabinet is related to the countertop and width of the cabinet. Generally, the height of the cabinet counter to the bottom of the cabinet is between 500mm and 600mm, and the width of the counter is 900mmx460mm. The smallest cabinet door Above 200mm, but not more than 600mm, the height of the lower cabinet door is preferably between 500mm and 700mm. We can make the appropriate choice according to the height of the housewife or the cook.

   There is also the size of the drawer on the cabinet, which can be 300mm to 1000mm wide, so choose 4 or 5 slides, if it is between 300mm and 700mm For drawers, you only need to select two slides. The larger drawers should consider the choice of invisible slides or horseback riding. Because they are used in the kitchen, you can choose different slides to increase the corresponding use. life.

   The cabinets are generally designed on the top of the cabinet, generally between 500mm and 1000mm, but if you are flipping the door, you should choose a better one, so that Easy to deform, the depth of the hanging cabinet is between 300mm and 350mm. The size of the two sides can be different. It should be noted that you should not place a heavy album and put a small object.

   The height of the counter is that the housewife can reach the position above the waist when standing. Don’t be too high or too low, about 85cm, the working table should not be too deep, generally 60cm It can be, if it is too deep, it will be wasteful, and it will increase the cleaning task. The overall look is not harmonious. The height of the hanging cabinet is about 37cm, which is mainly used to put some light and small objects.

   The above is a summary of the height and width of the kitchen cabinets and the design of the cabinets. Now each room type is different for each household, and the size of the specific indoor space is different. The heights are also different. In the end, we should choose the right cabinet height, cabinet color and cabinet shape according to our own needs. If necessary, we can also choose tailor-made, which is convenient for making food and enhance the use. Performance, you guys can find out!
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How can I know if the steel door is poisonous?

As winter approaches, temperatures begin to fall, and more and more families are beginning to close doors and windows, and the consequences of tightly closing doors and windows are indoor air problems, and the quality of indoor air is related to the indoor furniture that consumers buy! Other products in the industry market, steel doors are obviously a more environmentally friendly door, but environmental protection, can not avoid the emergence of toxic steel doors, therefore, consumers must pay attention to the inspection of steel doors when buying steel doors! /> First, look at the packaging logo

See the product name, execution standard, factory name, factory address, quality grade, etc. marked on the product packaging or label. If the basic content is complete, whether the text or pattern is colored or biased.

Second, look at the product color

The toxic steel wooden door is white in color, although white, but the intuitive feeling is very embarrassing, that is, dark or white, blue, smooth Very strong, after a period of use, it is gradually grayish black due to contamination by sulfur and sulfide in the atmosphere. The color of non-toxic plastic steel is pure, like ivory white. The smooth and delicate feeling is crystal clear and soft. It has the feeling of penetrating into the inside. It will not be grayish black if it is polluted by sulfur and sulfide in the atmosphere.

Third, look at the product profile name

Toxic plastic steel doors are generally based on low-cost lead salt stabilizers. This material contains lead and is named PVC profile. Non-toxic plastic steel doors and windows use non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally-friendly thiol organotin T-137 stabilizer, named VPVC profiles. Consumers must be aware of the product’s profile and name when purchasing.

Fourth, look at the use of effect

lead salt plastic steel doors and windows in the sun and heat long-term effect, the formation of lead dust on the surface, will lead to lead poisoning and lead pollution. After lead enters the human body, most of it is excreted in the feces and sweat, and most of it precipitates in the bone marrow and dissolves into the blood, which damages the bone marrow hematopoietic system, the brain nervous system, the urinary system and the reproductive organs. Of course, if this is found during use. When it appears, it will immediately discard such steel doors to ensure health.

Improve the steel door to be toxic, help you to buy one or one environmentally friendly steel door, protect your home and protect yourself!
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The effects of different wavelengths of light on plants are different.

  The proportion of various spectra of solar radiant energy reaching the ground is due to latitude, season, and terrain It varies from meteorological conditions, but is basically stable. According to the wavelength of solar radiation, it is generally divided into ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light and the like. The effects of different wavelengths of light on animals and plants are different.
& emsp; & emsp; 1, ultraviolet light
& emsp; & emsp; this light wavelength between 170 – 400nm. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than 290 nm can cause the destruction of plants, so it is also called extinct radiation. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 290 and 400 nm is a necessary light for plants. It has a certain effect on the formation of phytochemicals. It can inhibit crop elongation and make crops shorter. It has a certain disinfection effect on the soil. Sun-breeding, and has the role of germination.
& emsp; & emsp; 2, visible light
& emsp; & emsp; light wavelength between 400 – 760nm. The light in this band plays a decisive role in the living function of plants, mainly in the light effect. They are the main light for plants to carry out photosynthesis and synthesize organic matter. Especially in the red-orange light with a wavelength of 600-700 nm, the photosynthesis of plants is the strongest, which is conducive to the formation of sugar, that is, the formation of yield; the yellow-green light with a wavelength of 500-600 nm has little absorption of leaves and the strongest reflection; Basket violet with a wavelength of 400-500 nm can prolong the flowering process of plants, promote the synthesis of protein and fat, and have a strong influence on the chemical composition of plants. In the process of photosynthesis, green plants only assimilate the energy of light in the wavelength range of 44-760 nm. The solar radiation absorbed by photosynthesis of green plants is often referred to as physiological radiation, also known as light and effective radiation.
& emsp; & emsp; 3, infrared light
& emsp; & emsp; light wavelength between 760-4000nm. The effect of light in this band on plants is mainly reflected in the thermal effect. It determines the temperature and transpiration of the organism and is generally not or rarely absorbed by plants. It has no practical effect on the physiological processes of plants, so the radiation of this band of light is also called abiotic radiation.
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