Looking back at 2018 some home furnishing companies investing in overseas markets, what will happen this year?

  In 2018, a number of home-listed companies announced their overseas investment, especially in finished products.

  Gujia Home took the lead in 2018 to complete the acquisition of three foreign furniture brands, Italy’s top furniture brand Natuzzi, Germany’s top home furnishing brand RolfBenz, and Australian veteran furniture brand NickScali; Qumei Home announced in August that it has completed the tender offer for the well-known Norwegian furniture brand EkornesASA, and holds a 98.36% stake in EkornesASA through its overseas subsidiaries. The remaining shares are compulsory under Norwegian law; not long after 2018 In the month, Xilinmen announced that it will set up a subsidiary in Thailand. In November 2018, Meike Home announced plans to increase its capital for its three Vietnamese subsidiaries, with a total capital increase of US$26 million. In the same month, Mengli announced the non-public offering plan. It plans to raise funds for the development of US production bases and construction projects for the Serbian (Phase III) production base. Previously, it has established factories in Spain, Serbia, Thailand and the United States.
   Furniture brands have successively deployed overseas production capacity. Most of the reasons for the brand announcement are to solve the problem of production capacity and further expand the market scale, and their willingness to invest overseas is gradually increasing.
   Cinda Securities proposed that the market development of local brand-name enterprises will generally have three stages: from regional to national and then global. China’s leading furniture enterprises have basically completed the market layout from regional to national, and enterprises that can achieve globalization are inseparable from the development speed, anti-cycle ability and industry competitiveness.
   According to the analysis of Tianfeng Securities Research Institute, the furniture industry leading companies have obtained a large market share in the forward-looking strategic layout and rapid organization, and the market concentration is expected to further increase.
   At present, the overseas market of A-share home-listed companies, including furniture brands such as Gujiajiao and Meike Home, has formed a scale. However, due to the fluctuation of raw material prices, some enterprises will be able to transfer production capacity overseas.
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The new era of China’s Jiantao sanitary ware industry has quietly changed

The new era of China’s ceramic and sanitary ware industry is facing a series of huge changes. From the industry, products, production areas to brands, categories, quality, any dimension is quietly fissile, and ultimately profoundly affect the future direction of the industry and the fate of countless ceramic sanitary ware people. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In the course of nearly 40 years of development, China’s Jiantao sanitary ware industry has begun to introduce the first automatic wall tile production line in Italy, which has opened the prelude to the development of China’s ceramics. In the 40 years of the past, the industry has turned upside down. However, looking back, the industry has also gone through a period of “detours.” However, to this day, automation and intelligence have long been an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of China’s ceramic industry. It is not only the storage device, kiln control, glazing, brick, grading, packing, warehousing, etc. Machine replacements are being drastically improved. In the past, the operators in the workshop were densely packed, but now there are only a few people in one line. From abandoning automation equipment to replacing people from machines to machines, China’s ceramics industry has gone through a lot of “detours.”
   Today, intelligence and automation have become the development of China’s ceramic industry. Important direction.

   For a long time, the industry was filled with prejudice that the longer the kiln, from the original more than 100 meters, to the later 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters It doesn’t seem to be the longest, only longer. With the lengthening and widening of the kiln, the single-line capacity is also rising. In the past, the single kiln produced thousands of square meters per day, and now it is as high as tens of thousands of square meters. However, with the upgrading of the consumer market and the awakening of brand awareness, manufacturers have found that the kiln is not as long as possible, but based on the product structure, comprehensive consideration of its quality control, efficiency, cost, energy consumption and other factors. Therefore, in recent years, some brand enterprises have transformed and built new kiln furnaces, although they are much longer than the old ones, but they no longer blindly pursue the maximization of production capacity, but pursue the most reasonable matching of kiln length and product structure.

   Although the longer the better the kiln has faded, there are still many Chinese ceramics companies in pursuit of large capacity.

In the processing and manufacturing of ceramic raw materials, most of the Italian and western production enterprises use centralized milling to achieve standardization of raw material preparation. But domestic companies are basically making their own powder. No matter which ceramic factory, raw material yard, ball mill workshop and spray drying tower production site, the production environment and pollution are relatively serious. This is also one of the direct reasons why ceramics factories have left the public with high pollution and high energy consumption impressions for many years. In recent years, the call for centralized milling and upstream materialization by upstream companies is getting higher and higher. In June 2017, the country’s first ceramic raw material centralized milling project was launched in Deqing, and China’s ceramics industry developed rapidly after decades. In the preparation of raw materials, we began to approach the Yi and West modes again.

   In June 2017, the country’s first ceramic raw material centralized milling project landed in Deqing, but China’s ceramics industry still has a long way to go.

   The ceramics industry is undoubtedly a high-energy-consuming industry with an annual output of 10 billion square meters and an annual consumption of 120 million tons of standard coal. At one time, domestic companies looked at the Italian and Western companies to burn natural gas only to envy, domestic enterprises from heavy oil, diesel to coal gas. As of today, most of the country’s production areas have begun to force access to natural gas, and the energy-consuming structure of the ceramics industry has undergone tremendous changes. Once, many experts and scholars have called on Chinese companies not to repeat the “first development, post-governance” of developed countries. In the past, we should “develop and manage”. However, after all, we have not been able to escape this fate, or we have gone through the old road of “development first, then governance”. In recent years, green development and environmental protection have not been talked about, but about the survival of enterprises, and many local governments and enterprises have paid a heavy price for this.

  The problem caused by energy consumption is also one of the detours in China’s ceramic industry.

   From the perspective of product structure, polished tiles used to be the most Chinese-inspired product, and also a product with the most independent intellectual property rights. At peak times, polished tiles accounted for more than More than 40%, China has become a truly polished brick kingdom, which has affected the global ceramic industry. However, Italian and Western companies have not been motivated for many years. Although they also have some unglazed bricks, most companies still insist on intensive cultivation in the field of glazed tiles. The time shift is easy, and after creating countless brilliance, the polished tiles are gradually falling from the peak. Nowadays, glazed tiles have come back and become popular. As a former market darling, polished tiles have long since fallen into low-end products.

  In recent years, China’s ceramic industry product innovation has accelerated.

  The breakthrough in product specifications, for ceramics, will never be tired. In the early years, Italian and Western companies mainly focused on small-scale products, while Chinese companies continued to expand specifications, 800, 1000, and 1200 (mm). At the beginning of the century, Dongpeng and Xinzhongyuan successively launched the “Chinese Brick King” and the “World Brick King” with a specification of 1000×2000mm, which became the largest polished tile at that time. Due to the immature technology, companies have no choice after launching conceptual products. Until 2017, Mona Lisa built the first 900×1800×5.5mm ceramic sheet production line in China, and pushed the specifications and thickness of Chinese ceramic tiles (board) to a new height. In recent years, Italian companies have vigorously promoted large-scale ceramic sheets and slabs, and the specifications have been continuously broken. Domestic enterprises have also stepped into this field, and the specifications of ceramic tiles have become larger. There are still many “detours” for inventory. Some have been through, and some still still go on the corner. It should be emphasized that for these “detours”, there is no right or wrong, which is an inevitable choice in a specific market environment.. Looking back at the development road of China’s ceramics industry, we can’t break away from the reality that China is a superpower. It is precisely because of this that large-scale production, large consumption, large exports, and low-cost development models have emerged.

   The new era, new demands, and the development of the ceramics industry will continue to be fissile, iterative and upgraded on this basis. I hope that through such an inventory, let us look deeper into history and look further into the future.
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Which wooden floors are not suitable for renovation?

The wooden floor feels comfortable and natural fragrance, which has become the first choice for many owners. However, after the wooden floor is stepped on for a long time, it will inevitably lose its original luster and even crack and deform. In order to keep the ground bright and avoid unnecessary expenses, floor renovation is a good way. So how to renovate the wooden floor? Which wooden floors are not suitable for renovation?

How to renovate the wooden floor

Floor renovation refers to the restoration of the old floor by polishing, scraping, coloring, painting and polishing the surface of the floor.

1. Floor polishing

The first step in floor refurbishment is to remove the surface layer of the paint on the old floor surface by 1-2 mm, which requires the use of a large floor refurbishment machine. More dust will be generated. If the site is refurbished, it is necessary to take protective measures. Use sandpaper of 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh to grind three times in succession to ensure that the surface of the polished floor is fine and smooth. The larger the mesh size, the smaller the particles, and the less scratches left after polishing.

2, putty scraping

The surface of the floor is smooth after grinding, but not necessarily flat, you need to scrape the putty again to level the floor. You can use a special transparent primer putty that is used with the floor paint, apply a layer of putty on the polished floor, spread evenly, and wait for it to dry.

3, primer coloring

The floor needs to be brushed or tinted after the putty is applied. After the floor has been polished and putty, the color depth will be inconsistent, but since the floor texture of the solid wood surface is natural, the color of the color cannot be changed. It is only necessary to adjust the depth of the floor color to make it consistent.

4, the above paint

After the coloring is completed, the top coat can be brushed after the primer is dried. After the first coat is dried, it is ground with water sandpaper to make the floor surface slightly rough, and the second layer of paint is brushed off after blowing off the surface.

5. Polishing and waxing

After the polishing and topcoat work of the floor is completed, the last step is the maintenance work of polishing and waxing. Use a special floor wax to smear on the floor to ensure that the floor is not dropped. Pay attention to the maintenance of the floor every day to avoid damage to the floor caused by sharp objects.

Which wood flooring is not suitable for renovation

1, if it is for reinforced flooring, it cannot be refurbished because it has a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer on the surface, which will destroy its resistance. Grinding layer, aggravating the aging of the floor.

2, if the floor has been damaged, mildewed or deformed, it is generally difficult to carry out refurbishment remedy.

3. If the color on the solid wood composite parquet block is not the color of the soaking, but the surface layer is colored, or the color of the veneer layer is relatively thin, it will destroy its mosaic effect after polishing. Do not refurbish.

The cost of floor refurbishment is low, it can save household expenses, and the refurbished floor can renew its vitality, but don’t renovate the floor purely for the pursuit of a new effect or a negligible problem.
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What are the benefits of bathroom door glass?

Do you need to install glass for the bathroom door? This answer is not necessarily true. The bathroom door materials and design are different depending on the place of use.
The bathroom door of an ordinary house mainly considers the lighting and ventilation performance. The bathroom door with glass is used to greatly improve the lighting and ventilation of the bathroom. Generally, the embossed or frosted glass is used.

The hotel bathroom door is mainly designed from the perspective of practicality and safety.

1. The glass wall makes the room look bigger.  

2. Glass doors can encourage guests to turn off lights and save energy.

3. With a transparent design, cleaning is more convenient.

4. Transparent design reduces the risk of property damage.

The hospital bathroom door is mainly designed from the perspective of practicality and ventilation. Due to the special nature of the hospital environment, the louver design is generally used below to increase the air circulation of the bathroom. Some rectangular glass windows can observe the patient’s condition in time and play a certain protective role.
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These places have lights, don’t be too wit

Going home at night to find the switch? Can’t see your beauty when you make up? Cut your hands when cutting vegetables? These may be the trouble of installing a little light. In fact, there are many lighting areas that are easily overlooked by everyone during the renovation. Many people often complain that their houses are faint and dark, which makes people feel depressed. This may not be a problem of the house itself, but you forgot to install lights in some areas. ! The lights in these places are simply too wit.
1, porch sensor light, the door is no longer black

Every day, I go home and touch the black shoes to turn off the lights, the porch lights can not be kept open… Adding induction lights, easy to solve problem.

Where can the sensor light be installed? Below the door and the hanging cabinet, the inside of the shoe cabinet is suitable. Especially in the storage area, after installing the induction light, no longer afraid to find something black.

2, the cooking area is filled with lamps, washing dishes and cutting vegetables more efficiently

The kitchen is the most need for high-light space in the whole house. After all, no one wants to cut vegetables or When cooking, it was dark.

If the kitchen is equipped with a hanging cabinet, or the lighting is not good, you need to install a small lamp in the preparation area, which is convenient for cutting vegetables and cutting meat.

In the bottom of the cabinet, the spotlight or downlight is embedded. When installing, it is necessary to calculate the distance between the lamp and the lamp to avoid staggering the light.

Install a light strip or tube under the cabinet. The position of the strip is 200 to 250 mm from the bottom of the cabinet. A soft light strip can be used at the corner.

Light tube: It is recommended to reserve the line and switch position during the early renovation.

If you don’t want to wire, you can also use the dry battery-driven induction spotlight to fix it directly under the cabinet. There are no cabinets in the washing area and the preparation area? Just add spotlights or chandeliers directly to the top.

3, with the mirror front light, the makeup will be more beautiful

The lighting of the bathroom is usually in the middle of the ceiling or near the top of the basin area, when we want to see the mirror More clearly, it will generally block some of the light. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the mirror headlights as the focus source.

The mirror headlights are mounted on both sides of the mirror better than the top. Because the light source is on both sides, it can ensure direct light to the face; if it is at the top, you need to adjust the light angle to minimize the shadow of the face.

Light source selection: It is recommended that the brightness be higher, the color should not be too yellow, it will produce color difference, affecting the makeup effect. White fluorescent or cool white fluorescent lamps are recommended. If there is enough socket, you can directly choose the waterproof mirror cabinet with LED light, the built-in light belt of the makeup mirror, and the light distribution is even and natural.

4, bedroom night light, reduce inconvenience and interference

Get up in the middle of the night, if the headlights will not only wake up in sleep, but also disturb the other half of the sleeping side . Therefore, the bedroom needs to be equipped with an inductive night light. The faint light is enough to illuminate the road under the foot without affecting others. When the time passes, the induction lights up, and when it is not, it will automatically turn off. Small changes have greatly increased the convenience of life.

5, since the wardrobe has light, it is really convenient to find clothes

The interior of the wardrobe is dimly lit, and sometimes it is very troublesome to find clothes. Adding the induction light, it is very convenient to open the closet door and close the door.

There are three types of commonly used induction lamps:

1, according to the ambient light, it is automatically turned on, always on, and it can be consistent with the reserved wires of the conventional socket. The price is 35~50. Yuan;

2, according to the infrared temperature to determine whether to open, the person is delayed after the departure, can be connected with the ordinary switch in addition to another control, priced at 170 ~ 200 yuan;

3, Use dry batteries without wiring. According to the infrared sensor judgment, but not sensitive enough, only for close-range use, the price is 70~150 yuan.

In addition to the sensor light, you can also choose the combination of the light strip + remote control. The advantage is that it can be manually controlled and the brightness can be adjusted arbitrarily, but the cost is high.
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How about composite wood flooring?

The floor is a floor decoration that many people like to use in addition to tiles. The price of solid wood flooring is relatively high, and the price of composite wood flooring is relatively cheap, so as an alternative to solid wood flooring, most consumers choose composite wood flooring to decorate the ground. What is the price of concrete composite wood flooring? Today, let’s talk about the price of composite wood flooring and the tips for purchasing composite wood flooring.
First, the price of composite wood flooring

The price of composite flooring market is relatively low in the floor price, the price of low-end composite flooring is about 300 yuan, and the price of mid-grade composite wood flooring is 300. Between -900 yuan, the price of high-grade composite wood flooring is between 1000-2000 yuan, of course, the price of some laminate flooring is even more than 2,000 yuan. However, the price of composite wood flooring sold on the market is less than 150 yuan, but there are big problems in the quality and environmental protection of such composite flooring, which is not very recommended.

At present, the price of composite flooring in the middle and high-grade composite flooring on the market is mostly more than 500 yuan. This composite flooring is relatively good in both product quality and after-sales service, suitable for popular demand. , is a good choice.

Second, the choice of composite wood flooring skills

composite layer is divided into three layers, the bottom layer, the core layer, the surface layer. The bottom and core layers act as a balanced cushion for the floor. Materials with good soft elasticity should be used, and the materials should be consistent to ensure the stability of the floor structure. The wear resistance of the surface layer should have higher requirements. The choice of composite wood flooring should be selected to have a good texture and a hard material.

Look at the surface paint film of the composite floor, the high-grade composite floor is made of high-grade UV matt paint, which has good wear resistance and can be used for a long time even if it is not waxed during use. Without refurbishment.

The service life of composite flooring depends on the thickness of the floor surface. The thicker the floor surface, the better the wear resistance of the floor. Made in Europe with a composite floor thickness of more than 4 mm, you can follow this standard to make a choice of laminate flooring.

There are also some good quality floors that are more environmentally friendly, and the floor is made of low formaldehyde content adhesive. When you buy, you can ask about the material of some merchant adhesives.
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What are the special stones for road paving?

The stone is a general term, and the price is also too high and low. This determines the use of stone many times. For example, granite is used for laying outside, mainly because the granite is not changed much, the price is relatively stable, the marble is different, and the grain changes greatly, especially many imported marbles in China. The market has been speculated as a luxury stone, there is a stone that is not grounded, called the luxury stone. (Luxury stone price is 10000+ per square meter) So today we are going to introduce the cost-effective granite stone. Stone is a very common road paving material, cost-effective. Prices range from 30 yuan to 100 yuan per flat. Imported stone can reach several hundred yuan per flat.

There are several types of stone commonly used in granite, marble, masonry, slate and pebbles. Ground stone paving is a technically strong project. Its construction quality has a great impact on the quality of the entire road decoration project. It is a key project of the whole project and must be constructed in accordance with standardized procedures to ensure quality. Before the construction of stone products, the construction of the base concrete should be completed and reach a certain strength. Before the start of construction, the construction progress of secondary hardening of the road surface should be coordinated, and the road construction unit should make the site handover work to create conditions for timely start-up. The construction site control network measures, according to the original coordinate reference point and elevation of the site, according to the requirements of the design drawings, the main control axis is measured and placed, and the stone paving line is measured and placed by each axis. Next, we will talk about the choice of stone veneer for road paving. It is mainly composed of the following six stone finishes:

Special stone for road paving

1, Mao surface paving stone: mainly by hand-made, on the surface of the product to create a natural section, axe striped surface, point-like such as lychee skin surface or pineapple skin surface effect. The material is mainly granite. The main products are paving stone (used for paving different landscape sections), corner stone and other rough surface handmade stone /, thick and generous, return to nature, good durability, paving stone, step stone is a common product. Long service life is a common choice for large-scale landmark, historic and permanent buildings.

2, machine planing stripe stone: In the outdoor stone / application, in order to prevent slip and increase the three-dimensional effect, there are axe stone, machine planing stone, fire stone, etc., but these traditional methods meet There is no need for increasingly high-end decorative construction. The streaked stone has a bright and distinct texture and smoothness, which adds a beautiful style to the modern city construction.

3, flat plate paving stone: the product is polished or fired, widely used in outdoor environmental ground paving, the most commonly used places are: landscape roads, community garden pavement, recreation Locations, architectural squares, stations, terminals, parking lots, etc. Due to the gap gray joint construction, it has good anti-slip property and is easy to keep clean. This natural material makes the environment upgrade and taste.

4, square brick paving stone: natural stone / processed into small size stone / product (100 * 100mm square, side 100mm or 80mm hexagon and diamond, etc.), dedicated to paving Install outdoor floors such as squares and garden roads. Its material, variety, color, origin and stone / engineering board are basically the same, mainly granite stone / quality. In the stone / square brick industry, light color products are mostly (called the main color products), black and red to see less (referred to as color matching products). The color matching products used generally use relatively high-grade and luxurious varieties.

5, bluestone paving stone: blue-gray tone, harmonious with the natural environment of the garden green. The famous Suzhou garden is a garden of blue-gray stone that is mainly made of calcium. At present, while maintaining the bluestone style, combined with the needs of modern gardening, the company has launched antique bluestone (artificial acceleration weathering) and artificial axe of Qingshi architecture Qin brick (Great Wall brick), emperor brick, Han brick, Ming brick, Song brick. , brushed processing. Process products such as barrel grinding are used by construction units and designers.

6, matte matte paving stone: widely used in indoor and outdoor environment floor covering and wall decoration. The best range of products is: water sports venues, bathroom environment, commercial and entertainment venues, star-rated hotels and homes that require special indoor effects.
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What is the difference in quality between open paint and sealer?

When we go to buy a solid wood bathroom cabinet, we always hear the salesperson introduce this: This is a closed paint, which is open paint. What does this tangled mean? What is the difference in quality between open paint and sealer? Today, Xiaobian will come to explain for you.
Open paints and sealers are common paint processes when dealing with veneer surfaces in bathroom cabinets. It is a major link that cannot be ignored. It is related to the beauty and use of furniture. Different painting methods have different characteristics. The application of sealer and open paint is a wooden bathroom cabinet. There are many pipes inside the wood. When cut, many holes will be formed on the surface of the wood. The definition of closure and opening is the blockage of these holes. .

What is open paint

Open paint refers to the natural characteristics of wood grain, the process of completely revealing the surface texture of wood, brown hole, this process will make furniture wood The hole is obvious, the texture is clear, and the natural feeling is strong, but the cost is high, and the spraying technology requirements are relatively high. Open paint is overly dependent on the texture of the original wood matrix, so it is relatively strict and demanding in terms of material selection. The cost is high, and the spraying technology is high. Generally speaking, the open hole requires that the brown hole of the wood must be deeper and more obvious. For example, the wood such as oak has a strong wood feel, and the scratch is not easy to see.

What is a sealer

The seal paint is a painting process in which the brown hole of the wood surface is completely closed by paint, which is characterized by the full, thick and bright paint on the surface of the wood substrate. Sealing paint is suitable for almost all wood substrates. Closed paint is a kind of finishing process that deeply buryes the wood tube hole in the transparent coating layer. Its main component is unsaturated resin, and the concentration is high. The hand touch material is particularly smooth, and it is very bright with high gloss paint.

The same material, open paint and sealer process price?

Not the same. Usually the price of open paint is higher than that of closed paint. The reason for this is that open paint requires high spraying technology and requires repeated processes of six or seven or even ten times.

Can the sealer not see the texture?

No. Sealing paints are not distinguished by the invisible texture. Many closed paints can see the texture of the wood. Of course, open paint will definitely see the texture of the wood.

Why can some wood be used as a sealer?

Generally, European birch, alder, etc. are not used for open paint. Because the brown hole is small, and the material is soft, it is not easy to make a brown hole. It is difficult to make the open paint feel concave and convex, so basically only the seal paint can be made.

How do you decide whether it is a sealer or an open paint?

Whether the brown hole of the wood is exposed determines whether it is a sealer. As long as the brown hole is closed and flattened, it is the seal paint, and when the brown hole is exposed, the hand can touch the hole and the texture, then we say that it is open paint.

The open paint is bright and beautiful, retaining the texture of the original wood grain, which is closer to nature. The disadvantage is that the construction is difficult, followed by the selection of the wood type, not all materials. All can be painted with open paint.

The surface of the sealing paint is smooth and bright, with strong anti-staining ability, easy care, good waterproof performance and durability. The disadvantage is that the texture of the wood grain is covered and the scratches are obvious.

Regarding the effect of these two processes, it is better to answer them according to personal preferences. Nowadays, the open paint is mostly European, and the closed paint is mostly modern and simple. You can choose your own decoration style.
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What do you think of soundproof wooden doors?

How to choose the soundproof wooden door
   1. How to choose the soundproof wooden door?

   1), look at the weight: the material with high density is relatively soundproof.

   2), watch the door thickness: the thicker the door, the better the sound insulation effect. Increase the thickness of the door to 45mm, so that the door insulation and sound insulation effect is better.

   3), look at the flatness: the smoother the surface of the door leaf, the better the sound insulation effect.

   4), door and door cover contact area: 45 oblique door, greatly increasing the contact area between the door leaf and the door cover, extending the sound transmission route, sound insulation effect is better.

   2. How to choose the color of the interior wooden door?

   1) The color of the wooden door should be consistent with the style of the room

   Generally: the wooden door is the same as the furniture in the home, the window cover is dumb The relationship is relatively large. When the home room environment is warm, the warmer color can be selected for the wooden door;

   2) The color of the wooden door is close to the furniture color

   The wooden door should be as close as possible to the color of the furniture.

   3) The contrast between the color of the wooden door and the color of the wall

   In the “color relationship” between the wooden door and the wall and the ground, the same wall Face color needs to have some contrast to the hard.

   3, how to say goodbye to small space troubles?

   Entering the house and hitting the shoe cabinet, the kitchen opening the door and hitting the refrigerator and other small things that plague many small space types. The width of the indoor door in the home is 800mm, the opening angle At 180°, the door occupies a living area of ​​approximately 1.00 m2, while the 1 m2 space can be placed as large as a coffee table or a bedside table plus a shoe cabinet.
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Teach you to judge the quality of solid wood flooring

For solid wood flooring, many consumers love and hate. Love is because the solid wood floor feels comfortable and environmentally friendly, but hate is due to the high profit of solid wood flooring, many businesses will take risks and sell inferior solid wood flooring. Many consumers do not understand the floor, lack of judgment, so there are always consumers who accidentally fall into the trap of bad business.
I will tell you how to judge the quality of solid wood flooring from the appearance:

I. Texture color difference:

Solid wood flooring is different from laminate flooring and laminate flooring It is a whole piece of solid wood, taken from nature, so it will inevitably have some natural flaws, such as irregular texture, there is a large color difference (even if the same tree, different parts, there will be color difference). But these are normal phenomena. As consumers, we should calm our minds and treat them rationally. The solid wood floor has a color difference and does not prove that the floor is inferior.

Second, crack:

Cracks in the middle and low-grade floors are inevitable, but too big is not good. Some cracks are produced between the texture of the wood. These cracks do not extend and can be used with confidence. However, some cracks penetrate the texture. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention. Such solid wood flooring must not be purchased because these Cracks are likely to extend and have a significant negative impact on future floor use.

Three, thrift:

Frugality is the natural formation of trees, belonging to the inseparable part of the tree, thrift is not really awkward, on the contrary, own Thrift is the testimony to the natural properties of wood. Thrift, there is a difference between live and dead. The wood structure of the former is closely connected to the surrounding wood without gaps. The latter is produced around the side branches of the dead trees. There is a darker veneer around the eyes, the color is black, and the dead knots are easily separated or partially separated from the surrounding wood.

Therefore, pay attention to whether there is a knot at the time of purchase, in order to prevent the loss due to the passage of time, changes in dry humidity, etc., affecting the structural stability of the wood. High quality solid wood flooring will control the number of live knots, which is a good flooring brand.

Fourth, the floor surface paint

The raw material quality is up to standard, the surface of the paint process is even more important. A good paint process is clear and natural, generally does not cover the original texture of the floor, and can make the floor more wear-resistant. Inferior paint will ruin the entire floor, too thick paint surface will reduce the sense of foot, affecting the original advantages of solid wood flooring.

The above are some methods on how to judge the quality of solid wood flooring from the appearance, I hope to help everyone!
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