There are certain skills in the installation of blinds. Are you making it?

The blinds are installed with certain skill. The shutters with hooks are simple to install. The aluminum blinds should first be clamped on the upper edge of the curtain, and then the fabric curtains can be hung on the curtain rails with hooks, or the hooks should be first Hang on the pendant of the curtain rail and then clamp the fabric curtain with a clip. Next, follow the Xiaobian to learn about the related content!
Blind installation

1. Louver installation method

Step 1: The outer frame and inner frame size. The width is measured from left to right to the widest dimension in the middle and lower of the window, that is, the outer frame is suitable for the width; the height is measured from top to bottom, and the maximum size of the left, right, and right of the window is determined, that is, the outer frame is suitable for the width. The inner frame size was measured in the same way.

Step 2: Determine the depth of the window. The depth of the window required for different installation methods is different, and the purpose is to allow the louver blades to move freely.

Step 3: Fix the depth. It requires a depth of 8 cm when it is mounted flat or when it is fixed.

Step 4: Pay attention to the number of layers. Push-pull blinds, not only pay attention to the width of the product blades, but also pay attention to the number of layers installed. In general, a single fan and a folded push-pull shutter blade require a depth of 10 cm, and a double layer requires a depth of 15 cm.

Blind window installation

Two, blinds purchase tips

1, pay attention to blinds specifications

The length of the blinds should be the same as the height of the window, and the width should be reduced by 1cm from the left and right sides of the window; the length of the exposed blinds should be about 10cm longer than the height of the window, and the width is about 5cm wider than the sides of the window. In general, small rooms are equipped with concealed blinds, and large rooms are fitted with exposed blinds.

2, pay attention to blinds with

Different formats of windows should be equipped with different blinds. If it is a general vertical window, it can be equipped with general blinds; if it is a horizontal window, it can be equipped with a louver curtain, which will look harmonious, harmonious and beautiful.

3, pay attention to the blinds pattern

The choice of blinds is also very elegant. The venetian blinds for the living room should be arranged with a pattern of green mountains and green waters, which can make people calmly and calmly put them in the poetic landscape. The layout of the bedroom is soft and the pattern is fresh and elegant.

4. Pay attention to the color of the blinds

The blinds are best matched with the color of the furniture and walls inside the house. If the wall is light white, it can be used with pure white blinds. The walls are lightly coloured and can be fitted with grey or green blinds.
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Water knife parquet, beautiful natural stone painting

Waterjet parquet, also known as stone mosaic, is a beautiful natural stone painting that people use art to conceive and use natural stone instead of pigment.
It is mainly made up of the natural unique color, texture and material of natural stone, combined with clever artistic conception and design. With the development of stone processing technology and technology, as well as the complexity of the pattern and design of stone mosaic, stone waterjet cutting equipment is widely used in the processing of stone mosaic. And for complex parquet design, waterjet has become an indispensable tool, so stone mosaic is also known as waterjet parquet. Due to the rich and varied layout effect of natural marble, and the fine texture of the marble, the hardness is moderate, it is very suitable for the processing of the mosaic, so most of the stone mosaic is made of marble. Therefore, the so-called parquet, sometimes referred to as marble mosaic. There are also newly developed sandstone mosaics and slate mosaics that are also very distinctive, but with relatively few applications. Stone parquet can be seen as a development and extension of mosaic technology. It is a new stone product derived from the combination of mosaic technology and new processing technology and technology. Like the early stone mosaic, mainly the stone plate products, this can be seen as an enlarged version of the stone mosaic, and later due to the application of waterjet technology and processing precision, the stone mosaic mosaic mosaic technology has been brought to the fore. Extremely, it has formed its own unique style. However, stone mosaic in foreign countries is still in the category of stone mosaic. Waterjet puzzle, a form of deep processing of stone, is not limited to stone and ceramics, such as glass, copper, mosaic, etc. It is also a very high decorative art.

The type of stone water knife parquet

1, according to the scale: there are outdoor square water knife parquet, large building indoor water knife parquet, villa water knife parquet.

2, according to the process points: there are three-dimensional water knife parquet, flat water knife parquet, inlaid water knife parquet.

3, according to style: there are European classical pattern water knife parquet, neo-classical and Chinese water knife parquet, modern minimalist pattern water knife parquet and so on.

Stone water knife parquet craft

I. The importance of material selection:
Before the process, let’s talk about processing Before the selection of materials, material selection is particularly important for the final effect. Designers and customers should pay attention to these three points when selecting materials:

1, color:

In the whole mosaic pattern, the layout color of the same stone must be the same, but for some color differences (Simi, Jinxiangyu, Shanhuhong, etc.), there is a large color difference on the same plate. It is necessary to distinguish between plans and materials. The basic principle of material selection is: one is to select the material according to the principle of gradual color transition, and the second is based on the principle that the aesthetic decoration effect of the mosaic is not affected.

2, texture:
In the processing of stone mosaic, the change of the surface of the board is also very important. Especially for high-end products with high quality, high requirements and high artistic quality, it is best to combine the changes of texture with the design, so as to better display the design effect.
The top luxury mansions must have those eye-catching stone waterjets. For round mosaics, the texture can be around the circumference or along the radius, but whether it is around the circumference or along the radius, the texture must be guaranteed. Consistency. For a square mosaic, the general image of the grain extends along the length direction, and can also radiate in the width direction or at the same time along the length and width directions.

3, 瑕疵:
The top luxury houses must have those eye-catching stone waterjets. Such as color lines, stains, cracks, holes, sand holes, mildew, from the quality of the mosaic, these stone defects are absolutely not allowed. However, since the stone is naturally generated, there are more or less certain flaws. Therefore, when selecting materials and materials, we need to consider the problem comprehensively, avoiding as much as possible, and avoiding it depending on the specific situation. And these appearance defects should be repaired as much as possible. However, the range allowed is not to affect the overall decorative effect of the mosaic.

Second, from the CAD line drawing to the factory processing process:

First, the design department confirms that the color map is consistent with the customer, and will draw the color map and CAD line drawing. Passed to the computer drawing room for computer production.

1, computer graphics include:
a, sub-layer (separate layers are separate materials of different colors)
b, typesetting (distributed parts according to actual use The size of the material is regularly arranged.) Processing, compiling, reviewing, and decomposing drawings. These six parts have many details. For example, the processing part has the compensation of the water jet, the parts are connected, and the “DXF” file format is saved. After the computer drawing is completed, it is delivered to the factory for the waterjet cutting process.

2,Factory processing:

Top luxury houses must have those eye-catching stone waterjet parquet
Waterjet knife cutting parts
Top luxury home Essential stone water knife parquet with stunning eyeballs
↑Artificial collage
Top luxury home must have those eye-catching stone waterjet parquet
Top luxury home must Those eye-catching stone water knife parquet
↑ surface polished finish

The top luxury mansion must have those eye-catching stone water knife parquet
top luxury home must have those eye-catching stone water Knife parquet
Third, the quality acceptance criteria

1, the same mosaic pattern in the same stone color texture should be consistent, no obvious color difference, color spots, color line defects, can not have a yin and yang color.
2, no cracks on the board surface, no damage, no gaps.
3, peripheral dimensions, gaps, mapsThe stitching error of the case is less than 1mm.
4, flatness error is less than 1mm, no gap.

5, the surface gloss is not less than 80 degrees.
6, the color of the adhesive for bonding the color of the gap or the stone should be the same color as the stone.
7, diagonal, parallel lines should be straight, to be parallel, the arc angle can not be moved, the sharp corners can not be blunt.
8, packaging must be light facing the smooth surface, to prevent scratches, and vertical standing to make it longitudinally stressed.
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How to choose a sofa that suits you

Although there are many homes that need to be purchased in the living room, the sofa is one of the furniture that must not be missed in the living room. However, in addition to paying attention to its brand, style and price, the height of the sofa is also a link that needs attention. Then, how high is the sofa generally suitable? What should you pay attention to when purchasing? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

1, how high is the sofa?


As the level of craftsmanship has increased, the sofas on the market today are dazzling, single, double, long and irregular. However, the requirements for a single-seat sofa are generally higher, and the width must not be less than 48 cm. If it is smaller than this size, people will feel very uncomfortable once they sit down. Of course, it can’t be too wide, in the range of 48 to 60 cm. As for the height of the sofa is generally appropriate? No matter which style, the height should be selected about 35cm. But don’t be higher than 35cm, otherwise it will not be comfortable to sit, and it is not very good to put your feet.

2, what to pay attention to when purchasing a sofa

a, the skeleton of the sofa should be strong

In fact, the skeleton is especially important for the whole sofa, which is equivalent to the bones of the human body. It can be said that it is the core, which directly affects the service life and quality of the sofa. The best skeleton should be solid wood, so that it is not only strong in weight but also durable.

b, the quality of the filler is good

The filler is also one of the details that can not be ignored in the selection of the sofa, because it is related to comfort. When you buy, you can press the backrest and cushion of the sofa with your hands. If you can easily feel the skeleton, then the inner filling of such a sofa will naturally not be good.

c, pay attention to the resilience of the sofa

A sofa that really rebounds well, even if you play on it for a long time, there will be no depression. . Therefore, at the time of selection, it is best for everyone to sit down on the sofa and feel the resilience of the sofa is good, so as to make a better choice.

d, pay attention to wear resistance and cleanliness

Compared with other furniture, the sofa should be the most frequently used item in the family, and many people are large Part of the time I like to spend on the sofa. Therefore, no matter what kind of fabric you choose, you must be easy to clean and care, and the wear resistance should be high, so that the sofa can be used for a long time.

Introduction: Well, about the the height of the sofa is too high is appropriate and the choice of sofa should pay attention to what aspects to introduce to you. I wish everyone can choose the sofa that they are satisfied with. After all, reasonable height will not affect the health of the family, and it will be more comfortable to sit up.


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The antique processing of natural stone is favored by the market

Due to the change of stone design and decoration trend, the antique processing of natural stone is more and more widely used in the decoration and decoration of various buildings, which is very popular and favored by architects and consumers. In fact, the antique surface of natural stone is not a new processing method that has been developed in recent years. It was already in the 1990s. It is also used very early in China. For example, the “National Grand Theatre”, which was started in 2001, has adopted this kind of antique stone.
1. What is antique stone?

The so-called “antique stone” is a natural or special treatment, so that the surface of the stone appears similar to the natural wave surface or crack, and the natural effect of the stone after long-term use (approx. Light or mercerized effect). Popularly speaking, it is the processing of natural stone that looks like an old effect after hundreds of years.

2. Advantages of stone antique processing

The stone antique processing can have the uneven satin silk effect, showing the natural crystal luster of the stone and playing a unique decorative effect; It also improves the antifouling properties and waterproof properties of the stone and can provide an anti-slip effect. The antique processing of stone also avoids light pollution in buildings due to specular reflection of light. At the same time, antique stone is easy to repair after wear. At the same time, the color difference of the color is smaller than the polishing process, and it also reflects the value concept of natural environmental protection.

3. The main tool for antique stone processing

The main processing equipment for stone processing is the abrasive brush (Abrasive Brushe), which mainly has three kinds: nylon brush, wire brush And a mix of brushes. The nylon brush is made of high-quality silicon carbide and special nylon material. It is firmly fixed on a brush base and is mainly used for antique marble polishing. The wire brush is made of stainless steel wire or low carbon steel wire, and is mainly used for brushing hard stone such as granite. The mixing brush is an abrasive brush made of special nylon and stainless steel wire. Stone grinding brushes are classified according to specifications: Frankfurt type (horseshoe shape), round shape, Fickert type (brake type), etc.; according to the mesh number: wire brush, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 120# , 180#, 240#, 320#, 500#, etc. Among them, the Frankfurt type is used for hand-held grinding machines, production lines, floor refurbished machines, etc. in the industrial production of stone; round for small manual polishing machines, ground refurbished machines, etc.; Fickert type is used for automatic continuous grinding machines.

4.Processing process of antique surface of natural stone

Because granite and marble are different in material and structure, each has its own characteristics, so granite antique stone and The processing method of marble antique stone is different.

5.Processing of granite antique surface

Because of the hard texture of granite, first use a fire or high-pressure water to make a rough surface of the fire board or thick panel (also Processing into lychee sandblasting surface, etc., but the effect is not very good), pay attention to the rougher surface should be rougher than the ordinary singeing board, so as to avoid the slate when the stone grinding brush is used in the next step is too smooth and make the layout The layout loses its three-dimensionality. Then use a stone abrasive brush for brushing. Note that it is best to use a wire brush first; to carry out a rough brush to remove the loose material of the granite plate surface and shape it, which not only has high efficiency, but also has little wear on the equipment and can prolong the grinding. The service life of the brush. Then, according to the specific requirements of the customer, the polishing brush is used to grind and polish from the coarse to the fine number until the board surface achieves the desired effect and gloss. If the customer wants to achieve a smooth matte effect, it is only necessary to use steel brush, 36# (or 46#), 60# (or 80#), 120# (or 180#) four steps; if it is to achieve mercerizing For the effect, you need to add 240#, 320#, 500# three processes, of course, if all the processes are done, the effect will be better. As for some outdoor panels that do not have any gloss requirements, you can use the wire brush directly.

6. Marble antique surface processing

Because the materials of different marbles vary greatly, the processing method should be selected according to the difference of marble characteristics of each variety. Marble containing more calcium carbonate or cracked pores can be soaked and etched with hydrochloric acid. The soaking time is about 10-20 minutes (depending on the specific stone type); then the steel surface is used to attack the cracks and holes to increase the stone surface. The three-dimensional sense is finally polished and polished by a grinding brush from coarse to fine, until the surface of the board meets the gloss required by the customer. If it is a marble with more calcite, it can be directly processed by steel brush. It can also be used to brush out the uneven surface effect with a wire brush, and then grind it with a grinding brush from coarse to fine, usually using 180 #,240#,320#,500# The grinding brush is just fine. If it is a hard marble, you can increase the previous steps.

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“four look” to buy switch socket

How to correctly choose the switch socket
1, look at the appearance

Usually, the good switch surface is very smooth and smooth, and the imported PC material is used, the hand feel is also very good. Poor quality products have a rough texture, poor flame retardancy, and are prone to fire hazards.

2, look feel

Good quality switch is light and flexible, the switch has strength, and the poor switch spring is soft, easy to get stuck in the middle, easy to break . A good socket jack has a protective door, and one foot cannot be inserted, and a certain force is required for insertion and removal.

3, see the component

When buying the switch, you can also pick up the component of the switch. Usually the switch with good quality is made of copper. Made, it is heavy. If it is alloy or thin copper, the quality is not as good as that of copper.

4, see material selection

Switch socket is a common item in the family, so be sure to choose a good material, can be identified by burning test, good quality products are not easy Combustion, good flame retardant effect, and poor quality products are easy to burn, and also produce odor.
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Furniture e-commerce collision spark

E-commerce” has been heard in the home furnishing industry. Although the home industry has not encountered this trend of collision, but due to the hot situation, many furniture companies have tried water e-commerce, but the effect after real water test, Many furniture industries have a hard time saying that e-commerce is not an easy task.

Furniture test hydropower Business bottlenecks

Traditional furniture is deeply rooted in the industry. For a long time, the furniture circulation system mainly relies on home building materials stores, building materials supermarkets, dealers, engineering companies, designers. Dealers are the most important sales channel. Manufacturers cannot completely separate from the existing circulation system to do e-commerce. At present, there is no third-party platform that can integrate manufacturers, distributors and consumers to provide solutions for enterprises. Manufacturing companies open up online sales channels, how to avoid competition with distributors? Industry insiders believe that through online and offline combination, they can go further.

Stores drive online sales

Furniture The market has never lacked the demand for consumption, and the lack of products and creative services that attract consumers to innovate. With the gradual emergence of emerging consumer groups after the 80s and 90s, the development of the entire furniture industry must conform to the diversified needs of the market, and innovation. The concept of furniture is particularly important. Furniture e-commerce has gradually become a new trend in the development of the furniture industry in the future, and the furniture online shopping market will also become a must for businesses. However, regardless of any enterprise, in the early stage of online sales, it will definitely affect To the sales of physical stores. In this regard, the furniture industry still uses the form of online and offline products to differentiate sales. That is, let the physical store to display and sell high-priced products and new products, and move all low-end products and old series to Online sales. In order to ensure that the sales of offline stores are not affected, the e-commerce field will be developed.

O2O allows orders to be placed simultaneously with the experience

The biggest trend in the future furniture industry is O2O, which is a model of online and offline integration. Because of the diverse styles of furniture, diverse styles and diverse materials, The choice of customers, the customer is very particular about the experience, watching and touching are very important, it is difficult to meet these on the Internet. And the traditional channel brand has accumulated many years of popularity, accumulated funds, and accumulated a lot of excellent middle and high level. Talents, once they are in the power business, can’t be underestimated.

For furniture companies, the e-commerce cake is delicious, and furniture companies can only make the match between online and offline. Enterprises are getting farther and farther on the road of e-commerce.


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Is the wooden floor to be refurbished or replaced?

It will inevitably be a little old when the floor is used for a long time. At this time, some friends will consider replacing the wooden floor or renovating the wooden floor. Which is more convenient and cost-effective between renovating the wooden floor and replacing a new piece of wooden floor? The replacement or refurbishment must first be based on the condition of the wooden floor. For example, the maintenance of the wooden floor is usually paid attention to, and it usually takes several years to renovate. Usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of some minor problems, such as the cracking of the wooden floor paint needs to be refurbished. If the situation is serious, if there is deformation or a large area of ​​mold, then you have to replace the new wooden floor. The damaged wooden floor can be replaced directly, but how is the wooden floor suitable for renovation?
The performance of the old floor is stable

Floor refurbishment refers to the method of sanding, scraping, lacquering, waxing and polishing the surface of the floor to make the old floor a new floor treatment. The cost of this method is lower than that of repurchasing new flooring, and the old floor has been stable due to long-term use, and the environmental performance is better than the new floor.

Insufficient maintenance needs to be refurbished

The floor renovation time has a lot to do with the maintenance. If you pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, there is no big problem. Even if it has been used for many years without obvious damage, there is no need to refurbish it. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, there will be floor problems such as paint falling and cracking. If the refurbishment is carried out as soon as possible, if the problem is not dealt with in time, the problem of the floor will become more and more serious, and in the end, the floor can only be replaced.

Local refurbishment

Floor refurbishment is not recommended for partial refurbishment. The floor refurbishment effect in a space is better, and the effect of the new floor can be basically achieved. Partial refurbishment will result in new and old differences in the floor space in a unified space. The longer the time, the more obvious the difference is, which is not conducive to the overall beauty of the home.

What floor can be refurbished?

After the three types of flooring such as solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and bamboo flooring are damaged, refurbishment measures can be taken, provided that the surface of the floor reaches 4 mm. If the surface of the floor is too thin, the intermediate layer will be ground during sanding, which will affect the service life of the floor. Reinforced flooring is not recommended for refurbishment. First, the price is moderate, the price of refurbishment and re-purchase is not much different. Second, the surface layer of the reinforced floor is the hardest part. When the refurbishment is polished, the surface wear layer will be destroyed, revealing the middle glue layer. It is easy to cause the floor to age.
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High-grade solid wood flooring material knowledge collection must see

Basic peas have very little global production due to processing difficulties and yields Low and more rare and rare. Because the wood contains fragrant essence, it is naturally fragrant, gentle and natural. It is long-lasting indoors and has a long and fragrant fragrance.

As people’s income levels increase, they say that when choosing furniture, they will choose some high-end furniture, for example, the decoration inside the house will Use wood flooring, so people tend to choose high-end solid wood flooring in order to better decorate their home. What are the high-grade solid wood flooring materials produced from abroad?


  1 Wood Origin: Brazil, China commonly known as “Jade Sandalwood. In Brazil, it is called “Sacred Wood.” The Holy Spirit, also known as the Jade Sandalwood, has been given magical power by the ancients to exorcise evil spirits. During the local Aboriginal festivals, people will celebrate around this tree and think of the Holy Wood can bring them good luck and Good harvest. Wei Lamu has few large materials, solid texture, wear and corrosion resistance, water is heavy, with aroma, long-lasting! Vera wood grows very slowly, so the natural stock is limited, the pattern is clear and vivid, the color changes obviously !

  2 The biggest feature of this is that it can maintain a strong olive fragrance for a long time, so it is called “sacred wood”. /p>

  3 Place the jade sandalwood under the master bed, which will keep the room with a light olive fragrance, improve the room aura and bring good luck. Or place The cultural wall in the hall reflects high-end.

  2, balsam peas

  1 Wood Origin: South America, China commonly known as “red sandalwood”. The wood texture is staggered, the pattern is balanced, hard and tough, aromatic, stable, wood durable It is resistant to corrosion and wear and has the title of ‘King of the Woods’. The global production of balsam is very rare, and it is rare and rare due to processing difficulties and low yield. Because the wood contains fragrant essence, it is naturally fragrant, gentle and natural. It is long-lasting indoors and has a long and fragrant fragrance.

  2 This product has a rich aroma, the fragrance of flowers is short and easy to die, and the fragrance of wood is long-lasting, its shade is pleasant, Qingfen The long-lasting breath can play the role of cockroach and insect repellent.

  3 Red sandalwood, because of its rich and pleasant aroma, often leaves the impression that “no wood, first smell” And the appropriate aroma can also be cleared, refreshing, ventilating, and cultivating. Therefore, the study room, the bedroom or the living room, if you can use the rare wood such as balsamic peas, it will inevitably make the room full of fragrance, making the whole family happy.

  3, purple Core Sumu

  1 Origin: South America, China commonly known as “violet”. Mainly produced in South America. The wood has high strength, hard weight and dry shrinkage. Processing is slightly difficult, good performance in planing, cutting, coloring, gluing, polishing, paint, etc.; slow drying, slightly cracking and warping. The structure is meticulous, the color is attractive, shiny, no special smell, the texture is usually straight, wavy or staggered, the wood is heavy, strong, very resistant to corrosion, acid, anti-termite and mites.

  2 Because of its natural and characteristic purple, it is very popular among people, just like black tulips and purple roses. It is sought after in both the European and American markets.

  3 This product is a rare species of wood. The wood is naturally “purple”, purple represents noble and mysterious, natural purple The products are extremely rare in wood, and the peace of mind of the purple core Sumu is among the many species.For the special, because of the scarcity of this species, the potential for appreciation is great.

  4, Claywood

  1 Wood Origin: Africa, China is commonly known as “African Dragon and Phoenix Tan.”

  2The wood is very heavy and hard, the texture is ever-changing, the material is fine, the corrosion resistance, anti-termite, very stable, rare and rare as diamonds, in Africa Gabon is considered a “national treasure.”

  3 Klein is a unique tree species of some solid wood flooring companies, which is difficult to see in the world.

  5, iron Line

  1 Wood Origin: South America, China commonly known as “South American Red Tan.” It is the most typical red solid wood flooring, which is loved by traditional Chinese people and is often used by masters of decoration design.

  2 wood is very heavy, high strength, stable; straight texture, fine structure, corrosion resistance, termite resistance, good wear resistance.

  3 As the name suggests, the iron wire is hard like iron, so it has its name. In addition, the iron wire is commonly known as red sandalwood in China. Tan is the most high-grade wood used in Chinese classical furniture. It can be seen that this product is precious.


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The 2018 form is grim. What is the change in the sanitary industry?

Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has continued to develop. Since 2012, although the growth rate of GDP has slowed down, it has also remained A faster growth rate of 6.90% or more. The living standards of the people are constantly improving, the urbanization is accelerating, and the disposable income of residents is continuously increasing.

China accounts for more than 37% of the global ceramic sanitary ware output, and is one of the largest ceramic sanitary ware markets in the world. Per capita spending is low, less than one hundred yuan. In 2014, the average cost of purchasing sanitary ware in China was about 62.8 yuan, which is only 33.8% of the US.

I. Energy saving and emission reduction is imminent >

Economic development, health and environmental protection has become the mainstream consumer trend. In order to be more adaptable to the market, the concept is more popular in the world. Therefore, pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve water-saving technology, and let the bathroom meet all aspects of demand. A good bathroom is not only for the convenience of life, but also a way to enjoy life.

Second, combat counterfeit goods integration market

“Mountain Sanitary Ware” imitates the big craftsmanship, shape, but the actual quality is uneven . The raw materials are relatively poor, the production is rough, and the bathroom is easily damaged.

shedding Problems such as drumming, deformation, etc., and the strength and moisture resistance are reduced during use. Relevant departments should increase their efforts to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products.

Third, improve service-driven sales

Sanitary industry homogenization, for ordinary consumers, good service is a distinction A standard that is indispensable between different companies. Traditional products rely on the product itself to sell, product-driven services. With the development of the Internet, more and more companies focus on services to drive sales, thus achieving better competitive results.

Fourth, value and develop e-commerce industry

Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and other major platforms are all over the place, although it is not the original The myth trend, but the powerful drainage of the Internet is still not to be underestimated. E-commerce consumption has gradually become more rational consumption. Consumers search for the sanitary products that meet their needs through the Internet, regardless of shape, price, service, etc., as merchants can do online operations to maximize the role of the Internet.

V. Personalized products enhance appeal

With the development of the times, the consumer core has gradually changed from 60, 70 to 80. 90, consumers become younger, more and more consumers like diversified, personalized products. And focus on the consumer experience. In addition to factors such as brand and style, personalization is also a demand point. If the company’s appeal point is personalized, you can weigh the needs of such consumers. Seize the opportunity for development.

Six, use promotions to increase sales

Promotion is a great way to drive the industry, but the consumer’s concept of consumption is also Increasingmature. Traditional discount promotions have become increasingly incapable of meeting consumer demand. According to the actual situation, according to customer needs, market demand, such as the use of 618 big promotion, double eleven and other specific festivals, launch corresponding promotional activities. Thereby stimulating consumers’ desire to purchase and purchase passion.

Seven, celebrity endorsements increase popularity

Now is the era of national idols. The way ordinary people get information is also increasing. Both 60.70. and 80,90 have their own idols. The corresponding stars can be invited to endorse their own bathroom products, thereby increasing exposure, enhancing product and corporate popularity, and attracting consumers to buy.


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About the bathroom industry, listen to what these big cafés say.

On November 11th, the 2nd member representative conference of China National Hardware Association Sanitary Branch was successfully held at the Marco Polo Hotel in Beijing. At the summit forum of “Innovative Creation, Commitment, and Management”, the guests enthusiastically spoke and made suggestions for the hot-selling houses and the whole house. Shi Lanlan, chairman of the China National Hardware Association, said that she is not optimistic about the whole house customization, and sanitary companies must do a good job of quality.
Xie Li’an: “Three products” strategy, the inevitable road of enterprise development

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, “the heart is nowhere to create innovation and set up a good business.” China Hardware Products Association Sanitary Branch Summit Forum opened on time! Xie Li’an, a researcher at the Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, first delivered a speech entitled “Interpretation of the “Three Products” Strategic Policy of the Consumer Goods Industry.” Xie Li’an pointed out that “three products” are also varieties, quality, and brands. Xie Li’an emphasized that the implementation of the “three-product” strategy is an inevitable requirement to meet the people’s consumption upgrade, an inevitable choice to promote structural reform on the supply side, and the only way to build a light industry and a strong country.

Xie Li’an suggested that enterprises can implement the “three products” strategy from three aspects: First, “increasing varieties” to meet the new demand for diversified consumption, from increasing the supply of high-end consumer goods, improving the level of creative design, and developing Smart health consumer goods, development of national characteristics of consumer goods, etc.; Second, “quality” to promote effective supply capacity, from strengthening quality and precision management, promoting quality inspection and certification, international benchmarking, safeguarding drugs and quality raw materials supply Third, “create a brand” to establish a good image of China’s manufacturing, from the cultivation of well-known brands, improve brand competitiveness, improve the brand service system, and promote brand internationalization.

Hu Yanan: Assembled dwellings, another vent is about to be scraped

Subsequently, Hu Yanan, secretary general of the China Building Decoration Association’s residential component industry branch, gave the theme “Assembled Residential Background” Lecture on the involvement of the sanitary industry in related projects and new market requirements. Hu Yanan pointed out that although China’s prefabricated houses started shortly, they have advanced rapidly, and local governments have successively introduced relevant policies. Hu Yanan stressed that with the advent of prefabricated houses, this will be a huge market for the sanitary industry, because the assembled toilets account for a large proportion.

Hu Yanan said that in terms of the residential market, Vanke’s annual demand for fabricated houses is between 60,000 and 100,000 sets, which is in high demand for ceramic tile products; the annual demand for country-style assembly houses is 50,000-80,000 sets, the whole bathroom will be used in 2016…and the functional buildings such as apartments and nursing homes have a high application rate. Although the sanitary ware enterprises are not familiar with the assembly houses, this expands our production channels, and it takes 10-15 years for the assembled houses to enter the commercial housing, giving the enterprise time to adapt.

Song Jing: Artificial Intelligence, New Trends in the Future

Shen Jing, Executive Director of Hans Geya Sanitary Ware (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. stands in the perspective of foreign companies The industry form was analyzed. Song Jing believes that the current industry has two major production modes: First, large-scale, enterprises to master production factors in a large scale, including production factors, sales factors, market channels, etc., to support the highest efficiency and lowest cost with large-scale economy, Can greatly meet the needs of social material; Second, customization, which requires enterprises to meet the needs of customers for the main goal of enterprise development, to exchange high-quality and high-quality services for the benefit of enterprises, this production model meets the special needs of different customers, and In order to occupy the market segment.

Song Jing believes that the development of all categories, self-contained sanitary ware, customized products, whole house customization, light asset model (cross-border robbery), vertical marketing, digital transformation (artificial intelligence), etc. will be the future New trends in the industry, we must win these trends in the future.

Shi Lanlan: Manufacturing enterprises must do a good job of “three products”

Finally, the chairman of China Hardware Products Association Shi Lanlan made a concluding speech, she Congratulations on the success of the club. At the same time, it also puts forward a sharp view on the “full house customization” that is popular in the whole industry. Shi Lanlan believes that the sanitary industry belongs to the manufacturing industry, and the manufacturing industry has the law of manufacturing. Violating the law will be subject to regular punishment. Whole house customization, I am not optimistic, manufacturing companies are not suitable for the whole house customization. To do the bathroom, you must step by step, steady and steady, and must not be greedy.

The manufacturing industry is striving for the “three products” strategy – variety, quality, brand, which requires us to withstand loneliness, endure time, polish products, polish quality, in order to win consumers, talent To make people’s good lives and make our contribution.
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