From September 2nd to 5th, 28 bus lines will be adjusted at Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center and Huandao Road Area!

During the period from the first shift on September 2 to the end of September 5, the 28 bus lines in the control area of ​​the Convention and Exhibition Center and the section of the roundabout will be adjusted. At that time, citizens of Wenxing East Road, Qianpu Village, Huizhan South, Huizhan North, Huangpi and Tatou will be affected to a certain extent, and the ride will become a walk + transfer.

These lines will be adjusted

18, 30, 101, 641, 653, 19, 55, 109, 751, 752, 948 651, 755, 855, 942, B2, 47, 29, 58, 91, 92, 98, 115, 759, 949, 401, 122, 857 28 bus lines, such as roads, will be adjusted through four methods: shunting, truncation, detouring, and extension.

Adjusted Citizens’ Travel Mode

(1) Information on the surrounding areas of the controlled area

(2) Wenxing East Road, Qianpu Village, and Convention and Exhibition South Area: First, walk to “ Mingfa Xincheng Station takes the 109 road, the second is to walk to “ Wenxing East Road Station take the 19th road, the third is at the “Mandarin South Third Road Station” or “Mingfa Seaview Court Station 401 Road. By taking the above 3 routes, you can transfer to 3 BRT Express and 29 regular bus lines to the site of Qianpu South District, “International Trade New City Station” and “Former Bus Station”.

(3) North of the exhibition area: First, walk to “ Luling Road Hezhen Station or “ Datang Central Station travels on 3 lines including 55, 58 and 68. The second is to walk to “ Software Park East Ermen Station to take the 28 lines, 38 road and other 17 lines.

(4) Huangpi Area: Walk to “ Maohou Station, take 29 Road, 92 Road, etc. 2 Travel by line.

(5) Tatou area: Walk to “Tatou station to take the 4 lines such as 122, 857, B2 and B3.

Bus Adjustment Plan for Convention and Exhibition Center and Huandao Road Area

Schematic diagram of the adjusted bus route

18-way adjustment diagram

30-way adjustment diagram

101 way adjustment diagram

641 Road, 653 Road Adjustment Diagram

19-way, 109-way adjustment diagram

55-way adjustment diagram

751 road adjustment diagram

752 Road Adjustment Diagram

948 Road Adjustment diagram

651, 755, 855, 942 Adjustment diagram

B2 road adjustment diagram

47 WaysFull schematic

29-way adjustment diagram

58-way adjustment diagram

91-way adjustment diagram

92-way adjustment diagram

98-way adjustment diagram

115-way adjustment diagram

759 Road Adjustment Diagram

949 Road Adjustment Diagram

401 way adjustment diagram

122, 857 road adjustment diagram

There are also these safeguards

1. The public can check out the site in the travel tips in advance. Information such as information, bus way, route direction, etc., to visually understand the adjusted travel mode. During the adjustment period, the bus stop in the middle of the bus stop involved in the reduction and the bus line involved in the adjustment of the line will be advertised. The public can also check the latest line and site information through the handheld bus app.

2. Xiamen Public Transport Group organizes personnel at Wenxing East Road Station, Mingfa New City Station, Datang Central Station, Tatou Station, Yunhai Mountain Villa Station, Guomao New City Station, BRT Qianpu Hub Station, Software Park The station will wait for 8 major bus stops on September 2 & mdash; on the 5th, every day from 07:00 to 22:00, on-site duty, adjust the operation shifts in real time to protect the citizens.

3, the public can walk + transfer to the “pre-Pu Nan District Station,” International Trade New City Station, “Former Po Bus Station,” “Software Park East Second Gate Station 4 The main transfer point transfers to travel.

4. Adjust 401 Road to the connecting line of the South District of the Convention and Exhibition, and proceed to the Qianpu Bus Station by the Exhibition South 3 Road Station. Members of the Southern District of the Convention and Exhibition Area can take the 401 Road to the Qianpu Bus Station to change to the BRT Express or other bus lines. The daily service time of 401 is 06:30-22:30.

5. The specific line adjustment content will be released in time through the WeChat and Weibo platforms of Xiamen Public Transport Group. The public can pay attention to the WeChat and Weibo platforms to understand the line adjustment information in time, and also call 968828 service hotline. related information. (Source: Xiamen Daily)

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