Explosive flooring companies to save costs

According to industry insiders, enterprises are cost-effective and cut corners, which is an important reason, and such large-scale enterprises such as Yihua Wood have such problems, or there are problems such as poor management and ignoring the floor business.

Wang Shaofang, secretary-general of the Shanghai Timber Industry Association, told the reporters of the “First Financial Daily” that these three indicators are very basic indicators. Generally, formal enterprises are not likely to have such unqualified phenomena. Wu Bian, an expert who has been engaged in the research of the flooring industry for many years, told reporters that the sales of the flooring industry declined last year, and enterprises are important reasons for saving costs and cutting corners.

Last year due to sluggish real estate sales, directly affected the downstream flooring industry, Wu Bian told reporters that rough statistics, floor industry sales fell at least 20%, in this case, some companies cut corners in order to save costs and Not a few. The Shanghai data given by Wang Shaofang also proves this: ‘Shanghai’s solid wood flooring in 2011 was about 30% lower than in 2010, and sales were very bad. ‘

Flooring industry expert Gao Zhihua told reporters that at present, nearly half of China’s flooring industry is idle. China has about 2,300 wood flooring companies with an annual production capacity of about 800 million square meters, but nearly 400 million square meters. Rice production capacity did not work. The problem is that the wooden floor of the wooden floor, which accounts for half of the production of wood flooring in China, is also a serious problem. Jiang Xuelin, president of the South Elm Flooring Association, said that nearly one-third of the production capacity in Nanxun is overcapacity, and some SMEs are facing shutdown or transformation.

‘The wall of the house is leaking rain’, in the case of overcapacity, it has encountered severe real estate regulation and control. Take Shanghai as an example. In 2011, the Shanghai property market turnover was only 7,297,600 square meters. It hit a record low, down 24.90% year-on-year, while the volume of commercial housing fell the most in the second half of last year.

Hu Zhiqi, the person in charge of Shiyou Floor, told reporters that the flooring industry is in the downstream of real estate, in general, the impact of real estate will be delayed for half a year to affect the flooring industry, that is, the first half of this year The industry will face a more severe situation.

In this situation, many companies have adopted various methods to reduce costs. Most of the problems that occurred this time were caused by improper compression costs. Gao Zhihua told reporters that according to national standards, whether the width of the floor is qualified is mainly based on a tolerance value. If the tolerance value does not exceed 0.3 mm, it is a qualified product. Otherwise, it is unqualified. In the case of sluggish sales and falling profits, most of them Companies will choose tolerances close to 0.3 mm to save costs, which can easily lead to substandard products.

For the future trend, many industry insiders admitted that industry reshuffle is inevitable. Under such circumstances, it is easy to produce some products that are not qualified. Only the government and other relevant departments strengthen industry supervision. And the self-discipline of the enterprise can maintain the reputation of the industry. However, industry insiders also admitted to the reporter that large enterprises such as Yihua Wood have problems, which may be caused by improper management. ‘In recent years, the company and its parent company have focused on the development of real estate, furniture and other businesses. The decline in management capacity is likely to be related to the fact that the parent company has despised the main business floor business. ‘The person introduced.

Yihua Wood Industry Marketing Department explained that the products under inspection are store samples, which take a long time and are affected by the environment such as temperature and humidity, which is easy to deform, so this situation has occurred. . However, the source said that the specific reasons are not very clear, the company is understanding the situation through various channels.

Release date: 2012/2/13 11:43:40

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