china silicone rubber visual inspection equipment

china Silicone Rubber Visual Inspection Equipment, with the slogan of China’s Zhizhi continued to be promoted in China, the function of visual inspection equipment is now more and more perfect, and it is also used by *** In all aspects of the industry.

So what is the visual inspection device? What can a visual inspection device do? ***, experienced in the field of image technology and machine vision inspection systems manufacturers development and manufacturing – Sputek to answer your questions.

The machine vision device can be said to be the eye of the machine. The main function is to make the machine look like a human, see things, visual inspection equipment, and then make judgments like the human brain.

In the process of production, manual inspection personnel must have a keen sense of making an accurate judgment on the quality of a product, so that defective products are not sent to consumers. Hands. However, the current production speed is very fast, the products are also relatively responsible, or the shortcomings are vague, the traditional labor is difficult to guarantee the production volume, but also ensure the quality of the products.

The use of visual inspection equipment for detection can just circumvent these problems. It does not cause any damage to both the observer and the observed person, expands the visual range of the human eye, and can work for a long time.

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