Floor worms Who should be accountable?

Mr. Jiang, who lives in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, has been worrying about the floor installed in the new house. He spent more than 30,000 yuan to purchase the large-faced solid wood flooring, which showed different degrees of insects after installation. He believes that this is the quality problem of the manufacturer’s products and requires the manufacturer to compensate for the loss; the manufacturer believes that the insects are not the quality of the floor, but the improper installation of Mr. Jiang. The consumer dispute about who is responsible for the floor insects will be staged at the beginning of the new year in 2015, making it difficult for industry experts to judge: there are hundreds of problems after the installation of the floor. The cause of the insects is very complicated. The responsibility is very difficult and becomes a problem waiting to be solved.

Event: solid wood floor insects

Installing solid wood flooring for the new home is a happy thing, but in the eyes of Mr. Jiang in Wenling, Zhejiang, it is not entirely. On January 14, Mr. Jiang told the Beijing Business Daily that he spent more than 30,000 yuan on the large-scale brand solid wood flooring purchased from the local store, and he was quite annoyed after being exposed to the insects for five months.

According to Mr. Jiang, in October 2013, he purchased a solid wood flooring product worth more than 40,000 yuan from a local large-scale specialty store, ready to be paved for new homes. During the paving, because the anti-mite powder provided by the manufacturer will affect the elderly and children in the family, it will not be used, but after only 5 months, there are 7 floors in the 8 rooms in the house. Insect phenomenon. Mr. Jiang said that the floor was worms in such a short time, and the quality of the floor products must be problematic. Chen Guofu, chairman of Da Shi Dian Floor, told the Beijing Business Daily that after learning of the incident, the company had provided Mr. Jiang with mosquito repellents to remove mites according to the advice of local agricultural bureau experts, but Mr. Jiang still harmed mosquito killers. The lack of health has led to an increase in mites. The manufacturer also proposed to replace the insect floor in Mr. Jiang’s home for free, and compensated for other losses, but they were not recognized by Mr. Jiang. After

, Mr. Jiang made a complaint to the Wenling City Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Consumers Association and the local media, claiming a total of 80,000 yuan from the manufacturer, but the manufacturer refused to accept the compensation because of the unacceptability, resulting in the floor dispute. There is no conclusion yet.

Dispute: Quality or Installation

On January 14, Beijing Business Daily reporter came to Wenling City to investigate the incident and found that the floor dispute case has been delayed, the most critical The point is that there is not enough evidence on both sides to prove where the insects come from. Mr. Jiang believes that the large-scale floor insects are product quality problems, while Da Shipian believes that there is no problem with his products, which is caused by Mr. Jiang’s return of anti-mite powder and improper installation. There is a phenomenon of insects, so they are not willing to take responsibility.

According to the photo of the insects provided by Mr. Jiang, it was found that white powder appeared on the floor of his house. Mr. Jiang said that this was caused by aphids. He also showed the Beijing Business Daily reporter a knife-cut. White bugs found after damaged floors. In this regard, Mr. Jiang was quite wronged to say that the floor was laid into the home for only 5 months, and it was unheard of. The manufacturer asked for anti-mite powder and insecticide during installation. It is quite unreasonable. In the middle of laying the floor, you must spend money to use these accessories’? The manufacturer holds another view that the consumer has not installed the floor according to the manufacturer’s tips and suggestions, which is the root cause of the floor insects. Chen Guofu said that similar problems have occurred in the same batch of products with Mr. Jiang’s home floor. This is a normal situation, but other consumers have solved the problem in time under the guidance of the manufacturer. ‘We have proposed to replace Mr. Jiang free of charge. Insects the floor and compensated for the loss, but he refused to accept it and insisted on compensation of 80,000 yuan, which made the factory unacceptable.

industry experts said that the phenomenon of insects appearing after the installation of the floor is more common, there are precedents in the use of anti-mite powder when installing the floor, but whether the factory floor is not closed, or the customer is not properly installed, it is difficult to determine.

difficult problem: identification of difficult results

Li Jiafeng, vice president of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that the problems of floor installation have been around for a long time, and there are hundreds of installation problems. Because these problems are different in different regions and environments, this will cause problems in identification.

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