“Counter-attack offline” new retail revolution How should the floor enterprises layout?

In the context of consumption upgrades, China began to enter the online and offline competition era. On the one hand, with the full explosion of new retail energy, traditional retail enterprises have taken advantage of the Internet and artificial intelligence to seek the additive growth of efficiency and sales volume; on the other hand, e-commerce companies have realized the online line through the comprehensive layout of offline retail channels. Deep integration underneath. Then, the offline layout of e-commerce giants can detonate the new retail revolution? The tide of recovery in physical stores, can we achieve offline counterattacks? And how should floor companies lay out?

On December 27th, 2017, the THINK “Home” Summit and the 4th China Home Building Materials Development Forum will be held in Guangzhou with the theme of “reverse attack and offline”, and invite you to explore the era of great change. New business trends.

This summit was hosted by Huamei Li, China Building Materials Brand Development Alliance, China Tao Investment, Huanian Home, Ant Anju, Lijia Finance and Tencent Home jointly hosted. Cross-border elites and industry leaders gathered together to analyze the dimensions of online and offline, scenes and experiences, tradition and the Internet, and to look forward to the industrial trends and reconstruct the commercial ecology of the home building industry.

Annual Festival focuses on industry development

China Home Building Materials Brand The Development Forum has been successfully held for three times since 2015. The high-standard, high-level, high-angle form and content planning has become the most eye-catching and most anticipated event in the home building materials industry.

From Donglizhu, Chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, Dong Jianyue, Chairman of the former Guangfa Bank, Ma Guangyuan, the famous economist, and Wu Sheng, the founder of the scene revolution, to the director of Mingchuang Excellent Products Chang Ye Guofu, in the past three development forums, well-known scholars, experts and entrepreneurs from various fields have brought us the essence of their own fields. More than 1,000 Chinese home building materials leaders participated in the project, and jointly explored the development and transformation path of China’s home furnishing industry, and made suggestions for industrial upgrading.

There is a resurgence to the elite event

The moment is fast The development of mobile internet and artificial intelligence has brought about subversion and reshaping, and people enjoy unprecedented convenience and enjoyment. “Artificial intelligence”, “reverse attack and offline”, “consumer experience” have become the key words for the future development of enterprises. What are the interpretations and opinions of experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and industry elites on these keywords?

The 4th China Home Building Materials Brand Development Forum, held on December 27, 2017, will invite Mr. Qin Wei, the founder of the China Business Civilization Research Center and the Qinhuang Friends Circle. Well-known corporate strategy and marketing experts, Mr. Shi Wei, partner of Huaxia Keystone, Mr. He Yifan, founder of Box Rice Finance, and many other well-known experts and scholars, on the value of entrepreneurs in the era of great change and corporate strategy, online and offline integration and Unification and how to make forward-looking topics such as offline, carry out in-depth exchange and sharing, and discuss the future development trend of the industry.

In the era of great capitalization, digitization and networking, to adapt to the new normal of economic growth and shift, enterprises need to stop and think deeply. The courage to face the contradiction between quality and speed, development and growth, and to return to the essence of the industry. The theme of this forum is “Business Trends in the Age of Counter-attack and Big Change”. It aims to explore how to balance the industrial layout and development direction of enterprises online and offline, which will surely become a key point for the future business development of enterprises. . Many large-scale building materials and home furnishing companies have expressed their desire to share their views on this event. The spark of new ideas will illuminate the way forward for China’s home building materials industry.


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