Egypt will begin trial of 20 journalists “Assisting terrorist organizations”

Original title: Egypt will begin to hear 20 journalists “Assisting terrorist organizations”

China News Service February 20th According to foreign media reports, local time on the 20th, Egypt will begin to Twenty-two journalists alleged to be Al Jazeera have been tried to assist in the crimes of terrorist organizations. This will be the first time Egypt has tried a journalist on charges related to terrorist activities.

The prosecution accused the defendants of operating the news footage and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The prosecution said that they mistakenly described Egypt in the state of “civil war”. The charges against these journalists include joining terrorist organizations, helping terrorist organizations and endangering national security.

The prosecution said that Al Jazeera is serving Qatar in its home country and supporting the Mu brothers.

The report said that the defendants included Australian-based Al Jazeera’s English-language agent in Cairo, as well as local award-winning journalists and producers. Currently, 8 out of 20 people are detained.

Al Jazeera has always denied these allegations, saying that his reporter is only completing his work. In addition, the TV station also said that only 9 of the 20 people are employees.

After the fall of former Egyptian President Morsi, the current government supported by the military announced that the Muslim Brotherhood it belongs to is a “terrorist organization”.

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