Han Zhao Sees Japanese Ambassador to Korea to protest Japan’s denial of history

Xinhuanet, Seoul, February 23 (Reporter Song Chengfeng) The South Korean government summoned the Japanese ambassador to the Republic of Korea on the 23rd to strongly protest against the Japanese government’s dispatch of senior officials to participate in the 22nd in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Island) Day & rdquo; activities.

Li Xiangde, director of the Northeast Asian Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, summoned the Japanese Minister to the Republic of Korea on the same day to convey the position of the Korean government on the Dokdo issue.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean side pointed out in the same day that Dokdo was the first territory that South Korea was embezzled during the Japanese aggression war. The Japanese side’s claim that the territorial sovereignty over Dokdo is tantamount to denying history. The ROK strongly condemns Japan’s unprovoked deficiencies in South Korea’s territory. The South Korean government also mentioned that the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan requested to re-investigate the testimony of “comfort women” and condemned the move as a distortion and denial of history by the Japanese government.

The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsequently uploaded an English version of Dokdo’s promotional video on its website and linked the “Women’s Story” (the story of the girl’s story) to the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Japan’s Shimane Prefecture, on the 22nd, disregarded South Korea’s resolute opposition to the ninth “Bamboo Island Day” event in Songjiang City, the capital. About 500 people including Japanese government officials, members of parliament, and citizens attended the event.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea issued a statement entitled “Japan’s provocation of Dokdo and the avoidance of comfort women’s problems at the same time” on the 22nd, condemning Japan’s “Takeshima Day” held in Shimane Prefecture. activity. The statement said that Japan has intensified after evading the issue of “comfort women” and provoking Dokdo means that Japan denied the history of aggression against the Korean peninsula during World War II.

Dokdo, called Bamboo Island in Japan, is located in the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula and covers an area of ​​about 0.18 square kilometers. North Korea, South Korea and Japan all claim sovereignty over the island. South Korea actually controls this island.

In March 2005, the Shimane Prefectural Council of Japan passed the regulations of February 22nd of each year as “Bamboo Island Day” to commemorate the official integration of the island into its jurisdiction in 1905. range. The county will hold a commemorative event on February 22 every year from the following year.

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