Dachang “team battle” CES 2019, Rococo Luo Ke used design to help technology landing

From January 8th to January 11th, the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was launched in Las Vegas, and LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group (hereinafter referred to as “Rococo”) Design platform and R&D supply chain platform, together with Alibaba, Baidu, Meituan and other domestic technology giants, CES 2019, free to release imagination, play black technology, share good products and technology ideas, use their own methods, go abroad The label shows China’s power and allows the world to re-understand China’s technology and design.

Vice President, LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group Deng Zemao, general manager of the chain platform (first from left) at the CES site

It is reported that Luo Ke shared the design platform and the R&D supply chain platform, and exhibited many creative and good products on the spot, which attracted the onlookers and attracted the attention. Many overseas companies and media have paid more attention to Eric, the CEO of Ecco Design, the international product design company, who went to the booth to participate in the exhibition.

& ldquo; Good design + good products, unlock China & ldquo; new ideas for innovation

This CES, Rococo R & D supply chain platform with the most representative innovation exhibits unveiled AI &amp ;Robotics pavilion, use good design + good products to unlock China & ldquo; smart new ideas. Among them, the image of the text can be used in natural nano-scale extracts, and the Xiaomaliang food painting robots drawn on the food are reported by overseas media; the combination of elegant aesthetic design and excellent user experience realizes “always on” Innovative products such as the non-small Xiaoya AI speaker have been well received by the visitors and exhibitors.

Xiaomaliang food painting robot attracts a lot of attention

Rococo’s R&D supply chain platform is a one-stop innovative product integration service platform integrating product design, R&D, Shouban, mold opening, production, packaging and transportation, e-commerce channel and supply chain finance. It is divided into industry production suppliers, 40,000+ designers, 100,000+ precision users, providing full process guarantee for the company to finally realize the landing and promotion of innovative products.

At CES, Rococo’s R&D supply chain platform is looking forward to the global market. It hopes to showcase one-stop full-process R&D supply chain custody service capabilities through many good products to help more companies solve product innovations. And the demand for creative landing.

Linking global designers to create good products

This trip to Las Vegas, in addition to exhibiting CES 2019, Rococo · Lok also attended the world Indiegogo, the largest product crowdfunding platform, held the “IndiegogoCES 2019” branding party and met face-to-face with a million-level project team to share more possibilities with technology + design.

Rococo ·Loker Link Global Designer


At the same time, as a partner, Rococo · Loker and the American Industrial Designers Association IDSA and the US industrial design authority media platform Core77 jointly held the “Tech + Design Forum and Designer Night.” In the future, Rococo will link global creators and designers to build a new ecosystem of Chinese and American designers.

Luo Ke is a shared design platform focusing on product innovation, integrating 40,000+ professional designers from all over the world, through product data management system and high standard design quality of big data and precision matching industry. Standards provide the most cost-effective design services for companies. At this exhibition, CES expects to create a shared design platform for the world, attract more creatives and quality designers, and create products with global creators.

Designing empowerment and exploring new business models

With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more industries are opening up from the era of technological pioneering to the era of application. Curtain. How to achieve the landing of technology has become a problem for many companies.

Rococo has 15 years of experience in integrating innovative design services. With the mission of “Designing a Beautiful World”, Rococo is committed to connecting users, companies and designers to build a social product innovation platform and create good products. Currently, it has successfully deployed New York, London, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Suzhou, Nanchang, Foshan and Liuzhou.

Rococo · Loker CES 2019 Booth Site

As early as 2019, Rococo helped Internet giants such as Baidu, Meituan, and Himalayan to create several smart home products, and reached strategic partnerships with companies such as Horizon and Rouyu Technology to help technology through design. Landing and promoting the process of intelligent life. Rococo expects to showcase the new meaning of design-enabled products to overseas customers through its shared design platform and R&D supply chain platform. Through strategic cooperation with more international companies, it will build a new business ecosystem.

It is reported that CES 2019 has about 4,500 companies from more than 150 countries and regions to launch new products.With a quarter of the total number of exhibitors, the influence of Chinese brands continues to expand. As the world’s largest and most influential technology feast, CES is building a channel for technology to change the world through its own strength. In the future, Rococo expects to design global companies, creators and users to build a social product innovation platform to jointly create good products.

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