Family should choose water purifier what price?

From the current water purifier market, reverse osmosis water occupy most of the market share, we have reason to believe that the future prospects of pure water will be more broad. So the question is, good reverse osmosis water agency Which?
“reverse osmosis technology is the development trend of the industry” clear mountain spring water purifier brand leader, said: “reverse osmosis water purifier market share estimated at 50% to 60%.” For determine the market outlook, mainstream enterprises generally We believe that pure water there are still large room for growth. Enterprises to increase water machine product layout is imperative.

for friends through pure water are known, the reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.0001 microns water machine, during operation, exert a certain pressure on the inlet side of the water molecules through a reverse osmosis membrane, dissolve heavy metals in the water, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organic substances substances can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane to remove water, heavy metals, pesticides, chloroform and other contaminants. Clear spring water purification products chief architect engineer said: “based on reverse osmosis system products, with green, health and many other advantages, is the development trend of the industry.”

Since the prospect of reverse osmosis water so vast, naturally, many investors are willing to add to the mix. The Chinese market is particularly broad and rapid development of China’s industry on the one hand, the heavy metal pollution of drinking water had an impact can not be ignored; on the other hand, the Chinese government introduced a ten-year plan to prevent heavy metal pollution in 2011. The next three to five years, heavy metal contamination is still one of the more serious pollution of China. It can be said, to solve the heavy metal pollution of reverse osmosis is a more effective solution in the future, on this basis, we will then be adjusted according to the actual situation of the market. “

reverse osmosis water agency Which is better? Water purifier manufacturers should proceed according to local water quality and consumer demand, according to the characteristics of the water quality differs in different regions of our country to develop targeted products, the only way to fully meet and maintain the most fundamental needs of consumers. “

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