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1. Open your first Browser, copy and paste the recommended link.

2. Go to the registration page.


Company name – Company name (not required)

Register number/Tax/ Vat number – Tax ID number (not required)

Full name – Name Pinyin

Email – Email

Password – Password

Repeat password – Enter password again

Country – Nationality

3. When the registration form is sent, the email will receive several emails from the company.

4. Open the email and click Activate Account to complete the registration process

EXP ASSET is a career in the capital markets, cryptocurrency trading, innovative investment and IT start-up investment and investment education activities. A team of professional managers, traders and professional analysts. The company is registered in the UK with a total capital of 250,000 pounds. EXP ASSET is a company that manages an Internet platform for investment and training, with a focus on investing in capital markets and money markets? Investing in the cryptocurrency market? Investing in IT startups cryptocurrency market profiting EXP ASSET Ltd. offers unique tools and Training programs to support transactions in capital markets and money markets.

You can find out the background of the CEO through a well-known foreign exchange interview.

CEO: PATRYK KRUPINSKI http://comparic.com/interview-patryk-krupinski-luxembourgian- German-market-pr ecisioneu/

Static Income Statement

Calculated from the percentage of fluctuations (0.5%-1.5%) every 24 hours on weekdays from Monday to Friday , depending on the profit earned by EXPASSET. After the expiration of the package, the profit stops.

Two-track marketing plan

After purchasing the package, each user will receive a partner program , get more extra bonuses by sharing promotion.

About the company:

Welcome to EXP Asset!

-EXP Assets to trade Products are available in the form of online education (forex and cryptocurrency transactions).

EXP Asset Ltd. is a UK-registered company with active law in the Polish Legal Office

Office Audit

-Legal company Legal office location: www.kancelariakufieta.pl

-The CEO is Patrick Krupinski

-Over 12 years experience in the foreign exchange market

-The company has Audit – issued by a law firm

– 4 times per week transaction evidence – live broadcast

– a package from $100 to $1 million

-Innovation Business model:

There is a trading signal every day

Webinar every Wednesday

Stop loss for smart bitcoin prices

The company shares the company’s turnover with the user (currently from the trader’s performance) about 1% (0.5% & mdash; 1.5%) 120 working days per day.

-Transaction Proof can be viewed on demand

– Free monthly fee

-8% direct bonus. 10% double track bonus. Prizes include free INFINITI cars (also including vacations, watches, hand-held machines).

-Company partners with INFINITI dealers in Poland

-IP Center

-The company is currently building a smart digital currency mine farm where users can participate in mining.

-Unique Matrix Plan?-6 different matrices (25,50,100,250,500,1000)

Passive income (250,500,1000)

From your side Get 5%

-VIP bonus in each position and get 50% reward from your partner income

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For more details, please search: EXPASSET Ares Teacher

Scan the QR code plus the God of War teacher to enter the group to learn more

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