Furniture e-commerce collision spark

E-commerce” has been heard in the home furnishing industry. Although the home industry has not encountered this trend of collision, but due to the hot situation, many furniture companies have tried water e-commerce, but the effect after real water test, Many furniture industries have a hard time saying that e-commerce is not an easy task.

Furniture test hydropower Business bottlenecks

Traditional furniture is deeply rooted in the industry. For a long time, the furniture circulation system mainly relies on home building materials stores, building materials supermarkets, dealers, engineering companies, designers. Dealers are the most important sales channel. Manufacturers cannot completely separate from the existing circulation system to do e-commerce. At present, there is no third-party platform that can integrate manufacturers, distributors and consumers to provide solutions for enterprises. Manufacturing companies open up online sales channels, how to avoid competition with distributors? Industry insiders believe that through online and offline combination, they can go further.

Stores drive online sales

Furniture The market has never lacked the demand for consumption, and the lack of products and creative services that attract consumers to innovate. With the gradual emergence of emerging consumer groups after the 80s and 90s, the development of the entire furniture industry must conform to the diversified needs of the market, and innovation. The concept of furniture is particularly important. Furniture e-commerce has gradually become a new trend in the development of the furniture industry in the future, and the furniture online shopping market will also become a must for businesses. However, regardless of any enterprise, in the early stage of online sales, it will definitely affect To the sales of physical stores. In this regard, the furniture industry still uses the form of online and offline products to differentiate sales. That is, let the physical store to display and sell high-priced products and new products, and move all low-end products and old series to Online sales. In order to ensure that the sales of offline stores are not affected, the e-commerce field will be developed.

O2O allows orders to be placed simultaneously with the experience

The biggest trend in the future furniture industry is O2O, which is a model of online and offline integration. Because of the diverse styles of furniture, diverse styles and diverse materials, The choice of customers, the customer is very particular about the experience, watching and touching are very important, it is difficult to meet these on the Internet. And the traditional channel brand has accumulated many years of popularity, accumulated funds, and accumulated a lot of excellent middle and high level. Talents, once they are in the power business, can’t be underestimated.

For furniture companies, the e-commerce cake is delicious, and furniture companies can only make the match between online and offline. Enterprises are getting farther and farther on the road of e-commerce.


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