Gome will focus on five major sectors: home appliances, home improvement, and home furnishing.

Under the current operation of the helmsman Du Fu, on November 28th, Gome’s new strategy emerged, and in 2018 they will focus on home appliances. Five major sectors: home improvement, home, home service, and home finance. “This is a new opportunity for Gome. In an interview with Nandu reporter, Du Fu said, “Gome will strive to enter a mature stage next year. In 2019, it will start the expansion of the whole category and the whole industry, and strive for service by 2020. Billion Chinese family.

25% of electrical shipments are integrated orders

Currently, Gome Holdings is divided into six segments: retail, internet, smart manufacturing, finance, real estate, investment, among which retail Internet, smart manufacturing are all installed in the Hong Kong listed company sector (Gome retail). In Du Fu’s description of the group’s transformation path to the Southern Metropolis, it was called “Home · The transformation strategy of life was carried out by the listed companies and finance.

& ldquo;The Gome line needs higher level of efficiency and higher repeat rate to the store. We are thinking, what do consumers need? In fact, what everyone needs is a solution that integrates home appliances, home improvement, and home. Du Fu said that this is precisely the advantage of Gome, “We have the ability to install and distribute home appliances. So we develop from the scope of home and life.

According to Du Fu’s plan, they will continue to expand offline. In the next three years, Gome will have more than 10,000 offline “home &middot” lifestyle stores. According to her, in addition to the existing stores continue to optimize, it will open a new 20,000 square meters of all-in-one smart “home · living museum, and deploy community life stores in the existing cities, open Gome A in the county and township market Pp physical store. The Southern Reporter learned that the current 25% shipments of Gome are “integrated and integrated orders, but this is only the integration of electrical appliances, and has not been extended to home furnishings.

However, the “home · life & rsquo; industry chain is very long, and the giant players on this track also include Tmall and Jingdong. This also makes Du Fu feel pressure, “We hold an open attitude and establish a value community with related enterprises such as home appliances, home improvement, home, home service, and home finance. At present, Gome’s strategic partners include Internet of Things solution providers "Hikvision, Haier, Internet standardization home improvement company & ldquo; home space and so on. Recently, Gome has also invested a total of RMB 105 million in strategic home appliance service technology companies.

Industry experts believe that for Gome, the biggest challenge of the new strategy is the combined ability of system integration, “Now, when it comes to heavy volume, after the heavy volume, the test is the service capability. In the past it did a single product marketing, and now it has to be combined. The combination is good, the consumer can see it at a glance.

Fifth-generation business model: shared retail

Du Fu told Southern Reporters that physical stores and online platforms are a common platform for mutual integration. From the perspective of organizational structure, Gome’s retail supply chain is independent; online and offline platforms will share the supply chain and back-end IT systems, but on the front of the operation, there are two online and offline. Operations team.

Du Fu said that home improvement and home emphasis on experience, offline positioning is to do scene, integration, professional solutions, such as home improvement scenes, kitchen scenes, HVAC scenes. Du Fu revealed that Gome plans to complete the renovation of the home scenes of 500 stores in 2019. This year, 170 renovations have been completed, and 180 will be completed next year, and the rest will be completed in 2019. In addition, the 170 stores that have been remodeled this year will continue to renovate the 2.0 version, which is to create a “home and home appliance integration” scenario, similar to the IKEA model room.

As for the online section, Du Fu said that Gome’s biggest strategic move in 2017 was to integrate its Internet assets, establish Gome Internet Corporation, and reposition the Gome Internet. On the one hand, Gome Internet provides the ability to link. Du Fu emphasized that in the future, all transactions will be realized online, and the efficiency of offline and online operations will be improved by using big data. On the other hand, Gome Internet is an important traffic distribution platform. “Shared retail is the fifth generation business model of Gome Innovation. The core of it is decentralization and traffic for everyone.

It is reported that, “Gome A pp launched “Meitudian, Gome employees or users opened on A pp”; the store sells products provided by Gome’s supply chain, and can obtain corresponding benefits. Gome’s Internet CEO Fang Wei revealed to Nandu that he will lead the team to promote the roadshow in the country. It is expected that the GMV, which is dominated by the US store and rebate in the second half of this year, will account for 25% of the Gome retail market, while the marketing cost will decrease. High profit. Southern Reporter learned that Gome’s 2016 net profit was 325 million yuan, down 73% from 2015’s 1.208 billion yuan.

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Expand global business trade and humanities exchange

At 10:00 on October 25, Shanghai Zhiyu International Trade Co., Ltd. (shareholding: Zhiyu International Enterprise Code: 210836) held a listing ceremony at the Shanghai Equity Escrow Trading Center, with the director of Shanghai Zhiyu International Trade Co., Ltd. Wang Liming, President of Changjie Jieyu International Co., Ltd., sounded the listing and slamming, marking the official entry of Jinyu International into the capital market, opening up Yuyu International to establish itself in China, and expanding the global commercial trade with the “Belt and Road” countries as a bridge. Humanities exchange business strategy prelude.

▲Song Yu International Chairman Song Jie (first right) Wang Yu, President of Yuyu International, sounded together International listings slamming

Shanghai Sense International Trading Co., Ltd. (Jiyu International) is a combined group of companies with total assets of nearly 1 billion and operating income of over 1.8 billion. Zhiyu International was established by nine companies that have been engaged in asset restructuring for 20 years of business related to product management, agricultural development, scientific and technological environmental protection, engineering planning and design, professional technical services, cultural industries and other service trades and operations. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with branches or offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Heihe, Horgos, Xi’an, Hefei, New York, Paris, Moscow, Islamabad and Nairobi.

▲Shanghai Yuyu International Trade Co., Ltd. listing ceremony ceremony

After the listing ceremony of Yu International Trade Co., Ltd., Song Jie, chairman of Zhiyu International, said in an interview with the media: Yuyu International will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “Integrity, Cooperation and Mutual Winning and Sharing” through the National One Belt and One Road Strategy. The 18 cities in the world are rationally laid out, setting up a new era, and operating a new international trade fulcrum.

▲Shanghai Yuyu International Trade Co., Ltd. listing ceremony ceremony

Song Jie, Chairman of Shanghai Yuyu International Trading Co., Ltd. said that after the successful listing of Zhiyu International in Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center, the equity of Zhiyu International Corporate governance such as finance, system, etc. will be further improved and upgraded. It will lay a scientific foundation for the introduction of strategic partners, the introduction of excellent capital and the development of leapfrogs. The company welcomes high-quality enterprises with aspirations for international trade. Innovative products with international competitiveness, join the genomics international trade business platform, work together, and achieve win-win cooperation. (Yan Hui)

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How to join the small honey life sharing motorcycle

How to become a company to promote registered VIP members

Step 1: Open WeChat to add friends, select the public number option, search for “Little Honey Life Circle, or scan the QR code below and click on the attention. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 2: Go to the page and click on Xiaomi Life. After the page appears, click on the personal center in the lower right corner

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 3: Fill in the name you want to register and the registered mobile number. The referral’s mobile number must be Register as a member recommendation number, then you can contact the friend who gave you the information, consult. Do not register at will, once the generation can not be changed. After registration, congratulations, you have already have your own ID code.

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 4: Make a payment to the company, mark your recharge ID number when you pay, wait for the company staff to recharge you, and you can also work with you at this time. Referral to the referee, let him or her help you quickly recharge

Step 5: After the recharge is received Go back to your main page, click on the package mall to choose one of your favorite package products, fill in the registrant’s harvest address and harvest the phone correctly, and then generate it after the payment is completed. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 6: Return to the Personal Center page to complete your bank card account and the correct bank address. Congratulations on your complete life. Promotion member.

I.VIP member promotion: After becoming a member of Xiaomi Life Sharing Tram, ie You can get the right to buy the tram on the market, promote an associate member, the company rewards you for the venture capital of the tram, rewards 15 venture capitals every day, and continuously rewards 365 days of earnings (worth 5470 venture capital volumes), the following members are Indirect promotion of an associate member, you can get the income of 2 venture capital per day, also 365 working days (value 730 venture capital), this volume can claim the motorcycle in the market, you can also buy the necessities in the mall ( Not mandatory) Can be cashed according to personal needs, once the motorcycle is successfully subscribed, the motorcycle you subscribed to, no matter which city you share, without personal care, with professional staff maintenance, you can enjoy the 70% dividend of the subscription tram revenue, truly reach Create a shared share.

2. Regional agent lock: (1). Enjoy VIP membership management income in the jurisdiction, and each time a VIP member is generated, the company rewards 50 venture capital rolls; (2). Enjoy Qualification of agent recommendation; (3). Enjoy the priority of one generation, Dingdang APP promotion agent + local tram operation center dividend + local intelligent restaurant agent; (4). The agent generated in this area enjoys its two-tier agent 5 venture capital awards for VIP members.

Small Honey Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

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Furniture Finished Enterprise Transformation Whole House Customization Manufacturing Thinking Turns to Service Thinking

In recent years, during the downturn of the domestic furniture industry, the custom-made home market has been in full swing. Some people in the industry said that “the best days in recent years have been custom home furnishing companies, which have grown at a rate of more than 25% per year for at least three consecutive years. Customized home furnishing companies have also extended from the early wardrobes and kitchen cabinets to doors and windows, curtains, ceilings, etc., and have basically entered the overall customization. It can be said that the whole house customization trend swept the home industry, which has had a huge impact on the entire home market, and the industry pattern has also changed.

Impact: Forcing the finished enterprise to transform the whole house customization

The rise of the whole house customization The rapid development and rapid development are not comparable to the growth rate of the ordinary home market. The whole house customization market is not necessarily a brand new market space, and it is still within the scope of the original home market, and is competing for space with the original finished home market.

Before, custom home furnishing companies focused on single products, focusing on cabinets, wardrobes and other cabinets. Although the development is fast, it has a certain impact on the finished home furnishing enterprises, but it is within the acceptable range. However, since last year, some powerful big-name custom enterprises have basically completed the transformation to the whole house customization. The concept of whole house customization has been well received by consumers, and the market bias is obvious. For finished home enterprises, especially in traditional home shopping malls. For the enterprises with the main channels, the impact is more obvious. Many companies have felt that the market has shrunk in recent years, and the sales volume has been declining year after year, resulting in annual losses, and even some brands with certain strengths have failed to transfer.

The result is that many finished home furnishing enterprises have begun to transform into the whole house. The powerful enterprises have really invested in human and material resources to actively transform the whole house to customize; and some enterprises have also played because of various factors. The custom banner was swayed in the market and remained virtually unchanged.

At present, the home market is full of customization, and the traditional furniture manufacturing base is also beginning to transform. In terms of Guangdong, as the earliest and most influential industrial base in the domestic modern home furnishing industry, there are thousands of export and domestic manufacturing enterprises. In the past, those powerful brand enterprises have now started to customize the whole house, and some of them are mainly The business has been transformed, some because the original channel sales are large, the finished product line and the whole house are equally customized, bustling, and listening everywhere is the whole house customization.

At the same time, many small custom-made enterprises in the Mainland have made great progress in recent years. Many home furnishing companies that originally made small and small items have begun to get involved in the whole home and launched full-house customized services. The rapid development of these mainland brands has created a strong market impact on the original enterprises in the coastal area. Because of local advantages, price advantages and service advantages, in the local competition, it is no longer just the same market share as the big brands in the past, but gradually able to participate in market competition positively, from products, channels, marketing and services. The aspect has formed an overall improvement in the regional home furnishing industry. In fact, this also promotes the balanced development of the domestic home industry to some extent.

The development of the whole house customization, the market pattern of the previous home hypermarket has changed a bit, whether it is the original custom enterprise or the enterprise that transforms the whole house customized service from the finished furniture, all open the street Independent store. Although there are also professional hypermarkets to open stores, but the big brands are mainly independent stores, more and more whole-house custom-made enterprises are mainly independent stores for the establishment of physical stores, or open in general department stores, the former The area is large and the latter is relatively small.

Impact: Resources are concentrated and markets are concentrated.

To a certain extent, the whole house customization channel is a true O2O mode, with online and offline matching orders. In general, it is mainly based on offline communication and real-life experience. Online display and virtual The experience is supplemented. Many whole-house custom-made enterprises open community stores directly in various districts of the city, and some directly form model houses or package-type services; some enterprises have combined hard-wearing and solid-packing services, and independent stores have construction teams to form more A comprehensive and complete service system. Not only shopping malls, but also professional furniture exhibitions. In the past, several major furniture exhibitions in China were mainly finished products, and the whole house customization was fired to this level. All large-scale professional furniture exhibitions began to set up custom-made pavilions, and some even Directly positioned as “ custom home show.

Some experts said that the rapid development of customized homes in China was mainly caused by the domestic real estate industry, which was caused by the non-standard modularity of Chinese housing design and the irregular construction quality. This makes sense.

Real estate decoration has spawned custom homes, but the development of custom homes has in turn played a role in the rapid advancement of the domestic hardcover market. Many of the previous hardcover rooms have been extensively refurbished due to multiple factors, resulting in great waste and social impact. “Staying in a bag can only be an empty talk.

The government has the policy of hardcover housing, the development of the whole house customization, real estate companies can truly create a “stay-inclusive project” through cooperation with the home industry brands. Real estate involvement in the home industry has become a common phenomenon in the current market, which has greatly changed the market structure of the home industry to some extent. For civilian furniture companies, this is a subversion of the real business model, intercepted at the source of consumption, and the future channel model will compete around the new center.

The development of the whole house customization seems to be a cross-border in the early years, from cabinets to wardrobes, wardrobes to cabinets, to doors and windows, floors, and suite furniture. Up to now, like the Shangpin home furnishing, it has been extended from the whole house custom furniture to other areas such as mattresses, bedding, flooring, range hoods and logistics. The cross-border is wider and deeper, which is more concentrated in the home industry. A signal of scale development. This kind of centralized development requires not only strong financial strength, but also corresponding technology accumulation and application, as well as a large number of talents. Therefore, the whole house is customizedThe continuous development of enterprises, the resources of the industry are concentrated, and the market is also concentrated.

Observing, at present, most of the listed companies in the home furnishing industry are full-house custom-made enterprises. The expansion of the whole house customization requires more capital to support production system upgrades, category expansion, market expansion, brand packaging and so on. The competition for house-wide customization has gradually become a competition for capital, but at the same time, for the home industry, more capital is turned to this industry. Although the intervention of capital will make the competition more fierce, it will also accelerate the development of the industry, and promote the development of the industry towards more standardized, large-scale and more concentrated. The direct impact is that the big brands in the home industry have emerged and increased. The concentration of capital, listing and market has made the home industry more consumer brands and more attention from the society.

Change: Manufacturing Thinking Turns to Service Thinking

In fact, from the manufacturing level, the home industry as a whole is relatively backward, many old-fashioned home furnishing companies, especially some small furniture factories. It is still a production method decades ago, machinery and equipment have not been replaced, production efficiency is low, the utilization of social resources is extremely low, and it is very difficult to operate.

And the whole house customization has a great impact on the production and manufacturing methods of the home industry, and it is forced to change and upgrade. Some of the whole-house custom-made companies that have developed today are at the forefront of the home industry in terms of smart manufacturing. Automated, industrial 4.0, unmanned factories, big data, cloud computing and other words, has been the label of large-scale full-house custom enterprises. Today’s home customization, without these “soft power” can not serve customers, enterprises are also difficult to sustain. Shangpin Home Furnishing has become the first “National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Base” in the Chinese furniture industry.

Although the main production equipment is still dependent on imports, domestic home improvement equipment manufacturers have made great breakthroughs in hardware equipment and software development. The upgrade of domestic hardware and software is a qualitative change. In fact, a large number of custom home furnishing companies are currently using domestic equipment. Intelligent manufacturing requires equipment manufacturers. The key lies in the development of software and whole house customization. From the carnival of foreign manufacturing equipment manufacturers to the breakthrough of domestic manufacturing equipment manufacturers, it is the performance of the development of the home industry, and it is also the guarantee for the more popular development of the whole house. .

The development of house customization has also highlighted the importance of design to some extent. The design of domestic household products is a relatively embarrassing existence. Most home furnishing companies, whether they really value it or pay attention to it on the surface, will not try the new products and concepts of designers. Go to the market to be a pioneer, and then follow up or not.

One phenomenon is that many companies are currently using the slogan of tailor-made and customized, and essentially do the standardization of industrial products. The so-called “full house custom home is the most important design according to the room structure wall, basically all modern plate furniture ” ld horizontal; vertical cabinet combination. According to industry insiders, most of the current home-made home furnishing companies produce some industrial waste.

In fact, design is the soul of customization. The advantage of customized products lies in the rational use of space and the optimization of internal use structure. Both function and appearance need to be designed. The whole house customization is not only the rational use of limited space, but also the pursuit of product design, art and cultural attributes, highlighting the individual’s quality of life and attitude. Therefore, aesthetic demand guides the upgrading of household industry consumption, and design is the vitality of customized enterprises in the future.

The huge impact or change in the whole house customization on the home industry is to turn the previous manufacturing thinking into service thinking. The whole house customization online display experience is mostly a combination of display experience and decentralized service, service outlets, marketing service network platform powerful, headquarters centralized production and manufacturing redistribution installation, and the previous home business exhibitors franchisees open franchise stores only after Different shipments require a more powerful marketing service system to ensure real-time delivery.

The current house-wide customization still lacks standards, no supervision, all the mud, and the market reputation is good or bad, but its development is the trend of the times. As the mainstream of the market in the future, consumers are more willing to accept, and it will also have a stronger impact on the original home industry pattern. And this huge impact or change is to turn the previous manufacturing thinking into service thinking.

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How to improve numerology and feng shui? Start here

Feng Shui is the guiding principle and practical operation technology of ancient Chinese architectural activities. The core content of Feng Shui is the unity of heaven and earth. Feng Shui explores the harmonious relationship between the choice of land, orientation and layout of the building and the nature of nature and human destiny. It helps people to take advantage of the natural forces of the earth and use the balance of yin and yang to get Kyrgyzstan!

Feng Shui It is the guiding principle and practical operation technology of ancient Chinese architectural activities. The core content of Feng Shui is the unity of heaven and earth. Feng Shui explores the harmonious relationship between the choice of land, orientation and layout of the building and the nature of nature and human destiny. It helps people to use the natural power of the earth and use the balance of yin and yang to gain auspicious gas, thus promoting health and enhancing vitality. Feng Shui is a famous cultural phenomenon in China. Feng Shui is the essence of ancient architectural theory. Feng Shui is a landscape evaluation system for finding auspicious locations of buildings. It is the art of geography location and layout in ancient China.

For example, two people with the same physical condition have the same dietary habits and living standards, but one lives in a neatly tidy room without air pollution, and one lives in a hazy, messy room. The physical condition of the individual will be significantly different. This is Feng Shui.

Ward Group’s Air Purification Brand Products

Purify air pollution and improve the living environment

Also you breathe healthy and improve your quality of life

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Why are the children who are contaminated with leukemia?

The epidemiological statistics released in China add about 40,000 leukemia patients each year, 50% of which are children. Home decoration leads to indoor environmental pollution, which is considered to be the main cause of the increase in urban leukemia.

In 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believed that formaldehyde was considered a known human leukemia. Pathogenic. Head of the Toxicology Planning Office (NTP) —— Professor Smith and Professor Zhang from the University of California, Berkeley, concluded that formaldehyde has a hematopoietic toxicity.

In 2011, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that formaldehyde is a causative factor in human leukemia (myeloid leukemia).

After a half-year investigation, some experts found that nearly 90% of children with leukemia have recently renovated their homes, and many of their children are still at home. A statistic also showed that 46.7% of the more than 1,800 children with leukemia admitted to the Children’s Hospital Institute of Hematology in the past 10 years had undergone renovations in the first half of the year.

Why are the children who are contaminated with leukemia?

In reality, many homeowners often move into a new home after completing the renovation for a month or two. It is often just to open windows and put some activated carbon or plants, so that formaldehyde can be removed, but formaldehyde can not be removed in a few months of simple ventilation. If there are too many indoor pollution sources, even if the ventilation is one or two years, the indoor formaldehyde content may not be able to reach the standard.

The China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Committee once tested formaldehyde in nearly 500 households with children’s rooms in Beijing, and found that 72.2% of children’s rooms exceeded formaldehyde, exceeding the standard by 1 to 8 times.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Changsha Evening News, 70% of the respondents did not know how to remove the decoration pollution. 40% of the citizens thought that the new house would be ventilated for several months. 60% of the citizens did not conduct any pollution tests before they stayed in the new house. It can be seen that many owners generally lack awareness of prevention in the issue of decoration pollution.

Because children are growing up, their body cells are active, and their metabolism is fast, children are twice as hot as adults when they are quiet. The latest statistics show that children between the ages of 0 and 14 are high-risk people with leukemia. Coupled with the weak resistance of children, children spend much more time in their homes than adults, and the density of formaldehyde is larger than that of air. The formaldehyde pollution is mainly suspended in a space one meter away from the ground. Therefore, for the formaldehyde pollution of new home decoration, children become the primary target of formaldehyde, which is also an important reason for the increase of childhood leukemia.

How to avoid indoor environmental pollution during renovation?

From the National Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, formaldehyde is currently the main pollutant in newly renovated homes in China, and children are indoor environmental pollution. The high-risk group, the formaldehyde pollution in children’s rooms mainly comes from decoration and decoration works, furniture, toys, clothing, plush toys, stationery and so on. How to avoid indoor environmental pollution, we can deal with the following three aspects: 1. Stay away from decoration pollution from the beginning of design

1) Reserve the amount of material used for disposal

Small, if too much material is used, it will cause an increase in the release of harmful substances in the material. Therefore, when determining the design plan for the home decoration, attention should be paid to the space carrying capacity, the indoor fresh air volume, and the reserve pollution advance amount.

2) Children’s room decoration should be especially simple style

Minimize the amount of construction materials and construction; avoid using marble and granite; paint is best to use air purification, Avoid benzene and volatile organic compound pollution; do not use too bright paint, the brighter the paint color, the higher the heavy metal content contained in it. These heavy metal materials may cause lead and mercury poisoning and other symptoms when contacted with children.

2. Try to select natural materials and process as little as possible.

In the choice of decorative materials, parents should fully consider the characteristics of children and should consider pollution-free. Easy to clean. When selecting room decoration materials for children, try to select natural materials as much as possible, and the fewer the processing steps, the better. In this way, it is possible to avoid contamination of various chemicals in the room. From the current general decoration of children’s rooms, we should also pay attention to the following three types of decorative materials:

1) Minimize the use of stone tile materials.

Class materials should pay attention to their radioactive pollution. In particular, some natural stone such as granite has a relatively high content of radioactive materials and should be strictly controlled. It is best not to use it.

2)Select air purification function coating

Furniture paint in children’s room is the main source of benzene pollution in indoor air. Selecting air purification function paint can fundamentally solve benzene pollution. problem.

3) Strictly control wood-based panel materials

For example, various composite flooring, large core panels, veneers, and MDF in children’s rooms. This is the main source of indoor formaldehyde pollution. On the one hand, it is necessary to control the amount of use, and in addition to eliminate formaldehyde treatment during renovation.

3. Green construction is particularly important

In recent years, the indoor environmental monitoring center has found that indoor environmental pollution problems in children’s rooms are also prominent due to unreasonable construction techniques. There are two main problems in the big process:

1) Problems in floor coverings

Some families and kindergartens worry that the laminate floor is too thin, and the children play cooler on it, use The large core board is laid with a lining under the laminate floor. The use of this process to cause indoor environmental pollution is very common, mainly because the large core board and other wood-based panels under the floor are covered with formaldehyde and cannot be used.Closed treatment and ventilation treatment, and the use area is relatively large, resulting in indoor formaldehyde pollution that is difficult to remove.

2) Problems in wall finishing

In accordance with the requirements of national regulations, when the wall finishing project is carried out, the base layer is treated, and some construction personnel use the varnish for the base layer treatment. The process, in addition to adding a large amount of thinner during the painting, inadvertently caused serious indoor benzene pollution, and will evaporate indoors for a long time, difficult to remove.

What kind of indoor environment needs to be tested for formaldehyde?

1. Get up syndrome: I feel depressed, nausea, and even dizziness when I wake up in the morning.

2. Cold Syndrome: People often have a cold at home and it is not easy to get good.

3. Smoker Syndrome: Although it does not smoke, it rarely touches the smoking environment, but often feels uncomfortable, has a foreign body sensation, and has poor breathing.

4. Young child syndrome: Children at home often cough, sneeze, and their immunity declines, and children are reluctant to return to their new home.

5. Group dermatosis syndrome: family members often have skin allergies and other problems, and are mass-generating.

6. Family Syndrome Syndrome: Family members have a disease, and after leaving the environment, the symptoms are significantly improved.

7. Infertility Syndrome: Newlyweds are not pregnant for a long time and cannot find out the cause.

8. Plant Wilt Syndrome: After a new move or new decoration, indoor plants are not easy to survive, and the leaves are prone to yellowing and withering. Even some plants with the strongest vitality are difficult to grow normally.

9.Animal Syndrome: After the new move, domestic cats, dogs and even tropical fish died inexplicably.

10. Odor Syndrome: Newly renovated homes or new buyers have pungent, pungent and other irritating odors, and the odor does not linger for a long time.

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Is smart home really easy to use? Being spit out only voice is not intelligent

With the advancement of technology, some things that can only be seen in science fiction are slowly appearing in our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is one of them. One of the main features of the technology developed by the manufacturer. But as a smart home appliance, the minimum intelligent function should be able to work autonomously according to some of our commands, and this requires an excellent voice interaction system, also known as the intelligent voice system, to achieve this. So far, the common appliances we use every day, including TVs, air conditioners, etc., have this feature. In addition, many smart sweeping robots can do this.

For the best TVs in the current home appliances, we can use third-party tools such as TV remote controls and mobile phones. The TV operates, including basic TV usage, such as changing channels, controlling volume, etc., and also searching for resources, but this is limited by the resource providers that each TV manufacturer works with and can only perform limited searches.

Recently, a new smart TV with remote voice control has been introduced. The voice control of this kind of TV can get rid of the limitations of third-party tools such as TV remote control, and can directly control the TV within a certain range. Basically, all the functions of the TV can be controlled, and it has more in use. Science illusion. But the shortcomings are also obvious. For example, the first one is very susceptible to external noise. When the external noise is too large, the TV cannot receive voice commands effectively. Second, when the remote use starts, it will be for you. Every sentence that is said is identified, and there is no limit to the received speech.

Then the problem is coming. Are the smart voices on the so-called smart TV really useful? Do we have a ticket for this feature? Value?

From the perspective of speech recognition, although the whole country is promoting Mandarin, there are still more people who do not speak Mandarin in daily life, and even if they speak Mandarin, most people The spoken language is also not standard. In this case, can the voice recognition of the TV really recognize the user’s voice command? If it is not recognized, then what is the meaning of the smart voice? It may be that the actual use effect is not as good as using the remote controller. After all, there are many types of dialects across the country.

In addition to the problem of content recognition, it is impossible to distinguish what the user said, for example, on the TV The command, let it search for a certain program, may be because of the tone of speech or the problem of breaking the sentence, but the content that is spoken is only intercepted a part, and then the searched content is very strange, which is very embarrassing.

Of course, the problem is not only the two. Although the smart voice technology may be a technology that has just begun to be tested in the home appliance industry, it is not mature enough, but even if it has these deficiencies, it cannot It is denied that this progress is extremely milestone. It may be accompanied by the remote control of TV for decades. Its role will gradually decrease, and it will disappear completely. It may be more convenient in practical use. And all of this lies in the continuous improvement of the current intelligent voice system.

But for now, most of the smart voice systems on the market are like chicken ribs, which are useless, but now the big environment is like this, they are adding smart voice to the machine. System, we can only be compulsory consumption at the time of purchase.

So the only thing we can do is to hope that each manufacturer can increase research and development, so that these smart voices can really play a role. It’s best to be like Jarvis in Iron Man, and the food, clothing, and shelter can help us deal with it. Think about what you can do while sitting at home, just move your mouth, everything can be done in an orderly manner, how awkward it is!

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Xiaomi Life Sharing Bicycle Report Center

The hottest word at the moment is “Shared

The most relevant thing about people’s lives is “Share a bicycle”

Xiaomi Life opens “Share economy+ A new era of sharing economy

The first wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

Recruiting a horse to open a dividend period

880 yuan to become a VIP member, you will enjoy the following rights :

Equity 1: You can recommend members. For example, if you recommend A, you can enjoy the income of 15 venture capitals per day. For 365 days, you can get 5475 venture capitals. If A recommends B, you can get 2 / day of income. Then get a total of 6205 venture capital volumes

Equity 2: If you invest 11 orders, you will get 168 venture capital/day income, total income 61,320 venture capital volumes

Equity 3: You will get the subscription rights for motorcycles and get a 70% share split. For example, an electric car purchased at home is used for 10 days in a month, so 2/3 of the time is idle. Today in the Xiaomi Life Circle, you can share resources to earn wealth. By ordering a motorcycle for 3,880 yuan, you can get 70% of the income. For example, if you earn 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. Continue to take 3 years, how much do you calculate? You certainly have not thought that a motorcycle can bring you so much wealth!

Benefit 4: No parking deposit, your venture capital Not only can you use it in this car when you are traveling, but your vouchers can also be cashed in 1:1, and you can also share all the GM’s life in the future shared car, smart market, etc.

(Note: 1 venture capital volume = 1 yuan, the receipt of goods on the 8th day after becoming VIP, your referee will start from the next day, the 9th day. Cash withdrawal every Tuesday, Wednesday Until Friday, the system deducts 5% of the handling fee & #10133; 5 yuan / pen bank fee)

(missing the first wave, will miss the opportunity below)

Xiaomi Life Circle & #65039;Second Wave

[Shared Motorcycle]

Motorcycles are placed on the market from the end of August to September 2017

7 On the 14th, Xiaomi Life Circle and Jiangsu Green Coffee Electric Vehicle Factory reached a strategic cooperation, the first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units, and it is expected to be put into the market from the end of August to the beginning of September

July 18th Xiaomi Life Circle and Li Group (Tianjin) factory contract, entered into a collaboration! Group flew electric car was named the national environment-friendly vehicles. With 300 sets of production per day, it is expected to produce 50,000-50,000 units in the national market.

VIP can have the right to subscribe, 3980 yuan/set, you can hold 70% of the shares. For 3 years, you can get the income every day, see and get it.

Xiaomi Life Motorcycle meets the national 4 standards:

1. The speed limit is 20 km/h; /p>

2, can’t carry people;

3, with pedals;

4, each motorcycle is equipped with insurance;

small The third wave of honey life circle

Sharing car jingle travel

Surrounding the city from rural areas and towns, making up for the blank space of the trip and the special car

Xiaomi Life The fourth wave of the circle

[Smart Farm]

The characteristics of the shared smart farm are: farm dishes, green leaves, from farm to food court to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. Then, in the smart market, you only need to open your mobile phone to place an order and send it directly to your home within five kilometers.

[Planning and Vision]

In 2019, 1 million motorcycles and 100,000 shared cars will be launched, and 500 smart farms will be transformed and cooperated. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange.

National recruiting and regional agents, welcome to join us!

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

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Tongyuan Photography Group reminds you that you should know these international awards.

There have been many gossips related to the international awards recently. The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to the British national writer Shihei Ishio. Haruki Murakami continued to run the marathon; Da Liu’s “Three-body 3” was drowned by the media. The fruit award “love the black female writers, set off the fans to the international awards “just or not to tear the X war; “Wolf 2” to compete for the best foreign language film Oscar, once the results are likely to be a hurricane & helllip ;…

Gossip gossip, life to life. Nobel and Oscar are too far away from us. Today, we are still sorting out some international awards that are not known to the Chinese people, but are all worthy of all.

The highest level of washing and blowing

Since the blue fire in the online game, “blue-collar masters have become the focus of everyone’s attention.” But you don’t necessarily know that the excavator also has the “Olympic & mdash;— World Skills Competition.

This is called “Skills Olympics” competition, which is highly valued by the manufacturing powerhouse. “Blue-collar champions birth, the attention and influence is not worse than sports stars.”

Of course, we can’t use excavators, but there are special beauty salons in the World Skills Competition. Next time you go to the barber shop for haircuts, hair stylist Tony will blow with you. When he is a master from Taiwan and has served a big star, you directly ask him: “Do you have participated in the World Skills Competition? Waiting for the award? Enough for him to think about life.

However, there are really hairdressers in China who have won the World Skills Championship: In 2015, the 23-year-old Chongqing sister Nie Feng won the hairdressing industry championship in the competition held in Brazil. Therefore, he became an associate professor and enjoyed special allowances from the State Council.

“ Washing and blowing is a practical title in life. Going to the high-end professional is called modeling, which involves a wider range of hairdressing scenes. There are also corresponding international grand prix for these scenes, such as the International Hairdressing Professional Magazine Association (AIPP) Award, which is recognized as the most important international award by hairdressing designers around the world.

In 2015, Taiwanese designer Lin Yiyi won the “Best Photographic Award”, not only the first person in Taiwan, but also the first hairdressing designer in Asia to receive this honor.

Recording photos of life, of course, art & ldquo; Saigao

Since the introduction of photography, I will talk about the photography contest.

Usually think of photography awards, everyone will think of documentary photography for the first time, such as the Pulitzer Live News Photography Award, the Dutch Prize (WPP) and so on. In recent years, many Chinese documentary photographers have performed outstandingly and won awards.

And related to our lives, we can’t do without art photography: children’s photos, youth photos, wedding photography, birthday commemorations, etc., along with our growth trajectory. If you want to learn about the strength of photographers through international awards, then WPPI (International Wedding and Portrait Photo Contest) is an international event worthy of reference.

WPPI is one of the largest wedding photo shoots in the United States with a long history. It is also one of the most grand and representative photography events in the photography industry. Its status can be compared with the Dutch competition in photojournalism. Its selection in the industry, such as the Oscars in the film industry, attracts more than 1,000 wedding photographers every year.

In recent years, more and more Chinese photographers have won WPPI. In the WPPI Children’s Photography Competition in the first half of this year, 5 of the 8 award-winning works were Chinese photographers. Got it. Be aware that the previous WPPI children’s awards were won by foreign photographers.

It is worth mentioning that the four photographers of the five award-winning works, Shen Xiaoxi, Zheng Xiangui, Yang Hui Rong and Liu Jian are from Guangzhou Tongyuan Photography Group. This company is also very interesting. Some studios and photo studios rely on the reputation of a photographer, but they are a group of masters and a bunch of awards.

China Children’s Photography Photo Contest, 11 people from Tongyuan team won the grand prize, and won the gold medal for the three-year group; the industry’s highest personal gold award in the industry> , Yachen and Li Lian; in the 4th Greece Olympia International Photography League in 2016, Tongyuan team won three gold medals, one silver medal, two merit awards, two honor awards … …

Zheng Xiangui, who won the WPPI award this year, is known as the “Gold Harvester”. Since 2010, he has won 67 domestic and foreign photography competition medals. “Recycled” “China Good Photo Portrait Gold Award”, “Spanish TORRETES Champions Cup Photo Contest Color Group Gold Award”, “Greece-United Arab Emirates International Photography League Color Group GPU Silver Award, etc., basically, overturning his resume, I can almost know what is the weight of the photo contest at home and abroad.

Collecting medals everywhere is not to say that this is a company that aims to win prizes. The reason is that people are ahead of their minds and their skills are excellent. Unlike the ordinary photo studio, the guest is not like the product of the assembly line. The ring is followed by a ring, and the finished product looks like a mold, but the art is taken as a work of art. Demonstrate the true character of children and discover the characteristics of each child and family.

These masters were cultivated by the high demands of the art work. Zheng Xiangui was a salesman of Tongyuan seven years ago, and Li was only one when he entered the line.The assistant responsible for lighting. In the words of Li Lian, in the same distance, the expressions and emotions of the guests are only the first level, and the temperament is the realm they pursue.

In addition to the master of photography, the stylist who gave the children a photo shoot, is actually the guest stylist Yang Liping of Jay Chou’s global tour concert. The clothes worn by the guests are also the super big names of LV and Chanel. Moreover, in the same distance to take pictures, stylists and photographers are following the group and follow the customer, and the whole process is completed in a private studio. The photographs are often also available on the cover of “Portrait” magazine, and even participate in the WPPI competition … … feel that customers are making a big profit.

Tongyuan Chairman Xu Zhong also stated: Tongyuan is “to take pictures with thoughts, and to “praise life”. Thoughtful works are the best works. In the photography industry, there is no shortage of good technology and a strong late stage. What is lacking is artistry and thinking. The core source is the photographer, not the photographic technology and the appearance of the photo. The key is to see how the photographer uses his ideas to present his photos. Therefore, Tongyuan spent a lot of thoughts on cultivating a large number of photographers with independent opinions and strong ideas. This is the result of my grand prize.

& ldquo;The value is the truth! Can life be called life without design life?

Art makes life records more valuable, and design makes life better. We want to buy and buy in our home life, what should we pick? It is necessary to talk about the world’s three major design awards: Red Dot Design Award, iF International Design Award, US IEDA Award.

One of the most well-known is Red Dot, Germany’s Oscar in the design world, the world’s premier design category. Because the red dot encompasses all aspects of people’s clothing, food, housing and travel, and the value of commercial promotion is high, many manufacturers are willing to participate.

Usually, the Red Dot Awards represent a global design trend, if a product has a red dot “ The blessing is basically able to guarantee the value and texture. For example, this year’s award-winning works have Apple’s black-earthed Bluetooth headset (it is easy to get rid of the spit, but it is not easy to fall off, sales are also very popular … …), Logitech keyboard, and Xiaomi’s electric scooter (This year, Xiaomi has 7 products with the red dot award) and so on.

The iF International Design Awards, one of the most professional and reputable industrial design awards in the world, was founded in 1953 by the oldest industrial design agency in Germany —— Hannover Industrial Design The forum is regularly selected every year and is known worldwide for its independent, rigorous and reliable awards.

However, the iF award is gold medal (75 pieces per year) and the general prize is thousands of items per year. many. If you still remember, Luo Yonghao won the Internet for a long time, because his hammer T1 mobile phone won the 62nd iF Gold Award, which is the first time that China’s mainland smartphone products have won this award.

The third is IEDA from the United States, the full name is the American Industrial Design Excellence Award. IDEA is hosted by American Business Weekly and judged by IDSA of the American Industrial Designers Association. Although the award is only 25 years old, it has the same influence as iF.

IDEA’s award-winning work also has many interesting and useful products, such as the 2014 self-shaking baby chair, not It takes power to automatically imitate the shaking of the mother.

Baby’s first book

If you are a new mother, in addition to the crying of the little baby, the choice of reading materials for the baby must be big. More online is a dazzling picture book, how to choose?

Or first understand the different styles of the picture book international awards, baby’s first book to find a suitable “mentor.” In addition to the highest international honours in the field of children’s literature, there is the Andersen Award, which is known as the Little Nobel Prize, and there are some good choices below.

Developing Imagination & mdash;—Cadick Award

Beginning in 1937 The American Awards, hosted by the American Library Association. “The Cadillac Awards review focuses on the artistic value and special creativity of the work, with special emphasis on “not teaching and “learning and letting children” develop another space for thinking in the process of reading. There is only one Cadillac gold medal each year, and the number of silver medals is variable. The logo is “John Medal for Riding”.

At present, there are “Little Black Fish”, “David, Can’t”, “Give Way to Little Duck”, “Gray Robe Grandma and Strawberry Thieves”, “Looking at Owl” and so on.

Cultivating artistic temperament & mdash;—Greenway Award

Founded in 1955 British awards, but also international. The organizer is the British Library Association.

Just as the introverted and implicit culture of the UK, the selection criteria for the Greenway Awards are very strict, not only for the quality of art, but also for the standard, very detailed and rigorous. It is for this reason that the Greenway Award-winning work will receive great attention once it is published.

At present, the domestic introduction of the “Greenway Award”There are not many works: “Go to the river with Gan Bobo”, “Can’t you sleep?”, “Pumpkin Soup” and so on.

Logic Thinking Training & mdash;—German Picture Book Award

This is a long history “ The Picture Book Award in the German Youth Literature Awards is judged by the German Youth Literature Association. The popularity is not as good as the first two, but it plays an important role in Europe.

This award-winning work follows the rigorous and calm style of the Germans. The narrative is comprehensive and clear, which is good for the baby’s logical thinking ability.

There are not many domestic introductions: “Grandpa does not wear a suit” and “The Forest Bear”.

Well, this life edition international awards combing guide is enough for you to not only talk about gossip, but also to live a great international award.

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Chu Chu pushes the partner to consult Xu, Chu Chu pushes to find Xu teacher

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Ultra-strong brand supply chain

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Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, escort the user’s promotion and purchase experience. Chu Chu push, is a social e-commerce platform to promote Chu Chutong goods, through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, to create a business through the promotion of goods, create a community to obtain rich income platform. Excellent VIP shopping guides sign directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

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7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Tencent strategic investment e-commerce platform, Global social e-commerce platform, the preferred platform for mass entrepreneurship! It is also a shopping or online shopping. Do you choose to be a consumer or a consumer?

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