Exterior wall tiles mosaic unexpected beauty

   Nowadays, urban residents buy more commercial houses, and basically only pay attention to indoor tiles during renovation. As everyone knows, there are also a kind of ceramic tiles commonly used in villas, self-built houses and even many public buildings, called exterior wall tiles. Many people don’t know about external wall tiles. What are the types of exterior wall tiles?

 Exterior tile type 1: Glazed tile

   glazed exterior wall brick, the embryo body is mainly divided into ceramic and porcelain, and the surface is treated with glaze. Ceramic glazed exterior wall tiles are fired at a lower temperature, so the specific hardness and density are relatively low. Therefore, the ceramic exterior wall tiles have a high water absorption rate and are not suitable for use in excess wet areas. The strong quality and performance of porcelain are better than ceramics. The glazing process is different, so that the glazed surface has different degrees of reflection, so this type of exterior wall brick is also divided into two types: bright light and matte light.

  External wall brick type 2: Whole body brick

  The color of the external wall brick is relatively simple, both sides of the front and back The color and material are the same. The surface of the external wall brick is not treated with glaze. Although it is not as refined as the glazed brick, it is more wear-resistant.

  External wall brick type 3: split bricks

  The raw materials for splitting bricks are mainly clay, with The feldspar and other ceramic raw materials are added with water to form a wet wet germ, which is cut and dried. According to the surface effect of splitting two bricks, it can be divided into two types: flat and rough. This kind of exterior wall brick has a rough texture, so the surface is made into a bump pattern with a bump, which is similar to the unique section texture of natural stone, and has a unique thick feeling. This kind of exterior wall brick is often used in antique buildings, museums and other buildings.

 External Wall Brick Type 4: Stone

  This material is taken from natural, after special processing, Cut into a square outer brick wall. Its surface retains the unique texture and color of natural stone, it is not reproducible, and the texture of each piece is different, and the hardness, density and wear resistance are all incomparable. Therefore, the price is expensive.

  Exterior wall type five: mosaic

   mosaic tile is small in size and rich in color, according to demand Any combination, even stitching into creative patterns, flexible and changeable. And its small size, low water absorption, thus reducing the damage rate, even if there is damage, the cost of repair is relatively low. Therefore, mosaic is also one of the exterior wall tiles that many people like.

  The above is the main types of exterior wall tiles. I hope everyone has to help.


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