Home improvement, lighting is very elegant

  I often listened to friends and spit out, saying that after the new house was in check, I found that many of the lighting fixtures in the room were not ideally installed, the lighting was not very comfortable, and the renovation was troublesome. Avoid this and learn about it in advance.  
  The living room is usually designed with a top lighting. If the indoor height is low (2.6m or less), it is best to use a ceiling lamp or a dewaxed glass lamp cover jewelry; otherwise, it is best to use a chandelier. If the living room is to be fitted with a crystal chandelier, the bottom of the lamp should be at least 2.2 m from the ground. If it is a duplex house, the living room is two stories high, then the design of the luminaire should be at least not lower than the second floor.

  The bedroom is a private space in the home, and the lighting should create a space atmosphere with soft, decorative lamps. A ceiling light can be used as the main light source, and a wall lamp or a light socket can be provided as a decorative lighting tool. It is important to note that it is uncomfortable not to place the luminaire directly above the bed.

   The restaurant is a place for family gatherings, requiring the main lighting to have high color rendering, high illumination, and warm tones. Chandeliers or ceiling lamps are generally used. There should be a distance of 70-85 cm between the luminaire above the restaurant and the table top.

  If you want to sit at the desk and read, only indirect lighting is not enough. It is best to place a table lamp at the corner of the table, or set the hanging lamp directly above it for accent lighting. The lighting height and brightness of the study are very important. Generally, the wattage of the desk lamp should be around 60 W. The table lamp should be placed at the left front of the desk to avoid glare and protect eyesight.

  The choice of kitchen lamps should be based on easy scrubbing and corrosion resistance. The top center is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof ceiling lamp, which is safe and easy to clean. Whether it is for aesthetics or safety, it is necessary to arrange the luminaire above the kitchen counter. The luminaire should be placed 1.8m from the ground or 70-85cm from the kitchen countertop.

  The main lighting fixtures installed in the bathroom and bathroom can be waterproof and embedded ceiling lamps. The color temperature of the light source should be cold. The mirror headlights should be waterproof and adjustable in angle for easy washing and makeup.
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