Wearable neckband camera

People are always looking for new ways to share their lives with friends and family, but this approach may be limited. Linkflow created the FITT360 to change this. The camera has a hands-free 360-degree camera to capture every moment! If you want to capture beautiful hikes, broadcast live events, or even just make a phone call, it’s never been easier.

FITT360 surrounds the back of the user’s neck like a necklace and is light enough to make you forget it. It is equipped with three cameras to capture your surroundings with beautiful quality, even VR friendly. If you don’t like 360 ​​mode, you can choose to export it as 2k material – it’s up to you!

The product is available in three different sizes and colors: red, white or silver. It’s also waterproof, which means you can take photos and videos to the lake at will. It is heat-resistant to limit the user’s comfort, shockproof to ensure product safety, and also GPS embedded. Other features include a 90-minute battery life and a USB connection for easy uploading.

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The medieval hillside home of Los Angeles was refurbished

This medieval residence is located on a steep hill below the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Angeles and was recently renovated by ras-a. The house is now named “House under the Bridge”, although it is good, but it is crowded and outdated. The homeowner chooses to live in the house for a while to get a feel for it and decide what he wants to change. Due to strict building regulations, they are not allowed to extend the footprints of their homes, but instead find more square feet at a higher level in the original space.

The home is divided into three floors, allowing the lower floors to be paved and paved for laundry and guest bathrooms without increasing floor space.

The existing columns and girder roofs are not insulated, so they spray hard foam insulation from the roof side and then apply a white reflective coating. The windows have been upgraded and some of them can be passively cooled and ventilated.

A window surrounds the outdoor landscape, including the Gothic view of the bridge.

The master bedroom is located behind the glass wall, allowing natural light to enter while providing a view of the trees. If privacy is required, the curtains can be closed.

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A hotel rooted in academic and design

The hotel is a member of the design hotel portfolio and does not look like a hotel belonging to the University City. With a princely interior, this modern hotel exudes serenity and sophistication and should look like a quiet meadow on the outskirts of the town, not the heart of the city.

The hotel is designed by a construction company based in Hannover and is made of wildly patterned bricks, reflecting the contemporary character of the building and the creativity inside the building.

The restaurant offers Japanese-South American cuisine by the chef. Guests can sample delicious sushi, sashimi, ceviche and grilled meat in the open concept kitchen of the restaurant.

The communal lounge area features custom-designed carpets, colourful Moroccan cement stone tiles, oversized armchairs, plush velvet sofas and modern fixtures, all of which contribute to conversation and collaboration.

Modern amenities include a spa, fitness room, yoga facility, lounge and rooftop terrace.

The rooms have a Nordic touch with oak floors, cool grey wallpaper and floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a wide view of the natural atmosphere of Göttingen.

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House made up of stacked squares

The Stack House in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a modern home designed by Lazor Office with bold street views. Using external contrast material, the viewer first sees three stacked blocks, the floor. Inside, the private spaces are stacked together to reveal the engraving space in the public living area, creating a separation point that still feels part of the larger space.

This house is perfectly integrated into the busy community and connected to the surrounding natural landscape.

One of the more intimate spaces is the curved walled restaurant with white oak.

The other niche is designed for the piano and is connected to the living room. The customer wants a place where people can come and enjoy the music being played.

The living room has double-height ceilings for a greater feel while allowing extra windows to bring natural light from above.

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Multifunctional storage series

The Spanish furniture company Momocca has launched a series of storage furniture that combines wood, metal and stone for a bold and minimalist look. Adara is designed as a sideboard, table or chest of drawers that can be customized to your preferences for modules, finishes and top materials.

The Adara modules come in different sizes and can be fitted with drawers, smooth doors or slotted doors. Once you know that you want this piece and size, you can continue to customize the natural oak finish surface of bright, smoked, dark, natural or whisky, or use white, pearl grey or cream.

You can even stack modules or add legs to a certain height.

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Furniture depicting Colombian weaving traditional art

Industrial designers are inspired by her native roots in Colombia, a collection of furniture that depicts the traditional art of Colombian weaving. Bamba is a native term that means “majestic tree”, an ancient theme that represents growth and change.

With The Bamba, Ortega hopes to provide users with opportunities and space to reflect on their lives and experiences. Inspired by Colombian culture and art, hand-woven textiles are designed to symbolize balance, just as the balance between our inner self and the world we live in. The series is made of a mixture of plastic, aluminum, wood, etc., with a variety of colorful textiles.

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Modern home in Montreal, Canada

is a modern residence in Montreal, Canada, designed by _naturehumaine. Originally built in the late 1940s, the architect was able to develop the rear facade into the garden with a 24-foot wide sliding sill by removing the intermediate support elements.

The top of the outdoor terrace is a metal grille awning that prevents direct sunlight from reaching the kitchen and restaurant directly connected to the outdoor space. Architects want to open this space to reinvigorate the relationships between the various scenarios and establish a visual connection between each scenario.

The perforated mobile steel wall provides flexible privacy between the living room and the family room. In addition, in order to create a large amount of green environment indoors, he also used the movable wall. Upstairs, this green presence can be enjoyed from an open plan office.

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Toronto Design Exhibition Furniture List

The plate on this table is customizable and can be placediPad, desk accessories, candles and notes.

All works are made of aluminum by hand and then processed by a local supplier. The wood tabletop was frosted and coated with an organic low volatile organic compound wax.

This beautiful chandelier is made by designerAlisha Marie BoydDesigned. Boyd is an award-winning artist, designer and goldsmith.

These fromAM Lighting The chandeliers have a soft pearl-like luster that can be used together or separately.

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A hotel made up of four fictional ancient tribes

Keemala is a modern hotel located in the lush Kathu area of ​​Phuket, Thailand, which seems to be a scene from a charming fairy tale book. The team behind divides the hotel into four different fictional ancient tribes, each with a different architecture and lifestyle.
The Pa-Ta-Pea tribe is related to agriculture, so the interior design of the cottage is warm and sturdy with earthy tones.
The Khon-Jorn tribe is an explorer with a nomadic lifestyle. The interior is made up of wildlife forms and textures, inspired by travel.
We Ha tribes are eager to get closer to the sky and observe the universe. Their home is hung on tall trees.
The Rung-Nok tribe is made up of creators, such as artists, poets and musicians, with a spacious bathtub and partial sea views.

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House inspired by Persian culture

House of the Sun is not the type of house you see every day. This is because interior design is not inspired by location, view or nature. This is very special and very unusual. Customers are particularly interested in Persian culture and civilization, which has become the subject of interior design for space.

This unique residence is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Customers want to dedicate this space to the sun, and this unusual request is considered by designers to be an opportunity, innovation and creativity.

The focus of interior design is a staircase in the living room. The stairs are not connected to two floors and do not lead to any secret space. It is actually a symbolic and philosophical element inspired by the history of the tower. It symbolizes the road to the sun and actually faces east/sunrise.

Another compelling feature is the custom luminaire. It has a steel frame inspired by the sun and is often used in traditional Iranian architecture.

Because the budget for this project is limited, architects must find a way to save money without reducing the aesthetics of the space. They chose to use simple and inexpensive materials such as concrete, metal, brick and recycled wood.

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