Five cabinets, keep your kitchen cool for a summer

Where is the hottest summer home? Definitely the kitchen! Every time I enter the kitchen in the summer, I feel like I am in the steamer. The kitchen is too hot to have a solution?

Then choose a visually let you feel cool Whole cabinets. The following small series will show you the 5 most suitable cabinet renderings for summer.

Cabinet renderings


In this reinforced concrete and deep-locked city, there is a lot of depression that is difficult to resolve, who doesn’t expect to go and say Travel, go to the pastoral experience and enjoy the taste of Nanshan. However, time is covered by the breadwinner. It is better to take the “idyllic” home.

This cabinet rendering is warm and simple, in the urban fashion Exudes a faint pastoral style, not obvious, harmonious and natural. It is made of high-quality molded plate, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, strong in stain resistance and full in color.

Cabinet renderings 2

This fruit-green cabinet is suitable for small-sized kitchens. The simple modular square has changed a little, and the kitchen has become fashionable.

Storage space of different sizes meets the kitchen debris storage The modern avant-garde fruit green is refreshing and refreshing.

Cabinet renderings

The blue and white cabinets are exceptionally fresh and eye-catching in ample light. The two are mature and elegant, complement each other and harmonious. No loss of flexibility.

full of dreamy colors, always clear, romantic feeling, cabinet In such a space, it looks pure and cute, and it makes people think.

Cabinet renderings 4

Simple, natural design will also give people a clean and spacious comfort. In addition, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other appliances are embedded, saving space, the kitchen is brighter, visually relaxed, mood Comfortable, even in the hot summer days, it is also like the breeze.

Cabinet renderings five

Summer summer is difficult, I wish the breeze, deep coffee and pure white, simple Clear, like a breeze blowing the heart.

extremely liney The door panel is like a piano keyboard. Even in the hot summer, it can make the kitchen become an art.

like the coffee on the corner Shop, taste a cup of long-lasting coffee, from time to time, the sound of the piano sounds, quiet and quiet, straighten the hearts of people to clarify, enjoy a moment of lazy, enjoy summer life.

The above is a few summer must-have cabinet renderings that feel cool, except for visually letting the kitchen It becomes cool, we can also reduce the open flame, reduce the fumes, eliminate the odor, etc. If the conditional kitchen is equipped with an air conditioner is also a good choice ~

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