Egg-shaped tent made of 4760 3D printed blocks

3DPrinting technology has continued to create miracles over the years. Dutch designerMichiel van der Kleyspent3D spend three years developing and building this tent with the help of a few people.

egg Project is made by 4760Block3DPrintedStoneBuilding, each one is slightly different, forming this 60Cubic organic modules. Each piece is made by 3DPrint one by one and print them out, and then put them in the exact order and place them in the desired position. The components are held together to form the final shape with openings at both ends.
Van der Kley
Let anyone use the desktop3DPrinter participates in printing stones.
If you don’t have a printer, he It will let you choose a stone and print it for you so that you can still contribute to the project.

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