Complex animal mural drawn by pencil

as early as2012 Year10Month, we introduced youAdonna Khare, she is2012YearArtPrizeArt Champion.

For years, we have been in touch with the mother who is now a full-time artist. Her work is growing, but still using the same materials, pencils and paper. I love working with pencils,She said. The biggest challenge may be that there is too much to complete. ”AdonnaLarger paintings may take months to a year to complete.

Animal murals” width=”721″ height=”940″ />

The size of her recent work is15Foot Multiply6Foot, mainly composed of many zebras and tigers . Although sheArtPrizeArt exhibition works are very personal, or as she said,A biography of my life was transplanted to animals,This painting is more about the whole world. She tells us,“This is an evolution of my thoughts on climate change. Put together animals that are usually not together, forcing them to influence each other. This is how I communicate.

Look at someAdonnahighly complex work, then go to her Take a look at the studio. Her next exhibition at the Fullerton University Art Gallery, from 1Month29Dayto 2Month18Day. If you are there, be sure to check out.

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