How about composite wood flooring?

The floor is a floor decoration that many people like to use in addition to tiles. The price of solid wood flooring is relatively high, and the price of composite wood flooring is relatively cheap, so as an alternative to solid wood flooring, most consumers choose composite wood flooring to decorate the ground. What is the price of concrete composite wood flooring? Today, let’s talk about the price of composite wood flooring and the tips for purchasing composite wood flooring.
First, the price of composite wood flooring

The price of composite flooring market is relatively low in the floor price, the price of low-end composite flooring is about 300 yuan, and the price of mid-grade composite wood flooring is 300. Between -900 yuan, the price of high-grade composite wood flooring is between 1000-2000 yuan, of course, the price of some laminate flooring is even more than 2,000 yuan. However, the price of composite wood flooring sold on the market is less than 150 yuan, but there are big problems in the quality and environmental protection of such composite flooring, which is not very recommended.

At present, the price of composite flooring in the middle and high-grade composite flooring on the market is mostly more than 500 yuan. This composite flooring is relatively good in both product quality and after-sales service, suitable for popular demand. , is a good choice.

Second, the choice of composite wood flooring skills

composite layer is divided into three layers, the bottom layer, the core layer, the surface layer. The bottom and core layers act as a balanced cushion for the floor. Materials with good soft elasticity should be used, and the materials should be consistent to ensure the stability of the floor structure. The wear resistance of the surface layer should have higher requirements. The choice of composite wood flooring should be selected to have a good texture and a hard material.

Look at the surface paint film of the composite floor, the high-grade composite floor is made of high-grade UV matt paint, which has good wear resistance and can be used for a long time even if it is not waxed during use. Without refurbishment.

The service life of composite flooring depends on the thickness of the floor surface. The thicker the floor surface, the better the wear resistance of the floor. Made in Europe with a composite floor thickness of more than 4 mm, you can follow this standard to make a choice of laminate flooring.

There are also some good quality floors that are more environmentally friendly, and the floor is made of low formaldehyde content adhesive. When you buy, you can ask about the material of some merchant adhesives.
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