Guge Dynasty to create a special product branding mode to accelerate the local special product branding process

With the rapid development of society, the ever-increasing income of life and the change of the concept of mass consumption, the demand of consumers is not only a big brand in first-tier cities and developed countries, but also a place where there is more niche and branding. product. However, how can a local product break the geographical limitation and move toward a broader market? In this regard, the Guge Dynasty, the leader of the special product branding model, showed us that “special product branding brings “local art products” to the literature. revival.

Ancient Gewang Dynasty, a consulting company engaged in the original customization of the brand image of the food industry, was founded by Xia Ke, the founder of the special product branding model, and has since established the main field of development of the Guge Dynasty in the past 20 years —— Chemical. This is not only the expectation of Xia Ke but also the common vision of all members of the Guge Dynasty. Among them, the five students of Charco are proud to play their own specialties in various fields, helping the Xia Ke and Guge dynasty to “special product branding mode” The development blueprint is more clear and complete. They are Xu Bei, the director of the company specializing in brand culture, and the creative director of Tianmao’s thinking, Shan Chunxi. Chen Wen, the craftsman with more than 10 years of experience in branding, is the most insightful design director at the cutting edge of design, Pan Xian, and this. A group of elites, “Master, co-founder of the Guge Dynasty who is good at mining the core values ​​of the brand & mdash; & mdash; Zou Yong.

Ancient The special product branding model created by the Ge Dynasty not only helped many Chinese Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 food companies to achieve leap-forward development, but also allowed many local brands to break away from the traditional sales model and geographical limitations and move to the world stage. .

One of the most shocking cases is undoubtedly the Mihua Crisp brand “Zhangrenfang and the Asian Top 500” Zhang Fei beef. The original name of Zhangrenfang is “Shovel Shovel”, which is a local specialty under the Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan. Because its brand positioning and brand characteristics are always blurred, it leads to no competition in the industry and cannot remain in the hearts of consumers. Image, although the product is very good, but nobody cares. When the Guge dynasty and the Zhangrenfang contact, the first is to target consumers, to locate their brand and tap the core value of the brand, to give the brand cultural connotation, from the brand connotation to the brand packaging. Only after we saw the rice bowl of the Zhangren Square, and the packaging designed by the Guge Dynasty, it was the world’s packaging design industry, the Oscar Pentawards Gold Award and the 2016 German Red Dot Award.

And the top 500 Asian brands & ldquo; Zhang Fei beef in the past has a local consumer base, but because it does not have the core value of the brand, always It is a limitation that cannot escape the geographical area. In the special product branding mode of the Guge Dynasty, the brand culture was re-established through the concept of “culture-incorporated brand”. And re-developing diversified products, so that consumers have more choices. After the products mature, the Guge Dynasty will also uplift its brand and launch more high-end products and services.

In addition, the Guge Dynasty also created the Three Kingdoms Cultural Tourism Park, successfully combining the brand with the tourism industry, helping Zhang Fei beef achieve a miracle with an annual output value of over 10 billion. And the Guge dynasty designed the Facebook package to win the 2016 German Red Dot Award, making local products on the world stage.

Behind these pride achievements, we also saw the master craftsmanship of the Guge Dynasty used in the field of special product branding for nearly 20 years. In the “brand-specific model” that it created, it did its best to bring the service brand to the “brand”. Renaissance. We also hope that the Guge Dynasty will help more local brands achieve leap-forward development in the future, let more Chinese culture products go abroad and promote Chinese culture on the world stage!

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