Double eleven days cat bathroom industry data released

The Double Eleven National Shopping Carnival officially closed, and the Tmall Double Eleven broke through the 200 billion mark for the first time since its inception! In the downturn of China’s economy, real estate is limited, and rumors that the consumption power of the building materials industry is getting weaker and weaker, many health-care kitchen brands have broken through and enrolled in “100 million households”. The highest sales of Jiumu 800 million nets, 9 years of consecutive championships are not good. The total sales of Lehua Group’s 320 million yuan, the first breakthrough of Orosha, and the sales of 220 million yuan, shocked the industry inside and outside. In addition, according to Alibaba’s official data, in the sanitary brand product sales list, Kabe Sanitary Ware is the leader of the “most powerful black horse in history”, which makes people wonder. In addition, the four seasons Mu Ge, Panasonic bathroom, Haier defending cross-border corporate iron fists to seize the e-commerce is also a trend, have to use three “very” to describe this year’s Tmall double eleven, very unexpected, very exciting, very drama!

   2018 Tmall bathroom industry data: the number of visitors, the number of purchases doubled growth can not be underestimated

  Overview of Tmall official bathroom industry report data, regardless of the number of visitors, page views, The number of collectors, the number of purchasers, and the growth rate data are all doubled. Compared with the number of visitors in 2017, 4,284,525, and 6,518,422 visitors in 2018, the difference was as high as 2,290,897, up 53.35% year-on-year; the number of collectors and purchasers were also at a high rate of 66.87% and 68.44%.

  Home decoration main bathroom category, Kabei, Jiumu, Wrigley, Four Seasons Muge, TOTO, Rose Island, Huida, Huayi, Hengjie, Kohler TOP10; bathroom industry trade ranking, bathroom supplies O2O (Tmall dedicated), shower faucet (set), bathroom cabinet combination, one toilet, ordinary toilet, shower room, bathroom cabinet, smart toilet cover Plates, basin faucets, and ordinary bathtubs are still strong in the top ten. The biggest change is the addition of the O2O (Tmall-only) category of toiletries, which was the first time this year.

   Second, the sanitary ware sales list TOP10: Kabe “black horse” won the first sales, Jiu Mu full channel 800 million sales called the king

    2018 Tmall double eleven sanitary industry hot brand list, the top ten brands are: Kabe, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Four Seasons Muge, TOTO, Rose Island, Huida, Huayi, Heng Jie, Kohler. Kabe is said to be the strongest “dark horse” in domestic brands this year. It has not yet reached the top ten in the 2017 sales list, and will be brave in 2018. Although Jiu Mu is slightly inferior in quantity, but the omni-channel 800 million, the entire network sales of 540 million, is also amazing. Domestic brands occupy eight seats, an increase over last year;

   Among them, the Kabe trade index 4,347,985 far exceeds the second place 350,000 trading index score, ranking first, it is reported that 2017 In the year of -2018, Kabe was deployed in a new retail line. The new model of online sales and online transactions was widely acclaimed in the market. The double eleven is a long-running “blowout” explosion. . Jiu Mu sold 800 million yuan in the whole network, and continued to sit firmly in the industry’s first throne, achieving the nine consecutive championships of Tmall building materials;

   the third-ranked Wrigley, double eleven cumulative sales of 2.6 Hundreds of billion yuan; Huida fell to seventh place in the third place last year, and its scores have declined; Four Seasons Muge has blossomed in the sanitary ware industry, and with its well-known brand awareness, it has achieved excellent results in the fourth place this year. The whole network broke through 156 million to achieve a perfect counterattack; the rose island shower room 130 million sales of single-category class e-commerce, not only courage, but also very proud results, achieved the sixth best results. The 17-year-old Huayi depreciated the eighth in 17 years ago, and the trading index also dropped slightly. The double eleven hot-selling 4066+ sets is still strong. Hengjie Sanitary Ware continued to stand steadily, standing in the ninth, the trading index increased significantly.

  International brands, TOTO, Kohler, thrilling to stabilize the top ten position, TOTO can be described as the most stable “players”, sitting in the fifth place for two years, stable as Taishan, but Kohler bathroom, Dropped from the sixth tenth, almost fell to the list. This is mainly because domestic brands are paying more and more attention to e-commerce channels, and they have already been deployed in the previous year. (Note: sales are the official release data of each brand)

   Third, the bathroom industry trade ranking: one toilet shrinks 50%, the set products are popular in the market

   in the bathroom industry trade rankings, this year’s bathroom supplies O2O (Tmall dedicated), shower faucet (set), bathroom cabinet combination, integrated smart toilet, ordinary toilet, shower room, Bathroom cabinets, smart toilet covers, basin faucets, and ordinary bathtubs occupy the top ten.

   Among them, bathroom products O2O (Tmall), is based on the Tmall platform of the full range of bathroom items, covering a variety of bathroom products, and ultimately with the advantages of platform, the payment amount is higher than the father The proportion of classes increased to 18.65%, which topped the list. The shower faucet (set) increased by the second place last year, and the payment amount increased to 16.81% compared with the parent category, indicating that the scene, convenient and package-type purchase method is becoming a new era consumer group. The best choice. However, the one-piece toilet that last year’s list of residences suffered from Waterloo, and the payment amount was from 23.59% to 11.31%, which was far from the industry expectation.

   In addition, it is worth noting that although the overall shower room is still ranked sixth, the proportion of the sub-sector, from 2.73 in 17 years% increased to 5.96% and doubled. Overall, except for the towel racks and towel racks, the top ten categories have not changed much. Basically, the categories in the 80% list last year may fluctuate, but there is no significant change.
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