Find the market fault, small and medium floor brand development space

From 2011 to 2012, various concerns of the industry in the flooring industry are gradually becoming a reality. The real estate industry is facing cold, inflation, rising raw material prices and increased labor costs. These factors continue to cause far-reaching problems for the flooring industry. Impact. In such a depressed market atmosphere, large brands and large enterprises with strong strengths can still be difficult to support, and many small and medium-sized flooring companies are even more deadly, and they can only seek new ways.

So, under the circumstance of the group, where is the way out for small and medium-sized floor companies? What do small and medium-sized floor companies rely on to fight for their own world? To this end, the author has explored the entire industry through his own years of experience in the flooring industry. The entire market has been systematically sorted out, hoping to find the answer to this question.

Market faults leave space for small and medium-sized flooring companies

In my opinion, at present, the flooring industry has not yet formed an oligarchic enterprise, and the leading brands have established a market leading position. Strong brand influence, but they are not out of reach, and far from the monopoly of the entire flooring industry, although the overall pattern of most first-tier markets has been divided and occupied by these enterprises, but in the actual market size and market capacity More huge second, third and even fourth-line markets, these well-known flooring brands are actually on the same starting line as small and medium-sized flooring companies. In addition, there are still many blank areas in the division of various market segments of the flooring industry. These areas together with the second and third-tier markets of the floor constitute a large market fault zone, which also leaves a huge space for development for many small and medium-sized enterprises. .

Although these market faults have left enough room for small and medium-sized flooring companies to develop, how they will eventually develop depends on the brand’s own skills. The most urgent task for small and medium-sized flooring companies is to do ‘four good’–good product quality, good production technology, good service capability and good product prices.

Product Quality

Quality is the foundation of production. If there is no good quality guarantee, no matter how good the brand promotion is, everything will be in vain. Running a business is like building a house. Product quality is the cornerstone of the company. Only with the guarantee of quality can everything else be possible. In order to develop in the long run, flooring companies must enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, strictly control raw materials, and strive to produce high-quality products for consumers.

Production Process

Process and quality are in fact complementary, good products, single quality is not good, single process is not good, both are indispensable. Good product technology, first, the need for advanced equipment, and second, the need for high-tech talent. Ai Yage implements each process responsibility system in the process, that is, each process is equipped with responsible persons, refining responsibility and refining management. At the same time, the reporting system is implemented, so that every employee becomes a supervisory manager and reduces the error rate.

Service Capability

Dealers value the company’s service level when selecting a brand. Good service not only attracts new dealers, but also retains old dealers. A company’s service to dealers mainly includes three aspects: marketing services, daily communication and after-sales service. Marketing services are mainly reflected in several aspects of site selection, decoration and opening promotion. Daily communication is the most easily overlooked problem for the company. After the dealer opens, it ignores it, causing a large gap in the dealers and no sense of belonging. Therefore, daily communication services must be done well.

Product Price

Price setting is a science, companies can not take it for granted when setting prices for products. Liu said that before formulating product prices, sales personnel must conduct in-depth market research, listen to dealers’ opinions, and collect competitors’ product price information to ensure that the final product price can satisfy both dealers and consumers. The company gets enough profit.

Although there are still many uncertain factors in the flooring market, for small and medium-sized flooring brands, as long as the production and marketing work is done well and the enterprise development plan is well done, of course, the key is to make a good brand positioning for itself. Find the exact entry point of the corresponding market, I believe that you can still lay a piece of your own world.

Release date: 2012/4/28 8:57:49

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