Hydraulic pump failure reason elimination method

The hydraulic pump is a power component of the hydraulic system, and is driven by an engine or an electric motor to suck oil from the hydraulic oil tank to form a component that is discharged to the actuator. The hydraulic pump is divided into a gear pump, a plunger pump, a vane pump and a screw pump according to the structure.
Cause of failure: (1) The oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is too low;

Remedy: Add hydraulic oil

Probable cause: (2) Hydraulic oil is not used according to season;

Remedy: Generally, 46# hydraulic oil (or 68#) is not required to be replaced, and 32 is considered for cold in the north in winter. #

Cause of failure: (3) The oil inlet pipe is severely blocked by dirt;

Remove method: remove foreign matter in the pipe

Cause of failure: (4) Oil pump drive gear oil seal is damaged, air enters hydraulic system;

Remove: Replace worn or damaged oil seal, O-ring seal圈

Cause of failure: (5) Oil pump inlet and outlet joints or bent joint ‘O’-shaped seals are damaged, bent joint fastening bolts or inlet and outlet hose nuts are not on Tight, air enters the hydraulic system;

Remove: Replace the O-ring and tighten the bolt or nut at the joint

(6) Oil pump internal leakage, sealing ring aging;

Remove method: replace the sealing ring

Fault reason: (7) The end face of the oil pump or the end faces of the main and driven gear bushings are worn or scratched, and the unevenness of the end faces of the two bushings is out of tolerance;

Remove method: replace the worn gear oil pump Or the oil pump bushing, when the wear is slight, the end face is flattened on the flat plate. The unevenness of the unevenness is 0.03Mm; the end face of the upper bushing is lower than the pump body, and the upper plane (normal value is lower than 2.5~2.6mm). If the difference is too large, the lower bushing should be added with 0.1~0.2mm copper piece to compensate. Then, the sleeve should be loaded on the rear bushing

cause of the fault: (8) internal leakage caused by incorrect assembly of the internal parts of the oil pump;

Remove method : The unloading plate and the sealing ring must be installed in the oil chamber, and the two bushings can be balanced. The guiding wire tension should be able to twist the upper and lower bushings at a slight angle to the direction of rotation of the driven gear, so that the machining planes of the two bushings of the main and driven gears are closely fitted; the unloading groove on the bushing must be equipped with a low pressure cavity. Side to eliminate the harmful dead volume when the gear is meshed; before pressing the self-tightening oil seal, apply a layer of lubricating oil to the surface, and also pay attention to the oil-resistant edge toward the front cover, not reversed; before installing the pump cover, Pour a small amount of hydraulic oil into the pump casing and turn the meshing gear by hand

cause of the fault: (9) ‘left-handed’ loaded with ‘right-handed’ oil pump, causing damage to the skeleton oil seal; Br />

Exclusion method: ‘Right-rotary’ pump can not be installed on the left-handed machine, otherwise it will damage the skeleton oil seal;

Probable cause: (10 ) The hydraulic oil is dirty.

Remedy: Clean the system and replace the hydraulic oil.

Cause of failure: (11) The filter of the pump is blocked by dirt and cannot act as a filter oil

Remove method: clean with clean The oil removes dirt from the filter.

Cause of failure: (12) Insufficient oil level, oil absorption position is too high, oil suction pipe is exposed to oil surface:

Remedy: Refueling to The oil standard position reduces the oil absorption position.

Cause of failure: (13) There is no paper pad on both sides of the pump body and the pump cover; the pump body and the pump cover are not vertically sealed:

<br 〉Remove method: Inhale air during rotation: add paper pad between the pump body and the pump cover; the pump body is grinded on the plate with diamond, so There must be no leakage in the connection.

Cause of failure: (14) The drive shaft of the pump is not concentric with the motor coupling, there is twisting friction:

Remedy: Adjustment The concentricity of the pump and the motor coupling is such that the error does not exceed 0.2 mm.

Cause of failure: (15) The meshing accuracy of the pump gear is not enough:

Remove method: The gear of the grinding gear reaches the gear meshing accuracy.

Cause of failure: (16) The oil seal skeleton of the pump shaft is detached, and the pump body is not sealed:

Remove method: Replace the qualified pump shaft oil seal .
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No handle cabinets, nowadays popular

The place where we make food in the kitchen, but it is also the hardest hit area where the soot is gathered. If the decoration design is not good, it is easy to cause the kitchen to be messy and the smoke is everywhere. Cabinets not only reduce the storage pressure in the kitchen, but also make the kitchen cleaner and more beautiful. Nowadays, a popular no-handle cabinet is simple and practical. Absolutely the gospel of minimalist lovers.
Gray no handle cabinet elegant and delicate gray is synonymous with high-grade, temperament, it is not only suitable for any style of kitchen space, but also durable, versatile, timeless, easy to create a refined The kitchen, the shades of gray with different saturations can also outline the stylish space texture that is visually appealing and gives an unexpected look and feel experience.

White no-handle cabinets are simple and generous, and the new high-purity white is simple and clean. Applying to the kitchen can not only “purify” the vision, but also be very pleasing to the eye, making the whole space look atmospheric.

Blue no handle cabinets can inject a cool, hot summer into the hot summer, how can you get this cool blue, blue cabinets also won the favor of fashion people, because it texture Comfortable and cool, it is a color that makes people calm down. If you don’t want a kitchen that is the same, you can use blue with simple wind wall to create a more personalized and stylish kitchen.

Mixed with no handles, the elegant and multi-tone mix of handleless cabinets, you can also instantly break the monotony of the kitchen, with a variety of smart and elegant, let the cooking space more Shows youthful vitality.
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Why are there so many people using glass folding doors?

In addition to villas, folding doors are used less in general households. It is known from the market that most of the folding doors are push-pull glass folding doors and PVC folding doors. The biggest role of folding doors in modern decoration. It is a decorative effect, and it is mainly used for special decorative effects in commercial spaces such as workshops and shopping malls; so why are so many people using glass folding doors? Is the glass folding door really good? What types of glass folding doors are there?
Features of glass folding doors

When designing glass folding doors, most of the folding doors are made of tempered glass combined with solid wood or silicon-magnesium aluminum for the safety of users. The alloy door frame is manufactured, so that the folding door manufactured not only has good decorative effect, but also has a high safety level. Under normal circumstances, the glass is not broken or damaged. The glass folding door is stylish and casual, easy to slide and open, waterproof and moisture proof, good sound insulation effect, durable and durable, non-fading, green, easy to install, good sealing, practical, folding without noise, no deformation for a long time. Large-area glass design for better daylighting. You can make four folds, and fold each side.

The glass folding door is free to stretch, which makes it very space-saving. It adopts folding technology, ingenious folding and stretching, which can be adapted to different space requirements, so that the opening space can reach the maximum limit and the indoor and outdoor can be unblocked. Unobstructed, it is conducive to air circulation and sun sterilization. The glass folding door has a lower rail design to prevent sand, dust, garbage and rain from leaking into the room. The standard notch design is very stable, basically reaching the level of European hardware configuration, adopting the rear-embedded stainless steel core aluminum hinge, which is durable and easy to disassemble. The bottom sliding system is fully equipped with a sliding wheel of a flat-bead rotary bearing for enhanced service life and smooth sliding.

Glass Folding Door Type

To understand how to fold a glass door, you must first understand the glass folding door correctly. There are many types of folding doors on the market, such as solid wood folding doors, PVC folding doors and glass folding doors. The so-called glass folding door means that the folding door of the door leaf made of glass is habitually called a glass folding door.

In practical applications, in order to pursue a more perfect decorative effect, glass folding doors are used in most occasions, even in the case of home kitchen or bathroom folding doors. When designing the glass folding door, the designer’s safety considerations, most of the folding doors are made of tempered glass material combined with solid wood or silicon-magnesium alloy door frames, so that the folding door is not only well decorated. The effect is also high in safety level. Under normal circumstances, there is basically no cracking or damage of the glass.

Glass folding door shopping tips

There is now a general choice of titanium-magnesium-aluminum sliding doors, which are low-carbon, environmentally friendly, moderately priced, and highly decorative, suitable for installation. Wet environment in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It is sturdy in material, has many colors, and has a variety of glass types. It is also more economical than other types of sliding doors. It is the first choice for ordinary families. Because the plastic steel glass partition sliding door has good sealing and heat insulation, the whole is not deformed, and the appearance is not easy to aging. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the northern part of the windy sand, especially in the case of lifting the balcony utilization, ensuring the temperature of the balcony and being clean. Moreover, for residential buildings with high outdoor noise, it is best to use plastic steel doors with insulating glass or double glass, which have excellent sealing and sound insulation effects.
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I heard that the shower room has a lot of benefits for the slotted stone floor.

  Nowadays, marble is very popular in home decoration, especially TV background wall, window sill and so on. It’s a special place like a shower room, because there is a lot of water flowing to the ground when you take a bath. If the floor is made of ceramic tiles, it will become very smooth. It is especially dangerous to stand on the shower. Therefore, many families do not use tiles when decorating the shower room, but choose to use the slotted stone.

   Why do you do the slotting? In fact, the benefits of the shower room to pull the grooved stone floor are too much.

   Benefits of stone shower panel slotting

   1. The slot is more beautiful and more grade than the simple tile. As a loyal member of the Appearance Association, Yan value is justice, the shower room is a slot, it is indeed more grade than the monotonous tile. The overallity of this approach is very strong, and the stone retaining strip can also be integrated with the ground. If the bathroom is entirely paved with stone, the effect is better.

   2, the trough is drained quickly, the foot feels good, and it does not slip. It is very comfortable to step on the groove when taking a bath. This is a reason to be able to pull the groove. Just like the following, the middle is the grooved stone, which can effectively prevent slipping. The groove can also be deflected while slipping, and the water flows down to the surrounding area.

   3, design of the groove: The floor drain of the groove is generally designed at the corner of the wall to facilitate drainage.

   Small problem with shower tray slot

   Problem 1: Floor drain needs to be placed on the side, otherwise it will affect the integrity of the stone, and the construction will not Will be convenient. If the house itself does not have a wall under the water pipe, it is necessary to move the floor drain pipe against the wall while doing hydropower.

   Question 2: Because there are many gullies after the stone shower plate is grooved, it may be more difficult to clean the bathroom, but it will not be overshadowed, and other materials will also have cleaning problems.

   The shower room has so many advantages in pulling the stone floor, and the bath is no longer afraid of the area. If your home is also undergoing renovation, give it a try!
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What are the methods for reducing wear on the walking parts of excavators?

  The walking part of the excavator consists of a sprocket wheel, a roller, a drive wheel and a rail link. When it runs for a certain period of time, these parts will wear to a certain extent. However, if you pay attention to maintenance and maintenance on a daily basis, you can avoid the “big surgery on the excavator’s legs” in the future. It saves you considerable maintenance money and can also avoid delays caused by repairs.
  How to reduce wear on the excavator’s walking position:

  First point: If you walk on the inclined ground repeatedly and turn suddenly The side of the rail link is brought into contact with the sides of the driving wheel and the guiding wheel, thereby increasing the degree of wear. Therefore, walking and sudden steering in inclined areas should be avoided as much as possible. Straight line travel and large turns can effectively prevent wear.

  Second point: If the part of the carrier roller and the roller are not working, the roller may be worn away and the rail link may be worn. . If you find a roller that cannot be operated, you must repair it immediately! This way, you can avoid other malfunctions.

  The third point: the roller, the sprocket mounting bolt, the track shoe bolt, the drive wheel mounting bolt, the walking pipe bolt, etc., because the machine is easy to vibrate after a long time of work And loose. For example, if the machine continues to run with the track shoe bolts loose, it can even cause a gap between the track shoes and the bolts, which can cause cracks in the track shoes. Moreover, the generation of the gap may also increase the bolt holes between the track and the rail link, resulting in the inability to tighten and the serious consequences of having to change the track and rail links. Therefore, bolts and nuts should be inspected regularly and tightened to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.
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What should be paid attention to at home UV disinfection lamps?

What should be paid attention to in household UV disinfection

1. Do not expose the ultraviolet light source to people to avoid damage. Ultraviolet light has the most obvious effect on the skin and eyes of the human body. When the human body is exposed to a short period of time, it will cause redness, itching, and allergic papules; long-term exposure will cause serious damage to the skin tissue, and sufficient dose of radiation may even cause cancer of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation to the human eye is also very harmful. Short-term exposure to large doses can cause redness, tearing, and tearing of the eyes. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts and even blindness.
2, when the surface of the article is sterilized with ultraviolet rays, the irradiated surface should be directly irradiated with ultraviolet rays, and a sufficient irradiation dose should be achieved. Due to the straight-line propagation of light, reflection, penetration or absorption occurs when an object is blocked. UV disinfection requires wattage of ≥1.5W per cubic meter of space, and the irradiation time is generally 30~60 minutes. It is also stipulated that the irradiation intensity of ultraviolet rays shall not be lower than 70ūW/cm2, otherwise the sterilization effect is not good or invalid, and the disinfection purpose is not achieved.
3, the appropriate temperature range for UV disinfection is 20 ° C ~ 40 ° C, too high temperature will affect the disinfection effect. When disinfecting indoor air with ultraviolet light, the room should be kept clean and dry, reducing dust and water mist. When the temperature is lower than 20 °C or higher than 40 °C, the relative humidity should be extended by 60%.
4, the application should also pay attention to the wipe and cleaning of the lamp. When the new lamp is used, the lamp can be wiped with 75% alcohol gauze to remove the pollution of the lamp by dust and oil. During the use, regularly wipe, do a good job of cleaning the lamp, so as not to affect the penetration rate and radiation intensity.

Applicable to the environment population
1. Disinfection of the kitchen, regular disinfection of kitchen utensils, chopping boards, cupboards.
2. Disinfection of the bedroom, disinfection of bedroom air, bedding, pillows and other supplies.
3. Disinfection in the living room, the living room is a place where family members and friends gather. It is necessary to disinfect the living room frequently.
4. Disinfection of the toilet, the toilet and the mop pool are places where bacteria can easily breed, and should be disinfected regularly.
5. Disinfection of specific spaces, such as shoe cabinets, disinfection of athlete’s shoes with athlete’s foot; disinfection of pet rooms and supplies. Washing machine and basement disinfection.
6. Meet the needs of the elderly, infants, pregnant women, and physically weak.
7. The use of family members, disinfection of the digestive system such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, and equipment.
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How to maintain the cabinets of different materials?

The kitchen is wet and oily. The cabinet is the main furniture in the kitchen. Its quality directly affects the function of the kitchen. Therefore, in the humid place of the kitchen, the maintenance of the cabinet can be very good. What are the maintenance measures for cabinets made of stone, stainless steel, solid wood and painted materials?

  1. Natural stone waxing maintenance

  The characteristic of natural stone is that the surface has large pores. Therefore, if any stains or moisture are encountered during the process, it should be treated immediately to avoid the dirt from infiltrating into the stone. Cabinet countertops. Normal cleaning can only use clean water or colorless neutral mild cleaning solvent. If you choose acid or alkaline products, it may cause damage to the countertop. Regular use of maintenance wax for maintenance has also become a necessary condition for maintaining the texture of the natural stone cabinet countertop.

  2. Stainless steel cabinet soft cloth cleaning

   metal material is easy to clean and durable, usually clean with a dry soft cloth, but you must pay attention to the soft cloth must be clean, and must be wiped in the direction of stainless steel wool So as not to cause scratches. If you use water or detergent, you should immediately dry it with a soft cloth to avoid unnecessary water marks. Appropriate use of professional product maintenance, can maintain the uniform appearance of the gloss and texture of the stainless steel cabinet countertop.

  3. Gentle treatment of solid wood material

   Any natural material is not suitable for extreme environments. Therefore, too dry or too wet environment will cause damage to the wooden cabinet door. Generally, the surface of wooden cabinet door panels will be specially treated to enhance the service life of the products. Wipe it with a damp leather cloth and dry it with a dry leather cloth. In the case where detergents must be used, a mild cleaning product must also be selected, then wiped with water and wiped dry. In order to avoid chapped, you can choose to wash the cleaning wax such as Bi Lizhu during maintenance. However, the use of products containing nitrate or synthetic resin should also be avoided, otherwise it will cause damage to the kitchen utensils.

  4. Painted door panels are most afraid of water marks

  When cleaning the painted cabinet door panel, just wipe it gently with a clean damp cloth, then immediately dry it with a soft and clean cloth to avoid leaving Water marks, causing unsightly conditions. If cleaning agents are necessary, it is best to use original or professional cleaning products, and avoid using detergents containing nitrate or synthetic resin, then wipe them with a damp cloth and dry them with a soft cloth.
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The color of the paint on the wall is different. What is going on?

To avoid the color difference between the color card and the paint on the wall, you must first consider the relationship between the room orientation and the lighting. Secondly, the size of the color card to be viewed should not be too small, preferably 20 cm x 20 cm, and viewed under cloudy daylight at a 45 degree angle from one arm.
China Fashion Color Association Design Director Zhang Wei: White furniture is more versatile, red or blue is OK, the key depends on your personal preferences, and the match with fabric products. As for the color difference between the color card and the paint on the wall, it is often because the relationship between the orientation of the room and the illumination is not considered, because the color changes under different lighting conditions. Under normal circumstances, the south-facing room has the characteristics of sufficient light and high temperature. Under the condition of natural light, the color of the wall is not blue enough. Usually, the color will be shallower and warmer after the wall. For example, you pick one kind. It is blue, and finally the upper wall may become lighter and greenish blue-green. Therefore, if the wall of the south facing room wants the color to achieve the desired effect, you should choose a color that is slightly darker and slightly bluer than the original color to achieve balanced illumination. If it is a north-facing room, usually the light is poor, relatively cold, the wall color is not enough, it will be cold and blue. Therefore, the color of the north wall has the desired effect, you can choose a yellower and warmer than the original color. A little bit of color.

In addition, if you want to choose the exact color, the size of the color card should not be too small, preferably 20cm × 20cm, and at a 45-degree angle from your own arm, in the shade Watch and choose under daylight.
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What kinds of waterproof materials are there?

There are two main types of waterproof materials on the market: one is polyurethane waterproof coating. Such materials are generally made from polyurethane and coal tar as raw materials. The coke oil it volatilizes is too toxic and not easy to remove, so it was banned in China in 2000. The polyurethane waterproof coating that is still being sold uses asphalt instead of coal tar as a raw material. However, when such a coating is used, it is generally diluted with an organic solvent such as toluene or xylene, and thus contains toxicity; the other is a polymer cement-based waterproof coating. It consists of a variety of aqueous polymer-synthesized emulsions and high-quality cements with various additives. The flexibility of the polymer (resin) is integrated with the rigidity of the cement, making it excellent in impermeability and stability. Its advantages are convenient construction, low comprehensive cost, short construction period, and non-toxic and environmental protection. Therefore, polymer cement base has become the protagonist of the waterproof coating market.
Waterproof coating refers to a coating formed by a coating to prevent rain or groundwater from leaking.

Waterproof coatings can be divided into emulsion type, solvent type, reactive type and modified asphalt according to the state and form of the coating.

The first type of solvent-based paint: This type of paint has a wide variety and quality, but it is costly and has poor safety. It is not very common.

The second category is water-based and reactive polymer coatings: it is difficult to uniformly disperse various reinforcing agents, fillers, and polymeric elastomers in colloids. In the middle, only a small amount of the compounding agent can be added by the grinding method, and the reactive polyurethane is a two-component, which is easy to deteriorate and has high cost.

The third type of plastic modified asphalt: These products are UV resistant and have good high temperature resistance, but the elongation at break is slightly worse.
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Can negative ion tiles really purify the air?

Washing tiles can also remove formaldehyde? Tiles with health functions such as air purification and fever have appeared on the market more than a decade ago, but have not been accepted by the public. However, in the past year, Foshan has emerged a number of healthy ceramic tile brands… At the end of the year, the home improvement season, how are the market acceptance of these healthy functional tiles?

Every year, during the peak season of home improvement, the people who buy Foshan tiles are constantly coming. Over the years, the style changes of ceramic tile products have been around decorative and practical. From polished tiles to marble tiles, antique tiles and modern antique bricks, there is often a new style, and merchants are rushing to launch similar products. “Healthy tiles like negative ion bricks have been around for more than a decade, but they have been buzzing for more than a year.” Ceramic industry veterans said that as health concepts are valued, many products in the home appliance sector are advertised. To formaldehyde, this wind is now also scraping into the ceramic field. Feng Riguang, chairman of Zhongsheng Enterprise, said that since the second half of last year, the ceramics market has declined, and some companies have developed healthy ceramic tiles, hoping to seek differentiated competition. A few years ago, Zhongsheng Enterprise began to cooperate with the research team of Beijing Ruizhixing Engineering Technology Research Institute to develop the “Healthy Guardian” multifunctional ceramic tile products and listed it this year. It began to push to the home user market in October.

At the Taobao Fair in the spring and autumn of this year, many companies released healthy ceramic tile products. In the autumn Taobo Fair, a number of companies held product launches and released national professional standards for negative ion ceramic tiles. Some companies have introduced a series of new products such as negative ion modern bricks, soft marble, modern antique bricks and ecological marble. In addition, the company has integrated the concepts of “negative ion”, “through body” and “marble porcelain throwing brick”, and launched a new series of negative ion whole body porcelain marble series tiles. “Current negative ion ceramics account for 70% of the entire product line, and this data is only 10% in 2016.” Tang Qi, head of special ceramics research and development, said.

Function: comparable to air purifiers

As a ceramic tile for home improvement materials, the concept of “healthy tiles” has also become popular in recent years. As early as 2004, ceramic companies began to develop healthy ceramic tiles. Recently, industry standards such as “inducible air negative ion ceramic tiles” and “negative ion functional building decoration materials” are also about to enter the release implementation stage. “Don’t think that healthy tiles have only ‘negative ion’ tiles, and now they have been upgraded to ‘healthy guards’ ‘empty tiles.’ The company has given health tiles more features than air purifiers,” an industry source said. Tang Qi introduced that the first generation of negative ion ceramic tile function is to remove formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. The second generation of functional positioning is fresh air, which may be renamed as “air purification tile”. At the Foshan Autumn Ceramics Fair in October this year, some experts released the application test results of an environmentally friendly multifunctional tile. This tile claims to have a formaldehyde purification rate of over 90.3%, a benzene purification rate of over 92.4%, and an antibacterial rate of over 98%. In addition, this tile has anti-radiation, odor and other functions. The principle is to introduce the energy minerals with patented formula into the ceramic base and glaze, and calcined at high temperature to make the product have formaldehyde removal, benzene removal, ammonia removal, hydrogen sulfide removal, odor removal, antibacterial, anti-radiation, release. Infrared 8 big function.

Top: Innovative technology attracts attention

The reason why healthy tiles can purify the air is because it can emit energy light waves at normal temperature, so that oxygen molecules in the air are free of oxygen. Free radicals, combined with biochemical oxidation reactions, decompose the enzymes needed inside the bacteria to achieve antibacterial and bactericidal effects, and the antibacterial rate is over 98%. It can resist static electricity, cover ultraviolet rays and electromagnetic waves, thus achieving the anti-radiation effect, and the radiation resistance rate reaches 92.2% or more. It can remove irritating odors in the air for a long time, and decompose various pollutants into harmless substances, thereby purifying the air and removing odor. By adding far-infrared energy mineral powder, it can release an absorbable far-infrared rays, which can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the human body and improve high blood pressure and low blood pressure. According to reports, Zhuo Yuan released a healthy ceramic tile this year, using innovative energy formula, implanted by energy particles and energy technology, so that the tile has the ability to release far infrared rays, improve human microcirculation, promote metabolism and release negative oxygen ions, and eliminate aldehyde. In addition to benzene, purify the air. In addition, a variety of practical “functional tiles” are also popular this year. Such as “slip-proof bricks”, the water is more slip-resistant, using the anti-slip glaze technology, unlike ordinary tiles, it is easy to get stuck, and it is more convenient to clean. Some companies exhibit functional tiles such as negative ion tiles, hot tiles and oil-resistant tiles.

Reminder: Buying healthy tiles needs to be carefully identified

With the development of the negative ion tile market, as of the end of last year, there have been many negative ion ceramic tile brands on the market. However, some brands do not have the function of inducing negative ion release. “With the upgrade of consumption, people’s consumption of ceramic tiles has also changed from simple decoration demand to functional demand.” Professor Hua Yuanqin, chairman of the National Air Net Industry Alliance, said that “healthy” ceramic tiles meet the modern people’s pursuit of environmentally friendly and healthy life. The health function of the tile is automatically released and more practical. However, veterans in the industry remind consumers that when buying new building materials such as healthy tiles, they should not be reckless. Before buying, they should try to understand and contact new products, and experience them carefully to identify whether they really have healthy functions and avoid being squandered by the merchants.

First of all, new materials and new products are new products that may not be mature in the market. On the one hand, the technology is not mature, and the practical experience may not be very good. On the one hand, the after-sales service has not been popularized, and it may be difficult to install, difficult to repair, and difficult to return. Therefore, before buying, it is recommended to go to the site for personal experience, feel the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and then make a decision. Some companies have a live experience area and can experience it for themselves. The reporter saw in a tile exhibition hall that there are some testing instruments on the site. If there is a formaldehyde removal test effect, the test can be tested on the spot. There is also a human blood observator, which is connected by comparison.The blood flow of capillaries when touching ceramic tiles and untouched tiles, and understanding the effects of far infrared rays and vibration waves on improving the human body.

Secondly, you can understand the word-of-mouth evaluation and consumer experience of these health products through multiple channels. Existing application cases can also be used as a reference for purchase.

Reporter’s observation: It takes time for the popularization of healthy ceramic tiles

Can remove formaldehyde and purify the air, can improve the sub-health of the human body, without plugging in, install it on the ground wall once and for all Yet? Then why is the penetration rate in the market not high?

Relevant people have analyzed that the reason why new building materials have become so popular is not only the lack of promotion. First of all, in people’s perception, the basic function of tiles is decoration. It’s a matter of course that companies make a fuss about decorative performance, and other additional features are just a icing on the cake. Now, some people want to use additional functions as the main selling point, which undoubtedly brings about subversion of the concept. Secondly, like the home appliance industry, there have been many companies that have made health articles for many years, but the results have confirmed that there are only one or two of them. Most of them are just the gimmicks of consumers. To prove this, you need the consumer experience and feedback. More than a decade ago, healthy tiles have emerged, but there is little consumer experience. Until the last two years, some companies only thought of another way to regain the concept of healthy ceramic tiles, and they were looking for scientific research institutions to conduct new material experiments. The number of companies involved has increased, and the intensity of promotion has naturally increased, so that consumers willing to join the experience will increase. Seeing that the share of healthy tiles began to rise, some counterfeiters also swarmed. An emerging product that is still in the ascendant has not been fully tested by the market, and these situations will undoubtedly affect the consumer’s experience, affecting the reputation of healthy ceramic tiles, and will undoubtedly hinder its popularity.

Therefore, some early intervention companies have proposed to take the lead in formulating relevant industry standards and national standards, so that consumers can rely on evidence when purchasing. In addition, industry insiders also called for relevant departments to strengthen supervision and establish a threshold for entry. At the same time, consumers themselves must also polish their eyes, savvy consumption, and avoid being fooled. Only when all parties work together can the road to the popularization of healthy ceramic tiles be smoother.
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