Thinking about change: lighting technology and lighting companies in the new era

The lighting industry’s transition from white to LED lights is a disruptive revolution that has driven the lighting industry in the past After several years of rapid growth, as LED lights enter thousands of households, the penetration rate continues to increase, and new problems will follow. Where will the next round of LED lighting growth come from?

June 9th-11th, the 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, thinking about lighting, thinking about change, “enlightenment” The theme conference was successfully held in the pavilion of Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. This theme conference invited global lighting elites and experts, leading companies and high-tech companies inside and outside the industry to cover more than dozens of different topics, focusing on innovations in lighting technology, intelligent things, and the impact of lighting technology changes on the industry. The lighting frontier concept and the latest technology have been heatedly discussed. The opening meeting was hosted by Mr. Tang Guoqing, Chairman of SEMI China LED Industry Committee.

Moderator: Mr. Tang Guoqing, Chairman of SEMI China LED Industry Committee

In the conference, Bao Sifeng, member of the board of directors of Frankfurt Headquarters, and Dr. Pan Wenbo, chairman of Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group and director of Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively. Mr. Bao Sifeng expressed his heartfelt gratitude and warm welcome to all of you. He also said: “The lighting exhibition in Frankfurt is the world’s top industry event and a platform for displaying lighting solutions. We have been investing a lot of resources for a long time. Develop this exhibition market and develop exhibition business across China.”

Mr. Bao Sifeng, Board Member, Frankfurt Head Office

Dr. Pan Wenbo also expressed his warm welcome to the guests and the audience. He also said: “Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is not only a platform for business and trade, but also a grand gathering of industry wisdom and industry experts. The future of lighting is full of possibilities. I hope that participants can enlighten themselves, plan new ideals and bring new breakthroughs.”

Dr. Pan Wenbo, Chairman of Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group and Director of Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd.

The next forum, Mr. Xiang Diming, General Manager of Professional Channels of China, and Mr. Shao Haigang, Director of Development Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., China Mobile Mr. Cao Lei, Manager of IoT Project of Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Han Min, Sales Director of Osram China, Yao Mengming, Lighting Design of China, Mr. Qi Xiaoming, Chief Technology Officer, Director and Deputy General Manager of Op Lighting, Mr. Hong Xiaosong, Vice President of NVC Mr. Gu Na, President and CEO of OSRAM China, and Liu Guoxu, Chief Technology Officer of Yimei Core Technology Co., Ltd., also gave wonderful speeches and exchanges.

The big coffee speaks, the lighting concept is wonderful

Mr. Xiang Diming, General Manager of Professional Channels in China, brings you The speech entitled “NB-IoT Landed?” mainly explained the application of NB-IoT technology in smart cities and smart lighting. He proposed that lighting companies should reflect on whether lighting is a good carrier of the Internet of Things and whether urban road lighting is more meaningful for smart cities. Next, he cited the significance of turning street lights into smart street lights based on NB-IoT, including the management of street lighting assets in cities. He also proposed: “By analyzing data, mining big data, including integration with other smart city-pointing systems and data links, we can see the feasibility of bringing smart management to the city more easily.” He started from the existing products of the company, such as environmental sensors, noise sensors, road sensors, etc., and proposed that the company should conduct two-way in the future.Cooperation and creation.

Mr. Xiang Diming, General Manager of Professional Channels in China,

Mr. Shao Haigang, the director of Huawei’s chip industry development, gave a speech titled “5G, Building a Smart World of Everything.” He first introduced the specific meanings, advantages and disadvantages of eMBB, mMTC, uRLLC; then explained the advantages of NB-IoT and GPRS comparison, including long battery life, gain; low cost and large connection. He also introduced the relationship between 5G and NB-IoT. “The narrowband association in 5G will be implemented by NB-IoT and eMTC. Therefore, the development of NB-IoT technology will carry the large connection part of 5G, and the future 5G Big connections, you can see that most of them will be carried by NB-IoT application technology.” For the specific application of NB-IoT, he listed “Intelligent control of street lighting, road management, water meter, smoke, smoke alarm and Traffic signs” and so on.

Mr. Shao Haigang, Director of Huawei Chip Industry Development

Osram Ms. Lu Yan, Product Director of Asia Pacific, published a report entitled “Future City Development”. She said: “There are three main aspects of the future urban lighting trend: in order to enhance the city’s vitality, urban managers actively expand the city’s nightscape lighting; at the same time seek advanced urban management and new technology to carry out more intelligent implementation; the city is actively Smart city expansion.” However, for the challenges faced in the urban lighting process, companies need to tap these needs. She also stressed that “B2B is to dig deep, to understand the core of the owner’s requirements, only to understand it can make a strong creation.” In the speech, she also focused on the company’s new platform – SymphoCity through pictures and other forms, Includes its system architecture, implemented features, and differences.

Ms. Lu Yan, Product Director, Osram Asia Pacific

Opp Mr. Qi Xiaoming, Chief Technology Officer, Director and Deputy General Manager of Lighting, discussed “cross-border cooperation and creating the value of light”. He first analyzed the current status and changes of the lighting market: including the development of lighting technology, lighting applications and changes in intelligent control methods; and published a view on the smart ecosystem, “We are also an extremely large ecological environment, all In the mobile ecological environment, from the beginning of exploration, development, maintenance, etc., each ecology will be different.” Next, he introduced the process of Ou Pu Lighting’s products from the real needs of users to research and development. He stressed that before the R&D design, it must be sufficient to grasp the performance of the product to be developed and its applicable smart ecosystem. “We have a full understanding of the system architecture, such as sensors, bus structures, APP, communication protocols, These three pieces are the foundation for a true smart lighting solution.”

Mr. Qi Xiaoming, Chief Technology Officer, Director and Deputy General Manager of Op Lighting

Osram China President and CEO Mr. Gu Na gave a speech on “Man and Lighting” from the perspective of OSRAM. The first is OSRAM’s transformational background and new mission. “We must make good use of the potential of lighting to improve people’s lives.” Gu Na said. With the mission, Osram develops from three areas: First, mobile travel, in the context of shared car development, environmental pollution, the pursuit of clean air in big cities and China’s urbanization, mobile travel is an important area. Second, smart cities, China has a large population base, and the market and industry, especially in the digital and electronic industries, have promoted the development of smart cities; the third is smart terminals and smart devices.

Osram China President and Chief Executive OfficerMr. Gu Na

Liu Guoxu, Chief Technology Officer, Yimeixinguang Technology Co., Ltd. The title of Mr.’s speech is “High-light quality, healthy lighting: innovation and development trend of LED packaging devices”. He first introduced the specific connotation of high-quality healthy light sources. “High-quality lighting, first of all comfort, followed by authenticity, that is, saturation of color, then safety and health.” About the provision of high-quality white light, easy MMC proposes two methods, one is to simulate natural light to produce a high-quality full-spectrum light source, and the other is to generate a high-quality full-spectrum light source by modulating color temperature and brightness. At the same time, Mr. Liu Guoxu highlighted the whole spectrum and the natural regulation of circadian rhythm. Finally, he said: “LED lighting has risen from the demand for light efficiency and cost to people’s pursuit of light quality and health. We use phosphor and LED packaging technology to simulate the continuous optical power distribution of standard light sources, reduce high-energy blue light, complement Lack of blue light, enhanced red light, and full spectrum illumination.”

Mr. Liu Guoxu, Chief Technology Officer of Yimeixinguang Technology Co., Ltd.

Expert discussion, intense collision of lighting views

In this seminar on thinking about lighting and thinking about change, the audience is also on the stage, except for the speeches of the industry’s big coffee. The guests conducted in-depth exchanges and conducted in-depth discussions on some doubts in the lighting industry.

Guests talked about their ideas around “new era new lighting.” Shao Haigang said: “The combination with lighting started with NB-IoT. Huawei started the Internet of Things from NB-IoT to promote the development of lighting in smart cities.” Ms. Cao Lei is from the cooperation of China Mobile in the field of intelligent street lamps and the development of 5G networks, emphasizing that smart lighting is closely linked to everyone’s life. Mr. Han Min pointed out that the changes in the lighting industry come from the entry of LEDs and communications, from a system of machining and a little electronic machinery industry to an electronic communication industry; he also stressed that “smart lighting The possibility is that there is huge room for growth.”

Yao Mengming believes that the lighting industry has changed and remains unchanged. The demand for lighting and the enthusiasm for the industry has changed as lighting is becoming more and more important in the entire Chinese market and more people from all industries join the market. Mr. Qi Xiaoming said: “With the development of LED and Internet of Things, the lighting market has changed a lot. We continue to strengthen cooperation and do more beautiful things.” Mr. Hong Xiaosong emphasized from the example of NVC that “lighting is very important.” It is to meet the needs of people’s life forms, and puts forward “how to use lighting means and new technologies to meet our life needs in various forms is a new topic for lighting people.”

For “In the new era, how do companies To change the topic of new lighting, Mr. Shao Haigang elaborated on the combination of NB-IoT and the lighting industry and the price of the chip. Ms. Cao Lei suggested that the company would introduce some sensor technologies and quickly reduce the cost of the lighting industry through scale effects. Han Min uses the words “positioning, focusing, and morphing” to describe the direction of change. Mr. Yao Mengming emphasized that “innovation is still something that must be done.” Mr. Qi Xiaoming believes that enterprises should use the power of the major platforms to create new light values. Mr. Hong Xiaosong said: “We should pay more attention to the concept of ‘human lighting’ in the field of lighting.”

With regard to the change in the theme of our theme “Thinking about change”, Han Min believes that “the changes in the lighting industry are the best time for Chinese companies.” We look forward to With the constant change of the lighting industry and the continuous introduction of new technologies, the lighting industry will usher in a new and better era.


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What is the impact of the price of the window screening?

  The price of the window screening is real and transparent, and there are few cases of deceiving consumers. Now the market is developing more and more stable, and the market consumption is transparent, so the price is on the manufacturers. The quotations are also similar, the amount of the difference is very small, the price of the window screen is mainly affected by the price of the aluminum ingot. As long as the price of the aluminum ingot does not change, the price of the monofilament is stable in a certain period of time.
   Under normal circumstances, the price of the window screen is more than 30% higher than the price of the inferior and ordinary aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, some small factories use recycled aluminum to make doors and windows, which is greatly reduced in cost. Relatively speaking, the price of color aluminum is much lower. The door and window made of aluminum is not as strong as regular. Aluminum products, so the safety is not high, especially when used on the balcony, the danger is very high, so remind consumers that they must not consider safety for the sake of cheap, affecting their own and others’ personal safety.
  The level of performance will also affect the price of the window screen. The high-performance aluminum doors and windows are very careful when selecting materials. Because the performance of doors and windows required in different use positions is different, so pay attention to the strength problem when selecting materials, whether it can withstand high pressure, and whether the air tightness is good. These conditions directly affect the merchant’s quotation. This is also a problem that cannot be ignored.
  Second is the difference in the production process of the window gauze, the price will be different, some merchants work more meticulously, the doors and windows The internal structure of the window frame is very strict, neither air nor water, and it is also unique in the design of the glass. The special airtight strip structure can play a good soundproofing effect. It is also used in the use of the guide wheel. The nylon guide wheel has better durability. Every process procedure is taken seriously, and it is not rude and casually handled. Therefore, it is not only a single price to look at when purchasing, but also depends on quality. Secondly, the production process of the window screen is different, and the price will be different. Some merchants work more meticulously. The exterior structure of the window frame of the door and window is very strict, neither air nor water, and it is unique in the design of the glass. In place, the special airtight strip structure can play a good sound insulation function. The nylon guide wheel is also used in the use of the guide wheel. The durability is better. Every process procedure is taken seriously, and it is not rude. Therefore, when buying, you can’t just look at the price level, but mainly depends on the quality.


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What kind of material is used for bedroom wall decoration?

   What kind of material is used for bedroom wall decoration? The bedroom is the place to live, so it is important that the bedroom is comfortable and safe. Among them, especially the bedroom wall decoration is heavy. The floor decoration is nothing more than floor or marble. The bedroom decoration materials are dazzling, such as tiles, wall covering wallpapers, paints and so on. For consumers, the question of what materials are used for bedroom wall decoration becomes very meaningful. Therefore, today, we will talk about this bedroom wall decoration materials.

   wallpaper, undoubtedly cheap, rich in pattern, very suitable for bedroom decoration and wall decoration, is the most used Wall material. However, its controversy lies in the use of glue, good quality glue contains low formaldehyde, the general glue formaldehyde is too serious, so the environmental protection is very low, although the decoration is beautiful at home, but the long-term residence has a great impact on health, in addition, The life of the wallpaper is short, and the south generally uses less. The perennial plum rain weather is prone to blistering and fading.
  Cool, when it comes to paint, everyone knows that the taste is very pungent, because it contains organic chemicals, among them There are some harmful substances that are well known. The room where the paint is painted generally needs to be placed for about half a year to stay, and the harmful substances cannot be guaranteed to be evaporated. Therefore, when we stay in the newly renovated room for a long time, there will be dizziness and nausea. The environmental protection of paints has always been a controversial issue. At present, there are some publicity paints on the market, but whether it is really environmentally friendly remains to be further verified.
   diatom mud, which is a fire-fighting decoration material in the past few years, it was labeled “to eliminate formaldehyde,” The sign of purifying the air was born, and it is known as a new generation of interior decoration materials that replace wallpaper and latex paint. But now, we rarely see the shadow of diatom mud on the market. CCTV has reported individual diatom mud. Radioactive elements are seriously exceeded. Moreover, diatom mud products are not equal to 100% diatom mud. According to the current definition of diatom mud, as long as diatom mud material is added, it can be called diatom mud product, so even diatom is natural safety. However, other materials added to it may cause diatom mud to exceed the standard.
   integrated wall, there are three materials, one material is aluminum-manganese alloy, sound-insulating foam material, aluminum foil three-layer pressing It is made of nanofibers, and the other material is made of bamboo wood fiber as the main material and extruded at high temperature. At present, there are many bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall surfaces on the market. This wall material belongs to wood products. The formaldehyde content is E0, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat-insulating and heat-insulating. It does not use a drop of glue during the decoration process, and the installation method is very Fast, villa decoration and tooling are more used, the price is slightly more expensive than traditional materials, but it saves a lot of labor costs, the installation only needs skilled woodworkers, the cost is more suitable for tooling.

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The red light fixture selected by 80 and 90

Speaking of the favorite “red light” after 80s and 90s It must be inseparable from a person, she is the lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. Molecular Lights The best-selling molecular light in 2017 was created by her. This edition of the small series takes you into the world of different lamps. It is like a piece of art, it is no longer a simple lighting, but represents More young people’s tastes.

01 This is an art

#1.Designer Lindsey Adelman

“I always noticed the difference in people’s manners, feeling more relaxed or nervous It depends on the lighting. This is part of my interest and the way this truly open form of exploration. The light itself is completely illusory. You can change it, but you can’t really control it. Such things must be interesting.

Lindsey Adelman is an outstanding lighting designer. Her work is always full of surprises, from the strange shape, free and flexible, through the dreamy molecular lights, to the full-featured branch lights, the romantic tassel lights, and wrote one after another myth.

The custom cycle of the chandelier is very long, all done independently by Lindsey Adelman’s team From the blowing of glass to the grinding of metal, the assembly of each component to ensure the quality of the finished product. This is not a lamp, but a piece of art.

#2. Trends in Fashion-Molecular Lights

To say that 2017 home improvement popular keywords, must be inseparable from “molecular lights”, in the first and second tier cities, especially the Nordic style, the molecular lights can be described as brilliant, contracted 80 After the new home after 90s.

02 Application of molecular lights

#1. Restaurant

We found that the most widely used area of ​​molecular lamps, usually in the restaurant at home, shines with blingbling molecular lights, giving everyone a bit more when dining. Fun. Lighting, not just lighting, it is a good assistant to adjust the atmosphere.

We found that even if there is no gorgeous decoration, the clean home decoration style, the flexibility of the mix, the modernized molecular lights, the whole house looks smart.

#2. Living room

The shape of this molecular light is not unusual, it is quite eye-catching and very creative.

#3. Bedroom

Molecular lights can also be used in the bedroom, open the molecular lights at night, everything is like in the fairy tale world It is so romantic and sentimental.

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Buying curtains, it’s enough to see this guide.

Summary: Curtains are one of the essential elements in home soft decoration, not just for sunshading Or to protect the privacy of the “decoration”, you can also beautify the decoration of the home and improve the taste of life. How to choose the curtains that meet your own personality needs and are in harmony with the overall interior decoration style is a problem that every owner will consider before soft decoration.

  Curtain is in home soft decoration One of the indispensable content, it is not only a “decoration” used to cover the sun or protect privacy, but also to beautify the decoration of the home and enhance the taste of life. How to choose the curtains that meet your own personality needs and are in harmony with the overall interior decoration style is a problem that every owner will consider before soft decoration.

  Curtain fabric texture Choice

   First of all, you need to understand the texture of the curtains, currently mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic , aluminum alloy, etc. When choosing the texture of the curtain, you should consider the function of the room. For example, the bathroom and the kitchen should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style is simple and smooth. Luxury and beautiful fabrics can be chosen in the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are the places we should worry about. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure privacy and sleep comfort. The study curtains should have good light transmission performance and bright colors. They use elegant colors to make people stand in the middle, and they have a stable mood, which is conducive to work and study. The choice of curtain fabric texture should also consider the seasonal factors. Summer curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk to make it breathable and cool; in winter, thick woolen cloth should be used, thick and warm; floral curtains should be suitable for all seasons, but especially spring is lively. Bright.

  Curtain thickness And the choice of strictness

  This should be considered according to the surrounding environment. If the room is in the upper level, the outdoor space is empty and can be moved to the thin type. Gorgeous, elegant, soft and elegant; on the contrary, the room is in a densely populated, noisy place or at the bottom of the building, choose a thicker. Like blinds, it controls both luminosity and air permeability without affecting the display of items in front of the window.

  Curtain color Choose

  Because the curtains occupy a large area in the living room, and are in the brightest part, so choose the interior The tones of the walls, floors and furnishings match to create a harmonious and harmonious environment. The walls are white or lightly ivory, the furniture is yellow or grey, and the curtains should be orange. The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be white and blue. The walls are yellow or light yellow, the furniture is purple, black or brown, and the curtains should be yellow or golden. The walls are pale green, the furniture is yellow, green or brown, and the curtains are preferably green or grass green.

  The choice of curtain color should also consider the use and season of the room. The living room should be chosen dark, and it looks like a grand party. Older room, optional dark flowers and natural color. The room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and colorful to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn are suitable for medium color, such as beige, light dark green, yellow, pink, etc.; summer is white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green, etc.; winter should use brown, dark green, purple , dark coffee and other colors.

  Curtain fabric pattern Choices

   There are two main types of curtain fabrics, namely: abstract (also called geometry), such as square, Circles, stripes and other shapes, and natural material patterns (such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.). When choosing a curtain pattern, it should be noted that the curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect of pleating should be considered. It is not advisable to choose a beveled surface for the curtain pattern, otherwise it will cause a sense of tilt. Large rooms should have a horizontal pattern.

  Curtain bigSmall choices

  The length of the curtains is slightly longer than the window sill to avoid the wind and curtains, and the outside is exposed. The width of the curtain depends on the width of the window, so it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should have wider curtains to block the seemingly extraneous walls on either side. Also, whether the curtains are pleated or double-layered, it is necessary to choose according to each person’s preference. The pleating has a rhythmic beauty that changes dynamically; the double-layered curtains have a unique effect inside and outside.

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Paint company emissions will have new regulations on July 1

[Zhangshangbao Building Materials Network] The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued a document (Environmental Letter [2017] No. 565), soliciting “Coating , Ink and Adhesive Industry Air Pollutant Emission Standards (Draft for Comment), “Volatile Organic Compounds Unorganized Emission Control Standards” (Draft for Comment), two national environmental protection standards.

   At present, the standard preparation unit has prepared a draft for the completion of the standard, and solicits opinions from the relevant units on the standard, and requests feedback before May 25, 2017.

  The “Emission Standards for Air Pollutants for Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives” is specified in the Industrial Air Pollutant Emission Limits, Monitoring, Supervision and Management Requirements for Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives. Applicable to the management of atmospheric pollutants in existing coatings, inks and adhesives industrial enterprises or production facilities, as well as environmental impact assessment of coatings, inks and adhesives industrial construction projects, environmental protection facilities design, completion acceptance and commissioning After the management of atmospheric pollutant emissions.

   Existing enterprises will implement the existing standards from January 1, 2019. From July 1, 2017, new enterprises will implement the new air pollutant emission limit standards.

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Violation of the rules “breaking the ground”, these sites “sealing time” extended for 15 days!

Zhengzhou City Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Team, on March 11th, notified several units that violated the regulations, and will strictly follow the legal procedures. The existing problems were investigated and processed, and the time for sealing the units notified was delayed by 15 days.

According to the “Zhengzhou City Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Leading Group’s Notice on the Period of Some People’s Livelihood Projects during the Heating Season” (Zhenghuan Tengjian [2018] No.1), Early Warning Control and “Bounding Action” On March 11, the municipal supervision team focused on the supervision and spot checks on the implementation of emergency response measures for heavy polluted weather in the counties (cities, districts), development zone management committees and relevant municipal units, and will now report serious problems discovered by the supervisors. As follows:

Supervisory Information

——High-tech Zone-

Greening project on both sides of the west extension of the West Third Ring Road in the State High-tech Zone

1. Address: East side of Shisu Gangou Bridge, West Third Ring Road

2. There is a problem: 1 during red control Land leveling operation, no dust-proof measures were taken; 2 large areas of loess were exposed; 3 roads were muddy, no flushing equipment at the entrances and exits, and vehicles with mud on the road seriously polluted the road surface.

3. Supervisory unit: High-tech Zone Garden Bureau

4. Territorial supervision unit: High-tech Zone Municipal Administration

5. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: 1 City Construction Committee takes the lead, high-tech zone Coordination, administrative punishment shall be imposed on the construction unit according to law; 2 The high-tech zone shall urge the implementation of the rectification in place.

——Zhengdong New District-

Zhengdong New District Longxiang First Street Municipal Road Project

1. Address: Xinrong Road and Xinhui Road (Longxiang 1st Street Section)

2. There are problems: 1 during the red warning control, illegal earth and stone operations, no dust and dust suppression measures; 2 road construction dust is thick, dust is serious; 3 illegal open air mixing; 4 no enclosure measures (80% missing); 5 Most materials are uncovered.

3. Project related information

Construction Unit (Party A): Henan Donglong Holdings Co., Ltd.

Construction Unit (Party B) Zhengzhou First Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Supervisor: Zhengzhou Yutong Municipal Public Works Supervision Co., Ltd.

Supervisory Unit: Zhengdong New District Construction Environmental Protection Agency

Regional supervision unit: Longhu Office, Zhengdong New District

4. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: 1 City Construction Committee takes the lead, Zhengdong New District cooperates, and administrative punishment is imposed on the construction unit according to law; 2 Zhengdong New District urges the implementation of rectification in place

——Airport Experimental Area-

Greening of the Four Ports Linkage Avenue (Yanhuang Road to Renmin Road Section)

1. Address: Airport District Four Port Linkage Avenue (opposite to Minggang Office)

2. There are problems: 1 During the red warning and control, the landscaping operation is carried out in violation of regulations, without any dust reduction and dust suppression measures; 2 privately opening multiple entrances and exits, and without any Flushing facilities, vehicles with mud on the road; 3 construction area is thicker dust, serious dust.

3. Project related information

Construction Unit (Party A): Zhengzhou Airport District Hangsheng Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd.

Construction unit (Party B): China Railway Seventh Bureau, five divisions

Supervisor: Zhengzhou Zhongxing Supervision Co., Ltd.

Supervisory Unit: Environmental Protection Zone Construction Environmental Protection Bureau

Local supervision unit: Airport Port Area Minggang Office

4. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: the aviation port experimental area shall impose administrative punishment on the construction unit according to law, and urge the implementation of the rectification to Bit.

——Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.-

(1) The third section of the West Extension and Railway Crossing Project of Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou City

1. Address: West End and Railway Intersection of Jinshui Road

2. There is a problem: the construction road in the 1st area is not hardened, the cleaning of the road is not timely, and the dust is thick; 220% of the loess is barely covered; 3 No welding smoke collecting device; 4 No sprinkling spray dust reduction measures were used during construction.

3. Project related information

Construction Unit (Party A): Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

Construction Unit (Party B): China Railway 15 Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Regulatory unit: Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

4. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: 1 City Construction Committee will impose administrative punishment on the construction unit according to law; 2 Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd. urges the implementation of the rectification in place.

(2) The fourth section of the West Extension and Railway Crossing Project of Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou City

1. Address: West End and Railway Intersection, Jinshui Road

2. There are problems: 1 the construction road and the security road are not cleaned in time, there is thick dust; 2 the vehicle washing facilities are not installed, the vehicle has the soil road; the materials in the 3 areas (cement, Dasha) are stacked in the open air, not covered. 4: The sprinkler installation is not installed in the fence. The base is not installed according to the standard and cannot prevent the outflow of sewage from the construction site.

3. Project related information

Construction Unit (Party A): Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

Construction Unit (Party B): China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Supervisor: Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Railway Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd.

Supervisory Unit: Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

4. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: 1 City Construction Committee will impose administrative punishment on the construction unit according to law; 2 Zhengzhou Urban Construction Group Limited funding supervise the implementation of rectification in place.


Zhengzhou Haotian Concrete Co., Ltd.

1. Address: Marin Village, Yangjin Road Office

2. There are problems: 1 illegal production during the orange control (March 9th, 10th). The cleaning of the 2 areas was not timely, and the materials spilled and the dust was thick. 3 The power box was sealed on February 22, and production continued on March 9 and 10. 4 There is obvious failure in the dust collector of the mixing building. A large-scale exhaust fan is set up privately, and the dust is discharged directly to the outside environment. 5 A large amount of waste on the north side of the silo is stacked in the open air, the cover is not strict, and the dust is thick. 6 The east side of the silo is not hardened, the loess is bare, and the environment is dirty.

3. Project related information

Supervisory Unit: Jinshui District Environmental Protection Agency

Local supervision unit: Yangjin Road Office, Jinshui District

4. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: 1 City Environmental Protection Agency takes the lead, Jinshui District cooperates, according to law The enterprise imposed administrative punishment; 2 Jinshui District urged the rectification to be in place.

——27 District-

(1) Liuzhuang Village resettlement site

1. Address: Erqi South Fourth Ring Road, Liantian Road and southwest of Clifford Avenue

2. There are problems: 1 during the red warning period, the trench culvert is excavated for earthwork; 2 the site dust spray gun is not put into use; 3 the loess bare exposed area is up to ten Yu Mu; 4 on-site mortar mixing did not take dust-proof measures; 5 construction materials are not covered.

3. Project related information

Construction Unit (Party A): Shanghai Greenland Construction Group

Construction Unit (Party B): Shanghai Greenland Construction Group

Supervisory Unit: II Seven District Construction Bureau

Local supervision unit: Houzhai Township, Erqi District

4. Dispose of opinions on the enterprise: 1 City Construction Committee takes the lead, and the Erqi District cooperates to impose administrative punishment on the construction unit according to law; 2 The Erqi District urged the rectification to be in place.

(2) South Fourth Ring Road Sheng’an Road Primary School Project

1. Address: Erqi District Road and Northwest of Sheng’an Road

2. There are problems: 1. There are no welding fumes in many places in the open-air welding operation; the construction materials (Dasha, stone) are not covered by open storage; the roads in the factory are thick and dusty. Vehicles are visible through the visible dust; living garbage in the living area can not be cleaned everywhere; on-site concrete pump truck maintenance site, multiple oil on the ground.

3. Project related information

Construction Unit (Party A): Erqi District Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

Construction Unit (Party B): Jiangsu Shuntong Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Supervisor: Henan Huadu Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Regulatory unit: Territorial District Construction Bureau Territorial Supervision Unit: Houzhai Township, Erqi District

4. Dealing with the company: 1 city The Construction Committee takes the lead and cooperates with the Erqi District to impose administrative penalties on the construction units according to law; the 2-27 District urges the rectification to be in place.


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A.O.Smith mini type reverse osmosis water purifier breaks through the market 100% cabinet installation worry-free

 In recent years, China’s industrialization process has been rapid, and people’s material living standards have been continuously improved. The pollution of water sources such as heavy metals has become increasingly serious. Many consumers have begun to choose a reverse osmosis water purifier to protect their family’s drinking water safety. But when you carefully selected a reverse osmosis water purifier, you found that the height of your cabinet was not enough.

  AO Smith Water Purification R&D team during user survey I found this problem, in-depth research and innovation, developed this integrated waterway composite patented MAX3.0 long-acting reverse osmosis water purifier, which perfectly solved the pain point of consumers, and held the 2018 Chinese home appliance in Shanghai on March 8. And the Consumer Electronics Show (AWE) made its debut.

  Collection A number of innovative technologies are reduced by 10% to only 43cm, and the volume is saved by 1/3. The installation is safe under the cabinet

   reverse osmosis water purifier as a “safeguard” for household drinking water, is a high-tech product with super multi-core components and complex waterway structure. In order to meet the consumer’s demand for large flow and long life of reverse osmosis filter, the reverse osmosis water purifier will become larger and larger. It is difficult to break the industry’s problems by satisfying the needs of consumers and ensuring the size of the machine.

   Nearly 30 senior water treatment engineers at AO Smith This problem, painstaking research for nearly 2 years, repeated testing of the waterway structure and composite filter core formula, finally innovatively developed this integrated waterway composite reverse osmosis water purifier. It innovatively uses integrated integrated waterway and high-efficiency 5-in-1 composite filter to create a more compact body. Compared with the traditional water purifier, the height is reduced by 10% to only 43cm, and the volume is saved by 1/3. The installation under the cabinet is no longer limited. The one-piece integrated waterway design reduces the number of traditional water purifier joints from 23 to 9, effectively reducing the volume of the water purifier and at the same time, the pressure bearing performance is better to prevent the risk of water leakage. The high-efficiency 5-in-1 composite filter element combines the original multi-stage filter material, reducing the volume of the 3-stage filter element and ensuring the same filtering effect. It also carries the patented MAX3.0 long-acting reverse osmosis filter core of A.O. Smith’s core technology, which effectively filters out heavy metals and has a filter life of up to three years, ensuring long-term safety of household drinking water.

 Decrypt a century-old master AO Smith, innovative technology Trustworthy

  1874, AO Smith Founded in Wisconsin, USA, the company has a history of 144 years and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (code AOS). At present, AO Smith’s market value has exceeded 10 billion US dollars and has been successfully selected into the S&P 500 constituent stocks. Became a “American well-known corporate club.” The innovative concept of “searching for a better way” has always been the core idea that A.O. Smith has implemented. It is precisely because of the persistent pursuit of innovation, A.O. Smith has developed more than 100 patented black technologies, leading the industry’s technological changes, and has been unanimously recognized in the industry. In the future, we will continue to carry out technological innovation and effectively protect consumers’ drinking water safety.

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Smart home VS healthy home, who makes people more “lazy”?

[Guide] AI empowerment is no longer unfamiliar, and smart homes have penetrated into the market. In the social development, the lazy economy is prevalent. From when, convenient and comfortable cost-effective has become an important factor for consumers to consider when purchasing. Healthy home and smart home, which one is more lazy?

[Editor’s note] Internet Under the tide of +, all industries can not be avoided, smart home from the emergence of the concept to the emergence of a huge market, in the middle of the AI’s big integration. However, the current smart home market is large, but the road ahead is long. While AI is empowering the industry, the new term “healthy home” is also slowly coming. Hiding the “fool mode”, highlighting the wisdom side, compared to the current “semi-intelligent” stage of the smart home in the domestic market, healthy homes seem to go faster on the road to make people lazy.

This article was first published in Sina Home, author 婉璟; edited by Yiou, for industry reference.

In the past, smart homes became the “next slogan” in the eyes of the public under the tide of “Internet +”, and many Hollywood sci-fi films The imagination of the future will also make countless smart powders wait. Anything can be turned on with one button. Any mode can be controlled by voice. The work has been exhausted. I can’t let me enjoy the treatment of Wang at home.

So, smart homes that are dedicated to making people more and more lazy are springing up. You want to use the APP to change the lights in your home. The hall is bright, I will call a scorpion to let the bathtub automatically water; you want to connect everything with a switch, I use the router to stir the whole world… voice control, timing control, scene control, aiming to make smart home into the intelligence of just-needed products The company is vowed.

But as of now, the development of the entire domestic market in the field of smart home is still in the ascendant stage.

Some people say that because most of the current smart home concept is more than actual, some people say that some smart products are not smart enough, but make simple things more complicated. Some people say that because everyone wants to be an intelligent hub, it is difficult for different brand products to achieve mutual control and mutual control… But no matter what, since “Father of modern science fiction” Jules Verne said “but mortal can imagine Something must be realized, and the historical changes of thousands of years have indeed verified this. One day in the future, who can say that the Iron Man’s House will not appear in ordinary people’s homes?

“Healthy Home” is more lazy

and compete in smart homes At the same time, the author found that around this field, a product category that was originally called a niche, “healthy home”, was getting faster and faster on the road of laziness.

On May 18th, A.O. Smith Environmental Appliances Global Super Research Base was officially unveiled and announced in Nanjing. The total investment of the project is about 940 million yuan. The total planned area is 350 mu. The first phase of the plant will mainly produce household and commercial water purifiers, air purifiers and water softeners.

Unexpectedly, Midea’s central air-conditioner also opened the nation’s first offline front-loading store, bringing together consumers’ “smart home, central air-conditioning, and whole house heating” “The whole house smart environment system solution” of seven major categories of home appliances such as central hot water, central fresh air, lighting, and whole house water purification. At the new category conference, Boss Electric has released a professional kitchen cleaning system, the Domino Integrated Machine, which integrates the agricultural waste purification sink, the powerful dishwasher and the strong filter water purifier. This year, since the AWE Home Appliances China Environmental Health Appliances Summit Forum in March, from April 23 to May 5, in just 13 days, there will be GWPS·2018 air purification and fresh air purification industry summit; GWPS2018 worldwide Water Purification Market Summit; Shanghai International Indoor Environment, Air Purification and Fresh Air System Exhibition; CAPE China Net Expo four major events were held in Beijing and Shanghai. It must be said that the “fire” of healthy home appliances is closely related to the market demand, and it is also related to the faster iteration of product updates and the improvement of functions.

In recent years, with the improvement of health awareness among domestic consumers, the quality of the home environment has become more and more concerned, especially the new middle class and two children. Policies have reduced indoor air pollution, improved indoor air quality, and regularly tested their body weight, body fat indicators, healthy drinking water and even healthy water, etc… to become the pursuit of most Chinese families. For example, the initial air purifier is mainly based on the influence of smog. Now people buy purifiers, which are aimed at daily purification, including functions such as removing formaldehyde and removing allergens.

Healthy home use “hidden fool mode” to capture consumer market

And relatively smart home, health appliances, most of the “fool” mode for service users are often hidden inadvertently, allowing users to enjoy safety and comfort while naturally lazy. For example, in April this year, Dyson Beijing released a new generation of Dyson Pure Cool? air purification fan, which can only be single-sided out of the previous generation. The new product can combine fluid dynamics and filtration system experience to cover all corners of the space in a circular clean air mode. Air pollution problem. Paul Dawson, vice president of global health and beauty, said: “The function of home air purification products should not be limited to purification itself, but also to automatically monitor pollutants, capture harmful gases and ultrafine particles and spray clean air. Cover all corners.

The AO Smith formaldehyde purifier, which has been unveiled before the show and will be launched this year, also thinks of this: through the accurate digital monitoring technology of formaldehyde, high precision Formaldehyde sensor, AO Smith accurate formaldehyde concentration to 2 decimal places, greatly improve the sensor’s anti-interference ability, increase the accuracy of sensor monitoring. Then through the innovative high-efficiency formaldehyde removal technology, the formaldehyde adsorption efficiency is more than 2 times, and Developed a new formula to uniformly attach the surface of the activated carbon to the aldehyde crystal, increasing its active adsorption force and the ability to capture formaldehyde.

瞧, an automatic capture + automatic elimination So that consumers can get what they want without knowing it. In other radiation-healthy home appliances, such a personal doctor-like care is also ubiquitous.

For example, the temperature and humidity balance function of Dajin’s all-purpose home central air conditioner can automatically adjust indoor air from three dimensions of air temperature, humidity and airflow. The comfort level allows you to enjoy the best body feeling when you are lazy in bed. For example, Aiyou specializes in the use of micro-static technology to solve the trouble of replacing the filter after purchasing purifying products. Products, in addition to the toilets all year round warm as spring, automatic washing, automatic drying and other functions, you can also complete your blood pressure, blood sugar, fat and other work while you are in the toilet.

Through these nuances, it is not difficult to see that , compared to the current smart home products in the process of turning smart into just needed, in order to allow users to use, may use, More to use, in order to allow users to spend more time in the use of their own products, and constantly add more and more cross-domain other functions, healthy home products have been insisting that users do less worry, Less operation, and the built-in self-circulation, self-cleaning, self-sufficiency and other smart functions in the health home products themselves.

Not deliberate, Under normal living conditions, You had time to think, and does not require you to go hands-on, take the initiative to give it to you. This is a health appliances intimate care, which is not exactly healthy lazy smart appliances followed?


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What kind of wooden floor is good? How much is a wooden floor?

  For flooring materials, in addition to the application of tiles, many users also choose wooden flooring, wood flooring has a natural texture, soft color, comfortable feet Therefore, there are more and more people who lay wooden floors, but for the layman, what kind of wooden floor is good and the price of the wooden floor is not known, let’s go up with the small series!

  What kind of wooden floor is good
  What kind of wooden flooring is good? At present, the wooden flooring in China can be roughly divided into three types, namely solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring, and the wooden flooring of these materials is also More suitable for indoor decoration, let’s take a closer look.

  Solid floor
  The solid wood floor is made of natural materials. It is non-toxic and odorless. It is a relatively environmentally friendly wooden floor. After laying the wooden floor indoors, walking barefoot on it will feel very comfortable and solid wood. The floor has a good warmth effect, the hardness is also relatively high, and the loss is large during production and processing, so the market price is also high.

   The structure of the parquet can be divided into three layers, namely the table, the core and the bottom three layers. The structure of the surface layer acts as a wear-resistant and flame-retardant function, belonging to the decorative layer, so when selecting, it is necessary to select a variety of hard texture and beautiful texture. The following core and bottom are adhered by glue, and also have the advantage of wear resistance. However, his shortcoming is that the life is short and the decorative layer is easily damaged.

   laminate flooring
   laminate flooring is made of medium-density or high-density fiberboard and particleboard, and has good stability. The floor of this material has good wear resistance, resistance to cigarette burning and scratch resistance. And the pollution resistance, so the wooden floor of this material is also the most used by people at home.

  How much is a square of wood flooring

   The price of wood flooring is mainly determined by the value of wood, processing, storage and transportation costs. If the cost of raw materials for wood flooring is high, the cost of finished products will be high. . Here are some examples of the price of wooden flooring:

   Maple and birch wood flooring prices are at 180 ~350 yuan / square;

   oak wood flooring prices are around 250~450 yuan / square; /span>

  The price of teak wood flooring is around 300~450 yuan/square;

   Black walnut flooring prices range from 300 to 500 yuan / square.

   There are many factors affecting the price of wood flooring, such as the brand, model, craft and manufacturer of wood flooring Different, the price of wooden flooring will also vary.

   Summary: What kind of wooden floor is good, or depends on the situation, because the area purchased Different, so the price of wooden flooring will be different. For the above knowledge about what kind of wooden floor is good and how much the wooden floor is squared, you can refer to it.

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