Do you pay attention to the matters of attention to the construction of composite flooring?

The surface of the composite floor is covered with a layer of solid wood, which has the visual effect of solid wood, but it does not need to be as careful as the solid wood floor. It is more convenient to laminate the floor. Although the texture is not comparable to the solid wood floor, some simulation effects are good. Looked good, the key, the laminate flooring is particularly leather, there is no need to maintain, and some good laminate flooring is as wear-resistant as tiles. What problems should be paid attention to during the renovation of the laminate flooring.

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Basic level requirements for composite flooring It is flat, dry and clean.

2, waterproof work can not be less

Before laying the floor board, the floor of the building or the bungalow should be waterproofed.

3, the height of the construction of the cushion layer

cushion material can be used 3mm thick foam pad with plastic film or 10-12mm thick padding treasure, butt laying, interface plastic; can also use thickness 9-18mm high-quality multi-layer plywood. Each multi-layer glue should be divided into small pieces, the area should be less than 0.7m2, it is best to use paint to prevent corrosion, fixed on the ground, must be nailed firmly around, leave between the board and the board 3-6mm gap, sealed with tape.

4, floor pavement trend

The pavement floor is usually in the same direction as the room, from left to right or from right to left The grooves are paved to the wall in turn, and the wooden wedges are placed between the floor and the wall to leave the expansion joints. In the dry area, the floor is wet, and the expansion joints should be kept small; the expansion joints in the wet areas should be appropriately left large.


5, the most floor A row of finishing standards

The last row of floors should be cut and assembled by measuring the width, and tightly tied with a hook or a spiral top.

6, closing the bridge installation


In the interface between the room, hall and hall, the floor must be isolated, leaving enough to stretch the seam, and use the closing bar and hardware to bridge.

7, the skirting board installation


The thickness of the optional skirting board should be greater than 1.2cm. During installation, the gap of the floor expansion joint should be within 5-12mm, and the polystyrene board or elastomer should be used to fill in the gap to prevent the floor from loosening. When installing the skirting board, be sure to cover the stretch seam.

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