A few details of the choice of lamps

  The nights in the city are brightly lit. Standing on the street will also feel the loneliness and loneliness, but when I think of a light in the lights, I am waiting for you to go home. The heart will be very warm. In addition to the hard-wearing and soft-packing of the home, the choice of lighting is also very particular. For the lighting at home, how to choose, perhaps the following points you need to know.

A reasonable lighting design can produce bright, spacious light in the living room Feeling, reducing visual fatigue, making people feel more space.

People who work in the office during the day have less outdoor activities, and working under indoor lighting conditions for a long time will weaken the body’s ability to absorb calcium. When you are at home, you should pay attention to opening more windows to let natural light enter the room. Natural light contains many colors and wavelengths, while indoor lighting is only yellow, orange, red, and lacks the beneficial ultraviolet light in the sun, so the absorption of calcium is greatly reduced. In addition, the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp has blue and invisible ultraviolet rays, which are likely to cause cancer of the human body after being excessively absorbed by the human body.

  2. Excessive use of colored spotlights – light pollution

In home decoration, people like to use lights to decorate the indoor environment. Many designers also like to use lighting design. Colored spotlights and soft tubes to decorate the ceilings, although novel, are in fact very unfavorable to eye health and cause light pollution. Long-term living and working in such an environment can cause visual fatigue and decreased vision, and may cause neurasthenia such as dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and depression.

  Third, family decoration should choose the right lighting

When decorating lamps for home decoration, try to avoid the inductance ballast. The flicker of light, like the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp of the most commonly used inductive ballast, produces 100 times of light and dark changes per second. Working in such a long-term environment for a long time, the human eye is prone to fatigue and produces myopia. In addition, if the computer is used under the light, usually the strobe of the fluorescent ballast and the frame of the computer screen overlap and form a light resonance, which is more harmful to the human visual system.
Indoor lighting design must avoid or reduce glare interference, try to choose soft light. Many people think that the light is brighter and better when reading. This is actually a misunderstanding of people’s understanding. In fact, if the brightness of the luminaire is much higher than the brightness of the indoor environment, people will feel glare. Glare creates discomfort and severe damage to visual function. From the raw materials of the products, the good lighting design is mainly the three primary color light source. The three primary color light tubes are not only energy-saving and healthy, but also can clearly restore the natural color of the objects under natural light, making the colors in the home more beautiful and vivid.
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The ladder

How will the future ceramic industry develop?

As technology evolves and consumption changes, there are several trends in ceramics as a material:

I. Functionalization In addition to the decorative function, there will be other functions;

Second, customized, truly personalized satisfaction;

Third, the price of the application specification is not different, the size of the specification It is a matter of manufacturing, what consumers need is effect and value;

Fourth, color is rich, monotonous color is not suitable for life, white and gray have psychological defects.

In the future, ceramic products must solve several problems:

First, positioning, big brands must be multi-industry chain, niche brands are multi-related categories;

Second is specialization, including manufacturing specialization, operation specialization, development of reasonable scale through professional development or cooperation;

The third is the integration of consumption and cost of size and specification, ceramic is Satisfying the market, not accommodating the cost;

Four is the mass production and complementing the niche;

Five is the richness of color;

Six is ​​the function R&D;

Seven is developed from a material brand into a product brand and service platform.

No matter how the consumer changes, as a brand manufacturer and operator, there must be deep changes at the operational level. With the advent of manufacturing 2025, the product will not become the only brand, homogenization is inevitable; the channel will not become the only brand, the development of the channel is not the brand can be left and right; marketing will not become the core competitiveness of the brand, Don’t expect to recreate the concept to get consumption.

The only thing for ceramic companies is the brand’s connotation and people. Therefore, ceramic enterprises should make a fuss about front-end structural design, supply chain management, production organization, product circulation, consumption subject research and satisfying people in the value chain. Only by establishing a new ecosystem with new consumer subjects as the core can we truly establish Core competitive advantage.
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Advantages and disadvantages of automatic toilets How to operate automatic toilets

With the development of technology, smart products are now more and more, of which automatic toilet is a kind of smart furniture, and There are more and more people buying and using. Today we will take a look at automatic toiletThe advantages and disadvantages and how to operate the automatic toilet!

1,automatic toiletPros and Cons

1, advantage

automatic toilet has automatic flushing , washing and deodorization, it is a very convenient place, and it also has a hip cleaning function, which can effectively prevent bacterial infection, and can also play a massage effect, promote blood Loop; there is also the ability to adjust the temperature of the water and dry, so that the buttocks are always dry.

2, shortcomings

automatic toilets are more expensive than ordinary The toilet will be a lot higher, and if there is a power outage, it can not be flushed, it is easy to cause inconvenience, the service life is also short, and the average service life is about five years.

Second, how to operateautomatic toilet

1. After pressing the “Hip Wash” button on the remote control, the toilet’s buttocks washing nozzle will spray clean water in a fixed position for about one minute, then press “Hip Wash” “The button will move the nozzle back and forth repeatedly to enhance the cleaning effect.

2, after pressing the button function of the remote control “massage”, scouring The water pressure will be rhythmic, repeating the alternating changes of strength and weakness, so that the hip can be massaged. If you want to terminate the massage function, press the button again.

3. After cleaning the buttocks and massage, press the “warm air drying” on the toilet or the “drying” button on the remote control. At this time, the toilet will dry the buttocks. After about three minutes, the warm air will automatically stop itself, and there will be rhythmic anti-movement before and after the warm air outlet to enhance the drying effect.

4. When using the washing function, just press the position on the remote control When the “front” or “back” button is adjusted, the washing function will automatically perform the hip conditioning cleaning forward or backward. When the button for terminating the washing function is pressed, the toilet will terminate all functions that are running.

Small series summary: The above is about Xiaobian sharingautomatic toilet excellentDisadvantages and how to operate the full contents of the fully automatic toilet. Different brands of automatic toilets have different effects and different prices. When purchasing, it is best to pay attention to the cost performance of the toilet. Don’t buy them because of the cheap.


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A small trick to eliminate the smell of paint after home decoration

After the renovation of the house, new walls or floors often emit a pungent smell of paint, which remains in the room for a long time, making people feel dizzy and uncomfortable. How to eliminate the smell of paint after home decoration is the trouble of many small partners after decorating their houses. Do not bother, according to the following methods provided by Xiaobian, to ensure that you still have a fresh and healthy new space.
  1, a new wall or floor, often emits a pungent smell of paint, and remains in the room for a long time, making people feel dizzy and uncomfortable. At this time you can put two basins of salt water indoors, and the paint smell will be quickly eliminated. If it is the smell of paint from wood furniture, it can be scrubbed several times with tea, and the paint smell will be eliminated faster. The cloth sofa is contaminated by food and should be removed immediately. If it is contaminated by juice, tea, etc., first use a paper towel to remove moisture, then wipe it with the washing liquid in the kitchen, and finally wipe it with water.

  2, in addition to the paint-like tips, pour the boiled milk on the plate, then place the plate in the newly painted cabinet, close the door of the cabinet, After about 5 hours, the paint smell can be removed.

  3, the container is filled with cold water, then add the appropriate amount of vinegar in a ventilated room, and open the furniture door. In this way, the amount of water can be evaporated to protect the top coating surface, and the residual odor can be absorbed.

  4, the candle in the house can effectively remove the paint smell, economical and affordable! Of course, be careful not to burn the wall!

&emsp ;   5, to quickly remove the residual paint smell, can be wet cotton balls with citric acid, hanging indoors and wood furniture.

  6, buy some pineapples in each room, put a few more in the big room. Because pineapple is a crude fiber-like fruit, it can absorb the smell of paint and achieve the clear fragrance of pineapple, speed up the removal of odor, and achieve the best of both worlds.

  7, placing orange peel, lemon peel and other items in the room is also a very effective way to taste, but their effect will not be very fast.

  8, can put two pots of salt water indoors, the paint smell will be quickly eliminated. If it is the smell of paint from wood furniture, it can be scrubbed several times with tea, and the paint smell will be eliminated faster.

  9, the most economical and beautifying method of home is of course to put the right flowers at home. Plants that can absorb formaldehyde are cactus, spider plant, gerberas (aka gerbera) ), reeds, ivy, iron trees, chrysanthemums, etc.; while xylene-removing flowers and plants have ivy, iron trees, chrysanthemums and the like.
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Capital entry is a boost and a challenge

The big home industry is undergoing a major change. New species have seized the highlands, outdated production capacity has withdrawn from the market, living homes, smart homes, and custom homes have become popular. The industrial upgrading results triggered by consumption upgrades have begun to appear. When capital began to pay attention to this virgin land, new technologies, new models, and new products instantly flooded into the market. Capital incorporation accelerated the pace of upgrading the big home industry, but it also induced the so-called “innovation” of barbaric growth, which was unstable and determined. Insufficient companies may be caught in the whirlpool of capital games.

   From 2005, MUJI entered the Chinese market, and the concept of living and home began to be accepted by domestic consumers. As the most intuitive result of the consumption upgrade, the living home has been in the limelight for nearly two years. Not only has a number of living and home brands that emphasize the quality of home and life aesthetics quickly take root, Netease strictly selects, Xiaomi has products, Taobao heart selection and other giants join, There are Zara, HM and other clothing brands across the border to grab food, living and home enterprises are enjoying huge challenges while enjoying the consumption bonus.

  Innovation helps industry upgrade, capital game induces melee risk
   “Why is the profitable company worthless, and the unprofitable company is highly valued?” When Wei Junyi raised this question in an industry forum, it caused many people in the industry to resonate. This is a strange phenomenon that has been formed since capital entered the home industry, and it has also plagued a group of business managers. Many companies that have been deeply involved in the household sector for more than ten or twenty years, with complete profit models and stable sales channels, are considered to be lagging behind. Emerging companies that emphasize model innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation have attracted a lot of capital attention without their profitability.
   Like all industries, the Internet and informationization of the huge home industry is an inevitable era, and any industry will have such problems during the transition period. Wei Junyi believes that embracing change Keeping pace is what every business must do. But change does not mean abandoning the fundamentals. Whether it is new consumption, new retail or smart home, you should not forget the attributes of the home itself, heavy products, heavy operations, heavy service, and heavy supply chain, because its essence is the industry that serves people. Only by closely following the needs of people, on this basis, new technologies and new models will be grafted into them, and the righteousness will be eliminated. At this stage, capital has just paid attention to the blue ocean of home. There may be some institutions that have a gambling mentality and pay too much attention to various innovations. However, investors have been very good at how to find good investment targets. When they have a good understanding of the home industry, those balloons that are big by capital will gradually shrink. Capital entry will help transform and upgrade the home furnishing industry, but it will also bring some problems to the unfounded enterprises:
  1. The pace of consumption upgrade conversion in the home industry is overestimated. Home is a slow industry that accumulates. No matter what new technologies or new models are applied, it is impossible to achieve double profit growth within one year. Short-term arbitrage is not high in this industry. Play capital games. Aggravate the speed of the disappearance of new businesses.
  2. Excessive belief in innovative models. There is no model in the market that can subvert everything. It should not be overly obsessed with new technologies, new models, etc. They are not the essence of the home industry, but a way of diversifying the development of the home industry.
  3. Some companies overestimate the ability to expand in the future. There are a lot of behaviors in the home industry to harvest franchisees and harvest weak suppliers. This way allows companies to grow rapidly in a short period of time, but the future is unsustainable. Enterprises should not use innovation as a tool for money.
   “The valuation of unprofitable companies is very high. In fact, it reveals a dangerous signal. The unrealistic confidence given by capital may cause those companies without foundations to fall into crisis.” Wei Junyi thinks The home industry is unlikely to undergo fissile growth like the sharing economy, social e-commerce and other industries. Its transformation and upgrading will be a continuous process, which will steadily increase with the step-by-step pace of consumption upgrading. In the future, consumption as a family scene will become more and more subdivided and more comprehensive. Living home enterprises like natural waking homes will become more and stronger as consumers demand, and continue to harvest household consumption dividends. This process will not be as fast as the market expects, but it will last longer than expected, and the ability to continue to meet market demand is not a simple mode replication, which requires a more solid and stable integrated output capability.
  The future of living and home will grow hundreds of billions of unicorn
   the information asymmetry between supply and demand in the home industry has a long history, many companies use this asymmetric acquisition interest. However, a generation born on the Internet has become the main force in the market. This asymmetry effect is rapidly weakening. The new generation of consumers are more aware of their own demands, and there are more channels to obtain information. The era of making money is over. In addition, domestic living homes started late. After MUJI entered China in 2005, some people noticed the potential of this market. In countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, where the living and home market has matured, home furnishing companies rely on the integration of global quality products to meet the needs of upgraded consumers. At present, China’s consumption upgrading momentum is obvious, but the local living home has not yet formed the awareness of introducing the world’s high-quality production capacity to China. Most of them are trapped in integrating local supply chains and using low-end excess capacity to fight the world. This is obviously related to consumption upgrading. The overall trend does not match.
  Wei Junyi believes that a good life home business should be based on the local, against the world.
   First of all, living home will be a big enough market in the future, and thisThe enterprises in a market should also be large enough to grow a lot of billions and billions of companies in China’s living and home market.
  Secondly, the unicorn company in the living and home industry must have been immersed in the industry for many years, accumulated for a long time, with a complete profit model, product development and iteration capabilities, supply chain integration capabilities and home retail experience.
   Again, living and living are on the one hand the product of consumption upgrading, on the other hand, it is also a concentrated expression of the national way of life, so it has obvious national boundaries, has a strong nationality and regionality, so copy and copy The strategy of successful foreign companies is not feasible. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the domestic market, be good at insight into market demand, and grasp consumer preferences.
   Finally, we can configure the highest quality product matrix, which can integrate global supply chain, configure high-quality resources, and have original IP to meet individualized market demand. Product matrix configuration capability is the real hard power of an enterprise. The more accurate, efficient, and gradual the configuration, the better the user experience, and the lower the cost of the enterprise.
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“Invisible Champion” in the bathroom industry

They are “invisible”, mostly away from “prosperous” to engage in R&D and production; they are persistent and focus on small areas for decades; they have huge R&D, sales, scale, technology and capital strength, and they are fully equipped with domestic The strength of the brand is superior to that of the industry, and even ahead of the industry in some aspects.

The domestic sanitary ware has been surging for more than 30 years. After the smashing of various roads, brands with national sales network and first-class popularity have emerged, such as Wrigley. , Jiu Mu, Heng Jie, Huida, Shanggao, Emperor, etc. They have become the well-deserved bathroom champion with their unique advantages in the domestic sanitary ware industry today.
However, there are still a number of enterprises in China:
They are “invisible”, mostly away from “prosperous” R&D and production; they are persistent, focusing on small areas for decades; they have huge research and development, Sales volume, scale, technology and capital strength are fully equipped with the strength of domestic first-line brands, and even ahead of the industry in some aspects. However, they have a different approach: unlike star companies, they seldom advertise, but in the field of reputation, in order to understand their veil, let the industry and consumers recognize them, let’s take a closer look at these Industry giants outside the spotlight!
Who are they, where are they?
Idea: With an annual output of more than 770,000 sets of shower rooms
Ideal as an internationally renowned shower room brand, it is a long-term partner of the top five building materials distributors in Europe such as Saint-Gobain and Anda, and has many shower room products. The patent innovation technology is sold in more than 50 countries such as Germany, Britain, France and Spain. The annual sales volume has successfully exceeded 770,000 sets.
Lu Da: Chinese brand with world-class production capacity
Luda is a hardware company from Taiwan, and its hardware production strength has developed into a world-class capacity in China. Brand. Become a supplier of many international brand hardware. Luda Sanitary Ware is more powerful than this. The company strategically took over the southern business of synthesizing sanitary ware, which once made the hardware industry in Fujian vibrate, which shows its influence in the hardware industry.
成霖高宝: 2017 revenue of 3.866 billion yuan
Chenglin Gaobao and Luda have similarities: all from Taiwan, all based on hardware And the strength can not be underestimated. Chenglin Gaobao is a listed company that has established its own brand abroad: DANZE, FUSION; acquired many foreign established companies. According to Cheng Lin’s 2017 annual report, the company’s operating income last year was NT$17,910,124,000 (HK$3,866 million).
Song Lin: 2017 revenue of 1.735 billion yuan
Song Lin’s main products are showers, shower systems, faucets, lifting rods and accessories. Songlin’s overseas market business model is mainly for OEM production for international companies. According to the prospectus, Song Lin’s top five customers are Moen Group, Dongtao Group, Yuzhu Group, Jiebi Group and Lejia Group. Songlin achieved revenue of 1.735 billion yuan in 2017, of which overseas revenue accounted for 77.4%.
Seagull Sanitary Ware
Seagull: Revenue of 2.071 billion yuan in 2017
The history of “Seagull” can be traced back to the 1788 Shiqiao Hardware Machinery Factory, which is a long-established public-private joint venture that mainly produces flashlights. . Now it has developed into an enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The main customers of “Seagull” include the top ten sanitary ware brands in the world. “Seagull” revenue of 1.071 billion yuan in January-December 2017, which is only 2.071 billion, which makes it a place in the sanitary industry.
Dream: A large number of exports and a long time
Tangshan Mengpai Sanitary Ware is a relatively unfamiliar bathroom industry, and it is also one of the few national high-tech enterprises and participating ceramics. An enterprise with industry standards. The number of toilets exported to the United States and Australia is long and long. Some people joked that one of the ten toilets sold in the United States is a dream card. In Australia, four toilets are sold for each of the ten toilets. This shows that its quality and capacity are extraordinary. At present, Yilai Sanitary Ware has begun to lay out the domestic sanitary ware market. The high quality and strength will definitely attract a large number of quality dealers.
Seagull Sanitary Ware
Widia: Water Giant
Widia is the world’s leading and Asia’s largest expert in bathroom accessories, specializing in water production. Founded in 1995, it is a Sino-US joint venture large-scale sanitary fittings manufacturer headquartered in Xiamen, China, with four major marketing centers (Xiamen, Hong Kong, the United States, Switzerland) and various branches. It has international standards in the field of sanitary water, and its product quality and innovation capability have reached the international leading level, and its customers are all over the world. The quality of the bathroom customers is self-evident, such as TOTO, Duravit, Laufen, Kelema, Lejia and other international big names, domestic brands are more than a lot.
Rilter: 2017 revenue of 917 million yuan
Realt was established in 1999, mainly producing water-saving flushing components, silent descending cover, Concealed water tanks, hanging water tanks, electronic toilets and smart toilets. The company has dozens of research projects each year, and has applied for and obtained more than 500 patents, including dozens of invention patents. According to the latest performance announcement of Reiter, in 2017 the company achieved a total operating income of 917 million yuan, an increase of 12.26%.
Seagull Bathroom
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What has the popularity of finished homes brought to the home furnishing industry?

The popularity of finished homes brings two major problems to the home furnishing industry: 1) How to do the home building and decoration company’s market, including how the manufacturers build the channel structure, how the dealers sell goods, how the decoration company develops local market. 2) Some of the designers in the decoration company may face unemployment.

The popularity of finished homes undoubtedly puts pressure on the home industry, but the emergence of a thing is always two-sided and even multi-faceted, we should treat it dialectically. This article gives us an analysis of the pros and cons of the finished home. For companies with long-term vision and early layout, they see more new opportunities under the hardcover room. Probably from the beginning of last year, a number of provinces and cities have intensively introduced timetables for finished homes. According to the understanding of large-scale research, at least 11 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hainan, Henan, Hainan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, and Hubei, or the provincial capitals under their jurisdiction, have introduced a finished residential policy. In all policies, there is a clear requirement for the proportion and timetable of the full renovation of new homes. The approximate requirement is that the core urban areas should be 100% fully covered around 2020. Even county towns have proportional requirements. For example, Henan’s requirements are 60%. Therefore, there are two major questions that come to mind: one question is, what should be done in the market of home building materials and decoration companies, including how the manufacturers build their own channel structure, how the dealers sell goods, and how to decorate How does the company develop the local market? Will there be a serious consequence, that is: part of the building materials business that does not get the real estate enterprise engineering orders, or the decoration company, directly closed down? Another question is, is there a part of the designer who used to decorate the company to be unemployed? For the finished house, you may only need one designer, and you will get all the interior decoration design of a real estate. Nowadays, many finished residential buildings, thousands of houses, but only a few styles. In this case, the hard-wearing link only needs a small number of designers to get it. Unlike before, a designer docks several customers, and a real estate may have dozens or even hundreds of designers to follow up.

Residential residential and building materials market, decoration company

First look at the first question, the analysis of the material research conclusion is that the popularity of finished residential buildings, and home building materials, There is a certain degree of relationship between the closure rate of the decoration company. However, it will not cause large-scale bankruptcies. As long as you find a way out, you still have the opportunity to display space and wealth. After all, the finished residential buildings are currently mainly in the first- and second-tier cities, and the third-fourth and county-level cities are only beginning soon. Sichuan requires 70% of the total renovation in 2025, Chengdu requires 100% by the end of 2022; Shanghai requires 30% to 100% from January 1, 2017; Hubei’s plan is from January 2019. Since the 1st, the implementation of integrated decoration technology in the province, there is no clear timetable. In addition, many places have implemented many problems in the implementation of the finished residential policy. The quality is poor and the quotation is unreasonable. The opinions of the owners have rebounded very much. The competent authorities must take into account the public opinion and cannot enforce it. It is possible to postpone the current time schedule and require a buffer period of exploration and experience summarization. During this time, we must make some efforts, or set up a large customer department, want to open the door to real estate enterprises, but to be mentally prepared, it is possible to make advances, especially some small and medium-sized developers, after receiving money quite difficult. If you don’t have the strength, don’t pick it up. If you have a hard product on your hand, or if the decoration execution ability is relatively strong and the price is affordable, you can think of ways to contact the brand developer. After all, the payment is relatively guaranteed. Sometimes, we may not be able to get the engineering order in hand, but we are dragged down by the arrears. In addition, some building materials manufacturers or decoration companies feel that their own strength is small, and that the possibility of cooperation with large developers is small, and the door is not right, and efforts are also a waste. Don’t be discouraged. In the list of cooperation between the top 50 or top 100 developers in the country, there are many decoration materials brands, or the decoration company is the third and fourth line, and may not have your strength. Or consider the transformation of the finished product, on the one hand, to provide developers with a competitive finished product assembly plan; on the other hand, provide the finished residential upgrade package service to the owner.

After all, the so-called hardcover room is not so hardcover. It’s just that the base is complete, and there are a lot of details to be perfected. It is possible to introduce a set of self-contained or soft-packed services based on finished houses, to improve the quality of living, and owners with relatively high incomes are generally willing to pay. According to the current practice of finished residential houses, it only partially cleans up the hard work. The Chengdu Construction Committee has an interpretation: the so-called finished residential buildings refer to the fixed surface paving or finishing of all functional spaces of the houses, and the inner pipelines and switches. The sockets and kitchen and bathroom equipment are installed in place, and the house is basically in the condition of occupancy. It means that the wall is painted, the floor is covered with tiles or floors, the hydropower transformation is completed, the switch socket is well secured, the toilet, bathroom cabinet and faucet in the bathroom are in place, and the kitchen cabinet is ready. It is not excluded that some families feel that the hard clothes are not well done, and some things may be replaced, such as changing the floor of the living room, repainting the wall, and replacing the first socket with a better quality first-line brand. The more rigid demand is that, due to the hard work of the finished house, it is impossible to meet their own expectations. Some owners hope to improve through partial renovation and subsequent furniture and soft-fit matching. This is an opportunity.

The space for secondary renovation will be more imaginative, and this market will be even bigger in the future. The reason is that, from the current feedback situation, the finished product delivered by the developer is very sad in the durability of the decoration quality, which is quite different from the owner’s own finding of the decoration company. Imagine that we are looking for a decoration company, from the scale, the design drawings, the signing of the contract, the construction supervision, and then to the acceptance, etc., a ring is deducted, the money is generally divided into three periods, and the end is also the end of the money, the things that come out Sometimes it’s not very good, let alone the developer’s batch decoration. Poor durability, plus the materials used, in generalIt will be bad in a few years, and the second renovation or the second partial transformation may be blowout. It’s a good idea to lay out in advance, polish mature solutions, and get a good reputation. When you find someone, you will find a lot.

There is a chance to hide the home building company, in addition to the order of the real estate company, but also consider the needs of the finished homeowners, such as the launch of the finished house lighting package, wall package, or ground package The cost performance is high, the installation and construction and the post-service will be one-stop, and there will definitely be buyers who buy it.

Finished homes and designers

Next, look at the second question, the finished residential policy is on a large scale, will there be a lot of designer unemployment? The large-scale research believes that a large number of unemployed phenomena are not expected to occur, but a small amount of unemployment will certainly occur. After all, a real estate, often one or two or three decoration companies will pick up. There are not many design drawings required, and it is not necessary to personalize each room. Naturally, there are not many designers. Why is it that there will not be a lot of unemployment? One is that the second-hand housing decoration market is still relatively large, and still needs a large number of decoration companies and designers; second, the finished houses have to evolve, but also quality, to grade, and interior design is the key way to improve quality. If more designers are involved in the polishing and increase the choice of room style, the property may sell some. And a variety of styles of room decoration, naturally need more designers to participate, of course, the level of requirements will be higher; Third, the designer may need appropriate transformation, do not focus on hardwear, must upgrade the soft design ability. The reason is that, as mentioned above, the finished house is only partially hard-packed. Those owners whose income is relatively high and have requirements for living conditions are definitely not satisfied. They still need designers to make overall matching of soft and hard equipment to facilitate further The match. In any era, it has its difficulties and challenges. What we can do is to actively prepare for the situation and plan for transformation in advance before the difficulties really come.
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Domestic hydraulic parts faucet, when import substitution

Domestic hydraulic faucet, cross industry cycle, import substitution time

Hengli Hydraulics is the leader in the domestic hydraulic industry. Benefiting from the recovery of the downstream construction machinery industry and pump volume, 2018H1 realized revenue of 2.2 billion (+59% year-on-year) ), the net profit of returning to the mother is 460 million (+187% year-on-year). The company has a domestic market share of nearly 50% in the field of excavator cylinders. Customers have covered international leaders such as Caterpillar, and the revenue of 2018H1 is 990 million (+61%). In the field of pump valves with higher technical barriers and stronger monopoly of foreign companies, the company has successfully achieved breakthroughs and began to increase its volume. The subsidiary hydraulic technology 2018H1 realized revenue of 320 million (+220%).

In 2011, downstream downstream excavator sales continued to decline The company’s performance fluctuations are significantly less than the fluctuations in the performance of downstream construction machinery mainframes during the same period, reflecting strong competitiveness. In 2011-2017, the company invested heavily in the development of non-standard cylinders and invested in high-precision castings and pumps, which smoothed the impact of the industry’s downward trend on the company’s performance.

The current construction machinery industry is recovering and entering new With the healthy development of the cycle, the sales volume of the excavator has bottomed out, driving the demand for standard cylinders to rise. The company took advantage of the situation to increase investment in fixed assets, and accelerated the localization of high-end hydraulic parts by investing in the second phase of the casting project.

Hydraulic Cylinder Business: Traditional excavator boom, non-standard business multi-flowering

Excavation sales continued to exceed expectations in 2018, with an estimated annual sales of 18-19 million units (+30% to +35%) ). In addition to the driving factors of real estate and infrastructure, this round of recovery also has a large demand for inventory equipment. Today’s market is much healthier than in 2011. From the sales policy (no discount, a small price increase for popular models), the down payment ratio (20% or more), the overdue rate (very low), and the distribution of models (the rise of the big digging) reflect the real demand downstream. It is estimated that the demand for excavator cylinders in the whole market will be 2.8 billion, 3.1 billion and 3.4 billion in 2018-2020. The CAGR of the company’s digging cylinder business is expected to be 14%.

Under the standard cylinder is wide and more flowers Contribute performance. The share of shield machine cylinders in the domestic market is over 70%. In 2017, this business revenue increased by 102%. It is expected that the future will continue to benefit from the high growth of projects such as the subway. The crane cylinders are mainly deployed in the US market. The leading customers such as Manitowoc and Snooker have been developed and they have entered the performance harvest period.

Hydraulic pump and valve business: 东East wind in construction machinery industry, is expected to successfully import replacement

pump valve in hydraulic The value of the system accounts for 60% (the cylinder only accounts for 20%). At present, in addition to Carter and Komatsu self-sufficiency, the domestic pump and valve market is mainly occupied by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Bosch Rexroth.

By benefiting from the high boom in the excavator industry, downstream OEMs are generally facing the shortage of spare parts, which is Hengli et al. Domestic-funded hydraulic enterprises have brought opportunities for import substitution. From the basic materials – high-precision castings, Hengli has continued to invest in high R&D for a real breakthrough in domestic pump valves. At present, the company’s small digging pump valves have been supplied to large domestic brands such as Sany, Liugong and Xugong in batches; Under the tight situation that downstream sales remain high, the company’s hydraulic pump valves are expected to be the best beneficiaries, successfully achieving import substitution. According to estimates, the company’s pump and valve business revenues from 2018 to 2020 are expected to reach 766 million, 1.365 billion, and 2.023 billion, respectively, with a compound growth rate of 101%.


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What is the highlight of the smart street light LED light pole screen?

Smart city has clearly become another billion-dollar market after the Internet. Faced with such a strong development trend, major LED screen companies are focusing on the development and investment of smart city solution products. Surprisingly, however, the development momentum is very fast. In addition to the hot spots such as LED small-pitch display, LED light pole screens have also become the focus of the market, attracting major companies to compete for layout. So, what is the highlight of the LED light pole screen, can you seize the vanguard in the craze of smart cities?
The important part of the smart street lamp – LED light pole screen street light – as one of the main public facilities of urban construction, compared with other public facilities, plays an important role in the construction of smart cities. With the smart LED display street light pole derived from smart city, it is based on street light, combined with WiFi Internet technology, power carrier Internet of Things technology, sensing technology, a practice for smart city construction, the main applications include wisdom. Street lamp integrated management center, intelligent lighting management system, video monitoring system, WiFi coverage system, smart sensing and publishing system, emergency alarm system, charging pile system, users can select different application subsystems for combination application according to actual needs.

Wisdom LED light pole screen as a form of digital signage, smart LED light pole screen with remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, remote face recognition, WIFI, weather environment monitoring , remote cluster control and other functions, and the display effect is very “smart”, can present a full outdoor highlight, high-definition experience. On the other hand, the intelligent LED light pole screen is also much more convenient to install than the conventional display screen. It only needs the assistance of the street light pole, without excessive manpower input, and the intelligent LED light pole screen has synchronous receiving, The characteristics of synchronous playback, therefore, have natural advantages in road guidance, real-time broadcast of road conditions, information release, advertising and other aspects, and post-maintenance is also very simple. It can be seen that the LED light pole screen is an important part of the smart street lamp and an indispensable part in the construction of a smart city.

Through the quality of the door to promote the development of smart cities From the above analysis, LED lamp pole screen products have more prominent advantages, and can indeed play a greater role in the construction process of smart cities. However, as the market demand continues to expand, more and more enterprises have begun to lay out the segmentation field of LED light pole screens, which has intensified the market competition pressure, leading to serious phenomena such as serious homogenization of products and low-price competition.

For companies with a vision, the line of sight is farther away. Nowadays, the simple price advantage is not enough to support the independent brand to stabilize the market share. It may be more opportunities to improve the quality of smart LED light pole screen products. Therefore, enterprises should think about how to realize the conversion of products from quantitative change to qualitative change. On the other hand, the construction of smart cities has also provided strong technical support for the development of LED displays. For example, emerging technologies such as 3D and VR under the leadership of smart cities are maturing, and integration with LED displays can achieve more possible display effects, providing more comprehensive, accurate and efficient management, applications and services for smart cities.

Today, smart LED light pole screen products have been established in every corner of the city, creating products that are lighter, more energy-efficient, smarter, more beautiful, and more market-oriented advantages have become the major LEDs. The development goal of the screen enterprise, using quality and innovation to lead the new development of smart cities, has contributed to accelerating the development of smart city display systems in major cities in China.
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How much is the price of terrazzo? How to buy and maintain the terrazzo?

The terrazzo is a common ground decoration material that is based on cement. The material is mixed with gravel, glass, quartz stone and other materials. It has bright color, excellent wear resistance, low price, certain waterproof and anti-fouling properties, and is widely used in public places such as schools and parks. in. Then terrazzo price, how to buy and maintain terrazzo, here is the article to introduce to everyone.

How much is the terrazzo price

1, the terrazzo price is mainly based on The type of terrazzo is determined. If it is a colored terrazzo, the price in the south is usually 50 to 100 yuan/m2, and the price in the north is usually around 50 to 80 yuan/m2.

2, the price of ordinary terrazzo is cheaper than color, south The price of ordinary terrazzo is usually 38 to 45 yuan / m2, and the price in the north is 42 to 55 yuan / m2.

3, the price of high-grade crystal silicon terrazzo is relatively high, the price is usually around 280 yuan / m2, this terrazzo is not only excellent in finish, but also high in hardness. It has certain waterproof and antifouling properties and is widely used in public places.

How to buy terrazzo

1, observe the style of the terrazzo, whether the color is uniform, whether the surface is smooth and flat, whether the interior contains too much impurities, in addition, there should be no small holes on the back of the terrazzo, otherwise the waterproof performance Will be greatly discounted.

2, you can touch the terrazzo with your hand, look at the texture of the terrazzo, and see if the surface of the terrazzo is smooth and delicate. If the surface of the terrazzo is rough and uncomfortable to touch, then Indicates that the terrazzo is of poor quality.

3, we can also smell the terrazzo, usually the quality of the terrazzo I have any odor, and the quality of the terrazzo has added a lot of adhesive, the odor is heavier .

4, we can also use a coin to scratch the surface of the terrazzo, to see its wear resistance, usually the quality of the terrazzo is basically no scratches.

How to maintain terrazzo

1. Do not place items with excessive temperature on the terrazzo floor for a long time.

2, the surface of the terrazzo should be kept as dry as possible.

3. It is strictly forbidden to place chemical objects on the terrazzo countertop.

4. If the surface of the terrazzo is dirty, it is best to wash it with soapy water or detergent.

5. Remove the scale on the terrazzo. Use a damp cloth to remove the scale, then wipe it off with a dry cloth.


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