Fine decoration will make the finished furniture “good”?

For a long time, cabinet products are regarded as the main products of customized home brands. For custom home furnishing companies, to expand the market for hardcover houses, expanding the product line is almost inevitable.

In the past 10 years, the finished furniture market has been a long way to go. The rise of custom homes once made the finished furniture “wind and wind”, and now, with the gradual improvement of the proportion of fine decoration in the upstream real estate industry, the opinions of finished furniture dealers on the trend of the market are also divided. Some dealers believe that the promotion of hardcover rooms will benefit the finished furniture, but some dealers are worried that the custom home brand will be “cross-border”, and the finished furniture market will be under pressure again.

Fine decoration “stirring” market

At present, at least 8 provinces and municipalities have issued policies and implemented fine decoration houses. According to statistics, the current market situation of finely decorated houses is: the proportion of fine decoration delivery in first-tier cities is about 80%, that in second-tier cities is about 40%, and the proportion of fine decoration in third- and fourth-tier cities is in single digits. Along with the continuous advancement of fine decoration, many home furnishing companies have also tried to find some places in this field. According to rough statistics, among the 13 listed A-share companies, the net profit in 2017 increased by 11%, accounting for 84.62%. There are 11 net profit scales exceeding 100 million yuan, of which Europa Home (603833) ranks first in the industry with a net profit of 1.3 billion yuan, and Sophia (002572) net profit exceeds 900 million yuan. In addition, Shangpin Home (300616) and Haolaike (603898) had a net profit of more than 300 million yuan. Taking into account the influence of the custom-made home of the faucet, it is reasonable for the home furnishing company to gradually increase the size of the hardcover housing market.

The fine decoration will make the finished furniture “good”?

Customized home enterprises regard the hardcover room as an important thrust for further expansion, and some finished furniture dealers will once also have a hardcover room. The promotion is considered good. Some dealers believe that the “unification” of the hard decoration and hard decoration has brought convenience, while “personalization” has become its biggest shortcoming. Considering the rejuvenation of end consumers, “personalization” has become an important keyword. This means that while the decoration is convenient, it also provides an important development opportunity for the finished furniture.

On the one hand, consumers’ home consumption patterns will gradually change. With the popularity of hardcover houses, after consumers buy hardcover rooms, the main energy is no longer to consider the hard-wearing problem, so a lot of time is mainly used to buy finished furniture. In this process, the finished furniture brand will get more opportunities. According to the dealer’s analysis, “In the past, everyone was doing hard work, and then look at all kinds of furniture. At this time, the budget has already been put into hardwear. Finally, the furniture can only be put down, and the cost will not be too big. But If it is a hardcover room, the hard-loading cost is included in the house price. Under the psychological effect, the cost of the furniture invested later will increase more or less.”

On the other hand, the popularity of fine decoration is to some extent It also facilitates its marketing.

For example, some industry insiders have analyzed that for finished furniture dealers, they can cooperate with real estate projects and include corresponding products in their model houses. For the consumer, the model house of the fine decoration project is basically consistent with the final delivery effect. At this time, if the finished furniture brand can successfully intervene, it will be able to gain a first-come advantage.

Under the above factors, furniture dealers believe that the hardcover housing policy is an important opportunity for finished furniture. In contrast, the “hardcover housing policy has a greater impact on the dealer market of traditional building materials (including cabinets). “

The pessimism still exists

However, not all finished furniture dealers are so optimistic. Some dealers judge that with the continuous expansion of the customized home brand product line, the finished furniture will face more pressure. According to institutional analysis, under the policy-driven, it is expected that the proportion of fine decoration delivery will increase from the current level of around 20% to around 50% in 2020. It is estimated that the market space for fine decoration in first- and second-tier cities will be nearly 300 billion yuan.

For a long time, cabinet products are regarded as the main products of customized home brands. For custom home furnishing enterprises, it is almost necessary to expand the product line in order to seize more hardcover market. The choice. In fact, at present, domestic custom home leading enterprises are actively expanding new product lines and overweight production bases. According to the planning of each company, the future product line will further cover the traditional finished furniture space (living room, dining room, bedroom).

From the current point of view, in the sales of various customized home enterprises, the proportion of fine decoration projects is about 20%, and this piece still has great development potential. Some dealers believe that if there is no significant increase in the total market volume, the market share expanded by custom home brands will definitely be the “cake” of the finished furniture market.


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