Chu Chu push registration to ask for money? Chu Chu push to earn money?

1. Top investment background: Strategic investment by Tencent, Softbank invests in the only e-commerce sector after Alibaba. Lenovo, GGV, and the new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of tens of billions. Chu Chu pushes the official website of the first batch of Bo Ge micro-signal: QQ9968134

2. National policy support: Responsive country & ldquo The call for the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and enjoy the policy dividends of social e-commerce

3. The call of the times and the trend of the times: At the 19th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the development of China’s e-commerce in 2017 Already far beyond the United States, e-commerce is gradually becoming the most fashionable way of consumption for Chinese people.

4. Strong company strength: The parent company vinegar slip technology, the scale of the billion, the company has a platform group such as Chuchu Street, Chuchutong, Chuchu Push, etc., has a strong accumulation in the field of social e-commerce .

5. Innovative business model: No need to stock, ship, and sell your products with your fingers. A mobile phone can start a business, buy money yourself, and others buy money.

6. Big names, rich in categories: tens of thousands of quality brands, millions of selected products, all over the world Tips for buyers, first-hand supply, genuine protection.

7. Factory price, refusal of high price: Different from traditional e-commerce and offline supermarkets, Chu Chu pushes down agents and intermediate links at all levels, saving advertising fees, logistics fees, personnel costs and other price increases. Eliminate huge profits and let quality goods spread directly to consumers through community word of mouth.

8. Rich commission income: Commodity commission is as high as 20%-80%, the same pay, higher return, easy to enter over 10,000. Chu Chu push official website||-The first batch of leadership Bo Ge micro-signal: QQ9968134

9. Seven-star shopping protection: All goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve “protection left to you, risk stay Give me the shopping idea.

10. Quick lock powder, binding benefits: Anyone who clicks on your product link for the first time or scans your invitation code will be locked. All of his consumption, you have a profit, lock the powder is to lock the market, quickly lock, directly lie.

11. Beautiful material, easy to publish: All the material you need to publish, have professional small series in advance Ready for you, you can release it with your finger.

12. Real-time incentives, cash withdrawals: real-time revenue display, commission withdrawal, one second to account.

13. Easy Promotion Experience: Users can purchase your recommended items directly on WeChat and support WeChat payment without any jump. You can also download the app and purchase it yourself through the app.

14. The top team in the industry: Core executives from well-known Internet e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and top micro-business brand traders, with more than 10 years of experience.

15. Powerful Operations Team: 1000 Technology R&D Center, 500 Global Product Operations Center, 300 people Customer service center, 100-person marketing planning center, 100-person training center. A professional team of 2,000 people will escort your road to entrepreneurship.

16. Complete training system: The sales director will bring you the hand, the professional course of the business school will help you to continue growing up.

17. Time is highly free: Chu Chu pushes deeper user time and maximizes fragmentation time. Just move your finger and share it with one click.

18. A wide audience: Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can realize your dreams.

19. Broad development space: Excellent VIP shopping guide can formally sign with the company, enjoy basic salary, social security, annual salary Millions are not dreams.

20. Excellent Opportunities for Micro-Business Transformation: The combination of e-commerce and socialization provides a new type of entrepreneurial platform and opportunity for micro-businesses seeking transformation.

Chu Chutui is a mass entrepreneurship platform based on social e-commerce, which is in line with the trend of the times and industry development, and is the most explosive business model in the next 10 years.

As the saying goes, “In the air, pigs can fly, relying on Chu Chu to start a business, can enjoy the social e-commerce dividend to the greatest extent, making your money journey easier.”

In addition to adapting to the trend, Chu Chu also has a strong investment background. Chu Chu pushed by a number of Internet big coffee joint investment

WeChat is the main battlefield of social e-commerce, Chu Chu pushes back the big tree to enjoy the cool, promotes goods in WeChat, Chu Chu push technology and experience are the industry Top is the best choice to promote money in WeChat.

The investment side of Chu Chu pushes softbank. Chu Chu push is the only investment in the e-commerce field after Softbank follows Alibaba. It can be seen that the industry is very recognized for Chu Chu, and it is optimistic that it will be promoted to the next one. Alibaba.

This kind of investment background is an unparalleled advantage. In the field of Internet e-commerce, well-known investment institutions are the most powerful endorsements of the company, and at the same time get the green of Tencent and Softbank.The favor, Chu Chu push must be a company that can grow and develop rapidly.

The increase in ability is the root cause of income improvement. After becoming a VIP shopping guide, the sales director will bring you the door. The company has a strong training team and a complete business school system to help you improve your knowledge and skills.

Excellent VIP shopping guide, you can directly sign a formal contract with Chu Chu push company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold, the annual salary is not a dream. This formal operation guarantees your business.

Comply with trend + capital endorsement + perfect training + formal operation, Chu Chu push must be a reliable career worthy of your full investment and long-term development.

To identify the QR code above, you can download and install the app. Register the invitation code to fill in: 3139Gn4w

I don’t understand how to scan my WeChat, or add me to WeChat: QQ9968134

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