Congratulations on the signing of the Yanyuan People’s Training Base of the National Professional Talent Reserve Committee

The state promotes “Internet +, supply side and other reform policies, and there is an urgent need for traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade. The industry Internet is coming face to face. Under the new economic normal, all kinds of new talents are in short supply. At the same time, the closure of educational information, the uneven distribution of educational resources, and the backwardness of educational methods and methods have created a large number of unemployed people in society. Many graduates are unemployed, resulting in a large amount of waste of human resources and a sharp contradiction between supply and demand of talents.

To address the strong demand for high-end talents during the transition period of SMEs, and to improve the contradiction between supply and demand of social talents At present, on November 28, 2017, Yanyuan People’s Teaching and Training Center and the National Professional Talent Reserve Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing to jointly establish the “Yanyuan People’s Education and Training Base”. Sun Wei, executive deputy director of the National Professional Reserves Working Committee, and Dr. Yang Shangdong, the founder of Yanyuan People and the CEO of Peking University, attended the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, the two sides jointly agreed that Yang Shangdong should serve as the director of the Yanyuan People’s Education and Training Base of the National Professional Talent Reserve Committee, and at the same time appoint Chen Meizhen as the base executive director. Yao Meirong is the base secretary and is based in the ocean. Deputy Director, Zhang Jingwei, Cheng Xiurui and Zhang Yuan are deputy directors of the base.

The National Professional Reserves Working Committee is part of the Commercial Catering Service Development Center and is approved by the Central Organizing Committee Office. Established, it is a public institution affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. The training service system has been in existence for nearly 20 years and has trained more than 800,000 skilled talents throughout the country. It is one of the leading institutions in domestic vocational education.

Dr. Yang Shangdong said at the signing ceremony: “The high-end training experience of the CEO of the EDP Center in Ten Years Let me have a deep understanding of the education industry. At present, the various policies issued by the state, the various status quo of enterprises and entrepreneurs, I am keenly aware that China’s vocational education is going to change, and high-end new professional talents will become the future market. & quoquo; ; ‘ The establishment of Yanyuan People’s Education and Training Base & rsquo; is aimed at cultivating more outstanding professional talents for the society and making greater contributions to the professional training of China. At the same time, it is the responsibility of high-end education practitioners to make vocational education more professional, fair and standardized, and lead the vocational education industry upgrade.

Deputy Director Sun Wei emphasized that the National Professional Talent Reserve Working Committee, as a supporting institution for new talents, develops and builds various vocational trainings that meet the needs of the professional talent market in China, strengthens vocational skills education, and improves the employability of students. To deliver more talents for the development of socialist modernization is not only the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, but also the mission entrusted by the times. The reason why we chose to cooperate with Yanyuan people is to see the development potential of Yanyuan People in the next ten years. At the same time, we will affirm the efforts and achievements made by Yanyuan People in the past ten years for the training industry.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the National Professional Talent Reserve Working Committee Yanyuan People’s Education and Training Base, the current leading projects in addition to “Finance Planner”, “Wei Business Trader”, “Dream Mentor”, “Dream In addition to special items such as Planner, TCM Health Manager, Aesthetic Education Specialist, Family Education Instructor, and Speaker, there are also asset appraisers, financial controllers, credit assessors, and risk management. Division, financial analyst, financial planner, securities clerk, financial planner, credit manager, investment manager, investment appraiser, investment trainer, financial planner, credit analyst, credit risk manager, futures analyst , stock futures trainers, art appraisers, pawn managers, online auctioneers, used car appraisers, etc.;

Chartered Accountant, Forensic Accountant, Tax Accountant, Management Accountant, Financial Planner , tax analysts, international accountants and other financial institutions;

human resources manager, enterprise information manager, financial manager, Industry manager, quality manager, production manager, logistics manager, international logistician, project manager, logistics warehousing, logistics distributor, store manager, economic manager, material manager, site manager, business manager Management courses such as human resources lawyers;

Exhibition management, exhibition marketing, exhibition planners, exhibition designers, exhibition appraisers, exhibition trainers, etc.;

International freight forwarder, travel hotel manager, foreign trade merchandiser, business documentary, public relations officer, advertising planner, wedding photographer, fitness instructor, golf instructor, travel business manager, business secretary, business English translator Business Japanese translators, business Korean translators, entrepreneurial planners, entrepreneurial designers, entrepreneurial marketers, entrepreneurial managers, entrepreneurial appraisers, entrepreneurial instructors, entrepreneurial trainers, hotel managers, hotel marketers, etc.

Cashier, Business Analyst, Event Planner, Event Designer, Event Marketer, Event Manager, Event Appraiser, Competition Trainer, event technician, event information engineer, procurement planner, purchasing tenderer, purchasing bidder, purchasing marketer, purchasing manager, purchasing supplier, purchasing transporter, purchasing warehouse manager, purchasing supply trainer, procurement supply Business class such as information engineer and luxury shopping guide;

Brands such as chain management managers, brand planning managers, franchisees, brand designers, brand promoters, brand appraisers, etc.; >

Marketing planner, national professional store manager, real estate marketer, second-hand house appraiser, marketing manager, car marketer, real estate policySales divisions, etc.;

Art investment consultants, painting and appreciation artists, porcelain appreciators, jewelry appraisers, art appraisers, cultural relics appreciators, woodcarvers, sand sculptures, art restorations, Art packers, new year designers, traditional craftsmen, ancient builders, color carving artists, art salesmen, etc.;

Computer programmers, software developers, network engineers, cloud computing Engineers, big data engineers, project data analysts, system integrators, information security engineers, robot engineers, intelligent building managers, inspection and maintenance engineers, etc.;

health care workers, dietetic dietitians and other health classes ;

Aromatherapy therapist, beautician, hairdresser, bodybuilder, Chinese medicine beauty, makeup stylist, tattoo beautician, etc.;

Car inspection and maintenance technician, Car beautician and other technical classes;

Network marketer, micro business manager, web designer, e-commerce division, Internet of Things manager, mobile internet product designer, website management engineer, network editor ,network Planners, online shop designers, online shop marketers, online shop managers, etc.;

Bartenders, coffee blenders, nine-segment tea masters, executive chefs, hot pot blenders, catering services Ware, Chinese cooks, Western cooks, catering managers, etc.;

Image designers, anime designers, visual artists, interior designers, graphic designers, furniture designers, landscapes Designers, product designers, industrial designers, animation designers, 2D game designers, 3D game designers, film and television post-production artists, etc.;

Child Health Manager, Moxibustion Care Teachers, pediatric massage health care providers, child nutritionists, child health consultants, pediatric massage trainers, infant potential developers, early childhood education trainers, early education instructors, early childhood brain development instructors, etc.;

Health managers, counselors, marriage analysts, health tea therapists, sub-health managers, yoga instructors and other health classes;

Orthopedic chiropractors, rehabilitation physiotherapists, health masseurs Foot Moss, moxibustion health teacher, nutrition catering staff, nutritionist, meridian conditioning and other health care;

maternal and child caregiver (star month), postpartum recovery teacher, geriatric nurse, etc. ;

Career planners, development trainers, etiquette trainers, art instructors, flower arrangement trainers, education study consultants, tutors, corporate instructors, performing arts artists (dance), corporate trainers, Performing Artist (vocal music), performing arts artist (film and television), family education instructor and other education;

Housekeeping, image consultant, baby nurse, prolactin (breastfeeding instructor), pet Domestication teacher, wedding etiquette moderator, customer service attendant, speed recorder, etiquette (concierge) division, community service manager and other services;

National Studies Lecturer, Guoxue Education Appraisers, Chinese Art Appraisers , 舆 舆 舆 、 、 道 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆Yi Xue culture inheritors and other national studies, Count 24 categories, more than 240 kinds of professional competence research training programs.

Extended reading: Yuanpei EDP Center, the official website is, referred to as “Yuanpei EDP”, which is the main department of Yanpei Business School, Yuanpei Business School, and its projects include Yuanpei. EDP ​​Center President Class and Yuanpei EDP Center Research Project. In the past ten years, we have consistently adhered to the EDP education position, and we will strive to become the first brand of EDP education in China in the next ten years.

(1) President of the EDP Center of Yuanpei. High-end training programs jointly developed by Yanyuan People’s Teaching and Training Center, Yuanpei Business School EDP Center, Peking University Boya High-end Training Center and more than 100 Peking University Tsinghua MBA, EMBA and EDP teaching experts; as of the end of 2016, they have held nearly 700 training sessions to help more than 60,000 SME presidents achieve capacity improvement.

(2) Yuanpei EDP Center research project. It includes more than 200 vocational ability training programs in 24 categories. It is supervised and issued by the National Professional Talent Reserve Committee and the National Vocational Ability Evaluation Center. All of them are responsible for business promotion, teaching implementation and supervision by the Yanyuan People’s Education and Training Center. It has trained more than 800,000 people in the country and made great contributions to the vocational training in China.

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