Former Libyan Attorney General was killed in an unidentified person in his hometown in the east

China News Service, February 9th According to foreign media reports on the 9th, Libya’s former Attorney General Abdul-Aziz & middot; Hasadi was killed by unidentified militants in Libya Delna.

According to reports, after the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime in 2011, Hasadi served as the Attorney General of Libya. In March 2013, he resigned for health reasons.

The report did not disclose the details of his death.

The report said that the Libyan authorities still have not solved the problem of disarming the militia. Some of his armed factions agreed to vote with the authorities, but there are still many who are only willing to obey their own commanders, making the situation in Libya in the post-Gaddafi era continue to be turbulent.

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang

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