Change the toilet cover, it is divided into four steps.

The problem of how to change the toilet seat is a problem that is more likely to occur when using a toilet. The toilet is a consumable item and will not easily move after the installation is completed. The ceramic barrel of the toilet is not easy to break, but the toilet lid that often needs to be closed and closed is relatively easy to drop the chain. In addition, the popularity of smart toilets in recent years, the loss of the ordinary toilet lid, the use of smart toilets is also coming. The more people choose, the more the toilet lid is replaced by new skills that many people want to know and master.

  How to change the first step of the toilet cover

  When the new toilet cover is bought, the new toilet cover will be assembled first. The experienced boss can skip the instruction manual and easily complete the assembly of the toilet cover. The inexperienced partner who has entered the rivers and lakes can look at the instruction manual. In fact, after assembling the toilet seat and the toilet cover, use the screws provided by the merchant. It is fixed, and there are some simple buckles or screw holes in the toilet seat and the seat ring. After the two are combined, the screws can be used.

   How to change the second step of the toilet cover

   The most annoying thing is those who occupy the pits, Therefore, we need to drive those who are not swearing out of the “pit”. So we need to remove the old, bad toilet cover, which is an important step in how to change the toilet cover. First, find the two symmetrical small hooks on the side of the old toilet seat, smash them, and the toilet cover and seat can be taken directly.

   Then find the screws where the toilet lid is fixed, use a screwdriver to loosen them and remove the old toilet base. Some of the screws on the toilet base are in the dark, so it is more troublesome to find. Need to find some to find, it is more likely to be in the dark under the fixed base of the toilet base.

  How to change the third step of the toilet cover

   After those who occupy the pits are not pulled out of the pit, First put the new toilet base on it, use the expansion screw provided by the merchant to fix the toilet base semi-fixed, and push the toilet cover into the toilet base. At this time, mainly to determine the size, look at the front and rear of the toilet lid, whether it fits with the edge of the toilet, if not adjusted, then remove the new toilet lid and completely fix the toilet base.

  How to change the toilet seat in the fourth step

   After confirming the toilet base, push the toilet cover and hear similar The doctor who “squeaks” or “squats” proves that it is complete.
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