Chinese sanitary ware is still far from the world brand

Remember, the article written by the famous economist Wu Xiaobo about the toilet lid? This article once set a sales record for the Japanese toilet cover. During the Spring Festival, CCTV surveyed Chinese people to go to Japan to buy a toilet lid. The news is even more sensational in the country. Although the media exposed the toilets bought by the Chinese people across the sea after the year is still the truth made in China, it has caused a lot of shock in the industry. As part of the bathroom products, this hot event has also greatly boosted the sales of domestic sanitary ware. After all, it is made in China! Although the quality of Chinese manufacturing is excellent and exported to foreign countries, it is not in the international market. Number.

It is reported that China’s sanitary ware sanitary wares account for 30% of the world’s total. However, there is no international Chinese sanitary ware brand that can be called well. In fact, many of the world’s most famous sanitary ware brand products are produced by Chinese domestic ceramic sanitary ware enterprises, which means that the quality of Chinese sanitary ware brand products shares a beautiful cup with the world famous ceramic products.

Although the sanitary brand industry has developed at a faster pace than the cards in recent years. So how far is the Chinese ceramic sanitary ware brand far from the world brand? How can domestic sanitary ware brand enterprises become more and more fast, but it is undeniable that China’s sanitary ware brand industry is in product development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise scale, capital strength, etc. In many respects, there is a big gap with the world famous sanitary ware enterprises.

Brand competitiveness is weak

When American Standard, Kohler, TOTO and other international brands enter China, they will lock up coastal open cities. When cutting high-end hotels, office buildings and high-end residential markets, the domestic labor costs are much lower than those of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Most domestic sanitary ware enterprises are still operating in OEM mode. The brand awareness is rather weak, and there is no brand. . Even some of the rising Chinese sanitary ware brands are located in underdeveloped or underdeveloped areas where companies are located, and they are almost incompatible with international brands. At this time, the domestic brands did not realize the importance of the crisis and the brand, while the foreign brands experienced the golden period of the highest return on profits, and the brand image has gradually been recognized by consumers.

After China’s accession to the WTO, the market scope of foreign sanitary ware brands in China has further expanded, and it has begun to advance to the primary, secondary and even county-level markets in mainland China, with local brands. The competition for market interests has gradually intensified. In the face of the strong attack of international brands, the Chinese sanitary ware industry has adopted a market strategy of reducing costs, price reduction and other wrong ways to deal with it, and brand competitiveness is obviously at a disadvantage. Wang Yanqing, the president of Huida Group, who just represented China Sanitary Ware at the Frankfurt International Sanitary Ware Exhibition, said in an interview with the author that whether Chinese sanitary ware products are streamlined, color, functional configuration, or technological innovation, product design, technical design, functional configuration, Internal control quality standards are not inferior to foreign brand products. The reason why the ISH Germany Frankfurt International Bathroom Equipment, Building, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energy Exhibition, which has the weather vane of the international sanitary ware industry, has been shut down for 50 years, the key lies in the brand culture and competition of local sanitary ware brands. The strength is far less than the international brand, the brand’s international image and popularity is low.

The level of originality needs to be improved

At the just-concluded ISH Frankfurt International Bathroom Equipment, Building, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and At the Renewable Energy Exhibition, Huida Sanitary Ware brand introduced the magnetic suspension series independently designed and developed by foreign design teams. Whether it is the appearance of streamlines, color, or the design ideas derived from life, it is extremely unique. This original design product soon became the focus of Frankfurt, attracting the attention of many international customers, and also made the Chinese sanitary ware recognized by the world. However, for most SMEs, plagiarism remains the primary means of product development. Due to the high cost of product design and the high risk, many small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies in China are rarely involved in product design. In order to save the cost of design or the cost of the designer, these companies are willing to pull their brands behind.

& ldquo; In the past, many domestic sanitary ware companies focused on export business, and most of the original design capabilities are lacking. Tang Zhijie, Marketing Director of Tangshan Huida Ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd. said that it is impossible to establish a “Chinese brand” with the help of foreign design. To this end, Huida has established close cooperative relations with well-known designers at home and abroad, and in the past year, it has established a product research and development center in cooperation with professional design companies, and designed sanitary products with Chinese characteristics and international trends.

Chinese sanitary ware needs to go out

A company’s development should take a long-term view, and domestic sanitary ware brands must go out Guomen, singing internationally, needs to establish a scientific innovation system, innovative concepts, innovative design, innovative services, and seek linkage and collaboration with the industry. Through resource integration, serialized supporting production, design to improve quality, optimize functional configuration, create bathroom space with overall design, and push the bathroom brand to the forefront of fashion.

Domestic sanitary ware brands have already launched linkages and collaborations with related industries. The Asia Pacific Housing Industrialization Alliance initiated by Huida Group and Beijing Shiyan Media has begun to exert its strength throughout the country. Large and medium-sized cities have held dozens of Asia-Pacific residential industrialization forums, and through collaboration with real estate and building materials companies, domestic sanitary ware enterprises have gradually been applied to engineering projects such as office buildings, subways, and high-end residential buildings.

Li Jiu-tai, executive director of the product design and development center of Tang En (Beijing), believes that the change of consumers’ concept is the key to the Chinese sanitary ware industry.In the future, China’s sanitary ware industry will develop in the direction of nationalization, life, science and technology and internationalization. Li Jiutao believes that sanitary brand products are for life, but the concept of consumers needs to be guided by responsible enterprises, and enterprises that can lead the concept of consumption will surely move toward the front end of the industry. Li Jiutao also stressed that with the improvement of China’s world status, China’s way of thinking will gradually affect the world, and China’s national culture will be more and more reflected in the world sanitary ware brand industry. This also laid a solid foundation for Chinese sanitary ware brands to go global.

Advocating nationalization, living, technological, and international consumption is undoubtedly a concept, but also a spread of sanitary brand culture, leading consumption through continuous innovation To spread the culture and promote the development of the industry, it is just around the corner that Chinese sanitary ware brands will enter the international fashion frontier.

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