Anti-static floor is different from network floor

Whether it is anti-static floor or network floor, it belongs to the common type of floor, which is generally due to the need for anti-static, but the anti-static floor and the network floor are essentially different, and this different specific main manifestation In three major areas.

The use of anti-static floor and network floor space:

1, the network floor is generally used in: 5A level intelligent building, Grade A office building, OA office, large open office, Offices with integrated wiring requirements;

2, anti-static floor is generally used in computer room, program-controlled switch room, control room, electrification room, computer center, electronic reading room, anti-static clean factory.

The structure of anti-static floor and network floor is different:

1. The network floor is bare board, and the composition is: floor and bracket.

2, anti-static floor for the surface of the anti-static veneer, composed of: floor, bracket, beam.

The surface material of the anti-static floor is different from that of the network floor:

1. After the network floor is installed, the surface is pasted with carpet or magnetic pvc.

2, directly attach the HPL anti-static veneer to the surface of the anti-static floor.

Because the functions of anti-static floor and network floor are the same, only the different processing techniques are different, and the market price is also different. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of consumers in the purchase process should be based on Select and purchase products based on your actual needs.

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What about wooden floor worms? How to solve?

After the insects on the wooden floor, no matter what method you want, you should solve these bugs as soon as possible to maintain family peace and comfort. If the wood floor has been found to be worm-eaten, timely treatment is the most direct and effective method.

If the wooden floor is a small area of ​​worm erosion, it can be solved by syringe injection of kerosene, but this method will have residual kerosene smell and can only be used in a small area. Consumers should seek timely solutions to professional wood flooring sellers. Regular wood flooring companies will have professional personnel to remove insects.

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In addition, some consumers use their own Insecticides are used for de-worming. If the method or medicine is wrong, it will not only serve the purpose of de-worming, but also may delay the optimal timing of de-worming. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use this method as much as possible.

Some People think that a layer of charcoal, charcoal or pepper on the ground before the wooden floor pavement can effectively prevent the insects, experts believe that this is not desirable. Charcoal, charcoal can absorb moisture in a short period of time, but It does not digest the moisture, and it will often be released again. It will not reach the purpose of moisture prevention. The practice of putting pepper is not advisable. Usually, dried pepper can deworm, but many examples show that pepper is often caused by moist insects. Wood floor worms.

The production of worms requires a certain degree of humidity and temperature, so if the wood floor is wormed, most of the reason is caused by moisture, so the key to insect prevention is moisture. The best way to prevent insects is to give it when installing the wooden floor. Do a layer of moisture-proof treatment on the ground, or apply a layer of moisture-proof paint.

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IKEA stores into large bedrooms, experiential shopping as an excuse

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, many of the main urban residents went to IKEA in Yubei District home shopping. Reader Mr. Wang reflects: Many beds, sofas are crowded with people in various places, all kinds of sleeping postures, playing self-portraits, playing and playing ……“ This is a public place after all, so uncivilized phenomenon is difficult to say normal, can the relevant units face management?


IKEA should not let go of chaos

The home store has become a big living room, big Bedrooms, these uncivilized phenomena in IKEA, should be related to their own experiential marketing. The sofas and beds in the store can sleep people —— this is unique to IKEA, and it is also a selling point for IKEA to promote. The other furniture city does not have this situation.

It is unfair to unilaterally accuse customers of uncivilized behavior. As a large multinational company and rule maker, IKEA should take the initiative to take responsibility for bringing order out of chaos, correctly guide customers’ civilized experience, and civilized shopping, and should not let chaos happen.

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The flooring industry is misunderstood. Sustainable environmental protection is facing strong challenges.

In 2011, it was designated as the International Year of Forests. In this year and day, which is quite different for the flooring industry, the World Flooring Conference was held in Shanghai. Sustainability has become a hot topic in the industry at this conference. It is not only applicable to the protection of forests, but also to the future development of China’s flooring industry.

Is the flooring industry really ‘misunderstood’?

‘Forests have been on Earth for 380 million years, but do we really understand trees? At the World Flooring Conference, Jim Gould, president of the American Institute of Ground Materials Research, broadcasted such a video, with a variety of beautiful forest images that alternated and flashed, and this rarely mentioned problem was thrown at the beginning of the film. This short film called Forest and People was specially filmed by the United Nations to promote the 2011 International Year of Forests. At a annual event in the flooring industry, where raw materials are supplied to deforestation, it seems that some of the short films on forest protection topics are out of date.

JimGould is not persuading listeners to give up their industry, but to advise entrepreneurs in the flooring industry, ‘If we want to grow in this industry, we must educate consumers around the world: if we manage deforestation well, the floor The industry is actually good for the world. Every producer and seller of wood needs to do his job and change the misunderstanding of consumers. ‘

The chairman of Nature Floor, Yan Xuebin, said that as a boss of the timber industry, he was always asked how many trees the company had cut. In fact, flooring manufacturers have replanted trees as a common means of floor marketing. Yan Xuebin said, ‘Every time I cut a tree, I promise to plant ten trees. Cutting trees and planting trees is not a contradiction. What needs to be considered is how to source legal timber globally to achieve more environmentally friendly goals. ‘

Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, also defends the low carbonity of the floor. ‘Afforestation is to absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen, but if the wood is not used, it will eventually return to the atmosphere if it rots. . Therefore, it is necessary to use wood in large quantities, store carbon in wood products, and let the carbon delay the release time. Under the premise that the amount of growth exceeds the amount of use, it is not only one-sided emphasis on forest protection. ‘

Sustained development faces strong demand

’13 years ago, China was only an importer of laminate flooring, and now it has become the largest producer of laminate flooring. Although great success has been achieved, past successes do not represent future success. ‘This is a warning from Thomas Baert, Senior Development Consultant, China International Flooring Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition.

In the face of this kind warning, ‘reflection’ has become the word repeatedly mentioned by many speakers at the floor conference. And the challenge is everywhere. Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, listed the factors that are not conducive to the development of the industry, such as shortage of timber, rising prices, rising production costs such as manpower, tightening of real estate and financial policies, and upgrading of wood quality requirements. He concluded that it is no longer feasible to rely on the growth of resource consumption and capital accumulation.

Leading companies in the industry are also aware of this. Weng Shaobin, president of Shengxiang Group, said that China’s flooring companies are labor-intensive from product production, marketing to after-sales service. He once made a calculation. If the icon is to achieve sales of 3 to 4 billion yuan, the company needs to invest more than 10,000 people including production personnel, sales personnel and installation service personnel. Weng Shaobin believes that such high labor intensity is sustainable in the flooring industry and worth considering.

The road to transformation is not smooth, and the domestic flooring industry is fortunate that they have an increasingly large domestic consumer market compared to their foreign counterparts. During the ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ period, there will be 2.4 billion cubic meters of new buildings and 42 billion cubic meters of old buildings. This has great potential for the flooring industry, which has a 30% market share in floor coverings, Ye Kelin said.

Release date: 2011/12/12 10:33:48

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Can wood-plastic flooring be used indoors?

Wood-plastic flooring is a new type of environmentally-friendly wood-plastic composite product. The xylenol produced in the process of producing medium and high-density fiberboard is added to recycled plastic. The granulation equipment is made into a wood-plastic composite material, and then the extrusion production group is made into a wood-plastic floor.

Wood-plastic composite board is a kind of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) based material and thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) High-tech green materials made by mixing and processing with additives such as processing aids, which are then heated and extruded by mold equipment. They combine the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics, and can replace new environmentally-friendly high-tech materials for wood and plastic. P>

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Wood plastic floor type

Wood-plastic flooring can also be divided into two types, one for outdoor use and one for indoor use. The plastic raw materials in outdoor wood-plastic flooring are mostly made of polyethylene ( PE), and the plastic material used for the indoor floor is polychloroethylene (pvc).

Applicable scope of wood-plastic floor

Wood-plastic floor is The floor made of wood-plastic composite material has the same processing characteristics as wood. It can be sawed, drilled and nailed with ordinary tools. It is very convenient and can be made like ordinary wood. At the same time, it has the woody feel of wood and the water and anti-corrosion properties of plastic, making it an excellent and durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building material (floor, fence, chair, garden or waterfront landscape, etc.), and can replace the port. Wood components used in docks, etc., can also be used to make various packaging materials, pallets, warehouse mats, etc. instead of wood.

Wooden flooring can be used indoors

Yes. Due to its waterproof properties, wood-plastic flooring is mostly used outdoors. However, if the indoor floor is often wet, often rubbed and needs to be slipped, the wood-plastic floor is the best choice for indoor flooring. For example, wood-plastic indoor flooring is mainly used for The floor of the bathroom, bathroom and kitchen. The interior and exterior floors of Hong Kong and foreign cafe bars often use wood-plastic flooring.

How is the performance of wood-plastic flooring

1, physical properties: good strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear-resistant, no cracking, no insects, low water absorption, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, anti-static and ultraviolet, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, resistant 75 °C high temperature and -40 ° C low temperature.

2, environmental performance: ecological wood, environmental protection wood, renewable, no toxic substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc., no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances released, will not cause air pollution And environmental pollution, can be 100% recycled and reused, and can be biodegraded.

3. Appearance texture: It has the natural appearance and texture of wood. It is more stable than wood. No wood knots, no cracks, warpage, deformation, the product can be made into a variety of colors, the surface does not need secondary paint can be long-lasting and not fade.

4, processing performance: with secondary processing of wood, such as sawing, planing, bonding, nail or screw fixation, various profiles and standards, construction and installation is quick and convenient. Through a variety of operations, it can be processed into various facilities and products.

advantages of wood-plastic flooring

1, waterproof, moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are prone to decay and swelling after being absorbed by moisture in humid and multi-water environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be applied. Insect-proof and termite-proof, effectively eliminate insect harassment and prolong service life.

2, sound absorption effect is good, energy saving is good, so that indoor energy saving is up to 30%.

3, high environmental protection, no pollution, pollution-free, recyclable. The product contains no benzene, the formaldehyde content is 0.2, lower than the EO standard, and it is the European environmental protection standard. The recycling can greatly reduce the amount of wood used, and it is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefit the society.

4, high fire resistance. It can be effectively flame retardant, the fire level reaches B1 level, it will self-extinguish in case of fire, and it will not produce any toxic gas.

5, good processability, can be ordered, can be planed, can be sawed, can be drilled, the surface can be painted. It has strong plasticity and can realize individualized style very simply, fully reflecting the individual style.

6, simple installation, convenient construction, no complicated construction process, saving installation time and cost.

7, no cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, saving post-maintenance and maintenance costs.

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Competition in the flooring industry is heating up. Brand building helps companies improve their competitiveness.

Nowadays, the competition in the flooring industry is becoming more and more serious, and the competition among enterprises has already reached a stage of white-hot. As a mature industry that has developed in China for nearly 30 years, the current floor enterprises have not been able to form an obvious competitive situation in hardware facilities, and the competition of soft power such as brand building can better demonstrate the industry status of the company.

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The competition in the flooring industry is heating up. Brand building helps companies improve Competitiveness

Brand building enhances the core competitiveness of flooring companies

The floor industry has developed rapidly, and there are few well-known flooring brands. Brand building has become an industry problem. In China’s flooring industry, there are widespread problems of small scale, low brand concentration and lack of well-known brands. It is true that the brand awareness of flooring companies is still relatively early, and the desire for brand building is also relatively high. Strong, but helpless is that the flooring industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is often a lack of energy for brand building. ‘Wang Yonglin, secretary general of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association Floor Committee, said.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the flooring market, the brand competition is constantly escalating, large-scale flooring companies continue to grow and develop, brand influence is increasing, and the road to brand building of small and medium-sized flooring enterprises will be more difficult. However, the road to brand building is not a one-step process. This is a long-term cultivation process, which requires a lot of financial, material and human resources to operate and maintain.

Flooring company brand Promotion needs to be gradual.

As we all know, China’s flooring industry has a low threshold, and SMEs occupy the main body of the industry. Most flooring companies cannot afford the brand building of “burning money”. The market is rapidly cooling down, and the flooring companies are getting harder and harder. Where can they build their own brands?

At present, ‘brand promotion is difficult to see’ is the main face of many flooring companies. Difficulties, therefore, the flooring industry brand battlefield still has a broad space for promotion. The industry analysts believe that the previous model of ‘company website + corporate album + image advertising’ adopted by flooring companies can not meet the needs of the new situation, new markets, flooring companies Need to explore new propaganda and promotion methods.

In addition, brand promotion through online promotion has become a common means for large and small enterprises in recent years. This is relatively inexpensive, and can be afforded by most flooring companies. From the use of the network for brand promotion, it can be inferred that many growing flooring companies have realized the importance of brand value communication.

In short, behind the battle of brand branding is the increasingly fierce market competition. In the face of not optimistic market competition, small and medium-sized flooring companies need to find a way to do a good job in brand image. Promote so that you can really take advantage of the brand.

Release date: 2015/3/7 16:00:23

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The number of flooring brands is increasing year by year. How do small and medium-sized flooring companies make a living?

Consumers often choose brands with good reputation when shopping. Therefore, brand recognition has become one of the important factors affecting consumers’ purchasing behavior. Home decoration also buys flooring. For those small and medium-sized flooring companies with weak strength, it is facing a greater survival test. For small and medium-sized flooring brands to stand on the heels of the regional market and form a brand resilience, they need to be active in the market atmosphere, which will attract consumers’ attention.

Follow the daily behavior of consumers and purchase psychology, and start the outdoor advertising spread from the storefront in front of the daily residential community in the area, such as the property management office, convenience store, etc., where everyone will come into contact every day. Let consumers see the brand’s message transmission every day, and continue to strengthen into the minds of consumers. Many flooring brands have done a good job in creating momentum. They have put a lot of advertisements in CCTV prime time to highlight their worth; the funds are tightly held to hold an opening ceremony or investment promotion meeting, which is enough to attract the attention of the nearby area. However, the lively market atmosphere only stays at that time. It is useless. It is necessary to let the floor brand continue to shine and become a consumer’s desire to consume.

Create a high-end terminal image in a timely manner

The creation of a brand image also requires a high-end terminal image that is consistent with the brand image, but many small and medium-sized brands are often strained, and this is often overlooked. On the other hand, there is no coordination with the regional dealers in the investment, ‘I can’t bear the children can’t set a wolf’, and it seems that the top-end terminal stores, although expensive, can radiate a larger size in their small areas. Influence, after all, most people are now appearance associations, and the store must be beautiful to attract more people to pay.

If the small and medium-sized flooring brand has its own image display store in the local area, the consumers in the area will be able to come to the door to experience the quality, function, quality, service, etc. of the brand products, and improve the brand over time. The local credibility of recognition allows consumers to form a trustworthy brand concept in their minds. Only fresh and believe can ultimately be transformed into sales behavior.

The development of any business will not be smooth, the same for the industry. As a relatively embarrassing group on the market, small and medium-sized flooring companies must also consider the direction that suits their own development. Sitting and waiting can not solve the problem, small and medium-sized flooring companies can only find a breakthrough in development, starting from the details, in order to achieve a qualitative breakthrough.

Release date: 2015/11/18 17:27:12

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Fenghua Environmental Protection was approved as a qualified enterprise in the “Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Treatment) Specification Conditions”

Keywords: Fenghua Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Equipment

In recent years, with the gradual deterioration of atmospheric environmental quality and stricter emission standards in related industries, the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and its scale has grown. However, problems such as weak innovation ability in the industry, difficulty in promoting advanced technology and equipment, and serious competition in low-end homogenization have gradually become prominent.

At present, green development has become the new normal of economic development. The construction of ecological civilization puts forward higher requirements for the effective supply of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and the industry has entered a period of strategic opportunity for all-round development. On June 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the list of enterprises that meet the requirements of the “Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Administration) Standards”. Guangdong Fenghua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fenghua Environmental Protection) was listed on the list.

The environmental protection company has independent research and development and innovation capabilities, and has established research and development institutions such as technology centers and engineering research centers. At the same time, equipped with the corresponding full-time research and development staff. The company has strong technical strength and rich experience. Since its establishment in 1992, it has continuously researched, innovated and developed new products and new projects. It has 68 patents for environmental protection and plant protection spray equipment projects. All patent achievements have been transformed into productivity, and the scale of industrialization has been formed. More than 20 energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust-removing, dust-reducing and cooling spray machinery products are leading in China.

It is reported that Fenghua environmental protection products have obtained the national mandatory 3C certification, and the products have passed the “National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” inspection, and passed the EU CE certification, “National Plant Protection Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” The inspection was qualified, and the “Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Appraisal Certificate” was issued. At the same time, the long-range wind-driven sprayer won the “Independent Innovation Product Certification Certificate” issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in 2009, and “High-tech Product Certification Certificate”. The products produced meet the relevant national standards, industry standards, group standards and other enterprise standards.

At present, Fenghua Environmental’s leading products are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust spray spray equipment, mainly with a range of 60 meters to 200 meters. All types of “environmental dust-removing air-assisted sprayer,” long-range wind-driven sprayer, “railway coal transport curing agent spray device,” “control air quality exceeds the standard water mist dust suppression device and other proprietary patent products. In line with the requirements of national noise and other processing standards, the products produced will not cause harm to the ecological environment and the health of users during use, and will not cause secondary pollution.

At the same time, there are stretchers and self-applications for agriculture, forestry, urban landscaping, sanitation and epidemic prevention. More than 30 kinds of spray machinery series, such as walking, hand-pushing, vehicle-mounted, air-feeding, towing, lifting, etc., with complete functions, complete supporting, high degree of automation control, environmental protection, energy saving and high cost performance. Fenghua Environmental Protection has high automation control, small fog particles, uniform atomization, high spray range, long range, wide spray width, remote control system control, high-point spray, safe and convenient use, low noise, high work efficiency and environmental protection. Energy saving, water saving and high cost performance.

Fenghua Environmental Protection will continue to move towards the sustainable and healthy development of the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry, continuously adjust the industrial structure, optimize product quality, and contribute to the supply-side reform of the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry.

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The adjustment trend of the five development strategies of flooring companies in 2012

Since the beginning of this year, the state has increased the regulation and control of real estate, and the transaction volume of major cities has fallen sharply, and the flooring industry has suffered heavy losses. In the face of extremely severe situations, flooring companies continue to strengthen their operations and management and adjust their strategic objectives. The crisis is both an opportunity and a challenge. The author believes that the future floor market will present five major trends.

Trend 1: Low carbon and environmental protection into the mainstream

The choice of raw materials has become a top priority for flooring companies. The earliest use of the flooring industry was in the northeast of birch, eucalyptus, and ash, and later in Southeast Asia. At present, Thailand has begun to ban timber exports, and Myanmar has also begun to strictly restrict exports. In the future, as global warming and environmental degradation become more prominent, the trend of green environmental protection will become larger and larger, and the control of raw materials and the research and development of new materials will become the focus of future development.

In the context of low carbon environmental protection, the raw material source of the wood flooring industry will change. The use of precious wood in South America will be reduced; the use of fast-growing forests such as eucalyptus and birch in the Northeast and Russia will gradually increase. Multi-layer parquet and laminate flooring will use fast-growing forest wood to better protect forest resources and establish a good recycling mechanism.

In addition to paying attention to sustainability in materials sources, improving the durability of wood flooring, extending service life, and reducing unnecessary waste of resources, it is also contributing to low-carbon environmental protection.

Trend 2: Starting the brand is the key

The single style and the same material selection are the basic status of the current flooring market. Therefore, brand building is the way out for the long-term development of flooring companies in the future.

With the improvement of material living standards, people have stricter requirements on the variety, function and use of wooden flooring, and the degree of recognition of brands has also increased. At present, the domestic flooring industry lacks a strong brand, and the market space needs to be tapped. In the future, the market will have more professional and diversified brand segments. Therefore, brand building is a top priority for flooring companies.

Trend 3: Market sinking to find out the road

At present, the market in the first-tier cities is saturated, and the development of the second and third-tier markets has become the strategic goal of many enterprises. The author saw many well-known flooring brands in Bohai Furniture City, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. As the real estate bubble in the second and third tier cities is relatively small, the market development is relatively stable, which promotes the development of the local flooring industry.

With the improvement of consumption levels and capabilities in second- and third-tier cities, the new affluent class is constantly emerging in the new round of economic growth. They will have the consumption power of the primary market, and the wooden floor is no longer a luxury for them. It is a symbol of its identity.

However, the second and third-tier cities have high consumption dispersion, and the market is sinking, and the consumption dispersion is higher. Especially in the third-tier cities, a large number of private housing construction consumer groups are scattered in different areas such as urban areas, suburbs, highways, towns and towns, and their degree of aggregation is not high. This also brings certain difficulties to the sinking of the channel.

Trend 4: Diversified sales dilemma

The use of multimedia has promoted the prosperity of online shopping. Although online shopping in the flooring industry is not expected to be 2-3 years ago, online shopping will now become a new trend in the development of the flooring industry in the future.

According to authoritative statistics, last year, the sales scale of China’s e-commerce will reach 576 billion.

Professional flooring online shopping website that sells genuine products and lower prices has been favored and recognized by many consumers. E-commerce has reduced the cost of sales to the enterprise to some extent.

At present, the e-commerce platform integrating display, sales and service enables consumers to choose hundreds of brand floorings of different specifications and colors without leaving their homes, and enjoy the high-quality and sincere service of the company. , bringing real benefits to consumers. However, the regulatory issues of e-commerce have become increasingly prominent, making its development prospects unclear.

Trend 5: Audience update attracts attention

As the age structure of the population changes, the younger generation, especially the ’80s’, has become the ‘living force’ of consumption. After the ’80s’ consumer groups have a ‘enjoyment’ side, so the size of the store, design style may become an important factor affecting their purchase of the floor.

Faced with the ‘post-80s’ consumer groups that grew up in the information age, flooring companies should adopt new marketing models based on their consumption characteristics, and continue to introduce different styles of products to cater to individual and fashionable consumer groups.

Release date: 2012/1/16 9:47:38

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Sino-US Aluminum Industry Strengthens Party Style and Clean Government Education

Recently, Henan Zhongmei Aluminum Co., Ltd., while strengthening the general education of party style and clean government, also carried out key education from five aspects according to the different situations of party members and cadres, and strived to eliminate the problem of incorruptibility from the source and received Better results.

First, in response to the hot, difficult and doubtful issues reflected by the masses, regular review meetings will be held to increase the level of honesty, accountability and effectiveness. The second is to highlight the theme education for party members and cadres. Regularly carry out ‘learning the “Corruption Guidelines” and strive to be a model of party spirit and party discipline. The third is to establish a ‘double-day’ education system for party style and clean government, and to carry out the ‘party-style clean government learning comparison day’ activity among party members and cadres, and carry out the ‘post-corruption education day’ activity among general party members and cadres. Party members and cadres, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the party, and the opinions put forward by the democratic life meeting and the organization life meeting, were rectified and rectified, and the rectification situation was promptly publicized and included in the integrity file. The fourth is to highlight the timely education at the ‘key node’. The fifth is to highlight the education of family members.

Release date: 2012/4/20 9:11:50

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