Ceramic sheet, find out

Now many homes are using tiles when decorating living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen floors and walls. Users will pay more attention to the appearance when selecting tiles, thus ignoring quality issues. However, if there is a problem with the quality of the tiles, it is likely to cause water leakage on the ground. Therefore, the choice of tiles is very important. So what are the ceramic sheet selection techniques? What are the advantages of ceramic sheets? Here is a detailed introduction.

First, ceramic sheet selection tips

1. Look at the appearance: high-quality tile glaze should be smooth. Very good, shiny glaze, radiant, matte glaze soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural or fluorescent light, the bricks should be placed vertically at a distance of 1 m and no visible glazed defects should be visible. The color pattern of the patterned tiles should be exquisite, realistic, and there are no defects such as misalignment of the dotted lines that are obviously lacking in color. The quality of the high-quality ceramic products on the back of the texture is obviously complete, and there is no glaze or defects at all.

2. Inspection label: The product packaging box should be marked with the factory name, website address, product name, after-sales service telephone, specifications, quantity, trademark production date and implementation standards, and purchase. When using ceramic tiles, check for 3C certification mark for interior decoration and tile decoration. It is recommended to select a radionuclide product that meets Class A requirements.

3. Stitching effect: Good tiles usually have small dimensional deviations. Users can place a batch of products vertically on the plane to see if there is a jagged shape. Observe the flatness and press the edges of the two bricks together to see if there are any gaps. The quality products will not be deformed basically, and the brick surface will be flat and beautiful after laying. In addition, the user can also look at the color difference of the product, put a few bricks together and look at the light carefully, the color tone between the products is different, the overall effect after the paving is poor.

Second, the advantages of ceramic sheet

1. Low water absorption: water absorption is only 0.06%. Compared with stone, the water absorption rate is lower. No color difference, no radiation, simple structure, cost saving, no cracks, more environmental protection, simpler maintenance and durability.

2. Lightweight and energy saving: normal area 600×1200mm, thickness 4.8mm, weight 8kg. They are light and thin, can save more than 60% of raw material resources, and reduce overall energy consumption by more than 55%. 1/3 of the ceramics greatly reduce logistics costs.

3. Reducing the load: effectively reducing the load on the building itself, and the impact on high-rise building projects is more obvious. For example, with an area of ​​10,000 square meters, the weight of the thin plate is more than 130 tons lighter than ordinary thick bricks.

4. Easy to cut: The cutting process is more convenient and the cost is lower. It can be precisely cut into various sizes with professional hand broaches or glass knives, giving designers more design space, especially in terms of size matching or mashup.

5. Super heat resistance: higher hardness than wallpaper. Moisture-proof, long-life, fire-resistant and heat-resistant, but the floor heating and air-conditioning, because of its thin bonding layer, its own material is thin, the floor heating effect is better, the energy loss is small, and the temperature rises fast.

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Color sand coating process

Color sand coating, also known as sand wall coating, contains sand as a wall coating exposed on the surface of the coating film. It is usually composed of acrylic copolymer emulsion, colored quartz sand and various additives. It is a water-based thick paste latex paint. According to the choice of quartz sand color, it can be matched into various colors (monochrome or complex color). Through the quartz sand particle size grading, the decorative effect of the coating film can be adjusted. The coating film has a three-dimensional effect, but it is easy to pollute the dust and can be adjusted into The appearance of imitation of natural stone varieties, commonly known as simulated stone paint; then, how to paint sand paint how to do it? What kind of construction method is there in construction? Below, Xiaobian tells everyone about the construction method of colored sand coating, I hope to help everyone.

Color sand coating process:
Base treatment → base repair → paint primer → spray main paint → protective top coat
Base treatment: first remove dust and other adherents on the surface of the base layer. Knock out or smooth the raised part; the empty part should be knocked out and then dried. The misaligned part of the joint and the larger recess are filled with polymer cement mortar; the steel mortar which hinders spraying is removed to fill the hole; the surface is floated and loosened and pulverized partially removed with a blade and a wire brush. Remove the surface release agent and oil stains; repair the surface of the surface, holes, cracks, etc. with cement floor putty.
When the wall surface is brackish, brush it with zinc sulphate solution or dilute hydrochloric acid solution, and then wash it with water. The basic base should be flattened with wood wool. The original coating of the base layer should be treated differently according to different conditions: the old coating with looseness, cracking and brittleness should be removed; the old coating with strong adhesion should be sanded with sandpaper; the coating with water resistance should be completely removed.
Brush primer: Stir the primer evenly. If the coating is thick, it can be diluted according to the requirements of the product manual. The two-component primer should be prepared in strict accordance with the specified ratio by adding a curing agent and a diluent, and fully stirred and placed for a prescribed period of time. Brush it evenly with a roller brush or a squeegee brush, taking care not to miss the brush, or brush it too thick.
Spray main paint: After the main paint is evenly mixed, put it into a special spray gun, start the air compressor, and control the spray pressure to 0.4~0.7MPa (4-7kg/cm2), open the spray gun, and move it horizontally and vertically. Spray evenly once, the distance between the spray gun and the wall is about 30~40cm. The spray gun should keep the spray gun perpendicular to the scene.
Protective topcoat: A material with ceramic composite core technology that significantly improves durability. In addition, the dense coating film structure can exert superior anti-pollution properties.
I saw the construction process of the pottery sand paint above, and then look at the following precautions for the construction of pottery sand paint.
1, in order to ensure the integrity of the coating, the primer and the main coating should be preferred to use the supporting products; when the manufacturer only provides the main coating, the primer should use the main coating to produce the recommended product.
2. Construction should be avoided under ambient conditions where the temperature is below 5C and the relative humidity is below 85%. It is also not possible to work in windy weather to avoid cracking of the coating material too quickly and should be noted.
3, when the primer is a two-component coating, it should be formulated in strict accordance with the provisions of the product instructions, each batching amount should not be too much, so as to avoid waste caused by curing failure of the coating. The primer should be diluted with a special thinner or a manufacturer’s recommended brand.
4, due to the long drying time of the paint, should pay attention to the weather forecast. Make construction arrangements to avoid construction before rain or snow.
5, after the coating is dry, do not immerse water for a long time before delivery, so as to avoid quality accidents;
6, the brushing tools should be cleaned in time and properly kept.
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Quickly identify tips for nylon and polypropylene carpets

Not all carpets have the same resilience after squeezing and deformation, and this can be used as a contrast to distinguish the quality of the carpet. Look carefully at the current market for carpets, and the commonly used carpet materials are nylon and polypropylene. If you want to quickly distinguish between nylon and polypropylene carpets, there are two ways:

The first specific gravity: nylon is more than water, and polypropylene is less than water. Cut the pile material into a cup of water, sinking the nylon floating on the water is polypropylene.

The second is the melting point: the melting point of polypropylene is around 160 ° C, while the melting points of nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 are 220 ° C and 260 ° C, respectively. Take a dry iron and place it on the surface of the carpet to test. At this time, the surface of the polypropylene carpet after the hot iron is burned will leave an iron stamp and the nylon carpet is the same as the original.
Why is this? Because nylon carpets are elastic and resilient! The ability of a nylon carpet to return to its original shape after being crushed by a heavy object is 80-90%, while the polypropylene is less than 30%. So the difference between nylon carpet and polypropylene carpet is obvious at this time. This test also illustrates a problem that is fire safety performance. The tested nylon carpet is in line with the current national standard “Fire Test Performance Test Method and Grading Standard for Fireproof Coatings”, which means that the nylon carpet meets the national standard B1. As an interior decoration material, in terms of fire protection requirements, it is divided into A grade, B1 grade, B2 grade! In terms of fire protection requirements, the top decorative material must be Class A fireproof, and the wall and floor decoration materials must be Class B1 fireproof! For example, light steel keel gypsum board, floor tiles, metal venetian blinds, etc. belong to Class A fire protection, and only nylon carpets and wool carpets can be achieved in the market where the carpet can truly meet the B1 fire protection requirements. The fireproof grade of polypropylene, polyester and acrylic carpets is less than B1. Grade fireproof;
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Buy bathroom ware tips, give home white

When we are decorating in our lives, the choice of sanitary ware is also very necessary, because we know that the purchase of the right bathroom brand is also very necessary for our family life, it can To bring a lot of convenience to our life, then how to choose sanitary ware, then let us introduce how to buy sanitary ware?

How to choose sanitary ware

1. Choose a bathtub to think twice

We are from a bathing environment, if our bathroom decoration design area is not large, I suggest you abandon the bathtub. We will find that the bathtub has a large footprint, but many people are not used. If you want to choose such a product, you must ensure the quality, try to choose some big brand products.

2, how to choose a toilet bowl

Generally, when choosing a toilet bowl, you should choose a surface that is clean and easy to clean, which is very important to maintain the sanitation of the bathroom space. How to choose the toilet? Use your hand to quietly touch the exterior of the toilet. If there is no uneven feeling, and feel the glaze and the body feel very delicate, the quality of the toilet will be guaranteed; the high-grade toilet is fired. When the temperature is high, the request for all-ceramicization is reached, and it will feel heavy in the hand; when choosing a toilet that is fired at a high temperature, you should tap the toilet quietly by hand, if the sound of the tapping is hoarse, not loud and loud, then Such a toilet is likely to have internal cracks or the product is not cooked.

Sanitary Ware Selection Skills

1. Choose ceramics when choosing. How to choose a bathroom, think about the details of the washbasin and faucet, try to choose ceramics. Nowadays, there are many glass-type washbasins. If we don’t choose, if we choose some materials with inferior materials, it will be possible to bury hidden dangers. Don’t think that the faucet is a small object, you will be free to perfuse, we should try our best to choose the brand product.

2. When selecting ceramics, look at the blank: the quality of the blank directly determines the water permeability of the ceramic. We should try to choose high-temperature ceramics fired above 800 degrees. Such products are not easy to crack, and are resistant to rapid cooling and heat. Second, look at the glazed surface: the brand of the glaze, the thickness of the glaze layer, and the firing process all directly determine the effect of the glaze of the sanitary ware, the self-cleaning ability is strong, and the water permeability is low. Third look accessories: At present, the good water parts are imported PVC data and vacuum irrigation technology, and the anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance are greatly improved.

The above is for us to talk about how to buy sanitary ware, sanitary ware purchase skills, we should have some understanding of this problem, we know if you are buying a bathroom When we have sanitary ware, we have mastered certain methods and methods, so the products we purchase will be more comfortable and more convenient to use, so we still have to master the purchasing skills.


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Is the furniture company facing “dangerous” or “machine”?

In the past six months, the winter of the market has swept the entire furniture industry. In the context of overcapacity and backwardness, the development of the furniture industry is facing many unfavorable factors: the domestic market is under the pressure of rapid rise in raw material costs and labor costs.
The export market is facing the pressure of shrinking exports, RMB appreciation and trade wars; the upstream of the industrial chain is facing increasingly scarce raw materials with rising prices; the downstream sales market is facing the industry’s own marketing methods. The price wars of enterprises disrupt the market. The state promotes the policy of hardcover housing. Many decoration companies sell furniture in “cross-border” and divert a lot of market. At the same time, real estate has been affected by macro-control policies in recent days, and the sales turnover rate has dropped, which also affects furniture sales.

But the word “crisis” and the word “risk” are followed by “machine”. This cold winter may only be a test for the furniture company to move from “mixing the dragon to the dragon” to “deathing the truth”. . Then, in what kind of environment the furniture company will continue to develop in the future, we can see from the following data.

1. The urbanization process has obviously accelerated, and the second and third-tier cities may become the new main consumer market.

The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that China should be within the first 20 years of this century. Concentrate on building a higher-level well-off society in an all-round way. The goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way will promote social needs in all aspects and will therefore provide opportunities for further development of the furniture industry. The national urbanization rate (the proportion of urban population to total population) increased from 36.22% in 2000 to 57.35% in 2016, with an average annual growth of 1.32 percentage points. Assuming that this growth rate remains unchanged, based on the total population of 1.383 billion in 2016, the number of people who will be converted to urban residents in the future will be at least 18.26 million. Assuming 3 households per household, the corresponding housing needs will be 6.09 million. In the 21st century, the Chinese government has proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and small urbanization. The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to comprehensively prosper the rural economy and accelerate the process of urbanization in order to further stimulate the consumer market and expand the consumption sector. This national initiative will further promote the construction of housing in China, which will lead to the development of housing-related industries. According to the needs of the society and the needs of development, the State Council has proposed the industrialization of housing. This initiative will drive the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products for housing. Due to the development of residential industrialization, housing enters the market as a commodity, providing a space for development of various types of furniture and accessory products.

2. Furniture will be closer to the high-end direction

There are many varieties of medium and low-end furniture in China’s furniture market, and there is a situation of oversupply, and high-end furniture can not meet the market. demand. The domestic production of high-end furniture is insufficient. From the processing methods, the technical level of workers and the supply of raw and auxiliary materials, the conditions for producing high-grade furniture cannot be met. Many high-end furniture sold in China are imported. At present, the production of medium and high-end furniture is growing, and low-grade products with poor quality are gradually retreating to the bottom line market. For the middle and low-end furniture products with high homogeneity of products, especially the low-end furniture, either expand the scale to reduce the cost of small profits but quick turnover, or increase the design to pursue added value, there is no third way to choose. The current middle class in China is developing rapidly. The data predicts that by 2020, this part of the mainstream middle-class consumer group will be close to half, and the number is close to 500 million (middle class is the middle class, m is million, that is, one million). High-end furniture is a high-growth market that has benefited significantly from the rise of the middle class and above. The most important driving factor is the rapid growth of the scale of middle- and high-income families themselves, and this number has been expanding for several years. High-end furniture may no longer be a product that a few rich people can consume in the future, and the middle class may become The mainstay of high-end furniture consumption. One unhealthy news is that the population marriage rate has continued to decline in recent years. The most direct result of the reduction in the marriage rate of the population is the reduction in housing demand, but the impact on the company may not be apparent until after ten or twenty years, but we must always make long-term plans, if new With less housing, the demand for furniture is bound to decrease. Since entering 2013, the number of Chinese marriage registrations has been declining annually. The current main force for marriage is the post-85s and post-90s. This generation is mostly an only child. With the main force of marriage after the 85s and 90s, the number of marriage registrations in China has dropped for four consecutive years. According to statistics, in 2017, the number of marriage registrations in the country was 10.591 million, a decrease of 837,000 pairs from the previous year, a year-on-year decrease of 7.3%. According to a set of data released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the number of marriages nationwide in the first quarter of 2018 was 3.017 million pairs, down 5.7% year-on-year. The marriage rate in economically developed areas such as Shanghai, Zhejiang and Tianjin was generally low. Compared with the high of 4.282 million pairs of marriages in the same period five years ago, it has dropped by 29.54% in the first quarter of 2018. But population growth will fluctuate because of changes in policies and living environment, so we will use this data for reference.

3. The sales area of ​​housing is reduced, but this is a good thing?

Affected by national policies, the growth rate of housing sales area has declined in recent months. The transaction rate is bound to decline. However, this reflects to a certain extent that under the circumstances that China’s policy efforts continue to increase, the speculators and speculators have apparently withdrawn from the real estate market. At the same time, relevant policies are promptly followed up in the housing needs of the newly-needed people and the supply of affordable housing. It guarantees the purchase and housing environment of the people who just need it. However, the decline in sales area is definitely not a performance of real estate downturn. The data shows that from January to July 2018, the national real estate development investment was 655.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.2%, and the growth rate was 0.5 percentage points higher than that in January-June. Among them, residential investment was 464.3 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%, and the growth rate increased by 0.6 percentage points. China’s real estate industry has begun toHousing and housing are not speculative, renting and purchasing, policy support and other directions of good development, the quality of people’s housing, will inevitably affect the demand for furniture, which is a good thing for furniture companies. Although the overall housing transaction rate is declining, but in the overall environment of the housing transaction area decline, the housing sales area of ​​the third-tier cities continues to lead, and its purchasing capacity far exceeds the above-mentioned data of first- and second-tier cities, and people are generally reluctant to give birth. In the big environment, we found that the first-tier cities began to appear opposite to the third-tier cities:   the economic development areas such as Beishangguang were generally low, and the five provinces with the lowest marriage rate were Shanghai and Zhejiang. In Tianjin, Jiangxi and Shandong, the marriage rates were 0.45%, 0.61%, 0.61%, 0.62%, and 0.63%, respectively. In contrast, the five provinces with the highest marriage rates are Guizhou, Anhui, Tibet, Qinghai, and Henan, and the marriage rates are all above 0.91%, and the per capita GDP of these regions is relatively low. The marriage rate and the level of economic development show the opposite trend. In the first-tier cities, there is a state of not wanting to live or buy a house. However, although the overall second- and third-tier cities are lower, they still maintain a high fertility willingness, and their housing sales are also in the forefront of the country. Perhaps the third-tier cities will soon become furniture. The main consumer market of enterprises.

4.Improved housing is also a big thrust for furniture companies

Improved housing can be understood as just as needed – your house will be bought sooner or later, and future people can Dominant income is definitely on the rise, so improved housing has become a must-have for people. At the same time, the national policy is fully open to the “second child”. The ordinary apartment type is no longer suitable for people’s living needs. People have higher requirements on the area of ​​the house and even the supporting facilities. The demand for improved house replacement is also increasing. Big. At present, the Chinese people’s demand for housing has begun to enter the “taste” era. The core of the future residential pursuit is a comfortable, cozy, tasteful life philosophy, and an urban emerging lifestyle. As the proportion of the population in the first-tier cities changes, the improved housing will gradually enter the honeymoon period.

5. The wave of secondary decoration is coming

The real estate industry in China has entered a stage of rapid development in recent years, and the demand for renovation of stock houses has gradually increased, and it is expected to become the main demand for households in the future. Driving force. Due to the relatively early development of the first-tier cities, the housing construction time has been more than 10 years, so the first-tier cities began to enter a large-scale “refurbishment period.” At the same time, driven by the national urbanization process, the value of housing renovation in the country may be much higher than estimated. With the improvement of China’s per capita disposable income and the advancement of urbanization, the concept of brand consumption has gradually penetrated the hearts of the people. In 2016, the proportion of middle-to-high-income people in China (annual disposable income > 200,000 yuan) has reached 2.6% of the total population. It is expected that this proportion will increase to 14.5% by 2030. As the middle class continues to grow, the trend of consumption upgrades in the home industry will become more apparent, ultimately reflecting the increase in orders and customer unit prices of branded home furnishing businesses, resulting in high revenue growth. After each winter, there will always be manufacturers who have the strength to settle. This winter is to let us better understand our position and strength, and understand what the company needs to do next and prepare. After experiencing the baptism of the winter, we have eliminated those unscrupulous enterprises that have troubled the fish and managed to have problems. The future market will be more orderly and fair.

Winter is coming, will spring be far behind?
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Home business entering new retail needs to consider four lines

  Doing furniture and building materials business, billions of head brands, tens of millions of small and medium-sized companies, is there any need to seriously understand the new retail?

  For the new retail business, there are at least two opposite views in the home industry:

   One group believes that it is necessary to actively and actively embrace, understand, and use it. Among them, Qiankun is quite energetic and may lead us to win the hard work of the second venture.

   Another faction thinks that it is purely the concept of Ma Yun playing, finding the way for e-commerce, and fooling everyone to follow his rhythm. Since Ma Yun said, other people can not fall behind, Liu Qiangdong, Lei Jun, Zhang Jindong and other heroes, can not fall, and come up with their own unique secret skills. In fact, it is just a concept. The follower may be harvested as a leek.

  The suggestion of large-scale research is that you may wish to calm down, be humble, and carefully examine the changes that are taking place in furniture buyers, as well as the changes in the way furniture is retailed. Let’s take a look at what we are talking about when we talk about new retail, what we are advocating, what we are pursuing, and then judge.

  01, What is the new retail

   I have made a comprehensive interpretation of the new retail, thinking that the correct posture It should be like this:

  1It is a concept, it is not ruled out that Ma Yun is trying to rebuild new profit points and new outlets in addition to e-commerce. The new concept is used to infiltrate the planned platform for Alibaba’s retail outlets, Tmall stores, unmanned stores, and various intelligent equipment.

  2It may even be a false proposition, retail has never stopped the pace of innovation, and every time there is always a new retail trend Tools, strategies and strategies, why bother to make a “new retail”.

   This phenomenon can be understood, such as high-end manufacturing, new economy, new finance, new marketing and other concepts, is not the same routine, but more important, the new concept does bring some New changes. If you can seriously look at some new retail cases, you will actually have some insights, and learn from the nutrients we can use, and there is no need to entangle it is the concept that Ma Yun deliberately created.

  3It is a kind of thinking, which requires us to deeply cultivate several kinds of thinking in the retail practice: user thinking, brand thinking, unbounded thinking, all Network thinking, scene thinking, custom thinking, data thinking, etc., with users as the core, operating users; maintaining dynamic and innovative thinking, continuing micro-innovation, even subversive innovation, using new retail techniques, deploying new retail Tools to incubate new formats.

  Does traditional retail without these thinking? There are also, but most of them are relatively shallow, floating on the surface, without solid grounding, let’s take the user’s thinking. In the past, everyone emphasized that the customer is God, the smile service and standard service that implements eight teeth, and more is to build a customer relationship. Management system, occasionally a customer care activity.

  The current user thinking, the traditional approach is standard, you have to think about how to turn users into fans, willing to spread, willing to take the initiative to buy your new products, willing to circle him People in it recommend, and you have to design a mechanism to reward fans.

  4It’s a tool that uses new technologies and tools to increase retail efficiency, improve customer experience, and optimize operational costs, including big data technology, sensors, Mobile payment, smart vending machines, RFID radios, 3D space rendering software, unmanned technology, VR virtual reality, etc. There are many tools out there that were not available before.

  5It is a method that implements consumer identifiable and personalized services based on data, improving the effectiveness of site selection and selection; based on data Realize accurate product production, accurate recommendation and precise marketing, reduce communication and transaction costs, and reduce consumer decision-making costs.

  6It is a new retail format, including multi-format cross-border and mashups, unmanned stores, smart stores, innovative theme stores, etc., rich formats Improve customer experience and increase customer conversion rates.

   And in the specific landing strategy, I summarized 21 kinds of styles, including: C2B customization, self-media retail, side-by-side buying, micro-business, new outlets, new services, super IP, format cross-border mix and match, consumer finance, new scene retail, consumer, community retail, data driven, fan operations, crowdfunding retail, and more.

  As far as the furniture and building materials industry is concerned, most of the 21 kinds of styles mentioned above have appeared, but many styles of play are still in their infancy, and only some head brands or innovative brands are trying. It is not as popular as mature retail strategies such as opening stores, entering stores, practicing speech, entering the community, engaging in alliances, and bargaining activities.

   From the action of some typical furniture and building materials brands, I found that there are several obvious main lines. You said that it is retail innovation. I said it is new retail, but it is obvious. Change has happened:

   1, according to the offline shopping data, identify the characteristics of the surrounding customer groups, to provide support for the location of the store.

  2, renovate existing stores, increase the area, and enrich the format.

  3. Deploy tools for improving customer experience, such as 3D scene roaming, VR experience, cloud shelves, etc.

  4, online and offline linkage, build O2O closed loop, push O2O stores.

  5, set up a special team to operate the public number, headline number and other self-media, use the media to absorb powder, and transform customers.

  6, small programs, micro-stores and other sales channels have been included in some of the new channel plans for furniture brands.

 02, Performance of new retail in the home industry

   IKEA, which has always been regarded as a legendary existence, has long been a pioneer in new retail. In its early years, there were at least two performances:

   The catering industry is placed in a building. This cross-border harvest is full, and the annual catering business has a revenue of 1 billion in China. Nowadays, like Red Star Macalline, Real Home, and Chengdu Fusenmei and other home building materials stores, they have already caught up.

   The second is to deploy a large number of model rooms to maximize the scene marketing. IKEA has a large store that allows it to take advantage of the scene. Fussen’s famous street, for each brand a small building, the advantages of the scene between the model can also be played.

   And last year, IKEA has introduced AR, launched its own AR application IKEA Place, used the camera to locate the location where you want to place new furniture, then choose sofa, dining table, chair Wait, you can achieve the desired combination.

   These two lines are now becoming a trend in the furniture industry.

   Conditional furniture building materials store, open up office areas or leisure areas, invite designers, customized service personnel to the store, and set up children’s play area, leisure area, can drink coffee Tea, reading, and usually invite interested buyers to carry out small membership activities.

  Typical cases include: Shangpin Home Furnishing has a super-store, which is divided into a slow life experience area, a parent-child play area, a home experience area, etc., and introduces preschool, coffee, and books. Let’s wait.

  Lauka, who started in the closet, is also doing this, and there are N stores, trying to integrate the shadow bar, book bar, coffee bar and furniture customization, and released 1000 stores some time ago. N store’s “big goal.”

   Besides the model room, this is a significant way to improve the customer experience and help guests stay. In the past, even if the furniture and building materials company’s stores were relatively large, it would be two or three thousand square meters. There were not many model rooms, and customers could choose little space. So there are now complementary tools, in the form of VR, 3D software, etc., very intuitive.

  In the furniture store that specializes in cloud design, the furniture customers displayed have appeared in Gujia Home, Melody Home, Fubon Beauty, and Yishensha. TATA wooden door, guest wardrobe, Yihe Yimei, Leyijia, Banerqi, etc. There are also some furniture and building materials companies that have introduced 3D homes such cloud design tools.

  These are appearing in the furniture building materials store, which is essentially a leap-forward supplement to the existing retail tools, and it is quite successful in improving the customer experience and improving the success rate of staying customers. In addition to traditional contact information, this cloud design software attempts to establish more connections with customers and avoid losing connections after leaving the store.

   In addition, Sofia, Lin’s Wood, Federal Furniture, Marg and other companies are working with Tmall, and are pushing smart stores. The left and right sofas also have 3.0 flagship stores. These new retails Most of the stores integrate 3D real-life maps and VR experiences.

  03, How to play new retail in the home industry

   OAO collaboration online and offline, I think this is the third wave of furniture and building materials retail, the first time is the main attack line and terminal, the second time is the e-commerce attack, the wind is surging, and the line Fighting for food. Now, the integration of online and offline, making big cakes together will be a choice that furniture and building materials brands can’t miss.

  It’s played in a few ways:

  (1) The price of the online and offline parts is the same, even the same price.

  (2) Online trading, offline stores provide follow-up services.

  (3) Online coupons or privilege deposits can be purchased at the store.

  (4) Make an appointment online or place an order, send the door to the store, measure or design, negotiate, and extend the service from the previous store to the owner’s home.

  (5) Each set of furniture has a QR code, scan the code to understand the details and order.

   Shangpin home delivery, Sofia and other custom home businesses, mostly online guided offline transactions, online booking offline services, online deliveryThe right to make money, etc., to promote product purchase.

   Youfan Art, Lin’s Wood, Nesting Home, etc., are all opening O2O experience stores, the store can scan the price to place orders, in addition, some furniture brands online shop It will recommend the offline store in an obvious position and drain the line.

   Even in small tools such as the new retail label, some furniture and building materials brands have long been in action, IKEA has tried the “IKEA kitchen online classroom” small program, consumption You can browse the course, fill out an appointment, pay online, and more.

   However, in the landing link is not off the line, consumers through the small program to make an appointment, they also need to pay 500 yuan measurement fee to the mall, it seems relatively backward.

   “Appliance Club” is associated with a small program of “IKEA Membership Activities” with some offline activities and online courses.

  In the shop site selection, the furniture and building materials industry has also made some minor changes, before opening an independent store, and later into the home store, Red Star Macalline, actually home, Fusen The first echelon of the United States and other stores are the most popular sales venues.

  Some furniture and building materials brands have to go different ways, Shangpin home is equipped with dozens of stores in the office building and shopping center, Marg custom-made a shop opened in Zhengzhou, chose Wanda square. It is possible that more and more furniture and building materials brands will avoid traditional competitive positions, consider commercial centers, complexes or shopping plazas, and may even open stores into the community.

  Data-driven is also affecting the location decision chain. Conditional companies may refer to consumer data of Tmall, JD.com and other e-commerce platforms to make customers within a few kilometers of the store in advance. Portrait, in order to judge where the store should be the best.

   The change is even more obvious in the case of getting customers. Some games in the fashion circle have affected the furniture and building materials industry. Speaking of a phenomenon alone, in 2016, IKEA played a flash shop. At that time, it opened a media conference for the “Flash Shop” at the Xiannong Courtyard. The “pop-up store” flash shop was set up on the spot. In a modified container, a dream kitchen is arranged. Later, the same flash shop was set up in several places to provide free coffee for the viewer to taste.

   In order to push the new rough stone, Dongpeng Tile played a set of integrated marketing punches around the flash shop in Shanghai, which is quite beautiful.

   Also in 2017, positioning the “all-class design home” creation, opened a flash shop in Wangfujing apm, the location is quite gold, just in Wangfujing Apple flagship Next to the store, there are silk chairs, sofas, stools, lamps and other household products.

   In the same year, Tmall used the 3D model room of Cool House, made a container flash shop in Sanlitun, Beijing, renovated 5 real home space, restored kitchen, bathroom, In the bedroom, living room, study and other scenes, Lin Yilun, Chen Qiaoen, Zhang Han, Zhang Shuangli, Chi Zi and other five stars were invited to broadcast live.

   With the funky strategy of self-media and fan management, some head brands have done quite well.

   Take IKEA as an example. At the end of 2017, the number of members exceeded 18 million, and the public number, Weibo number, etc. were all fired from the media, and there were more than 1 million Weibo powders. Public accounts such as “IKEA Home”, some of which read 100,000+.

  There is still a good house to play with the fans and the fans. The main public number of the media is said to have been deposited by millions of fans, but the amount is not good, but Most articles show 100,000+, the key is that there are a lot of follow-up comments, orders from WeChat account for more than half of the e-commerce sector, which is very rare in the home industry.

   Including the branch office, the Gujia home system operates dozens of certified public numbers, and even some stores have certified self-media.

   Lin’s self-media, there have been many articles worth 100,000+ readings. Even the two echelon brands such as the window of the city have taken care of the public number with certain quality.

   Keeping up with the pace of new retail, transforming stores, adding new tools for getting customers and guests, and even introducing some interesting ways to get customers, is not a follow-up trend, its most fundamental reason is There is room for improvement in the customer shopping experience. The acquisition method requires the development of new territories, and there is room for improvement in operational efficiency.

  You can’t change, don’t use new tools, don’t go to new scenes, but your peers have moved, compared with traditional retail, these new retail performances are better and worse, buy The home will soon feel it.

   The author believes that furniture and building materials brands have no hesitation in embracing new retail, at least a few lines to consider:

  1 terminal store location Scientific and diverse. Experience stores, theme stores, MINI stores, O2O stores, flash shops, etc., can be boldly tried on the basis of evaluation feasibility, and eventually form their own multi-store system, not one or two. It is possible to form various forms of storefronts according to different cities and different consumer groups.

  2 Brush face shopping, scan code shopping, smart robot shopping guide, VR equipment, 3D renderings DIY and other tools, can be deployed as appropriate, some things are alreadyStandard, they are not only to create a sense of freshness, but the biggest role is to make customers feel good. You don’t have it, but there are stores nearby, and the difference is easy to highlight.

  3 Online and offline marketing closed loops must continue to build, grasp the experience improvement, grasp the transformation between online and offline, through cloud design software, pay attention to the public number to send small gifts or discounts, etc. In other ways, strive to build more and stronger connections with customers.

  4 Rich formats, such as children’s play, coffee leisure, cultural entertainment, more comprehensive household categories, cross-border cooperation between merchants, etc., can be considered. Rather than saying that you sell furniture, the store only puts furniture, can also sell books, sell drinks, free tasting, etc., and even open up a space, do exhibitions and lectures in culture and art, and even put free movies (of course, pay attention Copyright issue).

   It is worth noting that whenever we talk about new retail, it is always inseparable from the premise of getting customers, this key component, no passenger traffic, your store or online store is made Tianxian, it is estimated that only the solitude and self-reward.

   In the case of various changes in the information source and the buying industry, it is another matter to decide the outcome of the game in the new retail environment. In many articles promoted by large-scale research, they are summing up and discovering new recruits.


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Clothing brand cross-border home

Nowadays, the competition in the home market is extremely fierce. Not only the online promotion campaigns under the cable, but also some apparel brands have also made their homes across the border. In addition to ZARAHOME, H& MHOME apparel brands, recently Haishu House also announced cross-border home. Not only that, VeroModa, MJstyle, and Taiping Bird, which once had some aesthetic “grounding” apparel brands, quickly caught up with the trend of this cross-border home market. In the face of the current consumer’s transition from external consumption to “please self”, what is the essence of clothing brand cross-border home? In such fierce competition, how do traditional home brands seek innovation and breakthrough?

  From pragmatism to aesthetics
  The essence of apparel brand cross-border home is traffic sharing < On the one hand, contemporary young consumers are keeping up with fashion trends, and the “small and beautiful” home market has huge consumer demand, so that “fast fashion” brands and apparel brands with fast speeds and rich styles are in abundance. Cross-border to the home sector, to create a lightweight home that mass consumers can afford. On the other hand, the competition in the apparel industry is becoming more and more fierce. The fast fashion apparel brand that once led the fashion trend is caught in the dilemma of slow revenue growth. It is understood that ZARA and H&M's fast fashion empire have entered a period of weak growth in 2016, and sales growth has been declining year by year. The cross-border of “Fast Fashion” brand can realize the mutual flow of traffic to some extent, thus promoting the development of the brand itself.
   “Fast fashion” clothing brand leads the new trend of home
   earlier started to do home “fast fashion” empire ZARA, launched ZARAHome in 2003, and in 2011 In the year of entering China, a total of 35 new stores were established in China by the end of 2017. At present, it has developed into a relatively mature and well-known home furnishing brand. ZARAHome continues the low-priced design, rapid shipment and frequent new features of its clothing brand, creating fashionable and exquisite home aesthetics for the elite white-collar workers who pursue high-quality life.
   Compared to ZARA, the Home series was cultivated early, and H&M did not launch H&MHome until 2009, and did not develop independent stores on a large scale, but more in the form of in-store stores. Different from the rapid change of clothing line, H&MHome pays more attention to the quality of the product, and the product style is simple and not lacking in design elements, which makes H&MHome full of texture and high quality of life.
   In addition to the “fast fashion” legion led by ZARA, H&M and other brands, many domestic clothing brands such as Haishu House, Taiping Bird, MJstyle, La Chapelle, JNBY, West encounter WESTLINK, etc. They have begun to cross-border subdivision of the home market. Whether it is the cool and cold seas, the preferred living museum, or the small and clean style of the peacebirds and nests, each has its own focus, trying to radiate different grades and different styles of the home market.
   luxury big name to create a home aesthetic feast
   Nowadays, people’s material life is constantly enriched and satisfied, and the concept of mass consumption has gradually transitioned from pragmatism to life aesthetics. The performance in the home field is not only good quality, but also high value. Among them, the luxury big-name cross-border home has a strong visual impact and aesthetic design.
   In addition to the formation of a certain scale of GucciDecor, LV, ArmaniCasa, FendiCasa, VersaceCasa and other brands, more and more luxury goods into the home industry, injecting fashion genes into home design. In the first half of this year, Dolce & Gabbana teamed up with the Italian appliance brand Smeg to launch the “DivinaCucina” co-branded series of installations, including Victorian stoves, range hoods and FAB28 refrigerators, continuing the lavish and luxurious style of Dolce & Gabban.
   Italian luxury brand BottegaVeneta launched a new home collection at this year’s Milan International Furniture Fair. In addition to the continuation of the previous series, this group of homes has added more interesting and interesting decorative elements, and the color of the whole set of home collections is also brighter and more colorful.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Do you know how the price of the casement window is calculated?

The casement window is favored by many consumers because of its advantages of easy wiping, good ventilation, sound insulation, heat preservation and excellent impermeability. When many families install windows, they will give up the traditional sliding window and use the casement window. However, do you know how the price of the casement window is calculated? If you don’t know, be careful to be fooled~
calculated according to the actual square

The price of the window is calculated according to the actual measured size, and the merchant price is also according to the price per square. To report.

But need to pay attention to two points:

1, the quotation generally only includes the door and window frame and glass, and does not include the hardware and other accessories (except special agreement);

2, the area is not according to the size of the first amount, but to be repeatedly reviewed, based on the final size.

Charges according to profiles and colors

There are currently three types of casement window profiles on the market, and the unit price is in turn “Broken aluminum alloy < aluminum wood composite < aluminum package wood". The same profiles, different colors, and different prices, this is mainly due to differences in workmanship. For example, champagne-colored broken aluminum windows require electrophoretic color instead of simply spraying, so the price will be much more expensive than the common white and gray.

Hardware, external diamonds cost extra

Hardware is generally charged separately. The domestic hardware is about 1~200 yuan, and the imported hardware is between 2~4100. Regarding the external diamond yarn, there will be an additional charge in addition to the door and window of the King Kong net. The charges for plug-in diamond webs are generally calculated on a per-square basis rather than squared, and each price is between 2 and 300.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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How to choose an interior door?

How to choose the interior door

1, when purchasing a wooden door, first check its appearance, including its color, material, workmanship, texture and so on. The quality of the good quality wood doors is generally good, the color looks uniform and natural; the wooden door with good texture feels delicate and smooth, and the overall feeling is very beautiful; the wood door with fine workmanship, the door leaf and the door cover are symmetrical and without deformation. And the fitting is correct.

2, good wooden doors should be in line with environmental requirements, and by smelling, you can preliminarily determine whether the wooden doors meet environmental requirements. You can smell the taste of the wooden door at a close distance. If there is a pungent smell, you may even feel dry eyes, sneezing, tears, etc., indicating that the formaldehyde content of the wooden door exceeds the standard and you should choose carefully.

3. When purchasing wooden doors, consumers can check whether the wooden doors have quality certification issued by the state. In particular, high-grade wooden doors not only have quality certification, but also descriptions of materials and structures.

4, the brand is also a problem that consumers should pay attention to when choosing a wooden door. After all, a good brand has a relatively reliable guarantee in product quality and after-sales service.

When choosing an interior door, everyone needs to know what the difference is in the material. Only then can you choose the interior door that suits your home.

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The layout of the bedside lamp creates a warm atmosphere in the bedroom

To create a good sleeping environment, the lighting problems in the bedroom must not be ignored, especially the bedside lamps. The bedside lamp in the bedroom is both illuminated and decorated, and the lighting should be soft to create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. Let’s talk about the layout of the bedroom bedside lamp.
  bedside lamp layout scheme

   bedroom bedside chandelier not only liberates the space on the bedside table, but also enhances the bedroom style if the design is chic. Those chic bedside chandeliers, they are either feminine or masculine, or cute or full of creativity, and the bedroom also shows a different mood with different chandeliers. The design of this bedside landscape combines a lot of natural elements, making bedside tables in a tree shape, and decorating the wall with bamboo fences, fresh and natural.

  bedside lamp layout 2

  The decoration of the bedroom is very important, how to make the bedroom decoration look warm, interesting, delicate The bedroom bedside lamp can make a big difference. The bedroom bedside lamp is a combination of general lighting, partial lighting and decorative lighting. Therefore, the lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and soft, which can create a warm style. The light of the bedside lamp tends to be soft, mainly to meet the psychological state of people at night. The glare of the light will only dispel your drowsiness and make the eyes feel uncomfortable. Generally, the color of the bedside lamp should be warm or neutral, such as goose yellow, orange, milky white, etc.

  bedside lamp arrangement scheme

  The light of the bedside lamp should be soft, not to say that the brightness is lowered because it is dark Light can cause depression and can damage your vision for people who have a reading habit before going to bed. Compared to the low and remoteness of the desk lamp, the advantage of the bedside wall lamp is that you can place it in the middle of the bed without reading your neck. It is not good to have a cervical vertebra and hurt your eyesight.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

   soft sister bedroom that can be discerned at a glance, wave pillow + gradient sheets, with a glimpse The closed Q-small table lamp is more comfortable than a bright lamp with a large lampshade.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

   small apartment bedroom has no extra space, after placing a large double bed, already There are no extra places to place other furniture. A small bedside table can’t be used to put a traditional bedside lamp, then arrange a bedside chandelier! The small black lamp hangs on the head of the bed, does not take up space, and is a low-key embellishment of this small bedroom.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

  The choice of bedside lamp is generally based on the size of the room, the placement of the furniture, the overall decoration style and Personal needs to determine the type of light. Table lamps are the first choice for most families. The size and number of lamps can be selected according to the size, style, texture or personal preference of the bedside table. They can be placed in a single or symmetric manner.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

  Most people like creative lighting design, but for the conservative overall bedroom style, In the end, you will still choose a well-regulated luminaire. This 80s-style bedroom with an old spotlight is a good choice, with a simple shape and a neat bedroom that complements the warmth of the bedroom.
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