Mistakes in purchasing new fans

?? People always have an infinite pursuit of quality of life. In recent years, indoor air pollution has gradually attracted our attention and become a threat to human health. A major hidden danger. We all need a one-stop purification solution to solve air quality problems, and the new air system comes into being. However, most consumers are currently holding a wait-and-see attitude towards the fresh air system, because on the one hand, various brands in the market are mixed, consumers are difficult to choose, and consumers have many wrong understandings of the fresh air system. Below we will introduce some common misunderstandings to answer the consumers’ doubts about the fresh air system.

?? Misunderstanding 1: Air Conditioner or Air Purifier = New Fan?

Many air conditioners now have a new style as a selling point, enough to prove that the new wind is for people’s lives. importance. But can air conditioners with fresh air really replace the fresh air system? The answer is of course no. Because although many air conditioners claim to have a “new wind” ventilation function, their ventilation effect is quite limited. When the temperature of the indoor and outdoor control temperature is different, the fresh air can enter the room, but once the pressure between the indoor and outdoor reaches equilibrium, or is higher than the outdoor, the fresh air stops, and the indoor and outdoor air exchange rate is less than 20%, which is completely unsatisfiable. Users’ demand for fresh air, which is why they are called “fake new winds”. In order to achieve the standard of indoor ventilation in the residential area proposed by the World Health Organization, the indoor and outdoor air circulation can be realized without opening the window, and the intervention of the fresh air system is necessary.

There are many consumers who are hesitant between the air purifier and the fresh air system. In fact, there is a big difference between the two. Air purifiers have a relatively mature market in China, and people know that it can purify the air and improve indoor air quality to some extent. However, the shortcomings of the air purifier are also obvious. On the one hand, it can only deal with the indoor space, can not supplement the fresh air required in the room, and can only deal with the local space; on the other hand, some of the residual pollution sources are only relying on Surface cleaning can not be dealt with, and can only be completely eliminated by using the fresh air system to continuously exchange indoor and outdoor air.

In fact, only the fresh air system is a dedicated ventilation system, which is the energy-saving, healthy and environmentally-friendly product that we really need in our lives. Air conditioners and air purifiers cannot replace its status.

Miscellaneous 2: The fresh air system cannot be installed after the renovation is completed

Speaking of the fresh air system, most consumers’ first impressions are with the central Large ceiling fans with the same air conditioning, so many residents with insufficient floor height will not consider new fans at all. Even if there is enough floor height, many users will think of air purification problems after the renovation, so we are often asked: my home Has been renovated, can install a fresh air system?

Really, the general fresh air ventilator should be installed in the ceiling away from the bedroom, and the installation of the fresh air system Similar to the central air conditioner, it is necessary to arrange complex pipelines, reserve ventilation ducts and install the main engine. Each room will involve the installation of air ducts, and 1-2 air inlets and air outlets should be reserved. All this must be determined when the rough room is renovated. If it is installed after renovation, it will inevitably destroy the overall decoration effect.

But now, the emergence of cabinet new fans and wall-mounted new fans solves all of the above problems, they are all in recent years The main structure of the listed fresh air system products is not much different from the central fresh air system. The difference is that the cabinet new fans and wall-mounted new fans do not require complicated pipeline engineering. The installation method is very simple, and can be installed before and after decoration. . Moreover, its volume is almost the same as that of the cabinet air conditioner, and any family can safely enjoy the clean indoor space without considering the height problem. In addition, compared to the ceiling machine, the later maintenance of the cabinet type new fan and the wall-mounted new type of fan is simpler and can save a lot of maintenance costs.

Mission 3: Fresh air system is a high-end consumer product, not applicable For ordinary families

Because the fresh air system is not very popular in China, consumers know very much about it Less, many people have stereotypes that “new wind system is a high-end consumer product”, but in fact the price of fresh air system products ranges from thousands to millions, and the span is very large.

So the low-priced fresh air system must be bad? The answer is no. Take the new wind system in the new wind industry, its product price It spans two thousand to one million yuan and is suitable for different needs. For example, companies, hospitals and schools have strict air quality requirements and complex installations, and the prices are naturally high. The coverage of fresh air systems in villas and large-scale houses The area is required and the price is not low. For ordinary families, we can choose the fresh air system that suits you best according to your living area and functional needs.

In recent years, the domestic fresh air industry has developed rapidly A lot of excellent products. Take Grand New Wind and Pneumatic Wall-mounted New Fans, although it is only 3,000 yuan, it can be carried out in 5 minutes. The whole house is cleaned and the efficiency of filtering PM2.5 is 99%. The maximum air quality of a 50m2 room is guaranteed, and the cost performance is extremely high. Of course, the health of the family cannot be measured by money. Consumers can learn more and then proceed. Purchase and installation.

The current far-reaching fresh air system has been widely used in the residential field, and it is a weapon for people to prevent indoor air pollution and air-conditioning diseases. It has gradually become a consumer trend that pursues a higher quality of life. Let us go out of the new fan misunderstanding and spend a safe and refreshing summer together with our family!


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Three major elements of the cabinet

Cabinet design plays a decisive role in the entire kitchen space, from appearance to function, can affect the mood of the chef. What three elements are really a “easy to use” cabinet? The following small series will bring everyone together~
First, the color of the door panel

The color of the door panel is definitely the first factor affecting the beauty, because the entire kitchen cabinet or even the whole kitchen is basically The kitchen cabinet door is the main color. The color of the kitchen cabinet door is basically white, gray, and wood color occupy a large proportion, and other colors are relatively small.

White is a versatile color, basically suitable for any style of kitchen. If you choose a color, it will definitely not go wrong with white.

Gray and white are similar, and can be used with any color.

This dark wood color is often used in solid wood kitchen cabinets, usually with Chinese or American styles.

Light wood color is also relatively easy to take.

Tianhu blue can also be beautiful.

Second, door panel texture, texture, shape

In addition to the color of the door panel, the texture, texture, shape, etc. of the door panel will affect the aesthetics, and these factors are usually related to the material. Great relationship, because the material determines whether certain shapes can be done.

Matte texture white kitchen cabinet door, there is no light pollution problem.

Bright white kitchen cabinet door, easy to clean.

The door panel may have texture in addition to color.

For example, different wood grain.

The most common flat-panel door, almost all materials can be done.

『回字形』 is the most common door panel shape, simple and generous.

Third, the color of the countertop

The color of the countertop is relatively small compared to the door panel, but it is also a relatively large part of the kitchen vision.

The wooden countertops are actually no problem.

Whether it is quartz stone or composite acrylic, white is the most common, although white is easy to stain, but white is best matched, there will still be many people.

Gray countertops with white kitchen cabinets.

Black countertops, no longer afraid of seeping.

Light blue countertops are more fresh.

Basically grasp the above points, you can grasp the aesthetics of a set of kitchen cabinets, the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet is well grasped, basically control the aesthetics of the kitchen. In addition, in the daily use process, maintaining the cleanliness of the countertop can effectively control the color value.
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Wooden door and floor matching rules

For the overall home improvement, it is not only the wooden door and the floor that need to be matched, but the overall tone is the main point of design. In this issue, we start with the small direction of the wooden door and the floor, and introduce you to the correct wooden door and floor color matching. There is always a heart that makes you feel good.

1. Dark wooden door + dark floor
Dark wooden door with dark floor, relatively traditional design style. It is also common in Chinese collocations, and has a visual sense of stretching space.
Second, the dark wooden door + medium-color floor
medium-color floor is relatively high frequency of use, is a relatively safe color. The combination of dark wooden doors and medium-color floors is also very common, and is used in many styles.
Third, dark wooden doors + light-colored floors
Light-colored floors are used in small homes and young people’s homes nowadays. Dark wooden doors + light-colored floors are suitable for modern style, simple and generous.
Four, light wooden doors + dark floor
dark floor with light wooden doors, this combination is more common, this decoration is suitable for European-style room decoration.
Five, light color wooden door + medium color floor
medium color floor + light color wooden door, this kind of match is very much, it is also very common, some modern style, mix and match, garden, etc. have such a matching method .
Six, light-colored wooden doors + light-colored floors
Light-colored floors with light-colored wooden doors or white wooden doors, the matching of the same color makes the decoration look warm, simple and stylish.
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Creative elements that the bathroom can have

When you want to get rid of the small and boring little bathroom in the small apartment decoration, add some small ideas as appropriate. Matching a suitable mirror on the background wall, designing a storage cabinet in the corner, or adding some creative elements to the corner can make your bathroom design more personal.

   First, use the mirror to expand the space:

Mirror is the simplest decoration in the small bathroom design The law can also have an immediate decorative effect. Design a square mirror of the right size at the position above the basin as shown above, which is a good space for small-sized decoration. Moreover, the bathroom cabinet and the toilet in this small bathroom decoration plan have a low suspension design, so that the original small bathroom is compactly arranged in various washing function areas, and the hierarchical division is also in place, very A good balance of the spaciousness of the small space.
  Second, hidden storage compartment:

Inline storage compartment is a storage tool for small bathroom design, which does not occupy the original available space, but also The trivial debris is stored invisible, and we can change our clean and tidy washroom. If the position of the toilet in your bathroom design is also relatively against the wall, you can transform the triangle area behind the toilet like a small bathroom decoration rendering, whether it is a simple storage rack close to the background wall. It is a very good idea to squeeze into the storage compartment that fits the wall. I believe it will bring a lot of convenience to the washing life.
  3. Storage angle on the toilet:

The partition is not only effective in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, but also can be used in the design of the bathroom. Most of the home’s toilet space has not been decorated, so it is wasted. In fact, it is convenient to add a few small partitions, put on the toilet paper and incense, and make more use of every inch of space for small-sized decoration. In this case, the dark blue background wall is designed with dark brown partitions and frames to make it more stable. The white sanitary ware is more conspicuous.
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Children’s room light source design has a coup

   The study found that long-term use of “foot-light” lights is one of the factors leading to high myopia rates among adolescents in China. If the brightness of the luminaire is much higher than the brightness of the indoor environment, people will be dazzled. It can be seen that the brightness of the luminaire is not equal to the light, too bright will damage the retina. How can we let our children live in a relatively safe light source environment? Let’s take a look at the safety measures provided by experts:

  1. Different designs in different regions.

  Children’s room has many functions such as game, study, sleep, etc. The function area is different, the light requirements are different; the light intensity and area of ​​the game area can be slightly larger. The light intensity in the study area can be moderately concentrated. The light in the sleeping area should be as soft and warm as possible, which helps the child to feel safe and help with sleep.

  2. Avoid unbalanced lighting.

   One is too bright and the other is too dark, which is an uneven design. Therefore, in addition to the main light source, some auxiliary light sources (such as wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, etc.) can be set to adjust the light difference in the room by the intensity of the light, the spatial position and the angle, thereby relieving the child’s eyes. Fatigue and discomfort.

  3. The reflected light should be upwards.

  If you want to use indirect reflected light as ambient light, be careful to let the lamp cover reflect light upwards as much as possible, and do not reflect downward. Because the downward reflecting light source may direct light to the child’s eyes, it will damage the child’s vision.

  4. Use spotlights with caution.

   If the spotlight is not used properly, it will cause the child to be nervous. If you want to use spotlights to illuminate artwork on the wall (such as a picture frame), avoid glaring highlights. Therefore, when lighting, you should shoot from the side to the artwork, the light comes from the side, and the dazzling highlights will not be directly reflected on the human eye.

  5. Select adjustable lamps.

   It is best to choose lamps that can adjust the brightness and angle, and dim the light at night to increase the child’s sense of security and help the child fall asleep as soon as possible. After the child falls asleep, be sure to turn off the light. Because the child sleeps under the lamp, vision is impaired, and the rate of myopia is much higher than that of the child who falls asleep in the dark.
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The growth rate of plate-type custom furniture is slowing down, and it is necessary to innovate and change to seize the new entrance.

From the beginning of the triumph, the current growth rate slows down, the panel custom furniture appears Weak state. With the continuous deepening of consumption upgrades and customizations, consumer demand for customization still exists. Enterprises also need to seek new traffic portals to evolve and evolve, such as perfecting categories, making full-scale installations, distinguishing high-end customization and panel customization. .

The panel custom furniture giant began to feel the pressure of slowing down. In 2008, the economic crisis made the plate customization a golden decade of high-speed growth. According to the “10-year cycle”, in 2018, when the crisis was full of troubles, the panel customization giant began to seize the new traffic entrance. Hedging the possible adverse effects.

Although custom furniture companies in the second quarter of 2018 The financial report has not yet come out, but their “playing” in the market has shown that the inherent business growth has encountered bottlenecks.

1, from triumphant to growth Slowdown

Customized furniture grows most At a fast time, the annual growth rate often exceeds 60%, and since 2017, the general growth rate has slowed down.

In a custom-made furniture listed company, Sophia in 2011 Entering the A-share market in the year, it is the first custom furniture enterprise in China to land in the capital market. After the listing, the company’s performance has maintained rapid growth: for example, the year-on-year growth rates of operating income in 2015 and 2016 were 35.35% and 41.75%, respectively. The performance growth in 2017 showed a certain degree of decline. The revenue growth rate from the first quarter to the fourth quarter was 48.3%, 49.44%, 35.46% and 22.57%, respectively. There was a significant slowdown in the second half of the year. In the first quarter of 2018, revenue increased by 30.32% year-on-year.

Hello’s first quarter results in 2018 The rate was 30.8%, and the growth rate in 2017 was 37.95%. In 2016, the growth rate was 55.3%;

Shangpin Home is listed in 2017, 2017 financial report shows a growth of 32.23%, negative growth in the first quarter of 2018, and 60% growth in previous years;

Ou Pai’s first quarter performance in 2018 increased by 31.58%. 2017 performance increased by 36.11%;

Piano In 2017, the growth rate was 17.64%, and the growth rate in 2016 was 27.74%.

The above are the first echelon, the second echelon According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 300 custom furniture brands. Many small custom furniture brands cannot talk about annual growth, and it takes a lot of effort to maintain the original order volume.

2, “Customization” continues to deepen

In the development process of the whole house customization hot, someone It is said to be a vent, and some people say it is a “giant pit.”

As early as 2015, Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute Long Xu Boming issued a document, “The whole house customization is a dangerous signal”, calling on the industry not to easily speculate on custom concepts, and not to rashly use the whole house to customize. In 2016, Lin Zuoxin, a professor at Beijing Forestry University and former president of the Asian Furniture Federation, also published “Tiger Biting and Whole House Customization”, questioning the necessity of the whole house customization.

The whole house that ordinary consumers can afford now Customized, in essence, panel furniture, concentrated in the wardrobe, cabinet category, its design capabilities, production capacity can not meet the needs of consumers. With the frequent occurrence of complaints about plate-type customization complaints and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, “custom” furniture will be more and more thoughtful.

Thinking about thinking, hidden worry is hidden. In fact, the consumer demand for customization is still expanding in inertia. According to the information obtained from the furniture exhibition, custom furniture is also evolving: first, perfect categories, such as the major furniture exhibitions in July and August 2017, the custom furniture company category is the most children’s room, until March this year. At the furniture exhibition, there were more cabinets and beds. In July this year, I tried to move to the living room, kitchen, and the overall glass door wardrobe. The custom categories were increasing.

Second is a whole set, always occupying the Expo C-plate custom-made companies are making a fuss about “packaging”, such as Europa, Sofia, and Shangpin….not just custom furniture, the most fresh trend in the entire big home industry chain is They are invariably telling the visitors: In the home industry, what is good for investment in the next 5 years and 10 years? The answer is home decoration.

The third is the beginning of differentiation between high-end customization and panel customization. For example, some traditional furniture companies aim at people over 40 years old, providing high-end whole-house customization. The materials are mostly solid wood, and the style is more personalized. The audience is smaller, but its future development prospects are optimistic.

Customized furniture is driven by the consumer demand of ordinary people. However, there are many problems with plate customization. At present, due to oversupply, it has also entered a slowdown period. Large enterprises can still achieve a certain growth rate with brand advantage, and SMEs have begun to struggle.

Starting in the community marketing business, positive As a new channel for more companies to gain new customized business growth, the market will soon become the Red Sea.

In fact, customization is essentially about people’s safety, Personalized and quality life pursuit, if the furniture people think deeply from this angle, combined with their own abilities, they will be able to discover new and new customized services that satisfy people’s home life, which is beneficial to consumers and beneficial to them. (Editor/Li Yan)


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The misunderstanding and truth of the purchase of ceramic tiles

Miscellaneous 1: The thicker the tile   the better the quality?

At present, many consumers think that the thicker the brick, the better the quality of the bricks when buying ceramic tiles, and the more solid the heart will be.

The truth: tiles are currently moving in a light, thin, and solid direction. Generally speaking. Commonly used polished tiles or vitrified tiles are suitable for thicknesses of 10 to 12 mm. The weight of bricks with 800 mm specifications is about 15 kg. The thicker and thicker the bricks are not only economically superior, but also increase the floor. pressure. At the same time, the tile size is matched to the indoor environment and space.

How to choose: You can take two pieces of the same model and take two pieces on the horizontal surface, and use the tip of the two hands to slide back and forth along the edge of the tile, if it passes through the seam of the tile. There is no obvious rough feeling, indicating that the size of the tile is better and the error is small. The smaller the dimensional error, the better the tile placement effect will be.

Miscellaneous 2: A Tile & Emsp; General House?

When consumers buy tiles, they want the same tile for the whole house. To create a sense of unity of space.

The truth: Experts point out that tiles with different characteristics and different visual effects should be used in different spaces. For example, kitchens and bathrooms are places where water is easily generated, causing the ground to be slippery. In order to ensure safety and health, it is best to choose a rough surface for kitchen and bathroom tiles to increase friction and achieve anti-slip effect. It is best to choose a tile with a better material. Because the tile decoration is different from the wood floor decoration, it is troublesome to renovate the tile.

How to choose: Choose tiles according to different room requirements, such as the wall of the kitchen and bathroom, you can choose smooth glazed material, it is easy to clean. The bathroom is made of non-slip matt finish to avoid wrestling. The bedroom is a place to rest, so the comfort is strong enough, and the overall decoration is mainly warm tones to release the pressure. Therefore, the bedroom uses bricks to choose a warm color system, avoiding the use of high-gloss tiles, antique bricks are a good choice. There are many things to be considered in the decoration of the living room, the material coordination of the tiles and lamps, curtains and cabinets; the tiles are bright and clean and easy to clean; the wear-resistant anti-slip guarantees the safety, and the marble tiles can be considered.

Mission 3: The brighter the tiles, the better?

There are consumers who think that the brighter the tiles, the higher the overall effect looks, the more they can reflect the owner. taste.

The truth: Experts say that long-term living in the home environment with walls and floors is too bright, light reflection will stimulate the retina, beyond the adaptability of the eyes, not only will the eyes fatigue, or even lead to Visual function declines, and it is also easy to cause dizziness, upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, physical weakness and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia.

How to choose: The best visual environment should be that it is fully coordinated with the human eye in terms of color, light frequency, brightness, shape of the object, and movement. Therefore, when decorating a home, it is best to choose matt bricks. Floors and children’s rooms can be considered to replace floor tiles with floor. If you use polished tiles, always try to open small lights in your home, and avoid direct light or reflections on your eyes. Due to the strong reflection of white and metallic tiles, it is not suitable for large areas in the living room.

Miscellaneous 4: Is it too much trouble to buy more returns?

Tiles are the first materials to enter the construction site, and designers and salespeople will recommend consumption. Buy more. Many consumers think this is a business in order to increase turnover.

Truth: In addition to the pre-construction measurement, the tiles are prone to errors. In the actual construction, it is difficult to avoid the normal loss. In the construction, it is found that the tiles are not enough to buy, there may be color difference, or it is necessary to wait for the supply and delay the construction period.

How to choose: Consumers should buy more when buying tiles for the first time. Generally, wall tiles and floor tiles should be 5%-8% of the total area of ​​the paving.

Mission 5: Discounted quality is also discounted?

Many people think that the quality of discounted products will also be discounted.

The truth: Many ceramic tile manufacturers, in order to attract consumers and popularize the brand awareness of consumers, facilitate the use of discount sales and other means to make some products with longer time to market, better market response and large inventory. activity. However, products that have just been listed are generally not used to participate in large-scale discount activities. On the one hand, their market reaction is not stable, and manufacturers cannot produce sufficient products in a short time.

How to choose: Many consumers who are not picky about the color of the suit can use the discount promotion to find their favorite “bargains”. If the product is produced by a regular brand manufacturer, consumers can rest assured to buy it.


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Four major mistakes in wall acceptance

Acceptance is the necessary procedure after all construction is completed, and an important part of the acceptance is the wall acceptance. There are many misunderstandings when the wall is painted and accepted, often the owner decides without knowing it. Rework, which wastes time and money. The following small series is a few common misunderstandings for your detailed acceptance, for your reference.

 Miscellaneous 1: The smoother the wall, the better.

  Wall construction generally uses roller coating and spraying In both ways, the smoother the spray application, the better. However, this is not the case with roller-coating construction, which tends to occur after normal roller coating. Therefore, the smoother the wall, the better the statement is not completely correct.

   Xiaobian Zhizhao: Generally, the painted wall has a floral print, if the wall is particularly smooth It may be caused by adding too much water to the paint, which will reduce the adhesion of the paint and reduce the protection of the paint on the wall. After the roller coating construction, the knurled print on the wall surface can be evenly and carefully.
Misunderstanding 2: The wall is smooth and flat.

   Some people think that when the wall is smooth, they think that the wall painting is very flat. In fact, this rough estimate is wrong. Because the smoothness of the wall is not as simple as the naked eye.

   Xiaobian Zhizhao: Take the lamp to accept the hand, usually use a wire to connect a 200W bulb, the bulb is tied with a root of 80 cm long after you Take the light bulb along the wall and look at it as long as the wall is not flat or the particles can be seen. Then keep the distance between the bulb and the wall at about 10cm, and then see if the yin and yang angles are straight.
 Miscellaneous 3: There is a problem with the white powder coating.

  Check the wall surface so that the wall surface will be touched by hand. Sometimes when the hand touches, the wall will drop a lot of white powder. At this time, the owner thinks that the paint or construction problems will cause this. In fact, this idea is not completely correct, and the powder may not be caused by the coating problem.

   Xiaobian Zhizhao: The powder on the wall does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the paint. During the construction process, dust will adhere to the wall surface, and the phenomenon of falling powder will appear after touching the hand after construction. In fact, these knowledge dust. It can be solved by wiping it with a clean towel or tweezers, and the owner does not have to worry too much.
 Miscellaneous 4: Window venting paints dry faster

  After wall painting, many owners like to open the doors and windows, one is to speed up the drying of the walls. The second is to disperse the smell of paint, which seems to be a two-pronged approach. But is this really correct? This is not the case. Especially in the dry areas of the north, if the paint drying time is too fast, the latex paint will quickly lose water in a short time, which is likely to cause cracking of the wall surface, and finally has to be reworked.

   Xiaobian Zhizhao: The correct way is to open the window with a small slit to ensure that the wall is completely dry for 1-2 days under the premise of indoor ventilation. should. Don’t open the doors and windows because you are rushing to stay, which will cause the paint to crack.
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Details of the use of smart toilets

   According to the statistics of the world toilet organization, each person goes to the toilet 6-8 times a day, about 2500 times a year, and the person’s life is spent in the toilet for about 3 years. With the improvement of the quality of life, people began to care about the experience of going to the toilet and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, the smart toilet seat is the trend of the times. How to choose a smart toilet cover suitable for the whole family? It can be judged from the following six details.   

  Six details of the smart toilet cover  

  The current smart toilet lid function is similar, hip cleaning, Ms. cleaning, warm air drying, multiple water temperature, air temperature, and seat temperature adjustment are all basic functions that should be available. Whether the following six humanized details can be done well is the key to purchasing.   

  Detail 1: Is it imported?


  This mainly refers to Japanese and Korean smart toilet seats. At present, the Japanese brand of intelligent toilet covers are basically domestically produced. Korean smart toilet seat, Korean smart toilet cover, high-profile such as Novi, coway, Fleming, Aizhen, etc. are imported from the whole machine. Emphasis on the original import is because the smart toilet cover was first popularized in Japan and South Korea. The mature and stable technology will be more advanced than the domestic one, and the quality details can be said to be better.

  Detail 2: Seat and nozzle material   

 &emsp The smart toilet lid does not look very different in appearance, but the materials used are different, which will lead to differences in post-use experience, antibacterial ability, ability to be consistent, and age. At present, the body material of the smart toilet cover is mostly made of PP material, and has the characteristics of resisting bending fatigue, heat resistance, not being yellowish, and skin-friendly and antibacterial. The material of the nozzle is mostly made of stainless steel. The Korean toilet cover Fleming uses a technical breakthrough of AMS metal coating and has better antibacterial properties. Antibacterial cleaning ability: AMS> Stainless Steel> Plastic.


  Detail 3: Whether Antibacterial & Emsp; 

    Antibacterial is related to the safety and health of family members. There are three aspects to be noted: 1. Whether or not antibacterial materials are used, and whether they have official antibacterial certification. For example, SIAA International Antibacterial Certification is currently only available for Panasonic and Korean toilets. 2. Is the nozzle self-cleaning function, self-cleaning before and after using the nozzle. 3. Water filtration, Korean toilet cover Fuk Lom, Ai Zhen, coway, all have multiple water purification filters, more hygienic and safe.

  Detail 4: Does the product meet the actual needs of the family &emsp ; 

   is also the most important humanized highlights, such as constipation can choose products with laxative function, South Korea smart toilet cover Fleming helps function keys, Korean intelligence The toilet cover loves to have a professional spa, and the main push is to help the patient. In South Korea, there is a GMP professional medical device certification. Women can choose a toilet seat with a women’s wash function. In this respect, the Korean toilet cover is also very good. Fleming and Aizhen have a gentler mobile cleaning for women. The well-known coway in Korea has an ellipse. Shaped WIDE custom water width, can perfectly fit the female physiological structure. There are children and the elderly at home, you can choose smart toilet seat with children mode, old man mode or one-button automatic cleaning function. South Korea toilet cover loves the old man button, Fleming has a child seat, the cleaning mode for children is safe and soft.   

  Detail 5; Whether the seat has an intelligent temperature control system   

   intelligent temperature control system can automatically sense the ambient temperature To avoid the bad seat feeling of cold winter and hot summer. It should also have the function of preventing low temperature burns, that is, after heating for 30 minutes, it will gradually cool down. In this respect, Fleming does a better job.   

  Detail 6: Whether the heating method is new type of heat   

   new type of heat: means instant wash The heating is sufficient, and the temperature can be kept constant, avoiding the simmering of cold water in the first few seconds, and the cleaning feeling will be better.   

   In addition to the knowledge of the science smart toilet lid, I can also see my strong recommendation for the Korean smart toilet brand. Because Fleming and Aizhen are all focused on the development of the toilet cover for more than 15 years, unlike most of the brands that have just entered the toilet cover industry in recent years, the Korean toilet cover is in terms of technology, material selection and humanized details. They all have strong advantages, and the simple and clear operation panel that both elderly and children can understand is very suitable for home use.


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Several methods of floor renovation

If you start with a second-hand house or live in a parent’s old house, then the old interior decoration is difficult to match the taste of young people, especially as the floor of the house, which may be dark and ugly. Redwood or faded yellow wood grain does not feel like replacing the hard-to-find complaints.
Wood floor color

But considering the economic factors, if the floor is resurfacing, it is not a small expense. Today, I will share with you a few ways about floor renovation. You can choose according to the cost of construction that you can accept.

PVC PVC plastic flooring

Renovation of wooden flooring

PVC stone plastic flooring is mainly composed of a light and heat-insulating plastic, usually Its cost is relatively cheap, with a distinction between flakes and rolls. However, its construction process is troublesome and the ground level is relatively high. Fortunately, there is already a floor or floor tile in the home, so it is also a good choice to add stone and plastic flooring. Compared with the floor leather, this stone-plastic floor has a long service life, and the life span is 5-10 years and 10-20 years. If you want to use a longer period of time, you can choose a thicker one. The downside is that it may look a bit cheaper, but it’s much better than looking at colors you don’t like every day.

Floor renovation

It is also a good choice to mention floor renovation, but this method can only be applied to solid wood flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring, because during the renovation process Some floors will be worn away by 1-2 mm. Other materials are difficult to withstand such wear, and the inner layer will affect the appearance. Therefore, if the floor in the home is not the two materials, it is not recommended to choose renovation.

Wood floor mating

For floor refurbishment, it can usually be divided into sanding, painting and waxing. Polishing and grinding of the machine and sanding are two steps. After polishing, the color of the floor will become relatively lighter, which is more conducive to painting. We can choose the color of the paint that we like, and the more opaque ability is the water-based paint and paint. It is best to dry for about 48 hours after application.

Knock out the resurfacing

Wood floor color

In addition to the above two improvements, the most cost-effective way to think about it in the long run is to knock Drop the shop, but the investment is also very big. If you plan to redecorate the entire house, this is the best choice. Usually, the old floor, keel and foot line are removed and replaced with new ones. If you don’t need to level the ground, you can complete it in 1-2 days. If you need to level the ground, it will take about 1 week. Of course, with the development of modern technology, the emergence of new product mats saves us the trouble of leveling. We can lay the floor directly on the floor where the mat is laid, which takes about one day to complete. The efficiency is also quite high.

Renovation of wooden floor

If you think that the cost of changing the floor is too high, we can also choose to use the form of soft-fit to weaken the existing floor. Of course, the premise is that the hard work at home is strong enough. At this time, the simple white wall is enough to be the highlight of the home. Then choose a light-colored carpet, preferably natural fabric material, wool or cotton is very good. This will reduce the color of the floor in the home, and the overall atmosphere will be more relaxed and pleasant.
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