Faux fur furniture Nepal

These faux fur furniture has its own ideas. Baxter painted these luxurious Mongolian blue and white sofas and named it Nepal. The beautiful artificial fur piles piled up there look like Mongolian sheep fur, so realistic and natural.

How did they do this? Others seem to be difficult to do, but the designer of this furniture has such incredible ability to show these impossibility perfectly. Can you imagine a few pieces of white furniture in an all white room? Or is an unfinished Mongolian blue situated on a pure white decoration? Although a little retro, these works are purely modern. The frames of these sofas are made of metal, plated with ceramic lacquer, and the seats are made of birch plywood of different shapes. The interior of the sofa is covered with foam and covered with fiber acrylic fiber. The overall design is excellent, the appearance is so savage, and so beautiful. This faux fur furniture will give your house a new sense of life.

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