General lighting “fallen”, commercial lighting on the stage, smart high-end business photos are not far behind?

LED fixtures are moving in two directions, one is smart and the other is customization. The same is true for commercial lighting, which is already standing on the vent of high-end smart commercial lighting.

  The global economy is weak in 2017 Recovery, a new round of technology and industry changes are creating historic opportunities. With China’s in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, industrial development is also facing new forms, such as new technologies, new economies, and new formats such as intelligence, Internet of Things, and shared economy, accelerating the progress of LED lighting technology and the expansion of application fields.

   With the continuous technology upgrade and cost reduction, the competitiveness of Chinese LED lighting companies in the world has increased, and overseas customer orders have gradually tilted toward the Chinese market. At present, global LED manufacturing is showing a trend of shifting to the Chinese market.

   Although China’s LED lighting companies are in a good period of national policy support and international economic recovery, due to the development of technology and the acceleration of industrial integration, competition in the domestic market is becoming increasingly fierce.

   Nowadays, the general lighting market has been “fallen”, and the commercial lighting market with large profit margin has become the next blue ocean that lighting companies are chasing. At the same time, with the gradual stabilization of the LED general lighting market, LED product efficiency is also increasing, coupled with the significant improvement in color tolerance (SDCM) control and color rendering, LED manufacturers are more optimistic about the high-end commercial lighting market.

   Up to now, Osram, Philips Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Op Lighting, NVC Lighting, Tailong Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics and other domestic and foreign lighting manufacturers have been laid out.

   Dr. Li Cheng, deputy general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics, said, “At present, the overall market for high-end commercial photos is growing at a faster rate. We clearly feel that the market is working hard. In residential lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, In several major fields such as industrial and mining lighting, commercial lighting is an application field with relatively large market demand, especially with the improvement of light efficiency, light color and light quality, the market will grow more rapidly.”

   After nearly two years of continuous increase in layout, Guoxing Optoelectronics has achieved in the field of Shangchao lighting.

   According to Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics Lighting Division, “Shangchao Lighting mainly has two parts of the market, part of which is the lighting project of the new supermarket, and the other part is the lighting replacement project of the original supermarket. With the adjustment and upgrade of Guoxing Lighting, under the escort of the ‘National Star’ brand, relying on the channel network covering the whole country, it has gradually established a cooperative relationship with large supermarket chains such as Yonghui Supermarket, Renhe Spring, Daxing Traffic, etc.”

    When it comes to business photos, you have to say that Sanxiong Aurora. As the leader of domestic commercial lighting, Sanxiong Aurora has been continuously increasing R&D investment and improving its rapid response capability. It is understood that Sanxiong Aurora plans to complete the R&D center expansion and upgrade project within three years, which is used to continuously improve the technical content and design novelty of the product to adapt to changes in market demand.

   At the beginning of 2018, Sanxiong Aurora launched the long-preserved high-end hotel lighting products – the platinum engraving series. In order to meet the needs of high-end hotels for all-round lighting, the “Platinum Engraving” series also includes LED ceiling downlights, LED line lights, LED soft light strips, LED mirror headlights, and LED footlights.

   In addition, Tailong Lighting locates the commercial lighting market and provides customers with a one-stop lighting system overall solution for designing, manufacturing and distribution services. At present, the top five customers of Tailong Lighting are mainly Adidas (DE.ADSGn), Qizhi Fashion (one of the largest fashion groups in Europe), Lilang (HK.01234), Xtep (HK.01368), Anta (HK.02020), La Chapelle (HK.06116).

   Tailong Lighting Board of Directors suggested that “Tailong Lighting will seize the opportunity to actively expand other segments and deepen the concept of commercial lighting solutions in more business areas.” Span>

   In fact, the professionalism of commercial lighting is very strong, and there are clear requirements for the durability and stability of lighting products. At the same time, in the aesthetic design of the lighting scene, the brightness adjustment of the lighting environment, the effective cost of lighting, etc., all put forward higher requirements on the product.

   LED light efficiency and quality continue to improve, people’s demand for lighting has also risen to another level, more and more attention to create a comfortable, healthy light environment. Personalized requirements for different light color effects for different illumination products, and even humanized functions such as dimming and color adjustment realized by smart systems.

   LED industry veteran Tang Guoqing believes that “to create a harmonious business atmosphere, the role of lighting is often crucial. From a business perspective, how many ideas may bring in how much business. In other words, commercial lighting is a framework, everything can be installed inside, such as stereo, 3D, display, projection, laser, etc. can be combined.”

  It’s undeniable that LED fixtures are moving in two directions Development, one is intelligent and the other is customization. The same is true for commercial lighting, which is already standing on the vent of high-end smart commercial lighting.

   As we all know, the commercial lighting field with more emphasis on energy conservation and social benefits, especially commercial building lighting, has a lighting time of more than 12 hours a day, and the power consumption is very serious. Therefore, intelligent control can be used to achieve energy saving. .

   At the same time, a large number of lighting needs also bring another commercial application that combines intelligent functions. For example, LED luminaires, combined with visible light communication technology, enable precise positioning and assist commercial applications such as product launch services. Commercial lighting is currently undergoing large-scale intelligent replacement.

   Last year, global lighting leader Philips Lighting successfully launched the “Shopping Navigation” app for the MediaMarkt flagship store in downtown Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The application relies on the innovative LED indoor positioning system of Philips Lighting to help customers quickly locate product locations and provide guided services with their smartphones.

   In addition, with the adoption of smart lighting and the Internet of Things, lighting features such as color, intensity and time can be automatically adjusted to meet people’s needs. It must be said that intelligence will become commercial lighting in 2018 One of the development trends.
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