Cherry color? Tokyo Olympic staff uniform design will use traditional Japanese colors

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee revealed on November 14 that about 120,000 Olympic staff including volunteers will be selected for uniform design. The basic colors of the Olympics are selected from the traditional Japanese colors of blue, red, cherry, vine, and pine.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on November 15, among the 30 design projects produced by Olympic sponsors Yaseshi and the organizing committee, Olympic staff and Tokyo Metropolis will be in the middle of March 2019. Recruited city volunteers selected two versions and will not implement public solicitation.

The Organizing Committee Design Selection Committee held its first meeting on the 14th. The former SMAP member Kyoko Shingo and fashion designer Hiroko Hiroko attended the event. She is the chairman of the fashion journalist Sheng Yifang, who has participated in the Olympic mascot selection. She said: “I want to choose the design that has both Japanese characteristics and dynamic sports events. ”

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