China’s smart home is constantly improving

With the continuous advancement of technology, people can freely think about the ideal state of the future home: more understandable home products, realizing between home appliances Interoperability, high levels of artificial intelligence, exciting entertainment and leisure methods, lower energy-consuming home energy management… and more scenes that have appeared in the movie plot gradually become reality, which also makes the smart home market prospects It has become more and more attractive.

Home appliances as a terminal link to consumers An important member, its importance is self-evident. Therefore, traditional home appliance manufacturers represented by Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL, and Gree have already taken action, increased R&D efforts and market input, and maintained industry leading position with intelligent products with excellent quality and technological innovation. .

At the same time, consumer electronics companies and Internet dealers are also strong in smart homes. As a new camp, they will continue to join hands with high-quality smart home developers on the basis of user service and market-strength advantages, forming a new market form of “1+1 greater than N”.

Visible, R&D strength will become an important tool for the development of smart home enterprises in China, guiding the smart home industry to triumph.

Haier: Building a smart home research and development system to undertake major national research projects

Recently, Haier led the development of “Smart Home Wireless IoT Device R & D and Verification (based on digital home appliances)” project acceptance.

It is understood that the project is one of the nationally supported smart home construction projects. The three most important achievements are as follows: In the IoT access mode, WIFI, zigebee, Bluetooth and other technologies have been developed. Second, in the research and development of smart gateways, products such as TVs, refrigerators, set-top boxes, air conditioners, water heaters, etc. have been developed to customize the wisdom for the entire scene of smart homes. The package solution provides the basis of the network; Third, in the research and development of the big data platform of the smart family, relying on the Internet of Things platform to provide a powerful IoT technology system for smart families.

This good news not only proves Haier’s smart home research and development strength, but also highlights the country’s emphasis on the future of smart homes. With support.

As early as 2012, Haier began the development of a smart home research and development system, relying on the U+ smart home platform to develop U+OS. Operating systems, big data platforms and wireless IoT technologies. Nowadays, these technologies have been fully applied to Haier’s smart homes, and based on this, users are provided with 4+7+N full-scenario customized smart package solutions, and even N kinds of scene customization solutions are provided according to user’s individual needs.

With the strength and leading edge in the development of wireless IoT technology, Haier has become the only smart home construction project supported by the state. The undertaker provides state-level technical support for the smart home industry.

Haier’s investment and achievements in scientific research are not individual cases, but the main ways and means of layout of intelligent business in traditional home appliance enterprises. . The power of technological innovation has made traditional home appliance companies no longer take the development path of hardware as the main profit-making method. The smart transformation process of traditional home appliance enterprises such as Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL and Gree is a new development model driven by science and technology and based on industry.

Huawei: Officially launching smart home brand to team up with developers to open and win

The smart home market is hot, as the “model” of the mobile phone industry, Huawei is also unable to hold back, and recently launched a smart home brand – Huawei smart choice. This brand can be seen as an upgrade of Huawei’s smart eco HiLink, designed to control the best appliances with the best mobile phones.

According to the introduction, in the Huawei intelligent business system, the first layer is the mobile phone, which is the fundamental and the most important entry; The second floor consists of a tablet, a PC, a wearable device, and a smart speaker, which are auxiliary entrances; on the periphery, it is IoT hardware such as lighting, audio and video, health, and security.

Currently, smart home industryIt presents a difficult point of lack of industry standards, complex user experience, and scattered application scenarios. As a latecomer to the smart home market, Huawei must empower its ecological partners through platform construction, channel opening and ecological sharing to achieve the “connected everything” and successfully catch up. It will accelerate the development of Huawei’s smart home industry.

In the view of Zhang Ping, the president of Huawei’s consumer BG cloud service, the company can’t solve the diversified and multi-application scenarios by itself. With the supply of digital services in multiple industries, Huawei needs partners in many business areas. “Professional people do professional things, Huawei does not necessarily produce smart products by itself, but can cooperate with other professional manufacturers to jointly promote the scene of smart homes.” Zhang Pingan said.

To this end, Huawei has launched the Ark program, the Yaoxing project, and set up the DigiX Innovation Studio to create a universal IoT. Standards provide hardware developers with linkage, integration, and intelligence. In addition, Huawei will also spend 1 billion yuan each year to attract developers through traffic support, technology sharing, and brand display to accelerate the cooperation between developers and Huawei.


At the moment, many Chinese smart home companies are paying more and more attention to the improvement of R&D strength. By strengthening their R&D capabilities and joining hands with smart hardware developers, they are deeply involved in the actual needs of users. This is worthy of our pride. And proud.

The smart home market is a long-term investment process, as the saying goes, “Let’s take a long line to catch big fish”, its The return on investment will only fully erupt after the market matures. Therefore, it is the most crucial point to remove the impetuous psychology of the industry and let everyone sink their minds to seriously and conscientiously make products, rather than speculation.


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