American scientists use natural nanotechnology to develop new incandescent lamps

Since the 19th century, the birth of traditional incandescent bulbs has been a great boon for mankind. But the extremely low energy conversion efficiency has gradually eliminated it, and people are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Finally, incandescent bulbs are also ushered in spring. Scientists in the United States have invented a new type of incandescent lamp that uses its own residual heat to illuminate again, making efficient use of energy.

Researchers at the new light bulb say that in the era of today’s traditional energy-saving lamps (compact fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs), if this new technology is used to its fullest, it can save a lot of energy.

Incandescent lamps illuminate through the heat of a wire (usually a tungsten wire). The heat reached nearly 2700 degrees Celsius. High temperatures cause the wires to emit visible light, but this is not the light that is emitted by all of the heat. It also produces a lot of radiation that we can’t see, such as infrared light. This means that more than 95% of the energy is wasted due to heat.

This also explains why incandescent lamps are increasingly being replaced by more energy-efficient CFL lamps and LED lamps. But can we find a way to use the excess heat and energy to change the sadness of the incandescent lamp being eliminated? This is exactly what MIT’s researchers are trying to solve. They invented a light bulb that would “recycle light.” There are two steps.

In the first step, they made a traditional incandescent bulb with a hot wire.

In the second step, the researchers made a mysterious device installed around the filament. This device is in the form of a photonic crystal that recovers the excess radiation generated by the filament and becomes visible light.

The challenge for researchers is to find a material that reflects both infrared and visible light.

One of the researchers, OgnjenIlic said: “The key development in the whole process is to design a photonic structure that allows the bulb to emit visible light while reflecting infrared light at a wide angle. Traditional photonic structures often have only one angle of incidence. Our challenge is to extend its optical properties to multiple incident angles.

This structure invented by researchers is related to nanostructures and can be described as natural nanotechnology. This technology enables the energy efficiency of the newly developed new bulb to reach 6.6%, which is three times higher than the 2-2-3% of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Although the current energy efficiency is not as high as CFL lamps (7-13%) or LED lamps (5-13%), researchers believe that this technology can achieve 40% energy efficiency in the future. . This means that one day we can still see the incandescent bulbs on the supermarket shelves.

Researchers feel that there is still a long way to go before energy-saving light bulbs can be realized. One of the research members, Marin Soljai, said: “Because LED lights are a strong competitor, people have a good reason to buy it. But understanding these basic light or other principles is still important to the buyer.

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What is the gift for the Spring Festival?

What is the annual ceremony? It is the best gift to share the most authentic and authentic products with the most respected friends and most respected guests. It can truly represent the characteristics of Chongqing people.

What are you going to do? It’s a big problem for everyone, sending relatives, sending leaders, Send a friend… Anyway, all kinds of delivery. Then, as a native of Chongqing, among the many Chongqing specialties, let’s focus on each other!

Hot pot bottom material

To Chongqing cuisine, probably everyone will be the first to think of the spicy hot pot of Chongqing, in addition to eating hot pot, hot pot bottom material is a major feature, whether it is Chongqing locals or foreign friends bring home, are essential . The hot pot bottom material in Chongqing is a wide variety, and the choice of people is dazzling. The following small series will briefly introduce several models:

Rice nest hot pot bottom material —— currently Chongqing hot pot bottom material, including Rich in butter, old hot pot taste, Chongqing’s major supermarkets have their point of sale, every time you pass by, smell the thick butter flavor and drool.

Liu Yishou hot pot bottom material —— currently Chongqing hot pot bottom material, rich in butter, old hot pot taste, Chongqing major supermarkets have their sales points, every time passing by smells thick The thick aroma of butter is drooling.

Chongqing Deyiba Dam old hot pot bottom material —— inheriting the base formula of Chongqing authentic old hot pot, using natural high-quality raw and auxiliary materials to prepare, resolutely implement the first safety and health policy to ensure Each base material allows the user to eat spicy and spicy Chongqing hot pot, while eating at ease.

Finally, don’t forget the authentic Chongqing hot pot sesame oil!


Chongqing people’s favorite “咂巴儿大集, porcelain mouth Chen Twist + Hechuan peach slice + Jiangjin rice candy, whether it is Chinese New Year Family gatherings or gatherings of friends, whether it is together or not, playing or playing mahjong, “咂巴儿 is essential, in addition to all kinds of nuts, these Chongqing specialties are more popular, send a “&巴儿大礼包It is definitely a icing on the cake, people are loved!

Chongqing sausage, Bacon

Sausage and bacon are essential foods for the Chongqing People’s Dinner. Just entering the twelfth lunar month, Chongqing entered the sausage and bacon hot production, the vegetable market, the roadside, also set up a smoked shed, let people feel the breath of the new year. Chengkou “Old bacon follows the folk processing recipe with more than 500 years of history, and is carefully smoked by special traditional techniques. Sausages and bacon also make the northerners love it.

Chongqing Facets

Authentic Chongqing taste, in addition to hot pot?

Full Street Chongqing small noodle restaurant, roadside small noodle stall, a bowl of hot Chongqing hot noodles in the morning, boiling us all day long spirit.

As one of the most representative of Chongqing’s specialties, Chongqing Xiaobian is not the only food that can be eaten in the noodle restaurant, but can be brought to any place in the world. .

Ten cooking art is looking for the top 50 in Chongqing, and the most representative brand of small noodles in the selection: the most important taste, the most authentic, the most healthy, the youngest fashion … … carefully packaged Designed to give you the most authentic Chongqing facets to your loved ones and friends in the most respected way.

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Xue Hui Neng, founder of Haihuike: Promoting the construction of high-quality imported goods direct sales system

For a long time, the lack of price advantage and the homogenization of products have always plagued the development of many domestic imported goods stores. With the national series of tax reduction and customs clearance facilitation initiatives, industry opportunities have opened up. In Chongqing, there is a star enterprise —— Chongqing Yangzhan Shopping Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is relying on a unique business model to deeply solve the pain points of the above industries.

It is reported that the company will launch its first direct selling brand of imported goods —— Haihuike. Relying on the unique overseas collection and domestic direct sales model, more types, better quality, more competitive prices of imported goods can truly enter the homes of ordinary people. Yesterday, the reporter talked to Xue Guoneng, chairman of Chongqing Yangzhan Shopping Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., to interpret the business password of Haihuike.


Overseas brands are about to break into the Chinese market

Recently, the State Council announced that it will further reduce the import tariffs on overseas consumer goods from July 1 this year. Many domestic consumer goods, which are closely related to the needs of residents, have fallen by more than 60% after this tariff adjustment. According to industry insiders, this has released a clear signal: in the future, the threshold for overseas brands to enter the country will be greatly reduced, and the era of foreign goods will come.

Xue Guoneng told reporters that in the past, domestic distributors sold more imported goods on a few of them. In fact, in foreign countries, many products, regardless of quality or price, far exceed the current explosive products in the country. The current proportion of good products entering the country, accounting for less than 5%.

For example, an imported lactic acid bacteria product has a lactic acid bacteria content of only 1 in China, and another product in the country of the brand has a lactic acid bacteria content of 3. Don’t look at the gap between the two gradients. The former can only be consumed when it reaches the stomach. The latter can reach the intestines and produce good results. The point is that in terms of price, the latter has just entered the domestic market, so the price is much lower than the former.

Xue Guoneng said that since last year, Yangzhan has expanded its supply chain business based on the traditional O2O store business and created a company’s Haitao direct sales platform called “Haihuike”. It is to help these products with high cost performance enter the domestic market, so that more Chinese can enjoy better products at lower prices.

Layout Haihuike

Promote direct sales model to benefit consumers

What is the business model of Haihuike? In this regard, Xue Guoneng said that the advantages of Haihuike are mainly concentrated in three parts.

The first is to promote more new products into China through a strict selection mechanism. Yangzhan will build overseas warehouses in overseas brands such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States, and will select new products that are more cost-effective and of better quality than the existing domestic products, and purchase them into China to change existing imports. The drawback of serious homogenization of goods.

Secondly, through the direct sales model, the intermediate links are saved to the consumer. As a direct sales platform, Haihuike has changed the sales channels of imported goods in the past, and sold them directly to consumers after overseas purchases, greatly reducing the selling price of overseas products. On the terminal channel, Haihuike will deploy more than 1,000 retail outlets in the business circle within two years. Among them, the focus will be on the development of the southwest region to ensure that ordinary people in the southwestern region can buy cheap foreign goods at their doorsteps.

Once again, through identity tracing, Haitao completely bid farewell to the “fake troubles.” All of Haihuike’s products are sourced from traceable sources, third-party insurance companies are underwritten, and fake ones are lost.

Experience is king

Let imported products feel and try


These newly imported imported goods are not familiar to domestic consumers. If they simply rely on the distribution of goods to many companies, consumers will definitely not buy them. The Haihui customers of Yangzhan will focus on the consumer experience and linkage brands. Let’s open up the domestic market and let consumers feel and experience new imported products at close range.

Here, on the one hand, consumers can see new foreign products that are not seen anywhere else, many of which will enter China for the first time; on the other hand, they can feel detailed about specific products here. Experience, consult, choose the most suitable imported products. In addition, the store invites overseas professionals to interact with each other every year to answer questions for consumers. For example, an Australian pharmacist can be invited to conduct an authoritative interpretation of the current Australian milk powder formula and target population, and recommend the most suitable imported milk powder for Bao Ma, and enjoy the guidance and services of professionals.

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Binzhou Quality Inspection Institute holds German testing agency to promote kitchen utensils export

On the 13th, in the conference room of the town government of Xingfu Town, Boxing County, Mr. Sandel &middot, the European visa officer of TÜV Rheinland; Mr. Saab signed a cooperation agreement with Dou Shouxi, the director of Binzhou Quality Inspection Institute. The signing of this agreement marks the cooperation between the two parties in the quality inspection of commercial kitchen utensils. The TÜV Rheinland Group will help Binzhou kitchenware products to enter the European market more smoothly.

TUV Rheinland is a leading international technology service provider. Since its establishment in Cologne in 1872, the Group has established 500 service networks in 65 countries and regions, and has obtained qualifications from many countries around the world. It can conduct a wide range of product conformity testing and type certification to make products conform to local countries and markets. Provisions. Previously, TÜV Rheinland has cooperated with many domestic testing agencies, and Binzhou Quality Inspection Institute is the third domestic testing agency to sign a gas-fired kitchenware cooperation agreement. Sander · Saab introduced that they chose Binzhou Quality Inspection Institute as the partner, first considering that Binzhou has the largest kitchen production base in the country, and secondly, Shandong Kitchenware Testing Center in Boxing County is the only commercial enterprise in Shandong and even the whole country. The kitchen testing center has good testing equipment, professional technical team and perfect management system to complete its testing tasks.

According to Dou Shouxi, before this, Binzhou’s kitchen products must be sent to Tianjin, Guangdong and other places for export, and the inspection cost is high and the waiting period is long. After the cooperation with the Rheinland Group, the kitchenware manufacturer can carry out testing and certification at the Shandong Kitchenware Testing Center. As the largest kitchenware production base in the province, Xingfu Town of Boxing County will become the biggest beneficiary of this cooperation. The kitchen utensils of Xingfu Town are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, Southeast Asia and Russia. The sales account for more than 90% of the provincial market share and 40% of the domestic market share. Saab said that in addition to product testing, Rheinland will provide these companies with the latest EU policy developments, market demand and technical support to help Binzhou kitchenware products gain EU market access.

Saab introduced that with his understanding of commercial kitchen utensils, the European market demand for kitchen utensils is high-tech content, so he suggested that Binzhou kitchenware manufacturers can increase investment in scientific research. . “Next, the EU will demand energy consumption for commercial kitchen utensils. This is the challenge that all business leaders in the world need to consider and meet. He said that the testing of gas commercial kitchen utensils is only the beginning of cooperation between the two parties, and the scope of cooperation will gradually expand to areas such as electrical products.

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The joining philosophy of Chongqing Yidou Hot Pot: In the fast era, it is proud of slowness

“Do not do fireworks, do evergreens. He Health, the founder of Chongqing Yidou Hot Pot, repeatedly hanged this sentence in an interview with reporters. Nowadays, with the changes in the Internet, the physical industry has been hit hard and capital has been safely out. Among them, the catering industry with abundant cash flow, short-term demand and lower threshold has become the choice of many people. In this case, the hot pot category can be opened without the use of a chef, the cost is lower, and the copyability is stronger, which attracts many people. For those investors who do not have experience in the food and beverage industry, joining a mature brand, fully introducing the mature experience of the headquarters, and enjoying the “nanny service” of the headquarters is undoubtedly more successful than their own business. However, we have also seen too many hot pot restaurant brands, constantly sprinting through crazy speculation, because the service can not keep up, facing the franchisees without opt-in and training, they rushed to sign, resulting in the closing of the store, and ultimately not only The reputation of the franchisees has not been returned, and the reputation of the brand has been completely ruined.

Compared with many colleagues who are keen to go out and join the promotion, what is healthy Chongqing’s hot pot is like An alternative. He has a full-chain joining team with more than 20 years of experience in mature hot pot experience, but maintains the opening speed of only 3-5 stores a year. However, unlike many brand new stores, the franchise store of a hot pot has achieved an amazing 90% success rate, which was once praised by the industry.

Slow heart is a virtue in Chongqing hot pot circle, why health is called an old gun. He was the head of the kitchen system of a leading hot pot enterprise in Chongqing. During his nearly 14 years of service, he helped the company to achieve rapid growth in turnover and popularity by regulating post-cooking cost control, production and quality control. After the entrepreneurial idea, he formed a brand team called “Chongqing Hot Pot Dream Team”. It is all experienced in the hot pot brand operation in all aspects of the old teammates. It is because of their rich experience that their direct store in Chongqing, despite the huge 1200 square meters of large single store area, is still in business. Up to now, the franchise stores of a hot pot have not only successfully entered the developed regions of Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhongshan, etc., but also maintained a very high survival rate. Among them, a foreign-owned franchise store of about 300 square meters has had an average daily turnover for two years since its opening. It has reached an amazing 30,000 yuan and has become a network red shop in the surrounding area. However, despite this, the speed of joining a hot pot is very slow, with an average of only 3-5 per year. “In fact, many people come to me every year to join me. Slower is my initiative. He Health said that every franchisee is an expensive person in the brand. They have chosen you among thousands of brands, and have invested a lot of money to invest in your brand. It is to look at your profession. If you know that he will fail and collect money from others, it is immoral. He Health said that once a franchisee had joined him with cash, he refused. It is because he found that the franchisee’s location and business philosophy are problematic. Later, the franchisee did not believe in evil, and he joined another hot pot and closed down in less than three months. The franchisee wants to join a hot pot, and it needs to go through the test of the old and the other layers: In which city to open? Where is the location? How do you want to do the model? After the contract is signed, the person who comes to the training must pass the assessment before the opening is allowed. Otherwise, , franchise fee refund you, goodbye!

Actions can not provide services to join are all health and have a health The professional franchise team can provide franchisees with a full range of services from site selection planning, decoration design, primer training, food product development, store marketing, and internet management tools. He often said that experienced people will not join other brands. Joining hot pot restaurants is not only the output of signboards and primer technology, but also the service. The first is site selection planning. Every healthy joining team, every time you open a franchise store, you must come to the site to inspect the surrounding passenger flow situation and location, and formulate the decoration style and per capita consumption of the store according to the location. The second is the taste output. Since the establishment of the brand, a hot pot has adhered to the non-added primer technology and resolutely put an end to the use of spices and additives in the base. This makes the hot pot taste of a hot pot more prominent, and there is no taste in the hot pot diners. Once again, the kitchen management. He Health has more than 20 years of experience in kitchen management and will give franchisees more guidance. It includes not only the recruitment, division of labor, and management of the kitchen staff, but also the cost control of the dishes, the placing and production. These are hard work and can help franchisees to take a lot of detours. In addition, each season, a hot pot will provide training on some new dishes, helping franchisees to iterate and gain new competitiveness. Not only that, whether it is decoration design or opening event planning, a hot pot can help franchisees. In addition, Yidou Hotpot has its own full-time supervision team, which can provide on-site service to the problematic shops, helping the restaurant to solve the management and marketing problems.

The franchisee’s money is not from the wind, they just came to join because they have no experience. At this time, as a brand side, do not provide services for him, to help him avoid risks, but instead of coming back, I feel that it is a matter of moral corruption and no benefit to myself. “ He health often said so.

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The international ceramic market is diversified, personalized and warm

After decades of development, the division of labor in the global ceramic industry is relatively clear. Most foreign ceramic manufacturers are engaged in a certain link or process of the ceramic industry according to their core competence and superior resources, and the ceramic production center is gradually shifting. Due to the restrictions on energy and raw materials, and the rising labor costs, developed countries and regions gradually transfer technology and production capacity to developing countries.

In recent years, due to the rise of emerging ceramic producing countries and the substantial increase in the output of ceramics in developing countries, the total output of world ceramics has increased significantly, and the international ceramic market has presented The market demand is artistic, diversified, individualized, the market competition is fierce, and the market sales are matched.

At the same time as the market scale is expanding, the global ceramic market demand is diversified and personalized, based on the living standards, cultural background, and artistic appreciation of different countries and regions in the world. Differences, single ceramic varieties on the market are difficult to meet the needs of different regions.

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Yunyou Energy: Launching a long-lasting battle for environmental protection, acting as the actor of World Environment Day

Foreword: Today, all walks of life in China are more aware of environmental protection and more aware of ecological environmental protection. The daily diesel consumption in the traditional construction industry and transportation industry will cause pollution gas emissions. How do they start a long-lasting environmental protection campaign?

China’s Ministry of Eco-Environment released the environment in June 20th Day theme: “Beautiful China, I am an actor. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said that the theme was established to promote the participation of all sectors of society and the public in the construction of ecological civilization, and work together to build a beautiful China with blue sky, green land and clear water.

Chengdu Yunyou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunyou Energy”) rooted in the energy industry and discovered the project Exhaust emissions from industrial diesel combustion can cause serious air pollution. There is a huge room for improvement in this type of exhaust gas pollution. At present, the diesel consumption of the construction industry is unstable, and the oil source cannot meet the national emission standards. After the diesel fuel is burned, the atmospheric pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and dust particles are far exceeding the standard!

The construction industry and the transportation industry, due to the special industry nature and industry demand, under the premise of the existing technology level , it is impossible to achieve “zero emissions,” pollution. “Cloud Energy and partners are striving to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged as much as possible. Although an engineering vehicle has reduced exhaust emissions, environmental protection effects cannot be immediately apparent. However, one day, all the construction machinery vehicles in the country use the diesel fuel that meets the national emission standards. This environmental protection force will definitely cause qualitative changes to the Chinese environment and the world environment.

So, Yunyou Energy launched an environmental initiative in Chengdu based on World Environment Day. —— less than one gram of carbon, more than a blue sky. “Yunyou Energy advocates the use of oil in accordance with national emission standards, and the use of diesel fuel that meets national emission standards will greatly reduce emissions. “The Yunyou Energy Partners are actively responding to this initiative and signing the proposal. “Universal Yunyou Energy users said: We must persist in using good oil, reduce pollutant emissions, and do our part for the environmental protection of the motherland.

The companies currently participating in this environmental protection initiative are: Chengdu Jiean Hongshun Logistics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Shiyang Environmental Health Service Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yifeng Heavy Foundation Construction Co., Ltd., Sichuan Licheng Construction Co., Ltd. Company, Sichuan Jiangrong Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd.

Yunyou Energy Partners ——Chengdu Jiean Hongshun Logistics Co., Ltd.

Yunyou Energy Partners ——Chengdu Jiean Hongshun Logistics Co., Ltd.

Yunyou Energy Partners ——Chengdu Shiyang Environmental Health Service Co., Ltd.

Yunyou Energy Partners ——Sichuan Yifeng Heavy Foundation Construction Co., Ltd.

Yunyou Energy Partners ——Sichuan Licheng Construction Co., Ltd.

Cloud Excellent Energy Partner ——Sichuan Jiangrong Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd.

 Yuyou Energy appreciates the support and trust of its partners, and also thanks its partners for contributing to the cause of environmental protection. In the future, Yunyou Energy will invest more energy in the field of environmental protection and make more contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

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Sweden’s current water-saving artifacts save up to 98%

【招商宝】A Swedish company has taken another path to develop energy-saving routes and develop faucet water-saving devices. It is reported that the water-saving device can atomize the water flow of the faucet and improve the application of water by maximizing the contact area with the object.

The largest water-saving 98% water-saving device

The company’s co-founder Johan Nihlen pointed out that when people use faucets, many times when the water flow does not touch the surface of the object, it has already flowed away. This is a waste of water resources. It is the company’s purpose in developing this water-saving device to increase water efficiency and reduce water consumption. The Altered water-saving device can be installed on a common faucet. It has two water-saving modes, namely deep water saving and ordinary water saving. The rotating nozzle can switch between the two modes. Moreover, the installation operation is simple and easy, and ordinary faucets are applicable.

In deep water-saving mode, the water flow is divided into millions of tiny droplets, the amount of water flowing out per minute is only 0.18 liters, and the water output is only 2% of the ordinary faucet, which can save water. 98%, this mode can be used for washing hands, washing vegetables or washing dishes. If you don’t want the water to be too scattered, you can switch to the normal water-saving mode. At this time, the water output reaches 3 liters per minute, but it is still 75% more water than the ordinary faucet. The water beam in this mode is similar to a general faucet and can be used to wash objects such as cups and pots with large internal space.

In the demonstration, the company’s staff also compared the amount of water used to wash hands with ordinary faucets and wash hands after adding this water-saving device. It seems that 98% is not just a gimmick. This water-saving device has started crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The early bird price is 249 SEK (approx. RMB 190) and is expected to be shipped from December this year. But what is the practical use of water conservation for companies?

1. Water-saving technology is the initial selling point of startups

As early as in Sweden, the company announced its water-saving products. Before, Japanese companies had developed similar products. Last year, DG TAKANO, a startup in Osaka, developed the “Bubble90 Water Saver, which is said to have a maximum water saving rate of 95%. This product uses a unique vacuum technology to inject air into the water, making the effluent into tiny blisters, which improves water efficiency. It is understood that there are many stations, schools and individual stores in Japan that have introduced this product. According to a restaurant owner, after the introduction, the restaurant saves more than 50% of the water bill every month.

2. Water-saving products are a breakthrough in emerging markets

In recent years, the Suizhu Group has begun to enter the African market, in which Kenyan residents are enduring chronic water shortages, even in the capital. The circle is also facing water shortage due to insufficient infrastructure. To this end, I am working on a toilet that is said to have a flushing capacity of only 1L. This product will have a vacuum valve between the main body of the toilet and the drain, which can exert a powerful force with a small amount of water. Wash away the excrement. This ultra-water-saving toilet will be put into use in Kenya in 2017. Kenya has a unique position in Africa, and hopes that through this move, with Kenya as a pedal, officially set foot in the African sanitary and building materials market.

3. Water-saving technology is a product selling point

Hansgrohe has been focusing on faucets and shower products for many years, and has been a supporter of the value of water, and has always had To study the water saving problem, the faucet and shower with its EcoSmart smart water-saving technology can save 60% of water compared with conventional products, and there is no loss of comfort. On the official website of Hansgro, EcoSmart was introduced to a large space and became a major selling point for Hansgrohe products. In addition, its official website has launched a special “water saving calculator” that calculates how much water, natural gas and electricity costs are spent on and without water-saving products.

Water conservation is a global issue. With the promotion of governments and environmental organizations, the concept of environmental protection has gradually affected the consumer sector, and the demand for water-saving products has increased. On the one hand, sanitary companies have seen the prospects of water-saving products, and have started to develop. On the other hand, some scientific research institutions or technology companies are also based on the exploration of water-saving technology and invested in research and development.

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Globalization and the future of China’s ceramic industry

A few days ago, the inaugural “National Ceramic Art Forum and the National Ceramic Art Museum opened its first exhibition”, “Muyan Porcelain —— Zeng’s Ceramic Art Exhibition was held at Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum. Nearly one hundred scholars, experts from the China Collectors Association, the China Ceramics Association, the National Palace Museum, the National Museum, and the China Academy of Art and representatives of the Guangxi Chamber of Commerce attended the opening ceremony.

Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum is invested by Beijing Guangyang Enterprise Chamber of Commerce & mdash;— Beijing Ocean Investment Group’s Ocean Culture Investment Company, aiming to promote ceramic culture and revitalize the glory of art ceramics Promote the prosperity and healthy development of art ceramics.

Historically, ceramics represented and carried the unique culture of human art development. However, in modern times, ceramics has gone to a depressed stage of development. How to inherit and revitalize this great art is common to modern people. Historical responsibility, a forum that is enthusiastically explored by many expert art scholars and able to gather the ideas of the top figures in the industry is especially necessary.

This forum is based on the theme of “ceramic ceramic education and college education” in the global ceramic context. It is celebrated by the business and art elites.

Zheng Zhi, president of Beijing Guangxi Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Board of Beijing COSCO Investment Group, said in a welcome speech: Ceramics is a great miracle in the history of human civilization development, and ceramic art is the crystallization of Chinese culture and art history. It condenses the entire civilization history of the Chinese nation. There are two main points of interest in this exhibition. First, the educational inheritance model of the three generations of Zeng’s grandparents is used as a case to study the direction of China’s future ceramic art education. Second, under the vision of global contemporary ceramic art, The differences and contemporary nature of the works of various generations of artists are the starting point, and how to promote the development of Chinese contemporary ceramic art.

He said that today’s ceramics are no longer the language of China, but the international language of the world. The artist’s work has entered the era of globalization. Ceramic art has also been liberated from traditional shelves and interiors, from a single arts and crafts to a part of contemporary art, forming a diverse expression of all kinds of art based on “ceramics”. The function of the exhibition is shown to the public. In addition to the outstanding works of the artist, the artist can also take the next step to guide the public to think, listen to the advice and suggestions, and promote the artist to broaden their horizons and create more outstanding works.

Sun Gu, chief expert of the National Museum, Zhang Shouzhi, professor of Tsinghua University, Cao Jinglou, researcher of the Palace Museum, Zhu Yeqing, professor of China Academy of Art, He Bingqin, professor of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, and Huang Chunmao, professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, from the family of ceramics The respective characteristics and interrelationships of inheritance and modern art education express their own academic views.

The following is a summary of the reporter’s abstract excerpts from the participants to the reader.

Liu Chuanming: Development should be passed down to the present

Since the last century, almost all the theories in the field of painting and calligraphy have encountered unprecedented challenges. The so-called tradition and modernity, the essence of China and the world context, what is the relationship between family education and modern education. At the moment, the prosperity of culture and the prosperity of ceramics present an unprecedented scene, but the transformation of the cultural spirit and the thinness of the theory just make the friends of Huai culture and ceramic art worry that we cannot replace it with superficial prosperity and liveliness. This art of thinking and theoretical development.

The development and revitalization of national culture is inextricably linked to our traditions. Of course, we emphasize the deepening of reforms and emphasize the care of the world. Ceramic culture is even more so. We need to get through the efforts of the past and the present. Putting it on the platform of culture to talk about ceramics is nothing more than three roads. The first is to speak. The so-called slogan is to abide by cultural traditions and strictly follow the spirit of classical culture to restore the civilization we have had. The second is to continue to talk. It is to instill our understanding of the times, the development of contemporary spirit and individuality into the ceramic creation and ceramic aesthetics. The third is to retell. It is the contemporary context that is the context of an open world. The publicity of contemporary personality must re-interpret history and re-create new history, so ceramic art and ceramic culture also face these three paths. Today, this forum uses the works of Zeng’s father and son to explore the development of contemporary ceramics with family-style art cases and phenomena. Let ceramics be a symbol of the country, to inherit the tradition, to open the future, and to be accepted by more people.

Ceramics is a historical collection of all-information. It is not only a reflection of the aesthetics of the times, but also a reflection of the artistic characteristics of the times. The ceramics should have a rich historical background and rich cultural nutrition. The national culture also bears important responsibilities today. Ceramic art is a large art category. As a person who studies art history, in the early days of the founding of the country, there was a very serious disagreement in higher art education. Should we introduce western modern education into Chinese traditional art education, the context and political environment at that time? It has almost become a one-sided state. Even Chinese paintings, which represent the essence of Chinese national culture, have been abolished by higher art colleges. There is no Chinese painting department, only the oil painting department. In contrast to ceramics, it is in this context of great culture that it has to some extent have Western aesthetic concepts and styling features to transform our traditional ceramic art characteristics.

The outstanding artist of each era must not be a conservative. In this sense, it is not limited to science education or discipline extension. It is necessary to look at this history with a broader mind. Culture must emphasize culture. One of the most important cores of culture is aesthetic education, which is also crucial to our art education. Why I am seeing the artist’s art now, the process of his creative thinking, the aesthetic character it provides is rarely concerned, especially the ups and downs of the past decade, the price is high and beautiful. To change this kind of world style, we must solve this problem from the aesthetics, know what is beautiful and what is value.

Sun Ji: Better integration of ceramics and paintings

I think that Chinese ceramics did not have paintings at the beginning, only embossing, and the technology became mature in the era of pastels. Nowadays, the technology mastered by ceramics is very comprehensive and complicated, but ceramics is still a daily necessities in the people’s life, a practical thing, the above paintings are only decorative paintings, which has witnessed the development of ceramic art. In addition, the Chinese traditional painting style has been opened, how to combine this painting style with ceramics? Literati paintings are to be poems, poems and paintings are played together, and seals form a whole. I don’t think that the integration of ceramics and paintings is still a good solution. On the one hand, it develops into pure art porcelain. This is purely an art ceramic. From the blank to the painting, it is the artist’s own hands. Its concept is integrated into the ceramic to form a work of art. Whether it is practical or not. On the other hand, how do ceramics play a more important role in the daily production of bulk commodities? If the artist is painting landscapes, painting on pots and bottles, but also taking into account the practicality of porcelain, if daily porcelain is fully utilizing the artistic attainments and fully combining with practicality, it is even better.

Zhang Shouzhi: There are limitations in the inheritance of teachers and apprentices

In 1953, Premier Zhou Enlai confirmed that Minister Huang Yanpei of the Ministry of Light Industry began to restore ceramics in New China. At that time, we participated in Jingdezhen at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Trainee, the education of Jingdezhen is also a master’s biography. The advantage of the master and the disciples is that the intangible cultural assets are well preserved, but there are limits to the creation of individualized and contemporary ceramics. Because the apprentices and apprentices must learn the style and craftsmanship of the master, this has certain limitations for the innovation of ceramics. After the founding of New China, six or seven colleges and universities across the country began to do modern ceramic design education. This ceramic specialty is different from the mentoring and mastery. It comprehensively enhances the students’ artistic accomplishment, including the overall design from modeling to decoration, giving students a comprehensive knowledge of culture and art. After the reform and opening up, there are three or four hundred undergraduate majors offering modern art education in various colleges and universities across the country. Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute has played a leading role in promoting Chinese contemporary art ceramics, daily-use porcelain and sanitary ceramics.

When we went to Jingdezhen to build a national porcelain in 1953, the division of teaching and learning in Jingdezhen was very fine. In the ceramic design is not an apprentice can master the whole, just a shape is divided into many categories, such as dishes, hollow utensils, etc., each part of each work has a division of labor, which results in a single design, The overall design of the work cannot be considered. The ceramic art department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute is also divided into ceramic sculpture specialty and ceramic design specialty. The design specialty is divided into art porcelain and daily porcelain. Students learn from modeling to decoration. Therefore, the masters and apprentices are well-inherited in some aspects of the technical skills of the works, but for the advancement of people’s life and the development of the times, social life determines the market, the market determines the artist’s artistic works and style, so modern ceramic art In some respects, education has its advantages over mentoring. The three generations of Zeng’s family were influenced by family-style education. They not only maintained the advantages of mentoring and apprenticeship, but also had the advantage of modern design education. As a young person engaged in this industry, it is the most ideal. It is different from Europe and America. Historical country.

Zhu Yeqing: “Ideology determines status”

The reason why “Chinese Ceramic History” is important in China is because it has a unique position in the model of world civilization history. Why the history of Chinese ceramics has received such attention internationally, we have found that every generation, every time, to ceramics, it has undergone a radical change. From the Southern Song Dynasty to the Yuan, the entire aesthetic and crafts are changing. Their meaning is a concentrated response that represents the ideology of the entire country. Although it is a daily necessities, it contains far more information than that. How to interpret it is what we have to accomplish. In this interpretation, it is not only the aesthetic decoration of ceramics, but its ideology. The form of civilization it presents should be more meaningful.

I am also a landscape painter. Since the formation of landscape painting, we must follow this pattern to paint, but the history of ceramics is different, you will find that this interpretation becomes meaningful. The original celadon, to the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln porcelain, it crossed the colorful colors of the Tang Dynasty, to the scope of science, how do we do this time.

He Bingqin: Great development space

Referring to inheritance, from our long history, our crafts and art are constantly improving and developing, and inheritance plays an important role in this respect. The role. Ceramics has a history of more than 20,000 years. From the ceramics in Hunan Dao County to the ceramics in Xianrendong, Jiangxi, according to experts, there are more than 20,000 years of history. Our porcelain is only over 1700 years old. Our ancestors walked through this road. All the hardships are the inheritance of generations.

How to better and faster inherit the wisdom of the ancestors, many of our seniors are doing, for example, when the Republic of China opened a ceramic specialty. Some good places in this regard, one is that many teachers enter the university to teach, and the other is to take advantage of the Jingdezhen production area, they continue to hire famous local craftsmen to train the next generation. In theory, there are college teachers’ research on art theory. In the technical skills of production, some advanced technical skills of Jingdezhen are also inherited. The development of this period has played a role in linking up and developing. We are the third generation, and we have absorbed more people’s strengths and are more grounded. Unlike the original teachers, we will only be able to move our mouths. The students we train now will both start and move, and in theory and practice. layer. In fact, it has improved the teacher’s lack of teaching and practice.

Historically, innovation has continued throughout the development of art. From the original to the present, every step is an innovative concept that has brought about rapid development. In particular, the porcelain that was first burned in our country, with a history of 1700 years, not only brought great influence to the Chinese, but also achieved great returns in the world. This is also a huge force for innovation.

A huge space for ceramic development. Why is it that there is huge room for development? I believe that in the many artistic situations, ceramics has other advantages besides absorbing the nutrition of painting. For example, under the conditions of ancient simplicity, the ancestors mastered the metal oxides such as aluminum, copper and tin, and created such a rich national culture and the great achievements of ceramics. Since the development of ceramics, various chemical preparations and chemical materials have brought a wider world to artists. There is a vast space for ceramic art. Everyone has to meticulously ponder and refine these materials. Ceramic art is no less than any other art. I also want to emphasize that as a modern education, we must not only inherit the tradition, but also imitate Chinese painting and oil painting. We are more important to use the characteristics of ceramic materials to do art. It should have its own unique art.

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Three entrances to the smart home: mobile phones, speakers, routers!

Smart home has become a new investment direction in the industry, and companies have joined the market to invest. For companies that are still in the doldrums, first understand the three characteristics of the industry and the advantages of the three major portals, which will help long-term planning and increase competition within the industry.

With the rapid development of China’s electronic technology, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the wide application of intelligent electronic technology in life, smart home has become the latest direction of the future development of home decoration trends, people’s quality of home The pursuit is also getting higher and higher, and the demand for smart home systems is getting stronger and stronger.

Compared with traditional home appliances, smart home has three characteristics.

First, the technical level, smart home products use a large number of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, In general, it includes many high-tech technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, and cloud computing platforms.

The second is the control and management level, intelligently realizes remote control devices, interconnects devices, and self-management of devices. The realization of various functions of the family is transformed into integrated and interoperable by decentralized and independent mechanical control. Networked management and control.

The third is the service level. Compared with the traditional functions of traditional home appliances, the focus of smart home is service. It provides users with personalized life services, making life safer, more convenient and more comfortable, more artistic and more environmentally friendly. Energy saving.

Around the three characteristics, smart homes try and break through the three aspects of products, systems and platforms.

First of all, in terms of smart home products, the market entry threshold is low, all types of manufacturers can quickly enter, directly to the basic consumer users, can have significant advantages in terms of price, service, experience, etc. A killer application will appear and an explosive import will be implemented.

The second is the smart home system. The original smart home system integrators are all entering the smart home field by industrial automation, such as Honeywell, ABB and other traditional automation control faucets. The core of control and core functions and components are It is designed or produced by itself or outsourced.

Finally, the smart home platform, the concept of smart home platform is divided into two parts, on the one hand similar to the Internet of Things platform, the back-end management terminal and connection, the front-end provides hardware management, remote capability output, data aggregation analysis Wait.

The concept of the other side is similar to Facebook and Apple App Store, developing communication standards and development modules, etc., and then providing an open API for third-party hardware and application developers. All hardware and application products can be seamlessly connected to the platform operating system, and then platform vendors, third-party hardware and application developers, users constitute a new intelligent home platform ecosystem chain.

Different development directions will lead to different scenarios

Router: The most basic entry

The earliest debut is the intelligent router. With the development of the network information age, WiFi has become a must for our lives. No matter where we go, the first concern is the WiFi password, and even some netizens will not be able to connect to WiFi as a modern “Top Ten”. The head of torture.

In home applications, routers are considered by many to be a great platform for smart home connectivity. Because the router acts as the control center of the home network, all home products must pass through it to be networked. In this networking process, the router stores a large amount of data interaction, which can just become the basic information of the overall interconnection of the home. In 2014, with the Internet companies such as Xiaomi, Baidu, 360, Thunder, etc., their tentacles reached the field of intelligent routers, and the smart router market was instantly hot.

Previously, Asus also released the world’s fastest 10 Gigabit wireless router. Intelligent routers have always been given high hopes by Internet companies. With the continuous development of technology, there may be a battle in the future. Whether it will renew new machines in the future will still stand the test of time.

Mobile: The most convenient entry

After the smart router, the smartphone quickly gained attention as a smart home portal. Because of its portability, mobility and widespread popularity, smartphones are almost one-handed and are widely recognized by the industry as the future of smart homes.

And relative to the biggest disadvantage of the router —— lack of good interactive experience, whether the smartphone is in the text command or voice command, it is almost the best compatible product at present, I believe it will be better than the smart The competitiveness of routers is much stronger.

Smart Speaker: The Smartest Portal

If you think that using a smart router to remotely control the refrigerator is not smart enough, it is very troublesome to find a mobile phone everywhere. It is a bit weird to talk to the refrigerator, then, smart. The speaker is definitely a good medicine for you to solve the problem of smart home snoring.

Smart speakers are the most natural in terms of human-machine voice communication, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction technology. And with the development of technology, whether it is Apple Siri or Microsoft Xiaona, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, are constantly upgrading and changing. Future smart speakers will shine in the scene control of smart homes.

In 2018, the smart home fascination is getting closer. Whether it is the long-standing entrance dispute, or the continuous innovation of various smart home products, the trend of product technology standards is gradually unavoidable, and it will be more convenient and safe to build a smart home scene with the standard unified future. For the new trend in the future, smart home enterprises should seize the opportunity, be prepared, and strive to combine products with standards to meet the trend of industrial standardization.

CurrentlyThe National Intelligence Committee has begun to develop relevant standards around the IoT smart home. The series of standards such as the IoT Smart Home Graphic Symbol GB/T 34043-2017 have been released, and the standards for the content and requirements of the IoT smart home design have entered. At the approval stage, relevant standards are still under preparation. In the future, the National Intelligence Committee will conduct publicity activities around the IoT smart home standards, interpret standards and promote the development of the smart home industry.

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