Water purifiers to join the agency wants to do well the key to have a good attitude

Attitude is everything! It is easy to remark, than done, especially in the water purification industry. water purifier really into the Chinese family a few years before the project, but it is the pace of development by leaps and bounds, and now large and small domestic water purifier company also three or four thousand, so many water purifier manufacturers confirms the emergence of a huge domestic water purifier Market demand. Many entrepreneurs insight into the industry at the beginning of the rise of the water industry, water purification industry to earn a pot of gold, more entrepreneurs are seeking water purifier manufacturers, want to be successful in the water industry. Everyone has a quick profit, but can not make any money key is that you have not elected to the manufacturers, there is no intention to run, there is no persistent mentality.

Buy water purifier to solve the problem difficult to drink can not drink

“Dripping see people’s livelihood, clean water to send million.” However, clear spring water purifier brand Xiao Bian found in the interview, some of the old district of tap water, rust, scale is heavy, while others are more turbid, and even colored. Some residents can not drink, can only buy purified water, or to fetch water at the water district. How old residential water quality improvement? How to make as soon as possible area residents drink safe water?

the old district to solve the “hard water”, now ushered in the “difficult to drink water,” “Dare drink “of the situation.

Wang Shijingshan District Beijing lives, usually not boiled drinking water, bottled water station to send only the drink. “Cell was built in powder-like dirt after the late 1980s, the water released last century. Close the home sluice and then turn on the tap, out of the water a little flushed, a lot of water rust.”

Uncle Chen also met similar problems. His home is located in the former Beijing Chongwen District, the district built in the early 1990s. In order to drink safe water, the old couple had a day up and down the stairs, at the pure water supply to the area of ​​fetching water, “feels like back before the time of no running water. Fetch water and cumbersome and not worth!”
[ 123] in addition to drink tap water can not be assured, Ms. West, who lives in Xicheng District, Beijing Drum tower street song also met pipeline leakage problem. “The workers came to repair that this building Building age more than 50 years old building, most of the pipeline has been badly rusted. Because of the difficulty replace the entire pipeline, water rust problem can not be solved fundamentally, leaks occur only where can leak where to fill. “Ms. Qu said, before the news network said to be refurbished, but it has not resolved.

home water supply to solve the “hard water” problem, the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2020 92.1% of the urban areas of user drink tap water after purification treatment. With the improvement of living standards, now, part of the old district residents that “difficult to drink water,” “not to drink.”

Where exactly is the problem?

network, secondary water supply facilities in disrepair is the main cause of water quality is not ideal, “multi-Long flood control”, the high cost of maintenance of the pipe network transformation is difficult

from the factory to the home , tap to go through multiple links. According to Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University, Yan Ming-wide, currently processes large urban water supplyIt is activated: water from the water source to the water – by coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, sterilization and other processes – delivered to households through the primary branch network. For some cells of high-rise buildings, typically requires a pressurized water tank, disinfection and other measures for secondary water supply.

Minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Waterworks Group, Liang said, the Group established a three-level water quality testing system, the source water, treated water, water pipe network end-user monitoring to ensure drinking water quality up to 106 countries health standard. Meanwhile, the group also accept third-party health departments regularly and irregularly detection of water quality.

Industry experts believe that the key-home water quality impact, many times that the “last kilometer” water supply. Yan Ming-chuan, part of the old district water quality is not satisfactory, mainly because of serious aging community water supply pipes, more water at first consider how to build community, much of the material pipe network, water tank position and other considerations. Many of the old district water pipe cast iron pipe-based, easy to rust over time. Off after the pipe is partially corroded, resulting in home water becomes muddy color, even causing leaks.

During the interview, Ms. song like that where the district pipe network, where the secondary water supply facilities fell into disrepair a few. Expert analysis, urban water supply system is more complex, large-scale reconstruction difficult to maintain two major presence. One of the difficulties

, is to manage decentralization.

Ms. Wang had to call the Beijing Municipal Water Company customer call center reflects the scaling problem, the operator said, issues of public tap water at home who to reflect, to whom depend on water. If payment is to go to the bank, by the water company is responsible; if to the property, the property by the responsible. And when Ms. Wang to contact residential property, the person in charge said that the low floor area of ​​residential buildings, there is no secondary water supply, fed directly from the municipal pipes. So she consulted the municipal sector, the person said only responsible for testing and repairing public network, the cell internal pipeline network owned property unit, property services company or housing construction sector management. “Asked around, I did not understand in the end who should control the cell water pipe maintenance.” Ms. Wang said, puzzled.

Experts pointed out that Beijing’s water system is a non-unified management, namely water before, during and after the water belong to the group, municipal, property, housing construction and other management of different departments, due to the maintenance of the pipe network transformation may involve multiple water supply systems, the need to coordinate, the operation more difficult.

bis difficulties, high costs.

During the interview, many people mentioned, “the old district pipe network maintenance difficulties, is not because of money problems? We usually pay water charges are not included in the pipe network maintenance costs yet?” [123 ]
E20, Peking University joint Research Institute Xue Tao said that the current water prices can not cover “all costs.” “While residents may feel water is not cheap, but in fact the current water generally less than 50% of the total cost price of water.” Xue Tao said, “As the old district built a long time, the old material used, the pipe network renovation costs will be far the price of water beyond the support capacity. “

and steadily push forward price reform, the elimination of secondary water supply facilities management vacuum, home improvement water quality

” general perception that tap water is the government provide basic public goods, products public welfare hindered the normal upgrade price of water. in fact, the price of water is one of the slowest factor CPI (consumer price index) in. “Xue Tao suggestions for improving the water quality of the old district home, on the one hand, you can implement integrated management on the basis of a clear division of responsibilities, increased coordination of efforts to avoid passing the buck. On the other hand, it can be modest and steadily push forward price reform, and the introduction of social capital to stimulate the vitality of the market.

During the interview, most people said that as long as the drink safe water, tap water can accept moderate prices.

“The basic conditions, with price reform and optimizing capital allocation of resources will have more possibilities,” said Xue Tao, also a pilot government cooperation and social capital (PPP) in certain areas, in different cities, inter-regional price differences and differences in the implementation of water supply, the establishment of healthy competition, advanced driving backward.

Xue Tao stressed, PPP is not the master key, urban water supply network tracking system is that once burst pipes and other problems than government departments, enterprises in this regard obvious lack of experience and coordination, overall capacity. “Urban water supply there is a strong public interest, even if gradually open their markets should weaken financing capabilities, strict qualification examination related businesses, to ensure the safety of the water supply.” Xue Tao said.

Although the water supply system is too early to fully implement PPP, not the reality, but some of the old district by district secondary water supply pipeline network and facilities maintenance and management services outsourcing, allow the water to flow through the security “the mostAfter one kilometer. “Industry experts believe that this approach should be promoted, but reporters found that, in practice, there is still a lot of difficulties.

to secondary water supply facilities, for example. Although the” Property Law “to define property secondary water supply facilities for all the owners, the owners should bear the maintenance responsibility; “secondary water supply facilities, sanitation norms” provides secondary water supply facilities shall annually conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection but reporters learned that, with. state-owned enterprises, and gradually push forward reform of the housing system, a group of old residential quarters of enterprises and institutions managed by the owners or unattended self-management, secondary water supply facilities, sanitation worrying.

in response to these old the existence of secondary water supply district facilities management vacuum, reporters learned that some cities to take the transformation of government-funded, or in accordance with the government, residential customers, water companies from each of the principles that raise reconstruction funds, the transfer of water supply enterprises after the transformation, by charging the secondary water supply service fee way for routine maintenance and management, to better improve the water quality.

water quality problems prompted the net ‘S birth.

water purification filter according to the principles of the house tap water through the ultra-filtering filter, can effectively remove the water of acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic compounds such as benzene, ethylene dichloride, ethylene glycol and other organic toxicants; general quality of the sand, rust, bacteria and the like can be easily removed yet clear spring water purifier brand professional high purity water treatment equipment. the filtration and purification, efficient removal of rust in water, particle impurities, colloid, bacteria and viruses, Harmonia odor, heavy metals and chloride and other harmful substances, water purifiers also fully reserved minerals needed by the body, long-term drinking is conducive to safeguarding human body and mind health, is currently the most accurate water purifier filter POU devices can deal with complex quality.

Family should choose water purifier what price?

From the current water purifier market, reverse osmosis water occupy most of the market share, we have reason to believe that the future prospects of pure water will be more broad. So the question is, good reverse osmosis water agency Which?
“reverse osmosis technology is the development trend of the industry” clear mountain spring water purifier brand leader, said: “reverse osmosis water purifier market share estimated at 50% to 60%.” For determine the market outlook, mainstream enterprises generally We believe that pure water there are still large room for growth. Enterprises to increase water machine product layout is imperative.

for friends through pure water are known, the reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.0001 microns water machine, during operation, exert a certain pressure on the inlet side of the water molecules through a reverse osmosis membrane, dissolve heavy metals in the water, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organic substances substances can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane to remove water, heavy metals, pesticides, chloroform and other contaminants. Clear spring water purification products chief architect engineer said: “based on reverse osmosis system products, with green, health and many other advantages, is the development trend of the industry.”

Since the prospect of reverse osmosis water so vast, naturally, many investors are willing to add to the mix. The Chinese market is particularly broad and rapid development of China’s industry on the one hand, the heavy metal pollution of drinking water had an impact can not be ignored; on the other hand, the Chinese government introduced a ten-year plan to prevent heavy metal pollution in 2011. The next three to five years, heavy metal contamination is still one of the more serious pollution of China. It can be said, to solve the heavy metal pollution of reverse osmosis is a more effective solution in the future, on this basis, we will then be adjusted according to the actual situation of the market. “

reverse osmosis water agency Which is better? Water purifier manufacturers should proceed according to local water quality and consumer demand, according to the characteristics of the water quality differs in different regions of our country to develop targeted products, the only way to fully meet and maintain the most fundamental needs of consumers. “

2020, people sense a loss of water, clear spring with a sincere cry

Summary: Recently I visited a special Jianyang in Sichuan agency of a clear spring, how to listen to the store’s customer evaluation clear spring. When I arrived Feb. 3 in Jianyang clear spring agency, we found the store a dozen customers come to the consultation and the purchase of clean spring water purifier day. In the visit, we randomly interviewed three consumers.

interviewed: Jianyang consumers Kim
Reporter: Mr. King, hello! I see that you came early this morning, today is your special come to buy water purifiers do?
Kim: Hello. Is that, years later, my son was getting married, a new house is being renovated now, I want to put on a new home water purifier. So today specifically come here to see the water purifier, listen to the villagers that clear mountain spring water purification effect with the good, so come early in the morning today.

Reporter: Do you think the shopping safe?
Mr. King: I bought here before fellow, shopping guide staff during the presentations, or very formal, but the owner also promised there will be perfect after-sales service, but also provide a formal invoice, I believe that purchase clear mountain spring water purifier It is still guaranteed.

Reporter: Do you have knowledge of the water purifier before you?
Mr. King: I did not understand before water purifier, the last two years many of my friends have to spend, I slowly know the water purifier. In recent years there watching TV press reports pollution incident, I really felt the water pollution is very serious, so as soon as possible or buy a water purifier, the sooner the more beneficial to the body.

Interviewed: Ms. Lin Jianyang consumers
Reporter: Lin, Hello! See that you have to buy a water purifier, Why did you buy this water purifier it?
Schilling 🙁 laughs) like this, I want to buy a water purifier at the end of 2014, water purifiers and now many families are using, I can not fall to the people. But because the price is a little expensive, so I did not buy before. This time, markdowns here, so I came to buy a flat. This brand, was quite reassuring, clear spring in Jianyang there are a lot of people to buy, so I bought one.

Reporter: You have to clear Schilling spring without some understanding?
Ms. Lin: I bought a brand-name water purifier before, but it took a while no effects. To clear spring water purifier I do not really understand, but listen to shopping guide said that the most important water purifier is the filter. Shopping guide told me,Clear Springs is a water purifier brand rankings, the filter can be used in one to two years, and durable. I think there are brands and filter long time, and therefore safer.

interviewed three: Jianyang consumer Miss Dai
Reporter: Miss Dai, hello. You also do activities come here because of it?
Ms. Dai: Hello. Yes ah, seen here doing activities I came, they (the store) none other very much, and I want to buy a water purifier, so this is such a good opportunity, I would have bought one. I visited this shop a bit, looked pretty good, and a great scale, in terms of publicity consumption in place, virtually to the other stores set up a new consumer impressions, the event also closer to them (stores) and consumers distance.

Household water purifiers to buy Mistakes you need to know

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are no longer satisfied with simple food and clothing food and clothing, but increasingly on the quality of life. At the same time, also because of the harm caused by water pollution is closely related to human health, the health of the people is to drink water, every household already using a water purifier, clear spring as “Chinese water purifier high-end brand” of the enterprise, and found user nature is not left more than a few, according to Xiao Bian learned that many users when buying a water purifier, still troubled, so into the many errors, various kinds of problems after the purchase, in here, in order to allow users to more accurately choose the most suitable for their own water purifiers, small series to sort out several water purifier to buy misunderstanding, users only need to purchase a water purifier as a reference, hoping to give user help.

misunderstanding: the filter may not change for a long time

In the course of household water purifiers the use of longer, longer filter blocking harmful substances, so that damage to the shield plug and a decline in the functional properties of the filter caused by more serious. But some unscrupulous manufacturers will not change under the banner name of the filter to deceive consumers, so that businesses do not just exaggerated, but also damage the interests of people and the greater health, long-term replacement cartridges than tap water hazard, like a people, will continue to aging.

Myth: water purifier filter, the better

Most consumers believe that the multi-stage filter will be more of a security, and in fact is accurate should be talking about more than a dangerous. Water purifier critical is the effect of the filter to see, there are many claims on the market: eight filter, the industry knows nothing more than the so-called eight PP cotton, activated carbon, and then PP cotton, activated carbon and then …… used repeatedly, the effect how can imagine. The most important are: water purifier filter must be replaced regularly, such as for a long time does not replace the filter, the filter contamination has become inevitable. Multi-stage filter, the filter is easy to bacterial contamination. In addition, a water purifier to service more difficult, in the end how science which filter replacement after a period of time? Such as to replace all, that user will agree? Therefore, the filter series is not possible, but for their own home area of ​​water quality and a reasonable selection of cleaning products is the most critical.

Myth: the higher the filtration accuracyGood

water of harmful bacteria such as: Escherichia coli, bacteria and the like cysts, their volume is generally 0.7 m or more, while the microorganisms and minerals beneficial to human body in a volume of about 0.3 m, so the higher the accuracy of the water purifier at the same time deal with water quality also block out of substances beneficial to humans. A little research on water purification products readers should know that if long-term excessive drinking pure water is detrimental to the human body. How to choose the right precision water purifier, consumers should see more comparative, detailing various products, working principle is the need to learn more about. Generally speaking, RO reverse osmosis domestic household water fitted PP cotton, granular activated carbon, sintered activated carbon, reverse osmosis RO membranes, post carbon filter station 5, which is seen in the appearance of even row circle 5 tube, ordinary filtration accuracy claimed more than 95%, can filter out many heavy metal ions, the pore size ultrafiltration membrane water purification using reverse osmosis membrane is much larger than, and therefore lower precision filtration, metal ions powerless . But small advice, if water pollution is serious, a membrane device can be installed in domestic water purifiers the front end of some foreign brands.

Myth: The more new technology as possible

recently heard live a mineralized water purifier, is said to be added minerals needed by the body in the water. They will not speak add sugar as convenient as whether minerals in the water, even if it added to it, the human body can absorb still a problem. If thus causing other adverse effects, it is really more harm than good. New technologies and products in a number of other areas, can the courage to do the first person to eat crab. But with his health and his family closely related to water purifiers, select elapsed time proven reliable product is responsible for the family.

Myth: The more expensive the better the price

This is a typical misunderstanding purchase, many buyers feel it is rather too esoteric and technical trouble, I thought: I’m not cheap, I’m willing to health pay, I always choose the most expensive right now. The point is that for many businesses, with some of the new technology as a selling point, the price turned a few somersaults. If you see the price of a product is much higher than similar products, and that in the end you get a closer look at where we are. Price between 1000-3000 can not be too cheap to buy a general household water purifiers, too expensive have to wait and see.

Myth: stainless steel products is notSome good

stainless steel products, the quality must be better? Certainly safe? Cooked I do not know, stainless steel just the product itself, “while” most of the manufacturers are using stainless steel shell using 301, 302 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel of very few not to talk about the 306; that is, we usually understand the product appearance, and in fact inherent in the current filtering device industry water purification products are actually plastic. It is an indisputable fact.

Seven Mistakes: water purifier of life as long as possible

water purifier life as long as possible, this is the wishful thinking of some manufacturers, in order to provide consumers with wrong direction information. Many manufacturers quick success and short-sighted, China announced its own water purifier can be used for many years, but refuses to talk about the issue replacement cartridge, do so in a short time is has improved sales, but in the long run, is a unreasonable nor scientific method, is tantamount to the golden eggs, to this end will ruin their posterior.

Haier no-clean machine is sought after by consumers and is not afraid of being cloned! okorder

According to the latest monthly data of Zhongyikang, the share of Haier washing machine retail sales accounted for 29.83% in August, ranking first in the industry, almost the sum of the second and third places! More data shows that among the top ten models in the pulsator market, seven are Haier brands, two of which are no-clean products, and the brand’s sub-machines are free of washing in the market segment of their price range. the first! Driven by this sales miracle, the market flatly blows up a Haier “no-cleansing”, “cottage,” “cloning and “the imitation of the trend, all night became a no-clean washing machine world.

The original Qingyuan user needs are the key

The name is easy to imitate, the technology is difficult to learn! Haier’s “no-clean technology” can be copied not only as a name, but also because of its continuous interaction with 10 million users. The original wisdom ball and the waterless technology between the barrels not only solve the problem of washing machine cleaning from the source. And get the certification of the national authority, as well as many international awards! Its series of iterative products in the machine-free machine with 73 national patents, completely solve the problem of dirty barrels in the washing machine, and at the same time achieve international leading in terms of water conservation, power consumption, wear rate, cleanliness and noise value. Level. It is also creatively adopting the technical innovation of “one machine and two barrels” and “divisional care” to raise the health care to a higher standard, and at the same time meet the urgent needs of the majority of maternal and child family partition care, fill the gap in the industry. It has been widely recognized by the market and ranked first in the volley market in its price range.

From appearance to internal procedures, from research and development to use, every detail of Haier’s machine-free cleaning runs through the “user thinking” to create the best health care experience for users, and this is Haier Free. Cleaning is the root of the washing machine market!

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Gree’s shareholders meeting “no one applauded”, Miss Dong angered shareholders okorder

Gree Electronics Chairman Dong Mingzhu made another fuss. This time it was at the extraordinary general meeting held on October 28. In the outflow of the video, Dong Mingzhu pointed out that the shareholders allegedly denounced: “What are the listed companies that give you dividends? I won’t pay you dividends for 5 years. How can you treat me? The more you give (dividends) the more you are proud, the more words you have ……

This paragraph is properly cut, because there are words that are swearing. Dong Mingzhu was on the spot, of course not because she was on the scene, “no one applauded, but she sniffed out the strange atmosphere from this detail.” The EGM had an important vote to issue shares to acquire a 100% stake in the new energy company Zhuhai Yinlong. Previously, after the proposal was put forward, it was questioned by the capital market: Some people think that Gree spent 13 billion yuan to buy Yinlong too high price; others worried that Gree’s move was in cross-border “making cars (production of new energy vehicles), The outlook is uncertain; others have questioned Yinlong’s technology and its profitability.

Dong Mingzhu certainly knows these different voices, but from the point of view of the scene, she seems to attribute this simply to the shareholders’ quick success and only want the stock price to rise without considering the company’s long-term development. She said straightforwardly: “You invest in Gree, don’t talk to me about stock prices or anything.” You should talk about whether this company can develop for 100 years. Of course, this also has some truth. In the long run, the company’s stock price must have performance support, otherwise investors will not be able to obtain long-term returns. In the current domestic capital market, there are indeed many investors holding short-term thinking that only looks at stock prices and does not look at performance.

But from the fundamental relationship between listed companies and investors, Dong Mingzhu’s remarks are biased. In the capital market, since investors have long-term investment, there are short-term and even ultra-short-term, and as long as they meet the trading rules of the stock market and bear the investment risks themselves, what is necessary for listed companies to make irresponsible remarks to investors? Lessons for investors?

More importantly, a company should focus on improving its performance and seeking long-term growth, but this does not mean that investors can be ignored. Listed companies have profits that do not return to shareholders, and certainly violate company laws and other regulations. Otherwise, Dong Mingzhu does not need to emphasize the dividends of Gree. Then, of course, investors have reason to worry that the investment operation of listed companies will not hurt their own interests. Some shareholders questioned Gree’s acquisition of Yinlong, which is precisely because of this concern.

A company once listed will mean becoming a public company. As a listed company, it can raise funds from the capital market for follow-up operations and investment, but it also means that it is responsible for shareholders. It cannot be said that this company wants to raise funds from the capital market and is unwilling to assume its due responsibility. If the listed company does not want to accept the constraints of the shareholders’ opinions, it should not be listed at all. Therefore, for this transaction, what Dong Mingzhu should do is to patiently explain the rationality of the transaction to shareholders and improve shareholder confidence, rather than simply and rudely defending himself with past performance.

In the domestic capital market, there are many company executives who have similar thinking like Dong Mingzhu. For example, Vanke has always performed well, but has ignored the opinions of shareholders and disrespected the interests of shareholders. As a result, the executives of China Resources Group, the company’s largest shareholder, once directly questioned Yu Ke, President of Vanke: “In Vanke’s overall development strategy, Where are the shareholders? The mistrust from the major shareholders has laid the groundwork for this “Millions of War”.

For Gree, the result of scorning shareholders’ opinions is that 15 proposals were not passed at the EGM. If a listed company does not respect the fundamental laws of the capital market, investors will vote against it. Dong Mingzhu gave a lesson to the shareholders, and the investor also gave a lesson to Dong Mingzhu with the voting rights in his hand. Things are as simple as that.

Dong Mingzhu gave a lesson to shareholders, and investors also used the voting rights in their hands to give Dong Mingzhu a lesson.

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Floor marketing campaign: jumping out of the price wall to do value-added services okorder

Floor companies are developing bottlenecks. Fortunately, we are at the right time, encountering a booming economic boom, catching up with fast marketing trains, and flooring companies playing the role of train conductor, in order to lead Arriving at the destination, quietly launched the war of marketing, promotional warfare, advertising warfare, and carried out in a big way, fighting for the blood and dying. Nowadays, traditional marketing has been trapped, and it is necessary to maintain the high efficiency of marketing cars. It is necessary to achieve speed improvement, appropriate price, and service value, so that such trains can truly adapt to the trend of the times.

Jumping out of price, insight into consumer demand to do value-added services

Traditional marketing often does the job of price wars, regardless of whether the price war is active or passive, but the ending is the same, it is killing one thousand self-destruction eight hundred . Even after killing a competitor, he is also very badly hurt. In a troubled market, if you want to find your own blue ocean, you have to jump out of the price wall and become a value-added kangaroo.

Activate the terminal to inject aura into the advertisement

This is an era of information flooding. When we turn on the TV, the sky ads rush into our ears. When we open a website, all the ads flood into our sights. Nowadays people are beginning to reject traditional advertising and start to hate. How does the company activate the terminal and add a spoonful of delicious chicken to our advertisements, which can make our consumers more acceptable?

Advertisements can only be perceived, seemingly non-interactive, if increased communication public relations activities And interact with it to enhance the communication between the product and the customer, so that the customer will smile, after the satisfaction of the smile is the beginning of sales. The advertisement itself is boring. To be honest, no one wants to watch advertisements, but the advertisements of the terminal are made to be flexible. As long as the customers approach each other, they will feel more cordial and take the initiative to approach and let the customers get the first month. .

The market is like a river, how to be a newcomer like marketing? According to the different market environment, how to get out of the sword? How to get the right? It is the last word to overcome the other side. When we are deeply involved in advertising and promotion, After you are tired, try new tricks and find ways to improve your marketing train. In the downturn of the flooring market, changing marketing strategies may have unexpected gains.

Release date: 2011/11/8 15:46:58

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Suzhou Zhouxiang Wood Industry failed a random sampling of solid wood flooring okorder

The Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce concluded that the Zhouxiang brand solid wood flooring (Longan A) produced by Wujiang Zhouxiang Wood in Suzhou City was unqualified.

It is understood that the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in the fourth quarter of 2011, the results of commodity quality monitoring in the circulation field show that a specification of 910mm*122mm*18mm produced by Suzhou Wujiangzhou Xiangmu Industry Co., Ltd. Brand solid wood flooring (Longan A) does not meet the relevant standards, the main unqualified items are thickness, width and paint film adhesion. The person being monitored is the Honorius floor.

This solid wood floor sampling test, from the 26 distribution units in Zhuzhou City, Changsha, Xiangtan, extracted 28 varieties of solid wood flooring products. After 11 groups failed to pass the test, the main problems were that the three indicators of thickness, width and paint film adhesion were unqualified.

Release date: 2012/3/8 10:44:34

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Teach you how to buy home improvement fireproof materials okorder

Most home improvement owners will put their energy into the decoration style, the color matching of the materials, the quality of the materials, the environmental protection, all the thoughts can be carefully understood, the key point of safety is neglected in the process. Let’s listen to experts to talk about the main points of fire protection in home improvement. First, the floor: the large-scale fire-fighting struggle on the ground is based on fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, etc., with paint or impregnated paper as the facing material, through flame retardant treatment, to achieve a certain flame retardant grade, wood composite floor with flame retardant function. . Meet the flame retardant standard of B1 level and the standard of tobacco toxicity. The main types are: wear-resistant composite solid wood flooring, water-resistant plastic wood flooring, laminate flooring (fire protection). Fireproof flooring plays an important role in home decoration. Recommendation: At present, only the composite laminate flooring with fireproof function on the market, fireproof layer or fireproof coating is added to the pure wood floor and bamboo floor, but the fire retardant effect is not very obvious. When consumers buy fireproof flooring, it is best to use fire test on the site. A good fireproof floor can quickly achieve a flame retardant effect and successfully protect home safety. Second, the coating: fireproof coating, do you have a household? Fireproof coating is used on the surface of flammable substrate, can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material, retard the rapid spread of fire, and improve the fire resistance of the material to be coated. Special coatings. The fireproof coating is applied on the surface of the substrate, in addition to the flame retardant effect, it also has anti-rust, waterproof, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, heat resistance, coating toughness, coloring, adhesion, easy drying and certain gloss. performance. Fireproof coatings can effectively prevent the spread of fires. Purchase Note: Like other products, the coatings market is also mixed. Ruili experts remind consumers that when buying paint, don’t be cheap, you must choose a well-known brand of products, so as to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Don’t be superstitious about the word ‘green’ on the paint packaging. You should carefully check the quality inspection report of the product; observe whether there is rust or leakage at the joint of the iron drum; pay attention to whether the clear mark on the iron drum is complete. Suggestion: The ‘fireproof coatings’ on the market are mixed. When consumers buy, please be sure to shop around. Don’t be greedy and cheap, in case you buy counterfeit ‘fireproof coatings’. Ruili recommends that consumers purchase flame retardant paints in a simple way to test their flame retardancy.

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