How about anti-sticking paint?

What are the types of anti-stick coatings?
   Type A: Anti-stick coatings for absorbent bases (such as concrete, natural stone, red brick, etc.).
   Type B: Anti-stick coating for non-absorbent bases (such as metals, tiles, coatings, etc.).
& emsp; & emsp; type C: that is applicable to free formaldehyde / (g / kg) ≤ 0.1, the sum of toluene, xylene /% ≤ 25.

  Anti-sticking paint selection tips:
   The first benefit of anti-stick coatings is anti-sticking. By modifying the silane in the resin, adding some waxes and blending auxiliaries to reduce the paint film on the surface layer of the paint, so that small advertisements such as glue, sales flyers, stickers, etc. will not stick to it, even if it is stuck in this The top of the paint will not be very strong, maybe the wind will blow away. In addition, it can also prevent uncivilized actions, such as graffiti, messy paste, etc. This kind of paint is often used by the government, which greatly improves the city’s appearance management. Therefore, when you buy, you can try to see if the paint has strong anti-sticking performance.
   Another advantage of anti-stick coatings is the strong anti-staining ability, which is due to the principle of anti-stick coating. The principle is very simple, that is, the wax is added to the anti-sticking paint. After the paint is dried, the original layer of the paint film is relatively smooth, and does not paste any dust, but also prevents the small advertisement from being pasted, even in the case of Under the influence of external force, it will be cleaned up by itself without leaving any smudges. The effect of graffiti is obvious.
   The variety of anti-stick coatings, the selective space will greatly increase. The choice of color is to meet the consumer’s demand for personalized decoration, so the color difference will make the sales space and market share of anti-stick coatings greatly improved, although in the aspect of home decoration, the application of anti-stick coating is not very Widespread, the popularity of anti-stick coating knowledge is not as good as paint or elastic paint, but it also has its own advantages.

   In terms of construction, the adhesion of the anti-stick coating is very strong, and it will not fall easily if it is coated with anti-stick coating. The anti-paste coating has a strong anti-paste and graffiti ability; however, it is tightly attached to the wall or the surface layer of the construction. This strong adhesion allows the anti-stick coating to occupy a space in the market and is recommended for sale by other businesses. The emergence of anti-stick coatings meets the consumer’s various comprehensive requirements for coatings.
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