Haier invents disruptive refrigeration technology: compressor is no longer needed

On September 18th, a message was sent from Haier that Haier had developed a subversive refrigeration technology. One of the most intuitive features of this technology is —— there is no compressor.

According to industry insiders, Haier’s technology may be magnetic refrigeration technology. What is magnetic refrigeration technology? The so-called magnetic refrigeration is a technology that uses the magnetocaloric effect to perform refrigeration. Its principle is that the magnetic material will release and absorb heat in the process of magnetization and demagnetization by the magnetic field.

The advantage of magnetic refrigeration technology compared to compressor refrigeration technology is that the former is more environmental, does not produce ozone layer that destroys greenhouse gases, and because it is a low-power permanent magnet motor, The noise generated is then very small.

It is said that GE has been studying magnetic refrigeration technology for many years. However, the current magnetic refrigeration technology is not popular in the refrigerator, because the magnetic refrigeration technology requires the use of alloy materials, the cost is relatively expensive, and the magnetic refrigeration prototype has not been miniaturized, can not be installed in the refrigerator in.

Which is known, whether it is a refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler, or home air conditioner, car air conditioner, etc. Strong class=”autolink”>Electrical appliances use the same refrigeration principle, so the core component of their refrigeration and heating systems is the compressor.

If Haier really invented the refrigeration technology without a compressor, then the invention has the same influence in the field of refrigeration as the engine without the engine.

The history of compressor refrigeration technology has been around for a hundred years, and it is called the heart of refrigeration home appliances. Today, Haier invented the new refrigeration technology to cancel the compressor, what impact will it have on the entire appliance refrigeration industry? It is speculated that this technology will not only bring a new technological revolution to the world refrigeration field, but also bring consumers a quiet, environmentally friendly experience.

According to internal sources, Haier’s revolutionary refrigeration technology may be first applied to wine cabinet products and will be released soon.

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