Grundfos debut fourteenth session of the town water supply new technology and equipment exposition innovative intelligence solutions help China cope with a full range of water environmental challenges

As the world leader in pumps and water technology solutions, Grundfos debut fourteenth session of the International Symposium on Water Development China Town and New Technology Equipment Exhibition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , brought from secondary water supply, sewage treatment to a number of innovative intelligent improvement of the water environment solutions designed to help China cope with local conditions to a full range of water environmental challenges.
Grundfos debut fourteenth session of the town water supply new technology and equipment exposition
Under the guiding ideology of ecological civilization construction, improvement and protection of the country’s escalating water environment. April 2015 introduced the “Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan” (referred to as “water ten”) made it clear that urban sewage treatment facilities to local conditions to transform, to achieve the appropriate emission standards or recycling requirements, sensitive areas of urban sewage treatment facilities before the end of 2020 should fully achieve an A emission standards by the end of 2017. [1] Subsequently, governments at all levels have introduced appropriate, filing the plan and requirements, most of the country are undertaking mentioned standard transformation of urban sewage treatment plant a standard A to mention the transformation of urban sewage treatment facilities. In this context, local sewage plant began to re-examine previous disinfection, hoping to protect the safety of the premise, to further improve the efficiency and quality of the wastewater treatment plant disinfection links. Selcoperm Grundfos solution previously been successfully used to disinfect water is introduced into the disinfection of municipal wastewater treatment part , sodium hypochlorite disinfectant electrolyzed brine in the field directly, and through digital metering pump for accurate dosing, greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of wastewater disinfection to ensure the water quality before discharge. Business Development Director Rich Chinese Grand Zhang Jie said: “Grundfos is committed through our leading technology in addressing the challenges of the global water environment and rich experience, help to achieve the grand goal of ‘Beautiful China’ Grundfos Selcoperm and digital metering resolved. programs in the use of urban wastewater treatment plant is our innovative breakthroughs and actively serving yet another example of China’s water environment. under the framework of ‘factory – – net rivers’ systematic governance Grundfos in every aspect that we can provide high-quality solutions for customers in China. “Grundfos the solution provides a new thinking to solve the sewage treatmentroad. Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, Grundfos Selcoperm site sodium hypochlorite solution in June this year formally delivered to the region’s largest sewage treatment plant – Yuliangzhou sewage treatment plant, to be prepared on-site in the country’s first Grundfos sodium hypochlorite solution for large-scale sewage treatment plant project. As Xiangyang City, the first sewage treatment plant, Yuliangzhou sewage treatment plant serving a population of about 90 million, the amount of water per year to reach 1.2 trillion tons, equivalent to a water Wuhan East Lake. Compared with the mainstream of urban sewage disinfection, Grundfos highlight the advantages of this program. First of all, the scheme for the preparation of sodium hypochlorite on site using only water and food-grade salt, eliminating the traditional chlorine disinfection likely to factory workers, residents of the surrounding environment and the potential safety problems fundamentally. Second, compared with ultraviolet disinfection methods, the program not only enhance the disinfection effect Control Engineering Copyright , also has a long service life, low operating cost advantages. As compared to using sodium hypochlorite solution for disinfection finished, the program will not only save the cost of shipping agents, need not worry agent concentration decay; In addition, eliminating the risk of chemical agents in the production of heavy metals into the water by-product from the source of the surrounding environment and human health has a positive meaning. In addition, the Fair, Grundfos pumping stations also showed the overall solution, widely used in secondary water supply residential and commercial buildings; and solutions for integrated pump brake system comprehensive management of water environment and prefabricated pumping stations, It provides innovative intelligent solutions for environmental challenges of water black-odor water management, flood control and drainage. Roots in China more than twenty years, Grundfos actively listening to Chinese partners and customers demand, China’s accumulation of market experience, combined with expertise in the global water environment governance , continue to introduce for the China’s domestic market solutions. Looking to the future, Grundfos will continue to be rooted in China, through more intelligent and innovative solutions for the “Beautiful China” contribute to a force.

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